How Do We Get More Dragons?

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I have been playing for 2 days now, and I know we can have more than one dragon. It wasn't just totally clear (at least to me) how we get more dragons. How do we find more eggs? My dragon is now an adult and I'd love to try a different breed.

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You have to buy an egg from Johann's Trading Post :)


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Do we have to be a certain

Do we have to be a certain level?

So far the only thing I have seen at the tradign post is trading fish, eels, and farm products.

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Go to the dragon tab and

Go to the dragon tab and dragon eggs is one of the options there.


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Yea, I don't have a dragon

Yea, I don't have a dragon tab yet. Just fish and farm products.

That's why I'm guessing you have to be a certain level.

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Use shop icon

Use shop icon on left-top of the screen (not talk to Johann option - this is for selling fish and farm products)

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to get two dragons

to get two dragons click the icon at the top or go in to the trading post by the trader go down to the side and click the picture of a dragon flying then it will ave some icons at the bottom of the screen click the one icon that says dragon eggs then you will see the type of eggs or yo can get the mystery chest which will give you a mystery dragon but all the dragons will cost gems (sadly)




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Go click the Shop icon located at the top right of your screen, between the amount of your coins and gems.

Go to the Dragons category, after that you will see rectangulat buttons below, click 'eggs'

Then you can buy your egg :D


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When you have more than 2

When you have more than 2 Dragons, you'll need to upgrade your Stables. Click on the Dragon icon in the shop menu, click on Stables and you can buy Tidal, Boulder and Stoker Class stables. This is enough to get all the Dragons in the list. Except it costs 300 gems (Non-Member) to get a Stable, and up to 300 gems (Non-Member) to get a Dragon, Minimum is 200 gems.