How to get the dragon you've always wanted: A Guide

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I decided to write up a guide on how to get one of those "fancy" type of dragons like a Scauldron or a Rumblehorn (aka any dragon that is not a "free" starter dragon in the hatchery)

***This guide does apply to anything you want to buy with gems, not just dragons so you can buy that fancy composter that you've always wanted***

*****Although I don't know if this method applies to members because it says members are commercial free so if you are a member and can't do this, I'm sorry.*****


So you COULD go bug your relatives for a gift card to buy gems or if you're old enough just buy them yourself with your credit card or drive to the store and buy a gift card and use that


BUT if you'd rather not or if you've tried that and 1. have run out of gems after buying that sweet stable or 2. Your parents said no 

Then don't lose hope!! You can still get that dragon of your dreams!!


Now there are mystery boxes for sale for only 200 gems, that's a steal IF and ONLY IF you absolutely do not care what type of dragon you are going to get!!

I don't recommend the mystery boxes if you have a specific dragon in mind but if you want to take a chance, just remember. You are stuck with that dragon FOREVERRRRRRRR




First you need to EARN GEMS 

Chances are, the dragon you absolutely want is 750 gems. If you're lucky, the dragon might be on sale for 495 gems (member prices are slightly different)

So what you want to do is go to the store by clicking on that golden shopping cart at the top right of the screen

it looks like this:


Next you've got to click on the "Earn Gems & More!" button (Don't worry about the earn gems pop up on my screen shot, you should be seeing one just like it after you are done with all of this) :)


A pop up should appear that looks like this: Click "Watch Videos Now

That will take you to another screen that looks like...


... This!


Watch the "video" (spoiler alert, it's a commercial) until the part that says something like "watch this video" turns blue.

It should also say that you have earned some gems.

Now after that happens you can either click a blue button to the left of the "close" button that says "earn more" but sometimes that button does not appear.

So you can click the "close" button when you are done and then if you want more gems you can click "Watch Videos Now" again until either 1. The window says "There are no more offers at this time" (which means you can check back tomorrow) or 2. You are so tired of watching commercials that you don't care how many gems you get just stop with the commercials already!!! Please make it stop aaaaaahhhhhhhhh




After all of that you can now close the store by clicking the cartoony red and silver X button to the right of the shop screen. It should have given you your gems but if not, try walking to another area such as the wilderness, berk, your farm, or the school. If that doesn't work then try buying a lug worm from the store, (oddly enough that does the trick for me)


So after all of this earning gems business, you will probably need to repeat this process a few times and save up gems until you reach your goal number. But do not be discouraged! And if you get tired, remember to take a break! Stand up, go outside for a few minutes, get some water, eat something healthy, treat yo self


Eventually you will get that dragon of your dreams and it will be so satisfying because you worked hard for it instead of just paying for gems.

Good luck! Have patience! Don't get discouraged! Take a break! REST!!! (don't stay up past bed time it's not good)

Sorry for such a long post, I hope this helped! :D






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This guide is mostly for

This guide is mostly for players who still haven't gotten their second dragon yet, since every player starts out with an extra free stable for 1 more dragon.

You'll need to buy another stable before you can hatch a new dragon IF you used up that free stable (have 2 dragons already)

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I tried dis

I tried dis method a couple of weeks ago to get my Smothering Smokebreath and to instant hatch it XD takes about 2 hours for me to earn 345 gems(it was on sale i'm a member so it was cheap) XD and took me another hour to earn gems to instant hatch it. It was the first time I bought a egg without paying gems. Also if you get bored of watching commericals just mute the video and play AJ or listen to music or something,you only have to wait 2 seconds while watching the video but sometimes they make you watch the whole thing to earn gems. Also if you watch about 50 videos they will give you a special commerical thats usually 3-4 minutes long that will give you 14 gems.


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lol play AJ? apollo justice? 

lol play AJ? apollo justice? 


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Good idea

This is indeed a good idea, i just started using this method, a lot of work but i am sure its worth it! 


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Thank you for the advices,but

Thank you for the advices,but i can't watch 1 gem videos,it keeps buffering and it's becoming annoying because most of the time i click on "Watch Video Now" i get 1 gem video......i don't know if it is my browser,my cache but it's strange because i can see 2 or 6 gem video.