how do i post screen shoots

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i tryed photobucket and everything else and need them now for contest winners please help anyone








vikings name: sumright and sum light

clans: phatom shadows and dragon pride

friend codes: ATWGVK and ALYLoa

dragon names: stormlight-skrill female

                              rilly crasher-rumble horn female

                               nimaery-night fury female

                               ocean-scauldron female

                               thundersky-thunderdrum female

                               marina-thunderdrum female

                               mistive-whispering death female

                                toothless-night fury male

                                 misty-flight mare female








































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I have no idea...

I do know how to post screen shots, usualy I just copy paste into the text box. png jpg are the file types I normaly use, don't make them too big.

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I recomend using tinypic to

I recomend using tinypic to upload them. That way, you can even pick the recomended size of your screenshot.


Then, look up at the toolbar above your chat box while posting. You'll see a picture of a little red roofed house with a sunny background.If you click on it, a menu will pop up that should look like this;

From the image uploading site, copy the Direct Link for Layouts code and paste it into the URL bow in the menu that opened up.


I hope this helps!