How do I fish?

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I have a pole and I have gone to the river but from there I don't know how to actually fish.

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Ok wow...

Ok You just walk up to a lake or the ocean - a place with a rack of hanging fish, and a little fish pole icon will show up.

You click the icon and the little bag that appears on your left side at your feet.

It should show you how much bait you have.

You click on the worm with the little number above it and then push the CAST button that appears on the right side of the screen when STRIKE! pops up on the screen.

Then you use your spacebar (and drag button if you have a better fishing rod by clicking on the DRAG button beside the CAST/REEL button).

Keep the little moving arrow away from the deep red on both sides of the meter after you hook a fish.

Have fun!


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Further help

If you need further help on how to fish (or which fish to catch), you can check Fishing 101 here: