How Pearl met Carl Henderson ~screenshot comic by Grumpy

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Welcome one and all to the next comic, how pearl met carl henderson!

in this comic, there will be twists and turns of every kind, some good, some bad.

but one thing is certian.  pearl will develop a friednship on this mission she will never forget!



tensions rising



its just another regular day for Pearl Garmadon and her titan stormcutter Owlflight untill....


Pearl: owlflight, dont you just love racing?

owlflight: i guess if you like getting dirty and all that stuff.  but i do have to admit, i always win :)

pearl; is that a smile i see? :D

owlflight; what? no!  im just er, got something stuck in my teeth -pretendes to pick imaginary object out of teeth-

astrid; hey pearl, come here!  i need to talk to you about something!


Pearl; (oh my gosh astrid wants to talk to me! :D)  sure thing astrid!  we'll be right there!


30 seconds later....

pearl; were here!  what is it astrid?


astrid; its the dragon hunters!  there up to no good again! they've captured a bunch of dragons from dark deep and i need you to go there and stop them!


pearl; them again? dont worry astrid, owlfight and me are on it!

owlflight; speak for yourself! i plan on going home and taking a nice long....

pearl; >:(

owlflight; on second thought, ive been wanting to let off some steam.  count me in!


astrid; well, you wont be alone on this mission.  im sending another dragon rider with you just in case things get a little out of hand.


owlflight; goodie, another dragon to share the sppotlight with :/

pearl; -nudges owlflight- of course!  we dont mind!


astrid; thanls so much pearl, youre a lifesaver.  ive got to go, but your partner should be here soon.  good luck!

-flies off on stormfly-


an hour later....

owlflight; where is this infamous dragon rider?  my claws are getting sore from standing so long :/

pearl; stop complaining you big baby.  they will be here soon.  i hope


two hours later....

dragon rider; wwwwwwwooooohhhhhoooooo! coming in hot!


dragon rider; wait!  were coming in too fast! zander!  ZAAAAANNNNNDDDDEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!



dragon rider; oooffffffff!


dragon rider; Zander, i said i wanted a dramatic entrance!  not a smash in destroy everything entrance!

zander; -snickers-


pearl; um,  are you the rider im suposed to work with? 

owlflight; i hope not :P


dragon rider;  oh yea, thats me!  im carl henderson a super amazing dragon rider and that grumpy dragon is zander.  sorry we were so late i had some er, super awesome dragon ridering stuff to do.

zander; ha!  super amazing dragon trainer!  youre just a bloated stable boy!

carl; ZANDER!  -turns to pearl-  im sorry about him.  he must have hit his head in the crash

snotlout;  hey stable boy!  you didn't finish cleaning up hookfangs stable!  i expect a refund!

carl: T_T


pearl; well its nice to meet you carl and zander.  im pearl garmadon and this is my titan stormcutter owlflight

zander; -whispers- hey carl, shes pretty hot 

carl; be quiet zander!


pearl; what did he just say?


carl; nothing!

zandee; not true :P


owflight; huh, typical behavior from a SAND WRAITH :P


zander; WHAT?  SAND wraith?!?!?  do i look like a simple SAND WRAITH TO YOU?!?!!?  im one of the very few and amazing dolopiculus sweetanicus!  a noble sweet wraith!  how DARE you call me a simple SAND WRAITH you wet noddle!!!!


owlflight;  ner, ner, ner ner, ner >:D


zander: what?!?!  you DARE to mock the great and glorious zander!  carl, go teach him a lesson!


carl; no way youre gettin me involved with this one!


pearl; um, i dont mean to break things up but we need to go save those dragons!


both carl and zander;   ooooooohhhhhhhh.

carl;  i knew i was forgeting something!


pearl; then lets go!  to dark deep!


carl; to dark deep!

zander;  i here a ship coming in! >:D

carl; quit it zander >:(






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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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~CHAPTER TWO~fasionably


fasionably late





pearl; finally!  we made it!


owlflight; youre the one complaining?  i was the one who was doing all the flying!


zander; ive got to agree with him on that one, we were doing all the real work

carl; and I had to listen to both of you bickering the entire time!

zander; just saying...... :P


pearl; if it isnt owlflights complaining then its you to that are going to make me lose it.  hey, did you hear that?


carl; hear what?


pearl; it sounds like a dragon in trouble!


carl; well, i didnt....wait!  i hear it too!  lets hurry!


-roaring continues-

pearl; dont worry, were here to save you!


carl; yea, we'll save you from those awful no good.....


pearl; oh no


carl; we were too late

pearl; :'(

zander; if you hadn't taken so much time cleaning up after hookfang...

carl; not the best time zander >:(


pearl; well, i guess we can....wait!  look!


captured dragon; oh what a horrible world!  what a horrible awful world! :'(


pearl; -walks up to dragon- um, are you ok?


captured dragon;   :O


captured dragon; horray! :D  my rescuers have finally come! :D can you please help me?  those awful hunters trapped me and when they realized i couldnt fly, they left me here with my foot in this trap.  it hurts :(


carl; dont worry, i've got you covered -picks up an axe from the ground-

pearl; um carl, are you sure thats a good idea?

carl; sure! why wouldnt it be?

pearl; nevermind


carl; -breaks trap with axe-

captured dragon; oh thank you thank you!  that trap was really starting to itch......


captured dragon; i express my deepest graditiude.  i will be forever in your dept my small human friend :)

carl; yay T_T


pearl; i'm so glad youre ok!  do you know what happened um.....


captured dragon; call me kordi :)  i was mygrating with my parents when i got lost.  i landed here for the night and those dreadful men found me.  they trapped my foot in that awful trap.  when they saw i couldnt fly on my own they took the singetail they had with them already and left me to starve :(  if you hadent come along i would have di.ed of thirst or starvation.


carl; wow, thats harse.  wait, you're not a broadwing?!? how old are you?


kordi; twelve :D  my mom said i was very mature for my age


carl; great.  now i have to deal with zander along with a crazy baby nadder :P

kordi; hey!  im not a baby!  i said i was twelve! >:(


pearl; a singetail?!?  that could be bad.  do you know which way they went?


kordi; im not super fluent in big burly man, but i think they were going to a place called auction island


pearl; oh no!  thats really bad.  if the wrong person gets their hands on that poor singetail we could have a big problem on out hands!  we better go rescue it before its too late!


zander; aw yea, time to go teach some dragon hunter scum a lesson!


owlflight; great, just what I wanted to do today :P


pearl; no way!  as soon as they saw you, they have you in a cage before you could say yaknog!  youre staying here with kordi


zander; what?!?!  no fair! >:(


owflight; ner, ner, ner ner, ner >:D


pearl; and owflight, youll stay behind to keep zander in order


owlflight; what?!?  you want me to BABYSIT!?!?? :O


zander; oh BURN!  whos laughing now, small guy?

owlflight; WHAT did you just call me?!?!?!?!!?


kordi; i think it will be me who will be keeping these two in line. dont worry miss, ill make sure they dont do anything


pearl; thanks kordi.  -walks over to carl- come on Carl, we need to get going


carl; what?!  why?


pearl; because were going to go undercover and save that singetail!

carl; i have a feeling this wont turn out well......







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  ~CHAPTER THREE~ riders



riders undercover





pearl; fhew!  we made it!  im so glad johann was able to lend us his boat


Carl; yea, it was nice of him to let me borrow an old dragon hunter oufit he had


Carl; speacking of which, these pants are so itchy.  how does anyone wear these when they are.....


Pearl; don't even go there ><  we'll go look for that singetail as soon as i can find my helmet......


Pearl; ah!  there it is!

-picks up helmet and puts it on-

Pearl; well, how do i look?


Carl; -shrugs-  how should i know?


Pearl; -sigh-  do i look like a dragon hunter at all?

Carl; oh yea sure ^^

Pearl; nevermind.  lets just get over to the trading center.  and remember to be descrite, ok?


Carl; sure whatever.  now lets go!







Pearl; ugh, look at all this stuff!  this place is no better then a common flea market!


Carl; you could say that again.  hey,  look at these cool statues!  that would look great in my new hut...


Pearl; Carl, were here to rescue a singetail, not go shopping >:(


Carl; i know but i just have to buy this!  hey, theres a guy over there


Carl; hey, how much is this statue?

Dragon hunter; aren't you a little young to be dragon hunting?  nevermind.  its 30 coins

Carl; what?!?  thats ridiculous!  10!

Dragon hunter; 20!

Carl; fine, 15.  but thats my final offer.

Dragon hunter; done!  here, its yours.


Pearl; >:(


Carl; what?  i know a good deal when i see one.


Pearl; if i wasn't a nice person i would have sma.cked you by now.  we are on a mission!  we need to find that singetail!


Carl; you mean the one over there?

Pearl; -turns to look where Carl is pointing-




pearl;  :O the singetail!  ok, we need to come up with a plan to get him to safety.

Carl; how?  its gaurded and only dragon hunters can go near it!

Pearl; don't worry, i have a plan...




Kordi; wow, i won again!  i must be better at this then i thought

Zander; then why don't you play again?  do you think you can keep quiet longer then Owlflight?


Kordi; oooohhh YAY! :D a new game!  i can win this one.....


Zander; good.  -mutters- (i'm tired of hearing you talk anyway)  this place is so boring!  why isn't there anything fun to do? T_T


Zander;  i guess i'll just...WAIT!  oooohhhh look a shiny rock! :D


Owlflight; zzzzzzzzzzzzz..........





Carl; hey, you!

Dragon hunter; wha?  me?

Carl; yes you!  youre wearing my helmet!

Dragon hunter; no i'm not!

Carl; yes you are!  see?  it has my name at the top!

Pearl; -sneaks by hunter while hes not looking-


pearl; whew! thar was close!  are you ok mister singetail?


Singetail; no, everything is NOT ok!  i'm about to be sold into slavery by a bunch of creepy burly men who i did nothing to!  do i have no rights?!?!!


Singetail; oh, what an awful world we live in!  why must i suffer this way?  WHY!?!?! :'(  i'll be rotting in this cage forever!


Pearl; um, youre free now


Singetail; wait, i'm free?!?! :O  I'M FREE!!! :D


Singetail; horray!  i'm free at last!  see you suc.kers! >:D


Pearl; well that was just plain rude! >:(


Carl; fine fine, its your helmet!  ive never seen someone fuss so much over a helmet before!

Dragon hunter; but youre the one who asked!


Pearl; Carl, i did it.  now lets go!


Carl; you don't have to tell me twice!

-runs after her-

Dragon hunter; hey, what happened to my singetail?  theives!  get them!

Pearl; RUN!  maybe they won't catch us!





Pearl; maybe i spoke a little too soon


Carl; wow, i didn't even think anyone could run that fast!  they must have been really mad

Pearl; thats not helping Carl

Dragon hunter; so, weve caught ourselves some dragon theives, do we?


Carl; were not theives, were dragon riders!  YOU are the theives!


Pearl; Carl....


Carl; and were extreamly dangerous!  if you lay a hand on us, Zander will come and.......


Pearl; CARL......


Carl;...and then we'll be laughing in your faces when we blow this place to splinters!  HA!


Pearl;  >:(

Carl; what?

Dragon hunter; so, you're dragon RIDERS?  just my luck.  with your knowledge of dragon taming, i can sell you and your girlfriend for much more then that singetail could have ever gotten me!  HA!  get ready my friends, cause tonight you're going to be up for auction!

-laughs and walks away-



Pearl; great job Carl.  -yells after dragon hunter-  and i'm NOT his girlfriend!  >:(


Carl; we're doomed




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tracking... :)

tracking... :)




I am leaving the forums for good. Thank you to everyone who drew me art or joined my terrible roleplays. You are welcome to restart ANY of my roleplays, just please credit me. I enjoyed my time here, and I'm so sorry about leaving.


Thank you, everyone!!!



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I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! Tracking.


By scarfy



Hullo! I'm Fun Dragon, more commonly known as NarrowWing!


I'm an artist and animator, though I haven't really had any formal training. I'm also a writer, and student pilot.


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~CHAPTER FOUR~ escape from


escape from auction island





Carl; wow, i can't believe this is it.  what are we going to do?!?


Pearl; stop wining Carl.  i think i have a plan to get us out of here.....


Carl; are you kidding?  these chains are dragon proof.  theres no way we could ever break them, even if our dragons showed up


Pearl; Carl....


Carl;  what is my poor mom going to do when she finds out i've been sold into slavery for dragon hunters?  she thought i was just cleaning up dragon poop!


Pearl; CARL....


Carl; i might as well write my will now :(  then again, its not like anyone will get it anyway....


Pearl; stop complaining and come on!  we need to get going before they find out we escaped!


Carl;  :O but....HOW?!?!


Pearl; hair products are extreamly good to pick locks with


Carl; -snickers- i like your new hairdo XD


Pearl; >:(  ha ha, very funny carl >:(  now come on, we need to go before they realize we're gone!

Carl; yes madame poofball XD

Pearl; say that one more time and i swear....

Dragon hunter; hey!  the prisoners have escaped!  get them!

Pearl; RUN!






Pearl; hurry, if we can make it to the forest, we might be able to lose them!


Carl; WHATEVER!  just as long as i live!


Carl; why did you stop?  they're gaining on us!

Pearl; theres a fork in the path!

Carl; why would that matter?  we don't need to eat right now!

Pearl; NO!  there are two different paths.  which one!


Carl; that one!  now lets hurry!


Pearl; did we lose them?


Carl; there falling behind, but they're still following us!


Pearl; hurry!


Carl; oh no!  its a end!


Pearl; wait, theres a cave we can hide in here...... oh no, not you......


Singetail; GAH!  how did you find me?!?  nevermind, it doesn't matter, cause you're never taking me back!


Pearl; we're not here to hurt you!  we need to get away from the dragon hunters.  do you think you can give us a lift?


Carl; oh please whatever your name is don't leave us here!  i can't serve as a slave for the rest of my life!


Singetail; well too bad!  now leave before you spoil my hiding spot!


Pearl;  >:O i was the one who let you go!


Singetail; and i'm grateful for that.  now, LEAVE!

Carl; they're almost here!


pearl; you have two choices.  you don't give us a ride and all of us go back into cages for the rest of our lives.  or, you can give us a ride and we all escape to a place where we'll all be safe.


Singetail; O.O


Singetail; deal.  now get on my back before i change my mind


Carl; oh thank you thank you so much! :D  home sweet home, here we come!


a couple hours later....


Kordi; here they come! :D  and it looks like they made a new friend!


owlflight; Wha?!  they're already back?!!?!


Singetail; get off!  you're squishing my spines >.<


Carl; Zander... we're :O


Carl; what happened?!?!?!


Zander; it was awesome!  aparently, Owlflight can breath fire from his nostrils while hes sleeping!


Owlflight; i told you not to tell them i was sleeping!

Zander;  >:P


Carl; hey Pearl, where are you going?


Pearl; to change and do something with my hair >.<  i can't stand it like this any longer

Carl; -snickers-  too bad.  i like madame puffball much more then president grumpy pants

Pearl; >:(


Pearl; there!  thats better!  :D

Zander; puffball WAS totally better

Carl; i know right?


Pearl; first off i wanted to...wait a sec, did you change colors?

Singetail; i've always been these colors.  the island just made my scales look red :P

Pearl; oh, ^^ that makes sense.  anyway, i just wanted to thank you for helping us out.  we would have been stuck there forever if it wasn't for you


Pearl; anyway, i was wondering.....

Singetail; Cackle

Pearl; well Cackle, i was wondering if you wanted to come back to the school with us.  i don't have any room in my stables right now but i'm sure Carl would love to have you

Carl; wha?!?

Pearl; >:D

Cackle; eh, maybe.  but for now, i'll stick to caves and catching my own fish.

Pearl;  well, if you change your mind, you're always welcome

Cackle; thanks.  i'll keep that in mind.  see ya later!  -flies off-


pearl; well, i'm beat.  you guys ready to head back and tell Astrid how it went?


Carl; sure.  just leave out the part about getting captured >.<  i've already damaged my ego enough today

Pearl; whatever.  lets go!





Pearl; and the Singetail is now free in the wild, safe from any dragon hunters


Carl; yep, it was pretty easy.  nothing we couldn't handle


Astrid; i knew you guys could do it.  i'll make sure to tell Hiccup how wonderful you guysm handled this mission.  i'm sure with this sucess, he'll send you on more.  well, i'd better go tell him now.  keep up the good work!  -walks off-


Carl; fhew!  i can't believe she took it


Pearl; yea ^^  well, i guess its time to say goodbye :(

Carl; oh :( ........well, we'll still see eachother, and on missions, right?  i mean, its not like we won't see eachother ever again


Pearl; i guess.  thank you Carl ^^  this has been one of the best missions i've ever had.  -hugs-


Owlflight; ugh, i had no idea this was going to get cheesy


Owlflight; a little help guys?


Kordi; are you kidding?  this is adorable! :3


Zander; no way! i've been waiting all day for this! >:D


pearl; well, i think its about time i left for my stables.  i'll make sure to visit you soon ^^


Carl; uh, sure.  you know where i'll be


Carl; come on Zander, lets go.  i need to finish cleaning hookfangs stables

Zander; aww, it was getting good :(

Carl; well, bye.  see you soon! ;)

-flies off-


Kordi; wait a sec, i can't fly yet!  wait for me!

-flaps after them-


Owlflight; even though that sand wraith was extreamly annoying, i kinda miss Carl


Pearl; yea :(  but at least i know where to find him.  who knows, we might be able to do something even more exciting tomorrow!


Owlflight; well you can count me out!  i've been out all ay and i'm exausted

Pearl; you took a nap :/

Owlflgiht; whatever.  now lets go.  its dinner time and Snowdust gets roudy if you don't feed her by six

Pearl; you're right ^^ lets go.  and i sure got some good bedtime stories to tell her tonight!  just wait till she hears all about it.....




i hope you enjoied how Pearl met Carl Henderson! ^^

have a great day, and make sure to post what you thought below!


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My subject fell into the void


Do they become a couple or something? 

you need to continue this!

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-rolls on the gorund laughing-  ha! XD  don't worry, there will be more comics ^^  but i'm not sure about the couple thing XD XD  

but zander DOES ship them XD (im actually planning on making a i ship PearlxCarl banner for you guys to use if you want ^^  it should be done when i have time to finish it XD)

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Heh. Nice. I've done comics that needed scenes from expansion packs before and I know it can take a bit of work and good timing to get the pictures you want. I'd say you did a good job here. The back and forth between the characters is really funny too. :)



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