How to level dragons up to 20

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I've finished all the quests, unless there are any hidden ones the quest arrow doesnt point you to, and i still have dragons to level up to 20 for the titan rune stable missions.


Just to check, do the dragons keep thier colour scheme when the level up to titan?  My green montrous nightmare wint suddenly turn from green to black when he titans up for example?

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Titan Wing Nightmare's colours

Since others have already told you about Alchemy Adventure and Eel Roast, I'll answer your second question. The colours will stay the same, they will only have a modified arrangement. The Titan Nightmare's detail colour is more clearly separated from the skin colour; its spines, horns and patches take the detail colour while the rest of the back turns to the main colour. If you want them to stay the same just don't touch the colour picker when you age him up. However you might find it worth tweaking them in some way while you have the chance. For example, I'm going to make my Nightmare's belly darker when she grows because that's how the one in the show looked.


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