How to Report a Bug

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With a game as big as School of Dragons, occasionally a small bug may slip through into the game. The best way to help us fix these issues is to send us a report that clearly describes the bug to our support team. That way, we can find and eliminate these glitches as quickly as possible.

First, please keep these rules in mind before reporting a bug:

Do Not Repeat: Help us keep the forum from becoming cluttered by conducting a careful search to see if there is already a thread concerning the bug you experienced. Remember, our admins are reading through all the threads, so it will actually make bug fixes faster if you simply continue another thread rather than start a new one. Even if your post is not replied to immediately, do not start a new thread or spam any threads with multiple posts. Sit back and relax. We’ll get to you soon!

Avoid the “Me, Too!” Virus: If you plan on reporting a bug, please avoid posts that only state that you experienced the bug, but provide no further information. While we want to hear about each player’s bug, the best way to keep our work efficient is for you to send us informative, descriptive reports that will help us track down and squash these bugs!


When reporting a bug, please include the following information:

Computer: Mac? PC? What type of computer were you using when the issue occurred?

Operating System: Windows Vista, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, etc.

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox 7.0, Google Chrome, etc.

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: Please describe the steps that happened up until you experienced the bug. Were you in the middle of a quest? Flying from one scene to another? Perhaps you were running other programs? The more details, the better!

When did the error happen?: When did you experience the bug? Please specify what day and time you encountered the issue.

Screenshot(s): If possible, please include a screenshot so our support team can see what the issue looks like.

Graphics Card: If running on a Windows system, please run DxDiag  (Windows Key + R à DxDiag [ENTER]) and save the output to a file.


If you have any other information you believe is pertinent to the bug report, feel free to include it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. By following these guidelines, you will help us fix bugs much faster to make your gaming experience even better.