How do I make gold when I have no gold to invest?

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Tora Ormsdottir
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I've strugled to make gold since I started this game, and I'm now down to a single coin, which means I can't invest in things like bait, seeds or animal feed to use to havest things I can sell.


What can I do to make money that doesn't require investing any money up front?


Once I've got some capital, how do I make a steady income?


I've actually stockpiled quite a bit of fish and farm produce, but there's nowhere to sell it, so that was all wasted money. The jobs require quantities I simply don't have.

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You can go around shooting

You can go around shooting firepits. Every 5 firepits you get 5 coins, 5 viking experience and 5 dragon experience (or  whatever you call it). Each map (Berk, Wilderness, School) has 5 firepits, you just need to find them. When you get enough money, you can start farming.


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Log on daily

If you log on daily for a couple of weeks you should be able to afford some more crops and/or bait. It will take patience though.


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Thunder racing gives you gold per track, also Fireball Frenzy, and also Flight Club. :)

And i think Eel roasting too, the more eels you roast the more gold you get






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Bakc then, if you'd do the firepit way, you'd get I think around 250 coins I think, or more.



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cough cough

No its 5 Gold for every 5 times you shoot the fire pits.

So shooting fire pits will take a while.

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As someone who has been in

As someone who has been in your situation with no remaining dragon energy, I'd suggest completing all of the lessons you can get with Hookfang in the Flight Club. It's free and costs you no energy, and if you get good enough grades or improve on past grades you can get at most 11 coins per lesson (I think?) which can actually pile up to quite a large sum after some time.


Once you're pretty well off there I highly suggest doing daily quests, too, which might seem counter-productive and expensive but pretty much always nets a decent profit back.

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Eilif Eiderdrake
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And if needed you can redo

And if needed you can redo all the Hookfang quests as much as you want.

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Cordis V
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I've found that Thunder Run racing is a good way to get fast gold, since it gives you a decent amount per track, but you can't do too many races at once before your dragon's energy level is too low. Flight Club on Hookfang doesn't give as much gold, but it doesn't cost anything either.



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