How To Post an Image/Artwork/GIF to Your Signature or In a Post

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Hello all, Finna Dracofyre here!

   I have noticed that there a lot of forum users out there struggling with posting images onto their forum signatures and on forum thread in posts, so I decided to make a tutorial to help everyone out! :-)

                         -This tutorial will show you how to post personal images & GIFs using


I want to begin by saying this: So far (to my knowledge and experience) Internet Explorer will NOT allow you to post images, and has difficulty/won't allow the user to change text size, color, or style. Therefore I recommend using either Google Chrome OR Firefox for this.


My tutorial was completed using the following:


Google Chrome

Using as my uploading software.


Step One: Go to (here is the link--->)


Step Two: Create an account! (Don't worry everything is free!)


Step Three: Now it is time to start uploading photos---this is required to then post personal photos onto your signatures/forum threads! Follow my steps below via screen shots.


Step Four (See Photo Below)


Step Five (See Photo Below)


Step Six (See Photo Below) - Getting Image(s) on Forum Threads


Step 7 (See Image Below) - Getting Image(s) in Your Signature

And that concludes this tutorial! If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me via PM messaging or directly through this Forum Thread. ^^ For users that are using Apple computers or mobile devices, I will try my best to assist you!



                                      My Signature is under construction! 

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You don't need to create an account to uplad images, as long as you post it before closing the tab (so that you don't have to reupload it).


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By creating a

By creating a account, you can simply refer back to your gallery if you would ever like to change your signature of post screen shots in multiple threads! :-) I recommend it because in the long run it will save time and hassle. ^^

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     Goodnight everyone....  

     Goodnight everyone....



                                     Ousy, leader of The Dragon Trainers of Awesomeness.


                     Hiccup's Speech 

 Hiccup: Iwas so afraid of becoming my dad, mostly because I thought I never could.How do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless?  I guess... I guess you can only try. ( Pause and music) A chief... protects... his own. We're going back.

 Tuffnut: Uh, with what?

 Ruffnut: Uh, yeah he took all of our dragons.

 Hiccup: Not all of them.....                              




                                                Species: Whispering Death

                                                 Name: Rockgrinder

                                                         Level: 10

                                                  Color: Light Blueish-Gray, with

                                                red spines and a yellow belly.


                                                Species: Monstrous Nightmare

                                                Name: Horrorcow

                                                 Level: 1

                                                 Color: Orange, with black horns and markings and a yellow belly.


                                                 Species: Hideoeus Zippleback

                                                 Name: Langst

                                                  Level: 1

                                                  Color: Green, with a green tinted yellow belly.


                                                  Species:Night Fury (Toothless clone)


                                                  Level: 6

                                                  Color: Black, withe 1 red tail fin with the "Hiccup Mark" on it.


                                                  Species: Thunderdrum

                                                  Name: Thudder 

                                                  Level: 5

                                                  Color: Dark blue topside, withe lighter blue belly.


                                                  Species: Skrill

                                                  Name: Zapper

                                                  Level: 6

                                                  Color: purple, with black markings


                                                 Species: Scauldron

                                                 Name: Squirt

                                                 Level: 7

                                                 Color: Emerald green, with darker green markings.


                                                         Species: Hobblegrunt

                                                 Name: Gruff II

                                                 Level: 6

                                                 Color: Look up "Gruff the Dragon".


                                                          Species: Flightmare

                                                           Level: 2

                                                            Name: Starlight

                                                            Color: Blue, yellow belly, red tipped scales.


                                                  (Not Yet Obtained)

                                                 Species: Rumblehorn

                                                 Name: Titan





                                              Name: Patronus


                                              Color: Black, Gray, and Green


                                            Species: Typhoomerang.     

                                            Name: Blister

                                                    Level: 0

                                                    Color: Yellow, purple, and black.


                                   More images coming soon.



     It's good and all to call yourself a dragon, but can you...FLY?-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock lll.

     I LOVE DINOSAURS! Any dinosaur questions about dinosaurs can be ask to me.


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What are good hight and width mesurments?

I realy want to know!


This is a now dead account by an old forum user and member of Swift Champions. Move along, move along.

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For your signatures? Or for

For your signatures? Or for something else?


For signatures, I recommend only going as far as 500-550 pixels in width (this keeps your images from being cut off) The image's height can be as tall as you'd like!


For anything'd have to ask me for those lol

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Posting artwork for a art

Posting artwork for a art contest

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If you are going to put it

If you are going to put it into a post, then you have to stick with the 500-550 width as your maximum...Unfortunately your image will be cut off if not.


My suggestion is to upload the image onto a website ( would work out for this) and post the link, that way the judge(s) can view the full size work instead of a scaled down version. You can also add a preview of the drawing,painting,etc by including a scaled down version.

Here would be an example below...


Say I am submitting my screen shot as a contest for...oh...idk..."Best Pose Screen Shot"

My post would look like this



Here is my entry for this contest, hope you like it! :-) Please refer to the link below to view the full size image!

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Raziel Razgriz
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ive noticed that a 620 wide

ive noticed that a 620 wide will work without getting cut off although I do not know if it has to do with display size or the actual size of the box


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thanks ^_^

thanks ^_^


style="text-align: center;">(Credit 09.jpg/" style="font-siz

Let's start with some of my dragons B]

This is Magma, my chilling horror; adopted from goldenfury (lineart by nightmarerebuff)

This is Psychoblast, the eruditious shadowscorn by nightmarerebuff:

This is Ampora, my Tridenttailed Melodious Sirenvapor by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!

This is (The great) Maxie, my legendary Volcanic Woollyflare, by Le Jigglypuff and Kimbenoso!


This is Strider the Sidereal Sentinel by Varku!




And then I became Gravity falls, Steven Universe, and Homestuck trash. 

The end.

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Fancy words

Wait, how do you do that, where you put their name in the picture?


Name: Ash Devera




My Code: AY2626


Age: 13



                                                                                                                Species: DeadlyNadder

                                                                                                               Name: Spike

                                                                                                               Gender: Male

                                                                                          Species: Skrill

                                              Name: Zap

                                          Gender: Male 

Species: Whispering Death

                                                                                                               Name: PinHead

                                                                                                               Gender: Male


                       Species: Rumblehorn

Name: Skullbash

                                                                                                         Gender: Male

Species: Flightmare

                                                                                   Name: Helios

                                                                                   Gender: Male






Species: Hobblegrunt

Name: Red Tigrex

Gender: Male





Banner created by NightFuryLover


          Banners created by: Nessie                                                                                                                              

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How to Add Text To Your Images

There are many ways to add text to your images. That being said, unfortunately is not one method...their site is simply an uploading site.


To add text to my photos, I simply used Paint which comes along with most computers (not all however). This is a fast easy, and simple program to use to crop, resize, and add text to your images.


For more advanced edits, I suggest using a free photo/art editing software called GIMP. It is a free downloadable program that allows you to do a ton more then paint. All of my other work, including my GIF banners and images are completed through GIMP.

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C har
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Comodo Dragon

I use Comodo Dragon Web browser & I do have a Tinypic account.



      Bring back the editing feature! Vote here!                 




Player name: C har  (3 Month membership)  A Phantom

  Dragons:Cruiser (Smokebreath), Sport (Gonckle),Toothless (Night Fury) Grandfathered in,Light Fury (Light Fury).

             Clan:The Phantom Lords






             Jesus Is the chief cornerstone,determining the shape. 


                   Beware of the Wolf in sheep clothing!  

   2 Co 11:14-15 14 NIV And no wonder,for Satan himself masquerades as an angle of light.15 It is not surprising ,then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. 

                                                      Isaiah 5:20 NIV

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.


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Comodo Web

Wow, I was actually not familiar with that browsing software...Komodo is quite new to me, but looks like a really nice browser to use. Reviews state it has more security then others, and is somewhat based off of Google Chrome. If you do not mind me asking, does my tutorial aid you, or are the controls/option bars too different for this?

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C har
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Orcawave101 wrote:

Wow, I was actually not familiar with that browsing software...Komodo is quite new to me, but looks like a really nice browser to use. Reviews state it has more security then others, and is somewhat based off of Google Chrome. If you do not mind me asking, does my tutorial aid you, or are the controls/option bars too different for this?

I use all,but copy shortcut (I use copy & paste)(It's like Chrome,I can choose "Copy image URL) & at Tinypic I  use "Direct Link for Layouts"to get the picture.  Comodo Dragon is based on Google Chrome.All Extensions made for Chrome will work on Dragon.I like It better then Chrome.  Edited ^ Some times I forget you have to treat Comodo Dragon as Chrome & Ice Dragon as Firefox.

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Awesome no wonder my images

Awesome no wonder my images came up as boxes in Internet Explorer



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Frostfire Markson
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This definitely explains why I can't get anything to work... I have internet explorer!  Darn... :(



Legato, Lantanis, Phantasm, and Sliplock adopted from the brilliantly fantabulous NightmareRebuff! ^^

Oakheart and me drawn by the amazing Karddia!  :D



Frostfire Markson 

(both forum and game)

Gender: female

Clan: The Windwalkers (Chief)     Forum Clan: Loki's Girls (Member)

Clan banners by Kevinbrandon. :)



Gender: male

Oakheart Bouncie by Hattori  

        Beautiful Oakheart monstrous nightmare recolor by Slurpie!  :3


Spheres of Influence Teaser

Stoick ran right at the huge lizard, bringing his sword down on the edge of its wing.  It hissed, breathing a torus of fire into the ceiling, adding to the growing inferno.  Deciding that it was finished with all this, the behemoth violently cast Stoick off, lifting its wings.  It lashed its tail to clear room for takeoff, knocking Valka away from the cradle and out the door.  With a leap it was gone- taking most of the ceiling with it.  Stoick panted, forcing himself to stand up from the pile of burning wood slats as his eyes streamed.  His legs wobbled slightly as he regained his footing from his short flight into the ashy wall.  *creeeeeak*

Outside, Valka was sobbing in horror.  “Where are they!?”  Gobber yelled, running up.  

“Still inside!”  she cried.  Without a word, he charged through the door and into the smoke stained red with flames.  He didn't think twice about risking life and his dwindling amount of limbs to save his best friend and chief.

Valka continued to cry from both fear and smoke as neither man returned.  All the while, there were the raging sounds of battle, roaring dragons, and above it all, an even louder roaring of flames consuming freshly cut timber.  As she listened to the creaks and cracks of deteriorating wood, her heart sank.  The walls had started to fall.  Moments later a lumpy form became visible through the smoke.  Gobber was returning with Stoick leaning heavily on his shoulder as the final walls collapsed inward.  “Whe- where’s Hiccup?  Where’s my baby boy!?”

Stoick looked like he could be barely conscious, but what was left of his bushy eyebrows fell.  “Gone.”



Alpha's Heir Teaser

“It seems you’re more valuable than I thought.”  He spat on the ground, and I saw a slight tinge of red.  “You’d better be worth it.”  He snapped his fingers, and the changewing zeroed in on him.  “Rorrim, hold her down.”  Instantly the dragon was at my side, his long antennae wrapping around me.  I struggled weakly, but each time I moved his grip tightened, and I stopped moving as my lungs burned as hard as my side.

His voice was a low growl.  I could do nothing to hide my fear and pain.  “Dragons that are some of the strongest and most dangerous in the entire Archipelago.”  Then, unexpectedly, he backed off.  He stopped a few paces away.  “And I know why you track them down.”  He pointed an accusing finger at me.  “I know why you look for strong, rare, powerful dragons.  You are supplying the poachers.  You’re a trapper.  A dragon trapper.”  He spit on the ground again, disgusted.  “And even worse, a thief.  You’re a rotten-toothed, half-troll, DRAGON STEALER.”  His last two words came out from between bared teeth, a pure, unrestrained look of hatred twisting his features.

Come meet the various other dragons that habitate the Northern Valley Dragon Sanctuary, like the few below:


Storm Surge and Tempest, made by the incredible Strawberryfiz, and Tinscale, by the wonderful Amazonite!

And another wonderful round of thanks to Reiraku!  ^^  This time, we present Snuffle Snort, the adorable and graceful Raptortongue from Alpha's Heir.  She's also my little "shoulder rider".  ;D  These graceful beasts are incredibly flexible and light from a skeleton made of cartilage.  They also have the unique ability to photosynthsize- to generate energy from the sun like a plant!




And another of the Alpha's Heir dragons makes their appearance!  This is Jetstream, the leader of a pod of Shark-Winged Fangtails that live in the Northern Valley Dragon Sanctuary.  Fierce and fast, they are nicknamed the "night fury of the sea".

Thanks again Reiraku, you rock!





Everyone, say hello to Munchball!  She's an adorable little dragon known as a Deceptibite.  You may know her from Alpha's Heir.

Many thanks to Reiraku for making this image of her!






Give a warm welcome to Stealth!  This Grapplewing is as aloof as she is mysterious, but exceedingly loyal.  She'll soon be making her debut in Alpha's Heir! 

Thank you so much Reiraku for drawing her!




Fellswoop, my not-so-welcome Chilling Horror adopted from Goldenfury360.  Lineart by NightmareRebuff.  :)  Thanks guys!


Tinquish, my beautiful Lifestealer awarded to me for being a featured writer in NightmareRebuff's horror dragon contest.


Sojiro, my cantankerous little Outrageous Windshrike adopted from NightmareRebuff.


Baldwin the Bodysnatcher, given to me by Goldenfury360.  Lineart by NightmareRebuff.  :D


Grimm, the thyladrakken adopted from Nightmare Rebuff.  He's fiercely protective and always comes through for me in dire situations... but only because he reserves the right to kill me one day.  ;^^

Glaze, my sandskitter adopted from NightmareRebuff!  She hails from the colorful sea glass beach of Fort Bragg, California.  ;)


Skein the Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum, and Condor, my Razorwinged Reaper adopted from Themasterplan47!  :D


Kurt, my Nightcrawler Fury!!  :D

Painted by the wonderful DuskDaybreak  ^^

Nesaka, my beautiful Dream Eater adopted from Nightmarerebuff


Lysasinni (dawn companion), my adopted Scuttleclaw by Cuttongue. :)

Thornettle the Sylvesterfang adopted from Cuttongue!  ^^


Midflight the Timberjack adopted from Chocolate, and Northbound the Wooly Howl by Scoubidous!

Dapple the Ferocious Riverfang by Reiraku.  ;)



Njord, Moor, Royal, Glowworm, Iguazu, and Morklaff bouncies by the ever talented Reiraku!

Bjodja the Skull fury adopted from Reiraku! ;)

Morklaff the vampire fury adopted from Kyore.  :)


Skog (forest), Valdmein (controller of plagues), and Vergala (seascream) my adopted night furies by Chocolate!


Another member of the flock, the newly named Dysvinda.  Meaning "Gravewind" in Old Norse, she is not one to be trifled with!


Ant-Man rocked!!!  :D






The Avengers



Nightcrawler and Angel!


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Yes unfortunately Explorer

Yes unfortunately Explorer does not support the forum's editing features....My suggestion is to download Google Chrome or Firefox, you can have more then one broswer on your computer, its completely safe. I have both Explorer and Chrome downloaded onto my laptop, and I use Chrome for the forum and Explorer for gameplay.

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Will try. Thanks for posting!!!!


You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground,

Ill Be Your Wings That Keep Your Head In The Clouds

Nightfury: Dark Moon



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Jojjo the Noble
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Did it work?

Did I do it right?

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Jojjo the Noble
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Yay, thank you :D

Yay, thank you :D

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The gifs aren't working for me. Look in my signature, the zeal predators banner is supposed to have the smokebreath moving.



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When I checked the image of

When I checked the image of your banner, the image is not moving on

It should be moving when you upload it onto the site.



Lets see...the only thing I can think of is:

  • When you uploaded the banner to did you keep it set under "Image" and not "Video?"
  • Also how do you have the image saved on your computer? When you open it, it should also be moving.



If there is any way you can send me the photo (original file) with it moving? I can upload it onto my and find out what the problem is! :-)

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Hey there,   I've done what

Hey there,


I've done what you said to do (uploaded to TinyPic and all that), but the image in my signature just keeps coming up as this little picture box thing (you can see it in my sig.). I'm using Chrome and the image is .jpg. I don't know what I did wrong. Could somebody please help? I'm kind of new at this. XD


~George Smiley









^Credit to Ligra for all above Banners^







Starting off with my Night Fury OC, Jaylon (BlueJay), after I finally got around to making one! =}



And now some of my in-game dragons .. I'm working on pictures of the rest of them. I have a lot of dragons, so bear with me!





















~ George (or Georgie - up to you)



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I can certainly help out!

I can certainly help out! :-)


Ok so I see this is a photo of your Zippleback! - Very cool screenshot!

I am going to try and post it below:

Hmmm....well it seems to be wokring fine here...

Ok lets see...are you doing the following?


  • Are you copying the photo's URL and not the photo itself?
  • When you go to enter the photo into the photo adder (home with sun icon) are you pasting the URL in the URL box? (make sure you don't accidentally put it in the "Alternate Text" box)


If this doesn't solve your issue, please let me know!! :-)

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Ohh .. Thank you! XD Silly

Ohh .. Thank you! XD Silly me, I was trying to use the HTML or something instead of the URL. Facepalm gesture emoticon (Hand gesture emoticons) 


Either way, it's working now, so thanks. :)


~George Smiley

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My pleasure! I'm glad I could

My pleasure! I'm glad I could help out! :)

If you ever need help with anything else, please do not hesitate to ask! ^^

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Viking Name:Yoshi pogi

Friend Code:?

Clan:The Phantom Lords

Dragons and Dragons Name:






Whispering Death/Spike




Whispering Death/Atom





Deadly Nadder/Spikey


Hideous Zippleback/Hard and Soft

Monstrous Nightmare/Fanghook

My Second Viking

Viking Name:YOSHI II

Clan:The Phantom Shadows

Friend Code:?

Dragons and Name:

Monstorous Nightmare/Fanghook


Hideous zippleback/Barp and Blech





Smothering Smokebreath/Smoking


Typhoomerang/Still Egg





Toothless zpsbfd47baeStorm Cutter zps2c0437bfBoneknapper zps5892c89eRain Cutter zps566a79b1Scauldron zps5ae12a63Seashocker zps6afdead7

Bewilderbeast zps15255901Typhoomerang zpsbf3550d4Fireworm zps560b1547

Gronckle zpsa48d4d45Hotburple zps35d51cc8Zippleback zpsf2738dd1Skrill zps4bf7be7WD zpsd14717d8Hobblegrunt efdcdNadder zpsc1cf19edTT zps6fa4e7dThunder Drum zps924899d1Timberjack zps1bea8d4Nightmare zpsb8c1420SS zps46c2d13dSD zps8fb5e590Rumble Horn zps4f68b7d5SmS zps9f9ee831Snafflefang zpsbd6a8179Snaptrapper zpscf942d55RedDeath zpsf392ef5Changewing zps8ba96771





 Thunderdrum Bouncie made by:Defy

Typhoomerang Bouncie made by:Hattori

Smothering smokebreath bouncie made by:Hattori

Monstorous nightmare bouncier made by:Hattori

Raincutter bouncie made by:bubbles5498

Whispering death bouncie made by:hattori

Hobblegrunt Bouncie Made by:bubbles5498

Flightmare Bouncie Made by:Defy

Boneknapper Bouncie Made by:Defy

Me and smokey Drawed by:defy


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Screenshots are taken when

Screenshots are taken when you push down the Ctrl + PrntScr key on your keyboard - once you have done that, you will need to paste it into a paint document (most computers come with a form of MS paint)

     After you have done this - you can crop and edit your photo then save it to the computer.


For the dragon IDs, it was actually made by another forum user...the thread was titled "I made something"

And I can find it if you would like - though I am not sure if they are still creating them for people...

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Thanks! Whenever I tried to

Thanks! Whenever I tried to put an image in, Firefox would say "Not Responding". But I got it now!


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potato potato potato POHTAITOE :3


i cant post any pictures in my signature its says because of my google chrome settings im confused anyway im usind windows 8


-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.>>Welcome to my Signature<<.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-


                                                                               (Painting made by meh gurl, pixel)


        This is Me!!!

       Hi my name is Heartie Angel, a.k.a


           My soul is a hybrid of a pink fluffy unicorn and a kawaii potato in other words "Unitato" 

        I call this "  <:3  " the official unicorn emoji

           My forum bestfriend name is Blue 

         and my in-game bestie name is Lady

        If you are interested in being my friend

         (unless your a hacker)

          Here is my friend code:

        (temporarily removed due to the hacker issue)

            I would love to meet you in the game and if you wanna talk to me, then just shout "angel"

        dont worry i never bite <:3

       with lots of love,



oO|-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-|Signature Guide|-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-|Oo

    1.Clan Stuff

   2.My OC's

    3.My Dragons

   4.Adopted Adoptables

    5.Favorite Gif's of all time

   Have A Nice Flight!!




                                                      -All Glitter words made by PuppyLover! tnx-

oO|-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.|In loving memory of my clan|-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.Oo

                                                             "Legends of the Golden Century"



oO|-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.|My Own Creation|-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-|Oo

                                                                  Heartie's Art










Stove: Monstrous Nightmare

Cameo: Changewing

*to be hatched*

Maree: Tide Glider

*create pet failed*



-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-<<My Adopted Dragons>>-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-


by the amazing Kowwa!

Clementine Sandwraith:


By the spectacular Dragon of Midnight

By the amazingly-talented Shadowgirl12332

Made by amazayn Autumn5467



By the super sweet Natalia Romanova! Tankies

Venom: my ScuttleClaw :D (in-game)


-Tankies so much defy for making this :D

Gold Dust

Createdd by the spectacular Owly Dragons

Spring (blossom) by the amazing BlockEdragon.



WARNING:TOO MANY GIFS!!! (I love gifs!)

You have been warned. look at your own risk...

ok ill shut up now.  okie have a look!

Potatoe :3

ok ill shut up :D




                        TS A LONG WAY DOWN THERE BUDDY, YOU STILL WANNA GO ON? okie :3


                                      WOAH, YOUR STILL HERE?!?, WELL THEN YOU CAN KEEP GOING :D



                                      IM SURPRISED YOU REACHED HERE!?! WELL THIS IS THE END OF MY

                                                           SIGGY, HAVE A NICE FLIGHT!

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The tutorail was really

The tutorail was really helpful, thank you :)


Proud leader of the Revenge of the Fallen


Join here

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Dragon trainer E
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This is very good and helpfull. Thank you! :D


Glitter Text Generator

Glitter Text GeneratorPowered by Invision Power Board



I have a new egg, please click on this dragon. PLEASE!!!

I am wainting for this new dragon.

Viking name: Dragon trainer E

Dragons: Stromy-Deadly nadder

             Whisper-Whispening death

             Thunder blast-Thundedrum


             Skyttle-An another cute skrill








             Honey-Sweet death

             Sandy-Sand wraith


             Scream-Screaming death







             Many... Many dragons.

Trophies: 815






Lizy CatBug 



Siren flashbang by Goldenfury 360!

Blue Moon od Snowflake!

Blue Moon

My horn fury by Fury in the night!

View Full Size Image

My first dragon Skittle

Tumblr statické bezzubý 2

Pixel art by Shedinn!


Gender: Female


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The Ecliptic Eight
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THANK U!!!!! ^_^

OMG, we cannot tell you how happy we are! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

~Twilight Eclipse




Status: No real SoD playing at the moment

Forum Status: Kinda here

Art Status: Night Fury & Light Fury Requests/Adoptables

Clan Status: No playing, no clanning


YouTube: Ecliptic Animations

Deviantart: EclipticAnimations

Twitter: @EclipticArtist



*Since Tinypic shut down, most of my adoptables & requests are now unviewable. I had to remove many images from here because of this. That’s why you might not see some of the stuff here if you made me something!





Credits (Top to Bottom; Left to Right)

Skylo by Krazykira24

Dragon Moon by DuskDaybreak

Pixelated Shadowstriker by Twistedclaw

Hylari by Chameishida

Violetta by WolfLight

Epic Shadowstriker Edit by WolfLight (THANKS SO MUCH!!! OwO)


A HUGE thanks to everyone that I have received edits, adoptables, etc. from! You are all amazing!!!!

(If I didn't include something you gave me, let me know. I have a lot of topics to go through to get these.)


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How do you get the animated pics?!?!

Plz I really want to know!!!!



Dragonlove's picture
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How do you get the animated pics?!?!

Plz I really want to know!!!!

Joined: 06/04/2015

yes! Thank you so much for your tutorial.nI've been searching for it, I will decorate my signature this tiimee~~


~Welcome to my superduper simple signature~


Viking name: Silvery Cloud

Nickname: Silver

Dragon name: Sharpfang (Deadly Nadder)

Friend Code: DoWR6M


credit to the owner

Hiccup and Jack Frost

which one do you like?

I like both of them:)

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I've always had trouble with posting pics on the forum but this made it way easier! Thanks for posting!


"You're mad, bonkers, off your head but I'll tell you a secret all the best people are."

~Alice in Wonderland.


Viking Name: Hazel The Valiant
Clan: The Great Dragon Guardians
Dragon(s): Deadly Nadder, Whispering Death,

Hotburple, Hiddeous Zippleback, Groncicle, Hobblegrunt

Dragon(s) Name: Terra (Level: 20), Spike (Level: 8),

Lumpy (Level: 2), Izzy and Lizzy (Level: 1),

Storm (Level 6), Violet (Level: 1)

Friend Code: AFZSUC


(Bro's Account)

Viking Name: Crash the Brave
Clan: The Great Dragon Guardians
Dragon: Monsterous Nightmare
Dragon Name: Firesnatcher
Friend Code: ATCoV4


(Cuz's Account)

Viking Name: Kitten The Fierce
Clan: The Great Dragon Guardians

Dragon: Monsterous Nightmare
Dragon Name: Nightwing

Friend Code: DCNR26






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Sol Star
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Hey im new at this- how do you take a screenshot on a PC (without a download) ?







So I'm not new to SoD, but I am fairly new to the forum. I've just now discovered how to edit my Signature. :3



This Siggy is currently under construction!


(but for now...)






When I tell Blizzardwing that we're going to take a picture:





When I tell Shimmer that we're going to take a picture:



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Phoenix Pyre
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Reborn from the Ashes~

This thread kinda got burried, but I noticed no one responded to your question...

If you still need help capturing your PC screen, follow the steps below:


1.) Set up the screen on how you want it to look. (pose with your dragon, etc)

2.) On your keyboard, press Ctrl & PrntScr to capture your screen. (my laptop requires Ctrl + Alt + PrntScr)

3.) Open up Paint (a software that comes with just about every computer/laptop)

4.) Inside Paint, go to the "paste" option and select it; your screen cap should appear.

5.) From there you simply crop your image and save it as a JPEG or PNG image file.


***NOTE*** If you are using the SoD App Program, you will need to exit "Full Screen Mode" in the game to capture a photo of your screen. You can do this by going into the settings in the game (gear icon) and selecting the icon with a square with four arrows. Once it is out of "Full Screen" a odd white/gray bar should appear at the top of your screen. You can now follow the steps above to capture a photo of your screen.


Hope this helps~ ^-^


   ::Check out my art thread:<here>:for a closer look at some of my work::

(All info regarding my art threads, status, etc. will be updated here)


*Due to a busy schedule, my adoption threads will be closed until further notice*


Currently I am Working on:

:Silver Phantom Lineart

:New Adoptable Species Lineart

:Chibi Thunderdrum (Painting Stage)


Please do not use my art without my permission, thanks.



  Want to see all my dragons? Click on the egg here -->  

 (it will guide you to my scroll)


PM me if you are interested in trading, I can breed most of my dragons.

      I am a proud member of The Phantom Lords, they have not only taught me the ways of racing but have become a second family to me. Therefore, I am dedicating this section of my signature to show my clan pride and showcase just some (of the many) amazing/beautiful clan banners made by fellow Lords & Shadows members. 


Giving Credit Where It Is Rightfully Due:

(in order as presented)

  • Clan Crests made by: Feather Fallen
  • "Once a Phantom Always a Phantom" by: Unknown/Amazonite? (if anyone knows, let me know!)
  • Phantom Lords & Shadows Celestial Banner by: Dio the Creative
  • Animated Otherwordly Phantom Lords Banner by: Aegon the Conquerer
  • Phantom Lords Rulers of the Sky made by: MaSH
  • Phantom Lord Shields (3-D) by: Diamond Racer
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Royal fury
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Signature being redone.



All about me

My adoptables

Some info on my dragons

My clan

Opal's siggy

Moon's siggy





Yes I'm a shy girl. But tougher than I look. I have friends, but have not yet to find the right one.

I love all the ppl on this forum.

I long to have a strong friend relationship but I don't yet. If I spend more time with you, than yeah. 

I change my siggy ever so often, rarely beacuse I never get dragons. I suck at writing. 

My favorite dragon is Moon.


In game name: Fury princess

Friend code: PM me

Clan: The Phantom Shadows

Best friend: Have I found one?

((Working in progress))



I play SSO!(Star stable online) Do you?

My horses coming soon!!


Art by me:



Free to use with credit to me! :)


More coming soon! :D





(Credits are on photos)

(First two credit to snowflake12298, first bottom one credit to DEATHSONGXXX, and the bottom last credit to Fleetwing)

(First credit to yin to the yang, and second credit to mesaprncss)

(First base by nightmare rebuff, original by -Pyrelyth-)

Korna done by the amazing NadderMeGood!

By Coolerthandragons


(Naderly's adoptions coming soon)


Thanks for the amazing dragons!! :D



Say hi to my Woolly fury, Eliptic! By Golden Scarlet:



Creating new OC.




Some of my In-game dragons:


Sapphire both done by Ender (queen of dark fire)

Heart and brain













Moon is my most loved dragon of all time. I love her and she loves me c: I couldn't love a dragon any more.

"Moon, as bright as the sun, as beautiful as the stars. I couldn't love you any more, any less. Your my moon. No one will hurt you, no one will hurt me. As long as we are together."

Fury and Moon, as one.

Moon loves her night flights. And so do I. Moon and I fly as one, fight as one, and are one.

There couldn't be a bond any stronger.




As we grow, our bond grows.



Congrats! You've read the end of my siggy! If you are reading this, PM me for a gift! :D 

Have a nice day everyone!


Credit to the little Raven by: Kimbenso

Credit to the little Ravens sleeping by: Eclispeshadows

Credit to my Viking at the top by: Misty night

Credit to My drawn Viking (Fury) by: Eclispeshadows 

Credit to Moon Full body with moon by: Eclispeshodows 

Credit to Moon laying down by: Golden Scarlet

Credit to me and Moon flying by: Kare Kare

Credit to me and  Moon In game by: Livy SoD

Moon looking at the moon by: Livy SoD (the drawing IRL)


((None of this art is mine nor line art, therefore don't yell and scream at me saying it's not because I know that))

Live well and it will never go WRONG.

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(No subject)



















































































































































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Just testing

Thanx a lot!

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*calms down*

Thank you so much for the guide.Couldn't upload my pictures at first,then I searched on Google and came here.Thanks so much for the guide!


Avast Thar,Fellow Vikings!

My full Viking name is Yannied Lepsy,but you can just call me Yannied :)
I own a female Deadly Nadder named Jelsa(First ever dragon) and a male Whispering Death named Dreyar(I got him from a quest),a male Gronckle named Rockgobbler(He has an extremely short attention span and often daydreams),a male Skrill named Elektrikshock(I got him from a Battle Event),a female Shockjaw named Poisonbreath(She's very shy),a female Changewing named Toxic(she's rather vain but she's really sweet) and a male Speed Stinger named Lightning(he might not reach the sky but his dreams do).
I love them all and regularly keep their energy bar and happiness bar full.I love all dragons in existence,even if they don't belong to the HTTYD franchise or books.Basically,I am a huge fan of HTTYD!
My very own Dragon Training License!


My first dragon,Jelsa the Deadly Nadder.She's the oldest and also the wisest.She also takes care of my other dragons when I'm busy adventuring.She's around twenty now,but is still fast and competitive,bless her.



This is my second dragon,Dreyar the Whispering Death.He may seem menacing with his wide-open mouth,but he's just trying to catch the snowflakes.He's always being silly like this,but I love him for it.

This is my third dragon,Rockgobbler the Gronckle.He's the most adventurous and restless of my dragon pack,but when he isn't in 'adventuring mode',he likes to just stand on sea-stacks and admire the view.
This is my fourth dragon,Elektrikshock the Skrill.He's generally quite a chilled out dragon,but he's always ready to do anything that I ask him to do.The thing that he loves to do most?Sleep.
This is my fifth dragon,Poisonbreath the Shockjaw.She actually prefers the company of the narwhals out in the seas around the School to the company of other dragons,but I don't mind,so long as she's happy,I'm happy.
This is my sixth dragon,Toxic the Changewing.She's rather vain but she's still really sweet.She loves night flights and often we go exploring during the night and see the beauty of the night-time world.
This is my seventh dragon,Lightning the Speed Stinger.He may not reach the skies,but his dreams do.With the help of his other six fellow dragons,he was carried to the highest point of Berk to achieve his dream of seeing the world from above.
I'm proud of all my dragons,because they have grown up to be the best dragons I have ever trained.But the dragon that I will always love the most is my dead Deadly Nadder Mixedup.She was the best companion I've had for years,and will always be by my side wherever I go,even though she is gone...
This is my own creation...THE THUNDERING TWISTER!!!Drawn by the AMAZING artist
THAIGRA!!!Shoutout to her for her amazing artwork!
And now,this is Yannied Lepsy signing off! ;)
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Great tutorial!

Great tutorial! But when I click on "image", I paste the link, set the height and width, but then I click "OK" and nothing happens... and I can't click cancel either. The only way to get out is to refresh, but it doesn't save. Do you have any idea how to fix this? It works on mobile, and at first the pictures show up, but then they just become little x's and you can't see the picture.


Thanks :)



In game:

Name: Skynut


   My Speed Stinger, King


                                                                 By: Nessie                                                                                               



Sting the Slitherwing

By: chameishida


^^^ Thanks so much, guys! ^^^


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lll Nightshade lll
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Your browser may be the problem.

What browser are you using?  'Cause Internet Explorer will create this "death trap" as I like to call it (along with many other compatability issues on the forum - my favorite browser, ironically, but it stinks on the forum and other select sites).  Firefox works, and I think Chrome does as well (possibly others, but I've never tried anything else).


***Edit:  Also, when I paste the forum code into the upload picture section on the forum, I also have to delete the [IMG] listed before the http...etc. (That is, your original link would look something like: [IMG]http....[IMG], so make it: http.....[IMG])

Oh, and I've had the 'x' thing show up for one other reason - the internet server at my school has tinypic as a blocked site, so my pics would appear so long as I was using the server at home, but not when I was logged into the server at school... which is a pretty outlandish scenario, but it's probably worth mentioning anyway.


Friend Code: CoPGXK

Clan:  Team TARDIS ll (Recruiting Now!) [Indefinitely Down Due to In-Game Glitch]

           Clan Member Thread:  Mad Man with a Box


"It's a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.  Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." ~ Sherlock Holmes

"I am saying something.  I'm saying nothing and nothing is working." ~ My Mom

"I've had recurring nightmares, that I was loved for who I am, and missed the opportunity, to be a better man." ~ Muse

"Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable?  Quite easily, I should think.  All nonsense questions are unanswerable.  How many hours are in a mile?  Is yellow square or round?  Probably half the questions we ask - half our great theological and metaphysical problems - are like that" ~ C.S. Lewis


Dragons (odd spellings for fun):  [Total = 43]

Nadder:  Thorndaike

Whispering Death:  Seilence  (Doctor Who pun) and Cream Puff  (I was being sarcastic)

Gronkle:  Skarn  (named for a type of rock containing copper)

Smokebreath:  Cihrrus  (after a type of high-altitute cloud)

Monstrous Nightmare:  Salamandastron  (Redwall reference)

Zippleback:  Theta Serpentis  (after a binary star system)

       TITAN   Yeah, he got a slight color upgrade too :)


Stormcutter:  Sigma Nine  (Sigma, for obvious visual reasons, but since that name was not available by itself, I turned it into a rather remote Doctor Who reference)

Skrill:  Artron E  (Named for time-travel energy in Doctor Who)

Changewing:  Nantang  (Omaticayan name for the Viperwolf in Avatar (Cameron's, not the Airbender whatsit))


Flightmare:  Silverfish  (well, that's what they look like to me)

Fireworm Queen:  Penta Trapezohedra  (named after a geometric shape, Pentagonal Trapezohedron.  The shape has two sets of five sides with each face having four sides, and the Fireworm has two sets of five legs with four toes to each leg.... yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd.)

Screaming Death:  Cpt Blood  (after the fiction novel - he has the coloring of a fence lizard (minus the red spikes), so I randomly decided to name him after a fencer...)

Grapple Grounder:  Spitfire  (after RAF WWII plane - cause he's got that toothy grin and phenominal stats)

Rumblehorn:  Malohkeh  (reptilian scientist in Doctor Who series 5 - the Rumblehorn looked rather prehistoric to me, and being rather fond of the green coloring for them... reptilian character from the dawn of time it was)

Wooly Howl:  Petrikor  (yes, another Doctor Who ref. - although *Petrichor* (correct spelling) wasn't an option)

Raincutter:  Ikran  (Omaticayan name for the Banshee in Avatar - color options a tad dissappointing.  He looks nothing like the color swatch I have picked out)


Boneknapper:  Doctor McCoy (Star Trek reference - Dr. McCoy's nickname is bones... hence the joke)

Devilish Dervish:  Protonus  (Three protrusions from his head, so my first thought was an atom, until I thought of a Proton - composed of 2 "up" quarks, and a "down" quark - which matched his head)


Speed Stinger:  Velocitor  (Named after his high velocity and the fact that he looks like a Velociraptor)

Groncicle:  Iceman  (Marvel: X-men - one of the few times I kept the starter colors for a dragon)


Death Song:  River Song  (Doctor Who.  Dainty in appearance, dangerous, that alarming shade of red, and everyone is mesmerized - wait, am I talking about the Death Song or River Song?)

Razorwhip:  Knight  (I thought he looked a bit like a medieval knight's gauntlet.  The only other time I kept starter colors on a dragon)

Armorwing:  Groot  (Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy)

Thunderpede:  Juggernaut  (Marvel:  X-men.  What else do you name a hulk sized dragon with giant fists?  Although this second pic makes me think more of Eliot from Pete's Dragon.)

Hobblegrunt:  Opal  (a sort of silvery-grey rock with shimmering splashes of various colors)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Snafflefang:  Sea Urchin  (the snafflefang's spikey tail just says sea urchin to me)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Nadder:  Cloud Strife  (Final Fantasy - I thought the Titan nadder seemed a bit over the top with the spikes, so I thought it'd be funny to name a titan nadder after a video game character with an accentuated hairdo)



Tide Glider:  Loch Ness  (after the mythical or possibly prehistoric creature that haunts the harbors of Ireland - anyone ever wonder if it was just something like the last Plesiosuar (or distant cousin) to have lived?)

Sweet Death:  Songbird  (Marvel.  The striped look was too good to not draw attention to.  But since the stripes were unalterably black, black and white it was - otherwise, I would've been tempted to use light and dark shades of purple and named it after the Cheshire Cat.)

Night Terror:  Sidri  (Marvel: space creature that, with others, can form themselves into a giant, near invulnerable ship)

Scaldron:  Bloodtide  (Marvel: technically a villain, but her abilities include waterkenesis and flight)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Sliquifier:  Perelandra  (After a book by C.S. Lewis - the sliquifier just reminded me of the dragons and scenery in the book with their "flowy" sea serpent look.)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Shockjaw:  Xenon  (After one of the gases in a Plasma/Tesla ball which gives it that "flowering" look at the end of the filaments)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Thunderdrum:  Banshee  (Marvel: X-man with a sonic scream)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Snow Wraith:  Manta  (Marvel: one of the Imperial Guard of the Shiar empire, having infared vision and flight)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Skrill:  TRON  (After the movie.  I decided I will grow a skrill specifically for Titan stage, and the Skrill's "modern" Titan look makes me think of the recent modernized version of the TRON movie.)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Singetail:  Tandem  (After their unique wing arrangement)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Eruptodon:  Cannonball  (Marvel: New Mutants.  Although admittedly, he looks a bit litterally like a cannonball too)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Shivertooth:  Wolverine (Marvel: X-men.  'Cause sharp claws that leave people in stitches sounds familiar...)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Timberjack: SRZI ( - that was the closest I could come to writing "SR-71" (Blackbird) - so named after the type of jet the X-men use in the movies.)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Tyfoomerang: Lockheed (X-men: Kitty Pryde's pet dragon from another planet.)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

Terrible Terror: Mushu (Named after Mulan's pocket sized guardian with an attitude.)

       ***[Pictures to Come!!!]***

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Thanks :D

Okay, thanks for your help! :)

Mina the Skrillfire
Dragon Trainer
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Thank you SO much!!! I couldn't post any images before this! Thanks! :D





Hiccstrid fans, scroll til' the end!

Mina the Skrillfire



Name: Mina

In-game name: Spectra the Vast (downloaded version)

Clan: Wings of Freedom

Birthday: 14th June

Family: mum, dad, my bichon Boni; (next ones passed away...) Lola and Lula the Bunnies, Bela the Dog

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite food: marchmallows, muffins

Favourite drink: fruit juice, Fanta

Favourite animals: rabbits and dragons

Favourite type of dragons: Smokebreaths

I as a dragon: gonna put an image here, LATER (video filmer for Windows 7 and 10?)

Special: I've got a HUGE imagination, I've already thought of another universe (gljoks are creatures that live there) and a lot adventures with the Riders from HTTYD... I can't write any more cause then I'll write for about a week and a half without stoping! So, more coming soon! Stay tuned, guys!

My fan-fics: soon!

This is my drawing of a gljoks:




Name: Mina

Species: European dragon (Tide Glider in game)

Got it: she hatched when I was born, so we're together from our birth

Personality: she's like my twin sister, smart, cunning, agile (unlike me), funny, kind, lovely, friendly, mysterious, stubborn, adventurous, loves long flights



Name: Nightmary

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Got it: the first dragon that I chose when I got into the School

Personality: she's not as stubborn as other Nightmares, gets angry easily, smart, loyal, loves to help others, loves to fly around the Graveyard, has a good sence of smell, has a lot of potencials



Name: Seth

Species: Night Fury (Sand Wraith in game)

Got it: found her while exploring the place where Hiccup and Toothless first met

Personality: she's playful, cunning, agile, likes adventures, romantic, curious, glamourous, proud,

​sociable, likes to eat anything you have to offer and at any time  



Name: Obisidian

Species: Smothering Smokebreath

Got it: found his lonely egg while exploring a part of Breakneck Bog

Personality: he's cuddly, playful, clever, loves making smokescreens, ready to go somewhere, acting like an alpha, curious, likes to explore



Name: Shiver

Species: Shivertooth

Got it: gold event mystery chest

Personality: she always helps others, reliable, likes races and fast flights, always has an idea, listens to her friends, true leader, likes pranks, has a unique taste/style



Name: Ski

Species: Skrill

Got it: 1st dragon that I have ever bought from trader Johann

Personality: she can get angry very easily, nasty, stubborn, loves to go into thunderclouds, likes to be alone, energetic, doesn't like large group trips, likes to go out during the night



Name: ​Stokehead

Species: ​Timberjack

Got it: ​when he got crazy from a toothache, I got him to Gobber and he sticked with me ever since

Personality: ​he's calm, smart, loves flying through forests and clouds, minds his own buissiness, friendly, sociable, reliable, a bit picky when it's about food, loves to surprise his friends















credits: first two are mine, the rest isn't




credits: none of these are mine




credits: the last one and the one in the upper-left corner above it are mine, rest isn't



credits: none of these are mine



credits: all are from Monster High's offical site


credits: none of these are mine




credits: none of these are mine (above and underneath - gifs and pictures)







melting phase - melting face made by me, not my pics in it









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Hey, that's what we're here

Hey, that's what we're here for :)