how to edit a startpost?

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Hello i made a mistake in a startpost.

But there i find no edit button..

How to edit it?


I like the colors of the rainbor and i like the Night Fury, the Dragon-Species of Toothless

so i used to create a bunch of colorful Night Furys.


I call them the Rainbow-Furys:


Here is a tip to make theese Pictures fit into the Signature:

In the online-editor there is a smal full circle and a half circle in the upper left corner of the editor.

Click the small full circle to save a picture of your creation.

Use the graphic-Program Gimp to edit them.

Resize them to 920 pixel width and 480 pixel hght to delete the control-panels of the online-editor.

Scale it to half width and hight to fit it into the signature

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its not there anymore    and

its not there anymore 


and thats really bad for people who are terrible on a keyboard