The Hound of Khalznroth

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Hound of Khalznroth


(AKA Survival of the Dragonbloods)

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Monster Kitty Ebony

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I have returned with a new fan-fic! :D


My name is Lissa, and I've had the pleasure of writing nine short stories, one poem and a full-length novel on the subject of HTTYD world and lore, much of it inspired by fellow HTTYD fans/artists such as Chameishida and Flitt. If you’d like to get a taste of my style or enjoy what you find here, THIS is the link to my master writing threat (whoops typo… and yet... <.<) here on the forums

This story is a collaboration work by yours truly, Flitt, Chameishida, Alphaspeedstinger, Ninjadragon, Amazieing, Mareenamuse, Gingerforum, Pinapplelark, and Raahimj. I have set out to turn it into a traditional fanfiction for your convenience because I really love it and hope you enjoy it too^^



Feel free to comment but please do not reply directly to the chapter/story posts! I... will not be able to edit them... and then... I will see typos. Misspellings. GrAmMaTiCaL ErRoRs! *screams in background*

…scratch that last one I don’t never see those xD

Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome of course :3 They keep a writer going.






Thank you Flitt for permitting me to write about your creations the Dragonbloods! To find out more about dragonbloods visit HERE, I highly recommend the stories and reading the lore, this will make a lot more sense if you do :3

Thank you Chameishida for your permission to write about The Wardenrain! Fan dragon design and info can be found HERE, as can many other amazing creature designs! But I'm with Chame on favoring the Wardenrain they're awesome <3

Thank you Ninjadragon for coming up with the idea to have this RP! T’was the first and only ^^’ rp I've been in and I enjoyed it very much.

Much of the rp has been edited out to make for a clean plotline, but if you're interested in different characters and their plotlines I recommend checking out both threads, Survival of the Dragonbloods, and Survival of the Dragonbloods Part 2 right here.


Lastly, thank you to all who gave me permission to re-write their characters into story form!

Amazieing: for Cuttora

Flitt: for Jonny, Flitt, and Mabin

Pinapplelark: For Bullseye and Zima

Gingerforum: For Twilight, Nora, Silas, Scamp and Whisp

Chameishida: For Gusto and Ogma, Buddy and Teri

Raahimj: For Ray


Author’s notes:

This is an AU filled with fan creations such as Dragonbloods and Fan dragons

The characters are not all mine, and I will present them as best I can like they were presented in the RP. The fan creations are not all mine.

There is violence. Dragons, dragonbloods and people are killed.

There is romance (G rated)

And there is comedic gold XD


I is a busy hooman bean and this is pretty low on the roster. Updates will be at random, and the length of an update will vary.

As I was unable to get permissions from all rpers, a few characters from the original RP have been replaced. Ray is taking the place of Ninjadragon’s character Flame, team leader of the Dragonblood Scouts, and Silas is strongly inspired by Alphaspeedstinger’s Jason.



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DNR Directly, Please


The Hound of Khalznroth


Strange storms plague a floating island, and wild dragon populations are out of control.

Chief Hiccup has sent a team of Dragonbloods to investigate but a castaway with a dark secret threatens them all.


Table of Contents:



Chapter One

Chapter Two


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Surly looking fishmongers smelling of low tied and sweat nodded toward the clatter of horse hooves on plank. “Look alive. All the King’s men greeting this pig.”

“Don’t recognize that ship’s crest. You?”

“Nope.” Tallest among them, and the unfortunate owner of a large, hawk-like nose glanced at the docking vessel. He was covered in fish gut, a stark contrast to the pompous display of ceremonial purples and golds, meticulously groomed animals and their silver tackle.

“’Nope?’ ‘tis all ye’g’teh’ se, Ian? Nthn more?” one of his crewmates teased.

The horses and riders trotted past, fully expecting the peasants to move out of their way and willing to trample them if they didn’t.

He smirked. “Not the kinds of things y’say with the kings’ men in earshot.”

A snicker resonated among them.

“Keep about your business!” the Captain snapped as work slowed.


Sharply dressed in a black, mid-length coat, suede leather boots, brais, and a silk shirt with silver buttons, a gentleman stepped off the boat. Strapped to his belt was a sword; hilt black as obsidian and of such craftsmanship that even sheathed it was clear no expense had been spared.

“Welcome Count Argos of Kalznroth,” the armed soldiers bowed. “To Mykines. His Highness has arranged an audience for you within the hour.”

“Punctual, excellent.”

Despite the first monger’s use of the term pig there was nothing boorish about him. Argos was lean and had excellent features; high cheekbones, a strong and cleanshaven jaw, curly, richly black hair set perfectly into place and a good, straight nose.

“This way Sir.”

Riders cued their mounts and turned back the way they came.

Ian stole another glance toward the newcomer. The Nobleman was studying their little group so he didn’t let his eyes linger and kept up his work.

Did this stranger have him beat in looks? Attire? Carriage? Hygiene? A proportionately sized nose? Yes on all accounts. But he had one thing over the Nobleman: HE was tall. For all his splendor the guy couldn’t have been more than 5’2”

“What was his mother, a dwarf?”

“Shh!” Ian stifled a laugh and warned the youngest monger. He looked up again-

And Argos was standing in front of him.

The Count stared with remarkably yellow eyes, glancing between now silent peasants keeping their business, not wanting any trouble.

Ian clenched his jaw as his keen brown eyes met the cold, focused yellow. He didn’t want to look away. He wanted to throw his net over this arrogant gentleman and drop-kick him into the sea. It would be so satisfying and the talk of Mykines for weeks.

But he looked down and kept his mouth shut. For Eleanor. He was doing it for Eleanor.

Argos continued to stare.

“What is your name?”


“Captain, arrest Ian.”

“What? What for??” He demanded.

“Insubordination I heard your whispers.”

“I didn’t whisper a thing!”

“Aye it’s true, let him go!” one of the others shouted in alarm as two of the escort took Ian from either side and began dragging him off. “He said nothin.”

“Oh? Then who’s whisper was it?” Argos turned patronizingly from his catch to the hapless fishermen, arms behind his back as he deliberately rested his eyes on the thirteen-year-old boy.

The young man shrank under his stare. His father edged closer, a hand over him and hate in his eyes for Argos. Ian looked between the three of them and lowered his head.

“That’s what I thought.” The Count answered their silence.

“Oi tyrant. A man can’t speak his piece without being shut up. Well I’m punished for it, what’s to stop me now?”

He painted his frustrations with the system and the stranger in articulate and colorful words while the King’s men led him away.

“Where are they taking him?” The young man Ian was taking the fall for asked.

“The jailers.”

“But sir!”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic. Your fish-gutting anarchist will pay his dues and be released in two days’ time.”





“I’m here to see Ian Hansen.” A middle-aged woman with blue eyes, a weathered but kind face, and light brown hair done up in a loose bun told the guard.

“No visitors,” He spoke sharply.

So much for that, Eleanor thought. She stared into cold, damp jailcells beyond. Someone had a deathly cough; and though she prayed for them she really hoped her husband didn’t catch whatever it was.

She wandered off a short distance, waiting until the guard looked the other way before slipping around back of the wooden structure.

“Ian?” she whispered as she went.

“Ellen?” His voice returned. On the other side of the wall he jumped up from the mud and leaned against the boards to hear her. “Ellen is that you?”

“Yes it’s me.” She paused. “You alright?”

“Aye they didn’t rough me up too bad I’m fine.” He assured. “And you won’t believe it, but I found Bjorn! Say hi Bjorn.”


“Hi Bjorn. Ian what happened.”

“Ahh, well..” Mud made that suctioning sound as Ian took a step away and scratched the back of his head. “…see… a Nobleman come in today at the docks. He uhh, overheard our whispers and next thing y’know, heh, I’m in here.”

She looked heavenward in silence and he could feel it.

“It was just a comment about his height. I swear I wasn’t looking for trouble.”

“Well you got it anyways. Why can’t you just keep your mouth shut? Someday you’ll go too far and they’ll really punish you.”

“I tried Eleanor.” He grumbled.

“Any idea how long you’ll be here?”

“Sunset tomorrow.”

“’They intend to feed you?”

“No, pfft Argos believes that’s a punishment. Not sure what he thinks a peasant’s life looks like around here.”

Eleanor put her fingers to the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. “Alright. I’ll have save your dinner. Best I head back now and see how Grace has done in the market with your share of the catch.”

“Give the little rascal my thanks… oh and make her wash up she always wipes her hands on her skirts.”

“Like father like daughter,” Eleanor quipped.

“I don’t ever wipe my hands on my skirts.”

The woman slapped the wood. “Very funny. We may be out fishing when you get home.”

“El no. Don’t do that we’ll be alright.” All fun left his voice.

“The fish are here and we need the money. ‘Can’t afford to waist those kinds of opportunities.”

The wood fell very quiet; humbled.

She placed her hand on a plank between them and leaned her forehead against it. Ian saw her shadow and did the same from the other side. “Please be more careful.” Eleanor pleaded.

“Aye. I will.”

“See you tomorrow… anything you want me to tell Bonny when she comes home from stewing?”


Ellen hesitated. “You’ve got to say something Ian.”

“What can I say,” his tone hit a new low, “That won’t set her off? She hates me and I don’t know where I went wrong, how to fix it.”

“She doesn’t hate you she’s just confused. Not everything needs ‘fixing’, Some things just need listening.”

“I don’t understand her when I listen. It’s like we’re from different worlds.”

“Then nod your head and let her talk. Even if you don’t understand a simple ‘I love you’ goes a long way.”

“Alright.” He sighed. “Give her and Grace my love, and we’ll talk more about that boy when I get back.”






Jingle jingle. Clank! Creeeeaaaakkk,

In the concession of sounds Ian turned, perplexed as the guard opened his door.


“Why? Where am I going?”

“I don’t care as long as it’s not here.”

“What- about my sentence?” He picked up his coat and edged warily to the open door but not through, in case this was some sick trick. “I’m supposed to be in here until sunset tomorrow.”

“Guess it’s your lucky day. The Count just ordered you set free.”

Weird, but I’ll take it. Ian turned sideways to give the guard a wide berth.

“Bye, Bjorn.”


A moment later he stepped outside, visible in the doorway of the jailhouse thanks to a lighted torch. No moon, as he knew there wouldn’t be, but no clouds either. The stars shown brightly and they were all he needed for the long trek home. Coat slung over his shoulder he slipped into the night.

…No flogging? No stocks? Let out early? After what he said every member of the guard was willing to beat him to a submissive pulp… and he was just a tad proud of that. But the nobleman had heard it all and was setting him free. He couldn’t have been all that bad to see it for the hot air it was. Perhaps I misjudged him, Ian thought. Perhaps Argos of Khalznroth was a reasonable sort …for a nobleman anyway.


Like a hawk on its perch the Count in question watched from the window of a guest room within the King’s castle. It was no surprise when his ignorant fishmonger started for the bay.

Argos rolled his shoulders and straightened his cuffs before a mirror. Time to make a presence.

The face staring back wondered why he bothered to go on with this charade and in all truth he didn’t know. A paranoid tick, he supposed, to put such effort into creating an alibi for a case no one would give a first glance, let alone second.

Opening the door he joined those honored guests of the King at his table.





It was a lonely walk. The poor fishmonger came across only two other men on the stretch… one a farmer he knew. They chatted briefly over Ian’s little jaunt to the city and went their sperate ways, both eager to get home.

Crickets sang. The night was crisp and for nothing more than stubborn Celtic pride Ian fought to keep his jacket off. His mind wandered to how he should tease Ellen and the girls with his return. Strange noises? Just charging straight through the door... or maybe slipping in quietly and sneaking to the table before they knew he was there. Another gust hit him hard.

“Oof alright alright you win! ‘Don’t have a’ gloat.” He pulled over his coat and growled to the wind.

Ahead came a shrill whistle. Gravel scattered; the hair on the back of his neck stood on end as a startled herd of roe deer sped past. Bodies low and tails tucked they ran on either side of him without care.

Something’s nearby, the fishmonger became wary and listened to his surroundings. Jackals, more than like. Maybe a pack. But so far they’d been happy enough to stick to sheep and game.

Through the dark he peered ahead, hoping to catch a glimpse of any movement. The large, bulky silhouette he could barely make out surprised him; too big to be any animal he could only assume it was someone’s wagon left right in the middle of the road.

Ian purposed to go around… but it moved.

He froze, looking hard at the murky place. Listening for the sound of crunching gravel. But now he neither saw it or heard anything. Even the crickets had gone silent.

“These old eyes,” The peasant mumbled, coming to the spot and finding it bare.

On edge, he jumped when something brushed against the grass to his right and spun to stare with wide eyes.

A pair of eyes glinted back. They were quite large, with slitted pupils and low to the ground.

Ian’s hear skipped a beat. What the heck was that.

It blinked, then moved.

“What in-” He stumbled as the creature crawled out onto the road, revealing its enormous size and monstrous backplates. The ugliest head Ian had seen in his life -which is saying something for a fisherman- was attached, and carrying the bulk of its weight were giant, mantis-like pincers.

“Oh,” he croaked in horror, breaking into a cold sweat. Between the stars he could just make out two jagged, leathery, red-and-black wings and a long, raised tail. It flowered open and closed, some kind of stinger on its end. “It’s- it’s a demon. It’s a demon!”

The tail flew toward him with the speed of a scorpion! Ian dodged and bolted but the beast cut him off, curling its tail to strike again.

“Stay away from me!” He roared, waving his hands to look bigger than he was. When that had no effect he leaned down just enough to grope for any loose debris he could find in the dirt road. “Get back!”

The monster crawled forward unabashed. Tail struck out again, this time it found flesh.


Ian ripped the stinger out of his shoulder, trying not to think about the strange sensation it left in his arm, the painful, pulsing feeling it left creeping through his bloodstream. Meantime he stumbled upon a decent-sized rock.

Oof! The beast growled as it clunked off his thick skull. Idiot, stop that.

Ian would not. He’d come across quite the little pile of rocks and continuing to walk backwards barraging the creature with them, aiming between those soulless eyes.

Alright that’s enough.

Lunging forward it extracted a cry of terror from the peasant. He dropped his arsenal when two giant tusks jutted out from the creatures’ lower jaw and trapped him between them! Man and beast locked eyes for a fleeting moment, before the latter turned its’ neck with a quick jerk and effortlessly flipped the human upside down, dropping him on his head.

Ian curled out from between the tusks and bounced back to his feet only to fall again, reeling from that hit to his head. Still he crawled away from the monster.

My arm! The one that had been stung gave out! He could feel it but he couldn’t move it. Head only throbbing now he sprang to his feet to bolt, but his legs gave way!

“Not today,” he muttered, losing control of his entire body as that demonic creature came at him. “Not today please I’m not ready. Ellen needs me the girls need me… let me make things right with Bonny.”

“Oh so that’s her name.”

Ian’s eyes widened and he almost didn’t believe his ears. “Argos??”

“Ellen. What do you mean by girls though? And Bonny? Have you a family, Ian? Children?”

Even in the dark he could make out that stately coat and beautiful sword as the nobleman leaned down while he suffered.

“What’s wrong with you,” he gasped, “Blithering idiot get off the road the beast will kill you,”

Argos tilted his head and blinked, then patted Ian and thoroughly paralyzed he could do nothing but growl.

“A noble sort, I pity you. But it does make my job that much easier.”

Moments later the monster was back, sniffing his helpless prize. Two bird-like talons stabbed into the peasant’s shoulders and on black and red wings carried him off into the night.



“I don’t understand what do you mean he’s not here,” Eleanor kept careful check of her voice. “He was supposed to be here until tonight! Why was he released ahead of schedule? Which way did he go?”

“I don’t know! Probably that way,” The man pointed the road Ellen had just walked.

“Whose order was it for him to be released?”


Eleanor turned to face a well-dressed man who was…

in fact…

quite short…

“Count Argos of Khalznroth,” He nodded civilly. “You’re the wife of the anarchist fish monger, yes?”

“Ian Hansen, yes,” she blushed. Studying him her skin crawled and she couldn’t pinpoint why. “I… understand by this fine guard,” she said politely as she could, “That he was released last night instead of today?”

“He was.” Argos confirmed. “The fool’s only crime was speaking his mind after all. …Why is that a problem.”

“He didn’t come home last night.”

“Have you checked the local tavern?”

“Ian’s not that kind of man. He’s got a family to feed.”

“A family you say?” there was keen interest taken in the Count’s yellow eyes. “Little ones? How many?”

“Just two,” the woman answered very carefully.

“He didn’t say anything about a family. I might have left him at the docks with a light flogging if he had.” Argos shrugged and didn’t press the matter any further.

“How very… kind, of you Sir,” Ellen really had to force the words as she bowed. Light flogging. So thoughtful. “I best go, if he isn’t here and not at home then something isn’t right.”

“He’ll turn up somewhere I’m sure. Check the tavern.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

Eleanor walked away. She could feel him watching her, up until she turned a corner, and it was only after the fact that she realized she was holding her breath. That- Count! What was up with that count! She wasn’t a timid woman or even sheltered, she’d seen a wicked sort or two in her day but he- there was something way off about him. Was it the calm in his voice? The casual interest and strange undertow? Or was she just so flustered she’d become paranoid? Why did he make a point of mentioning their children??

A few minutes ago the woman thought if she found Ian in the tavern she’d about kill him. Now she hoped that he was there. If not… then what could have happened to him between the jailhouse and home? And what, if any, part did The Count have to play in it?”

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Chapter One


Chapter One

Dragonblood Island



Shutters trembled. Branches beat against the walls as leaves whipped violently every which way. But to Ray’s surprise it was the first morning without a cloud in the sky.

Something’s not right, he thought as he readied for the day. The storms might be worse than usual today.

They could be better, some optimistic part of his brain suggested. It was properly quelched though. Life experience taught him not to listen to it.

“Everyone up,” He called, knocking on all the doors. “We’re meeting in the dining hall-oh, good morning, Twilight,”

“Good morning,” Twi happened to be leaving her room at the same time and smiled back, a little shyly. She headed to the dining hall, her dragon ears twitching at the unusually strong winds. She joined him at the table and kept glancing outside every so often while they waited. "That- that's not normal weather, is it?" she asked slowly.

“Not the last time I was here. I think we’re in for some ugly weather.”

Twilight moved her wings uneasily, trying not to show concern. "It'll probably blow over in a few hours" she hoped.


Flitt followed the voices to the hall. She’d been awake for hours, listening to the wind.

The Dragonblood joined Twilight and Ray, one of whom was in dragon form. Instinctively she shifted to hybrid so she could understand the dragon's speech, stretching white Flightmare wings that had materialized on her back.

"We need to get moving,” Ray was saying, too concerned with what was going on outside for patience to wait on those not yet up. “I'll scout out the coming storm to see how bad it is, hybrid form. Could use a wingman if you want to come Flitt," he shifted to hybrid. "Also, Twilight, we need someone to close up the cabin, someone to make some food and someone to find some. Whatever you can manage will be appreciated everything else I give you authority to delegate."

Flitt couldn't cook to save her life. She was glad of the opportunity to join the team leader scouting.

“It would be safer with two. That's if you don't mind, Twilight.” She added, looking at the dragon.

Twilight was wondering if she should go too. I hate being stuck inside.. then again, I'm not as good a flier as either of those two… I'd better not embarrass myself

"Ok, I'll try" she answers, then shifts to hybrid form.

Hey guys!" Cuttora the Razorcutter dragonblood chirped, stepping into the hall ready for adventure. Noticing they had picked to be hybrid or full she grinned, enjoying full dragon a little more than half or human. She knocked her head to one side and heard the approaching storm "Oh...I guess this means no games today?" 

"Not until we’ve boarded up the base. We need people on that, and someone to cook and or find food." Ray explained.

The teen dramatically fell on the floor "WORK! The horror. Oh how the wicked claws of menial labour clutch my sou-" She stops her long and dramatic speech for a brief moment, "Aww look a ladybug!" Scurrying over Cutt picked it up. "So cute. I’ll name her Victoria.”

Ray looked from her to the other two female dragonbloods. “Uhh. So… food, Cuttora?”

“…I'll get started on it soon..." She said absent mindedly.

He figured that’s about as good as it would get. Cutt was a good sort at heart; she was born and raised dragon after all. She’d get the job done.

Angry sounds had been coming from the hall ever since Ray knocked on all the doors. Two men stepped into the room and leered over the other occupants; their heads already shifted into the dragon. It was generous to think they were being considerate to the other dragonbloods already in their dragon forms, much more likely they were just angry.

"Don't think that our getting dragged out to babysit you lot means you can do whatever you want, brats! No one asked for a wakeup call!” Gusto, the smaller of the two shady personalities hissed between Skrill teeth.

“Yeah,” Ogma backed, burly arms crossed.

Twilight's pupils turn to slits. 'Different situation, same attitude' she told herself. Shifting to human form the young woman lowered her head a little. "Sorry we woke you. You can go back to bed if you want, we won't cause any trouble, promise."

“The weather has taken a strange and alarming turn,” Ray stood up for himself, “And besides needing to take care of ourselves it’s our mission to study this island and its occupants! What was I supposed to do?”

Flitt kept out of the confrontation. She headed to the entry and poked her head out, the heavy wooden door almost slamming back on her. This was going to be quite a storm.

"Yeah that's right! Be sorry!" Gusto picked the reply he liked most and focused on Twilight. "but we're awake now, it's a done deal and you’ve got nothing else to do but to take responsibility."
"Yeah!" Ogma chimed in. again.
"And that responsibility-" Gusto paused, missing a huge chunk of context. "…is… …doing… whatever… work we were assigned."
"Yeah, Yeah! You do all the work while we just chill! Got it!?" Gusto snarled.

"In order to survive in a storm like this we have to work together. That means helping." Ray shifted to dragon, a nightlight, but only noticeably at close range. His back spikes were tipped in the lightfury white and a good splotch of it marked the end of his tailfins but other than that he was all night.

He wasn’t a fan of being ignored. "Now, help, come out with me and Flitt to scout the island or be useful here.”

"What!!?” Gusto growled, “You wanna go!? Bring it you--"

Unexpectedly Ogma interjected. His hand landed firmly on the shorter man shoulder, "Uhh, the storm. It does seem to be serious."

"Urgh! Fine! But I’m not going out with lil’ Power-trip here.”

Ray barred his teeth but had the sense not to answer. Flitt watched from the doorway, growling quietly. She didn't want to get involved in case she made things worse.

"Ready, Flitt?" Ray turned his focus toward productive conversation.

Flitt nodded and glanced back at Twilight. “Stay safe.” She shifted to dragon and darted out into the gale. “Let's go!”

Twilight watched them leave, then turned to hybrid form and looked around, wondering where to start. Gusto huffed in satisfaction before promptly plopping down on the couch.

"Yeesh, kids these days and their manners. Not knowing their places" He looked at Twilight, “as for you, no take-backs missy, go do all the work while I--hey what are you doing?"

Ogma already moved to check the nearest window and barred it up.

"Bored" he replied, "Want to move m' muscles anyway"

"Come on man you look like a big softy helping out like that" Gusto groaned but there’s no real bite to it. "Whatever! You do you. I’m going to stay right here." He put his arms behind his head and leaned back.

"Hey," Cutt shouted from the kitchen "Does someone want to help me with this chicken?"

"I'm not very good at cooking, but I'll try." Twilight called back with a small smile toward the Thunderdrum hybrid, boarding up his third window. “Thanks Ogma.”






Water poured in faster than he could bucket it out. A wave crashed over the stern, and to balance Ian reached for the mast pole, split straight down the middle. A torn, tied and tattered sail whipped into his face; bits of ice disguised as rain bit into his skin from every side. He looked out.

To the south, storm. The east, storm. West, storm. North...

He blinked.

No, nothing. Just storm.

Could be worse, he thought. There could have been a dragon

But there, he blinked again and for an inkling of a second thought he saw the shadows of rocks. The sea he knew so well seemed to roll back, breaking wave pattern and making whitecaps over objects beneath the surface.

Generally boats and rocks don't get along. But if the boat is already going down might as well find something other than water to aim for… and where there’s rocks there’s often land.

He’d lost the oars in the same confrontation with the devil that split his mast, but that made little difference. The sailor turned to his crippled mast eyeing the knot that held the sail. A longshot, but at this rate it the only shot too. “I’m sorry Ellen it’s the best I’ve got,” He grimaced then braced, pulling the knot.

The sail ripped violently open! It caught in such a gust that the tiny fishing boat up and skipped like a stone across the crests of angry waves until the mast snapped off all together. Ian was flung backward in the sudden jolt, when he managed to right himself he could only watch as the vessel collided with a sea pillar. 

Over the storm's fury no one could have heard the crash, no one could have heard his cry.

No one, that is, with human ears.




"How about I try to fly in Hybrid, and you fly in your Dragon form?" Ray asked some time after their initial take-off. The moment they were out of the trees the two dragonbloods found themselves faced with a daunting wall of growling black cloud. It was coming up from the southeastern sea, and much closer than Ray had anticipated.

In the first minute it blot out the sun. By the second the whole of Dragonblood island was engulfed, that eerie rumble of cloud to cloud lightning warning them to leave the sky while they had the chance. A cold rain began to fall.

“Alrighty,” Flitt said. She was almost blown to ground by the fierce gale, but managed to right herself.

They made the patrol round of the island in silence. Ray flew above the forest, searching for ground activity with the local game and dragons. Many of both were only seen in glimpses, scurrying to shelter.

Rain mixed with ice beat down on them and it was a struggle to stay hybrid for Ray. This kind of storm was so much more weatherable in dragon form, none of this soft human skin at all, just scales and tough, leathery hide.

I’ll check if any rabbits are out, he signaled a slight detour over a nearby warren. As an opportunistic hunter Ray rarely suffered hunger, but the little animals had already taken shelter.

Without his purposing them to do so what few scales he had in this form suddenly stood on end.

Uh oh.

“Flitt,” The team leader beat his wings a little faster, trying to move away from the growing electricity in the air and the smell that accompanied it. “I think we better head back, smells like thund-“

Instinctively he barreled, just barely missed by a bolt of lightning!

“Flitt!”  He struggled to regain control of his wings and whilst doing glimpsed a bolt either striking Flitt or very near her. "FLITT!!" 

The Flightmare felt the electricity in the air before she saw the split-second flash. She rolled, feeling the scorching heat and electric zing race past far too close for comfort. Now out of control in the wild wind, she smashed into a tree and tumbled to the ground.

Ray watched her go down in horror. I killed one of my team members. First flight out, one of the best fliers. Dead. Bury me now plz.

He fought the ice and headwinds pouring out of the darkened sky and searched for the downed dragonblood.

"Flitt? Flitt where are you?? Are you alright?”

I’m fine!” She yelled over the thunderous storm, scrambling to her feet and running… er well slipping from the cover of the trees out onto the stormy beach. Waves rolled furiously onto the sand, creeping further up with every break. They appeared almost to have a mind to swallow the island.

Ray spotted her.

Shheee’s alliiiivvveee! “Oh my gosh I thought you were struck,” He flew down toward her in relief. “Can you still fly? Are you dizzy at all?”

“I told you I’m fine.” Flitt bristled with his fretting… but beat her wings hard before trying to fly just in case. No damage.

“Alright I’m calling it. This storm is too dangerous to finish scouting the Island by air, for the likes of us anyways,” He growled at the thought of the lazy censored of a Skill undoubtedly napping or something back at the cabin. “We should probably walk back.”

Ray was all but prepared to land when both their ears flinched at the sound of wood splintering apart.

“Did you hear that?” Ray’s pupils turned to slits. “I thought I heard a voice.”

Flitt nodded, unsure the direction it had come from.

“Let’s check it out.”




Curled into a cozy little ball Jonny the titan red-and-white terrible terror heard the crash too. His ears could never mistake something so loud.

The dragon’s head shot up and he looked towards the coast, then got up and flew out into the gale. Instantly he regretted it, being flung back into the rock face of the cave he just came from. With nothing more than a bruise, though, he slid to the ground and scampered toward the sound. 


Ian came gasping up to the surface once more. He had already been soaked by the freezing rain but a dunk in the ocean took the cold shock factor to a new level.

"Help!" He choked. It was an instinctive action, he was in the middle of nowhere and didn’t believe anyone would hear but what else was there to do? “Help!”

A fifteen-foot wave began rolling over his head at the same time a pair of black wings zipped past. He barely had time to register what he’d seen before the sea dragged him under.


A human. Ray felt himself bristle when he realized what he was flying over. How dare one sail for OUR island! It’s for dragonbloods only. Hmph. Bet a million runes he’s a hunter.

He seriously considered moving on and pretending he hadn’t noticed the man’s plight. After all, wasn’t that what humans did best? Leave others behind? Shun them?

But I don’t want to BE human. He groaned inwardly. Even if that means saving one.

He doubled back just as Flitt reached the edge of the sea, who also saw the sailor floundering in the water, struggling to keep above the waves. Bits of wood floated around, splintered. The remnants of a boat. 

The dragonblood panicked; it was evident the person needed help but she wasn’t a confident swimmer and Ray was nowhere in sight!

Not confident... that was in human form. She had never tried in dragon or hybrid.

With a quick beat of her wings the Flightmare darted out over the ocean, spray from the sea nearly blinding her. She blurrily saw the human vanish beneath a wave, and shifting to hybrid with a sharp inhale dove after it.

Johnny got to the shore just in time to watch the white Flightmare disappear into the water. He waited with wide and worried eyes, knowing he was too small to be of any help.


In the mirky undertow Ian held his breath as long as he could, writhing ocean thrashing him first one way and then another. The speed and force of it would have crushed him had he met with any of the rocks.

A streak of lightning lit up the darkness.

It silhouetted the ominous forest of sea pillars and with them, shockingly close, the figure of a young woman with white, dragonly wings. They had almost lacy tips to them.

Was this his guardian angel? His oxygen-deprived mind thought. He reached toward her in the dark.


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Oooo it's begun! Looking great, and very nostalgic. I probably won't comment very often but I'll always enjoy reading this!


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Thanks Ginger :3

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Ohhh It's here, It's here!

Ohhh It's here, It's here! Tracking!

I think it's going to be fun as a rper to read through this again but it's going to be excited to see how people would hasn't known about the rp before would read this. Even for the rper, seeing Ian's Prolouge is a nice surprise and Ray's inclusion is welcoming. Seeing it adapted, edited and formated like this make things flow better and make me realize how fast thing can be (since in rp a single back and forth can take pages)

There're many scene I'm looking forward to see in this adaption, and especially what happen once it goes beyond the thershold of the rp. It's going to take a while but before then I'm going to be cheering you on and following this fic with the baited breath!


Lastly, nostalgia! There're line I recognized to be exactly what happened!



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Thanks Chame! It has been really interesting seeing what parts of the rp take so much more time than the rp had, and what parts just fly past. So many of the posts were written for continuity between different scenes with different rpers, and when I take all that away it's simple dialogue. Those are so nice and rein the story into a very reasonable pace ^^

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Tracking, o'course. :D

You know I'm going to be anywhere where your writing appears! ^^

I remember reading a portion of the Dragonblood RP way back when it started, it will be fun to see how you adapt it! :D



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History: Ginger Selson is the daughter of two Defenders of the Wing. However, at one point, her parents were going to get some supplies for the Defenders and they took her with them. Unfortunately, their ship was attacked by pirates, and the only survivor was Ginger. Ginger's mother, upon seeing that the ship was going to be taken by the pirates, placed Ginger in a water-tight basket and set her afloat. Ginger drifted to Berk, where she was found by Mulch and Bucket during one of their fishing trips. She acquired her scar while in the basket. A sharp strand of the weave scratched her jaw while she was being buffeted by the waves. She was only 13 months old at the time, so she was taken in by a Berkian woman who had just had Jaxomis 5 months before. Ginger grew up as Jax's sibling, and they have grown to be very close friends. When she was 10 years old, she began attending the School of Dragons. In the 6 years since then, she has become a talented Dragon Trainer. She is currently 16 years old.

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*Quicksilver Catspaw​- Goldleaf's brother. He has the ability to change from a human(Quicksilver/Silver) to a cat(Quicksilver/Quick). He also has an amulet that allows him to morph into a Razorwhip(Mercury).

​-Dragons: Oceanmotion: Adult male Shockjaw~~~Chaos and Confusion: Adult male Hideous Zippleback~~~Mossfire: Adult female Eruptodon~~~White Bitetight: Adult male Smitten Hobgobbler~~~Mercury: Adult male Razorwhip (Stand-in for Quick's morph)~~~Deadly Medley: Baby female Death Song

*Caracal Pounce- Cara, for short, is a undeveloped female character.

​-Dragons: Mistlight: Adult female Flightmare~~~Flashfire: Adult female Deadly Nadder~~~Quickstrike: Adult female Deathgripper (Main dragon)

*Finn Howler​- A underdeveloped male Berserker.

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​Blackout is Ginger's Night Fury OC. Blackout is a wild Night Fury who lives where Night Furies are more common. He is fierce, proud, and never backs down from a fight. He looks more or less like Toothless, but he has blue eyes and a lighter birthmark on the left side of his forehead. He's really just for RPs and art.


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Guten Tag

Aww thanks Ginger. ^^ Hope you enjoy!

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Ruffrunner slept on my subject

Oh my god
This is soooo goodddddddd !!!!!!!
Really appreciate you put ray in!
Can't wait for chapter 2
I already like this more than harry Potter!




lets begin

who am i : i made up a name arjay for my viking so you can call me that

even raahimj is fine

gender: male

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fav movies: all 4 avengers, star wars and in general marvel movies

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pouncer the adult nightlight

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glacier the woolly howl

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stormjumper the stormcutter

thunder the deathsong

spikeback the deadly nadder

stormlight the skrill

sharpshot the razorwhip

fire storm the dramillion

firewing the monstrous nightmare

blazewing the monstrous nightmare

inferno the singetail 

sound wave the thunderdrum

loid the thunderdrum

rocktail the gronckle

hobble the hobgobbler

silent blaster the whisperingdeath

still stone the elder sentinel

downpour the scuttleclaw

lava wing the eruptodon

rock wing the eruptodon

frostwing the groncicle

sheildwing the armorwing

slimeball the flamewhipper


art by others


slitherwing stormcutter hybrid by the extremely talented just_visiting


night fury with skrill skin by the amazing chameishida


my seastormer and chimeragon done by the amazing blue kitsune!


my blue diamond diamondhem also done by chameishida

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Thanks Raahimj! Ray has been a fun addition :3

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Chapter Two

Chapter Two



“Speedstingers are jerks.” 

Ebony hobbled while she hissed, one foot still asleep after a confrontation with the snarling, growling den behind her. “They’re so rude! I say hi, they say sting. I say share, they say sting. I say sleep here an live with you forever and ever, they say get out we gonna snack attack you. And sting. So selfish.”

Rainwater splashed from the waving tree-branches over her cupped wings and back. She shook with a chill. Storms were a regular event here, but it didn’t make them any more bearable.

“I miss hoomans.” The dragon lamented ever leaving Berk, trying to stretch the numbness out of that leg. “If I get back I is never leaving again.”




Wings powering Flitt through the water she shifted to hybrid; Flightmare claws weren’t much good for holding onto anything. She reached for the human as he reached up, took his arm and pulled, fighting the sea. With a mighty gasp for air she got the person up so his head was just above the surface. He coughed far bit of water out.

Now what? Both of them were being dragged further out, and she couldn't fly and carry him in this form.

Ah, there was Ray coming back around, a foul look on his face. At the same time a wave lifted both her and the stranger high. She saw a chance, and shifting to her dragon form beat her ragged-edged wings hard.

Ian, still sputtering but coming back to his senses looked up at the girl-turned-dragon and part of him wanted to let go but the other part clung for dear life.

“Quit- moving!” Flitt growled. And of course, since she was speaking dragon he didn’t understand.

Ray also came in with an aggressive hiss, alarming the rescue/captive. “Be still, human. Who are you and what do you want with us?” He snapped in human tongue

"Nothing,” The man heeded the dragonblood’s demands with apprehension. “I-I’m Ian, and all I want is some land under my feet!"

The Nightfury Hybrid looked to Flitt, struggling to keep Ian from getting sucked under again. “Need a hand?”

“Not at all we’re doing great.”

Ray bit back a sharp reply and took hold of one of the man’s arms.

Thanks,” The Flightmare panted. She blinked water from her eyes and set her sights on the beach.




Chicken roasting over the fire, Cutt, Twilight, and Ogma finished with the windows and moved on to reinforce the walls and keep the cabin warmer. Cutt, as she was the resident extrovert, rambled to Ogma and Twilight while they worked, making sure to keep it fun. 

The storm was raging into a full hour when everything was done, and still there had been no sign of Flitt or Ray. "I wonder when they'll get back. Hope they're okay...” Cutt voiced as she rotated the bird. “Does… does anyone else think maybe we should go look for them?" 

“Maybe,” Twilight said, a little hesitant. She didn’t like how long the scouts were taking but the last thing they needed was to get more dragonbloods lost in the storm. “There’s really only one person who could go out and not have any trouble, though.”

She grimaced as she gestured the full form Skrill fast asleep across the room. True to his word he hadn’t lifted a finger to help the gang.

“I can ask him,” Ogma offered, a much friendlier sort when not inspired to wreak havoc by Gusto. He made his way over and tapped the skrill on the wing.


Though the storm fought them for every inch the Dragonbloods finally made it to the beach. Flitt collapsed on the sand in hybrid form and promptly sneezed, startling the Terrible Terror who had watched the whole thing. “What is this?” the little dragon chittered, circling. “What happened? Are you ok?”

“I am. Are you two?” She asked Ray and the stranger, Ian.

“Yes.” Ray shook.

Land. his weary sealegs could hardly keep him upright on it, but finally, he was safe. "Aye, thank you," bedraggled Ian nodded his rescuers, particularly the one with lacy wings. Even so he stepped away. "Thank you heartly, the both of you. You've been very kind to save a stranger's life I won't forget it." A shiver took him. “’There an inn, here somewhere?




Still miffed about the speedstingers Ebony didn’t pay attention to her footing and tumbled down a forested hillside.

"Oof!" A tree trunk broke her fall. She looked up, baffled, until her nose twitched. "Wait... Wait a second. Is that... FOOD?"

Enormously wide yellow eyes grew wider. It was food. not just any food, cooked food.

"Hoomans!!" The fury murphed, eagerly following her nose. "Should introduce myself. I bet they have extra.”

She got to the cabin and was a bit surprised. The windows were all shut up, rags covered every nook and cranny, the doors locked, sacks of sand in front of them. It was almost like the hoomans didn't want visitors.

But then, if they didn't want visitors why were they cooking? It was obviously some cultural misunderstanding she was happy to forgive.

"Hello?" The dragon scratched at a window. "Is anybody in there? I is hungrrrrryyy..."

Hmmm, no answer. Time to go straight to the source.

Ebony shook the water out of her wings and beat them hard, landing on the rooftop. Her faithful nose led her straight to the chimney.

Ahhh, that was the stuff. Chicken and potatoes and... greens... nah scratch that just the chicken and potatoes sounded good. Whatever else was down there she was happy to share with the hoomans.

Just the thought made her stomach gargle. She leaned into the smoke rising out. Aha. This must be the true entrance. A bit small, but she was sure she could... somehow...

Ebony crawled into the chimney




Flitt climbed to her feet... foot. “Erm, no. The only place to stay here is our cabin.” She shouted over the roaring of the wind and waves. The storm was coming to its worst and fast.

"We’ve gotta head back." Ray said, concerned that the others might come searching for them if they didn’t return soon.

Flitt nodded and looked down at the Terrible Terror. 'You’re welcome to come if you like.”

The small dragon half-nodded.

Ian hesitated to follow the two dragonbloods and their little friend. "There's nothing else? Nothing at all? I wouldn’t want to intrude," A gust tried to knock him over and he glared up at the sky with a soft, unnoticeable growl. “Though this storm is very persuasive.”

…So was the idea of not standing here on the open shore. That- that thing was still out there.

“Who says you’re coming with us?” The team leader thought it bold of Ian to assume. Then looked up sharply.

Four wings beat, whooshing over their heads. Ian ducked, and as he saw what had happened upon them stared in stunned silence.

"That," he finally found words, pointing to the enormous newcomer. Not with the trepidation one would expect; his question was almost like someone who had found a missing piece of a puzzle. "What is that??"

"A Stormcutter” Ray snorted with a surprised look. Ok maybe he’s not a Dragon Hunter. How would he not know a Stormcutter when he sees one?? He switched over to Dragon tongue and in a much kinder tone addressed the creature. "Hi there, what’s your name? Can we help you with anything?" 

Ian watched, ready to run if it tried anything. "A Stormcutter," He repeated with a funny look on his face. "A Stormcutter a stormcutter."

“Celeste.” The creature answered graciously. “I am on migration, and in passing heard a struggle. You all seem well and unharmed,” the wild dragon looked from one to the another. “No one out here trying to do you harm?”

“Oh. Yes it’s alright, everything’s under control now.” Ray affirmed. “This human ran his boat into a rock is all.”

“Ah. Humans.” She echoed his sentiments in good humor.





Nom nom nom....

So maybe she was a little stuck now. Maybe the room was beginning to fill with smoke since she was clogging up the chimney but the chicken was everything she hoped it to be. Crunching bones she looked about the spacious cabin, spotting three humans and one dragon. A Skrill.

"Hey bud wake up," The human tried to coax the Skrill awake.

"Yo," Ebony said between mouthfuls. "Zappy, you gots one nice place here. Are all these hoomans yours?"

Twilight jumped in fright, spotting the night fury. She blinked, then shifted to dragon. "Um, hi? What are you doing??"

Ebony's mouth dropped open. Wriggling all the way down the chimney and into the room only her tail remained in the fireplace. She instinctively she arched her back at the sight of another fury.

“What,” she grunted, “Did you just do to that poor hooman? Did you step on her?? Where’d she go?”

The dragon stretched her neck to look around the nightlight without getting any closer.

“Aww! A wild dragon!” Cutt said delightedly, shifting to Razorcutter and heading over to meet Ebony. "Hello! I love your eyes! They look like bright yellow stars! And I love how your scales glisten! You must be starving! Here, I'll fix you up a snack, although I know Ray wouldn't want us to eat yet... would you like to stay for dinner?" Cutt looks at her with almost puppy like eyes, even if she wasn't attempting to.

Such nice things… especially that bit about dinner. But the fury didn’t have a chance to answer.

"Bug off!"  In Gusto's sleepy state he snapped and swatted Ogma away. The Skrill blinked, his eyes came into focus, zeroing in on something behind Ogma.

"INTRUDERS!" He screamed, backing away and spreading wings to look more threatening. Ogma jumped and turned around as well, shifting to part dragon on instinct while Gusto continue to shriek at the Night fury, voice raised above all the friendly interaction of his teammates. "INTRUDERS! IN MY TERRITORY! HOW DARE YOU! GET OUT GET OUT YOU GOT NERVE COMING INTO MY TERRITORY, WEAKLING!"

Now, for a dragon, or well any creature for that matter Ebony could handle a lot. But the things unfolding before her in that cabin made no sense at all. First it was full of hoomans, now it was full of dragons, one screaming insults at her, another she'd never seen the likes of, one with a thunderdrum-head but hooman body, and lastly a fury... a friendlish fury, but a fury. How did they sneak up so fast? And what happened to all those hoomans??

"...Immout." She turned nervously to crawl back up the way she’d come.

Cutt rushed over to the Skrill and put a paw over his mouth. "Oh dear! Terribly sorry about all this! I suppose we all should have introduced ourselves first! I'll go first, I'm Cutteroa, this is Twilight," she pointed to the young fury with her other paw, "this is Ogma, and this is Gusto, so sorry for the screaming! We haven't had visitors in a while..."

Twilight shook her head and came a little closer to the startled night fury. "We're Dragonbloods, shapeshifters. We were the humans" she explained. “I'm Twilight, what's your name?"




His rigid stance softened as the creature overhead returned Ray’s greeting. It seemed friendly enough, even if he didn't understand it. He used the time to note it's unique titan features: including the larger spikes and plated armor along its back, ridged wings and double ...horns? ...crest? over those deep, wise eyes. Were those features of the gender or a subspecies of the dragon? Or was it at a different stage in life? He couldn't tell.

And anyways the wind, ice and biting rain in his fast-stiffening clothes made it next to impossible to think straight. They, or at least he really needed to find shelter before hypothermia could set in.

Flitt noticed how Ian shivered. Dragonbloods didn't feel the cold as much, but even to her this wind was bitter. He looked gaunt even for a human. She glanced up to the sky and saw how low the grey clouds had come. Snow, she thought. She could smell it, too.

She approached the human and nodded for him to follow her. The others would be fine, she figured, They had delt with storms before. But this newcomer needed to get to shelter.

Ian nodded back, forgetting Ray’s comment earlier.

Ray waved as the Stormcutter left, wishing the foul weather away in his head. If it weren’t so miserable he could get away with dumping the stranger here on the shore. But he had a conscience. And Flitt. “Alright let’s go before the others come out looking for us.”

Others? Soggy shoes oozed water with every step. Wet sand clung to them as Ian toyed with the word, something telling him it was important. Through the mind-fog it hit him. Others?!? Were there MORE dragonbloods?? 

He let the question go unspoken, following in complacent silence. He'd know soon enough. And if one of 'them' turned out to be a mutual acquaintance he couldn't see it being any worse a fate than staying out here.

Jonny chirruped, dithering for a few moments before joining the group at a distance. He didn't want to go back to his cave. It was cold and h.ard and he was hungry.

Thunder peeled overhead as the foursome entered the forest.




"Yeah that's right, leave!" Ogma growled when he saw Ebony turned to go.

Gusto shook his head away from Cutt's paw, redirecting his string of curses toward her.

Ebony narrowed her gaze but stayed her exit. Twilight might be telling the truth, there was after all a half thunderdrum-human monstrosity in the room. "Ebony. Or Jynx, or Monster... or Clueless, or Monster Kitty, or Toothless... I'm not sure which it changes every time I meet a hooman." 

"Paw off me you derranged mix breed! How dare you interrupt!" The Skrill snarled at the half razorwhip half Stormcutter trying to make peace.

The encroaching fury arched her back, lips curling. "I like the Stormwhip she's nice and doesn’t scream."

"NO ONE CARES!” Gusto shifted his attention back to Ebony, only briefly before getting back on Cutt’s case. “Now you, stop offering wild dragons our food!"

Ebony’s tail flicked and she sat on her haunches, emphasizing a sudden determination to stay. "No one cares? NO ONE cares??? I care. I LIKE the Stormwhipper. Yes. As a matter of fact I just decided that she is a very very good friend of mine. That I met. Last year, and forgot about."

Aww! Cutt thought, happy Ebony considered her a friend already.

"WHAT'S THAT!?" Gusto bellowed, moving across the room to stand forehead to forehead with her. "You can't just up and make stuff up about this, Weakling! We don't associate with the wild weaklings such as you! Did you really meet her last year!?" Gusto turned to Cutt.

Ebony smirked, her nose squishing under the Skrill's headbutt. She was not the least bit phased by his intrusion on her personal space however. 

“Uhh- um- actually- well-”

"Yyeeeaaah, we met last year. It was... it was Snoggletog! During the great migration. We were just in it for the rush, y'know? To see what all the hype was about. Anyway I crashed into her and we talked and... and decided to prank a monstrous nightmare mother by switching her eggs with a terrible terrors, and vice versa. hahaha you should have seen them it was great; the nightmare was flying around with a swarm of tiny babies and the terror ones’ as big as her."

Her face went totally blank as she stared into the fire with eyes wide.

"That poor terrible terror mother though. She raised all of those nightmares by herself, since her husband was eaten by rabid lemmings. She worked tirelessly day and night to stuff those hungry mouths, until one day >sniff!< she died of exhaustion. Her Monstrous Nightmare children mourned her five whole years, recognizing the great personal sacrifice she made to ensure they had Perch instead of Trout. So the obvious lesson here is don't be picky."

Twilight blinks, stunned by the turn Ebony's story had taken. 

"Oh dear!" Cutt said, deciding that she liked the fury more then the angry skrill. "I had no idea that the Terror had died!I do believe you are mistaken about that! In fact I thought I saw her with her large children only a while back! In fact I went over to apologize for causing so much trouble a few months ago," Cutt tried not to think about how many lies were in that sentence. "I had all but forgotten that! Oh what a joy it is to see you again!" Cutt rushed over and gave the fury a gentle nuzzle under her head. she then forgot that she was supposed to stay farther away and simply stayed right beside the fury. "I'm quite sorry for all the confusion! In fact I do believe I told you that you must visit me at some time, I don't see why today shouldn't be that day" She then gave the fury a slight wink.




‘Your name's Ian, right?’ Flitt asked the human. She watched him from the corner of her eye. There was something strange about him, not least the way he had reacted when the stormcutter had arrived. ‘My name is Flitt. This is Ray, over there--’ her words were cut off by a massive lightning bolt striking somewhere in the forest, thunder that seemed to shake the ground following seconds later.

Ian, listing, was startled as the world flashed white and exploded in thunder. Greenish yellow pine dust fell away from the trees around them in its wake.

That was awfully close.

He found Lacy Wings looking his way.

"...Ian…aye." He blinked, realizing she had been speaking to him prior to the thunderbolt. "Flitt? A pleasure." The human glanced at her wings. "If I may be so bold... what are you?"

The scent of cooked chicken caught in his nostrils and he looked up. Through the trees was a cabin, smoke rising from a misshapen chimney. He paid that bit no heed. Finally, some shelter from the storm! He couldn't wait to dry off by the hearth.




Ebony trilled. "See? She remembers everything. Told you we's long old friends, aren't we... we..."

She leaned into the hybrid's ear with a guilty look. "Wut’s your name?"

Cutt whispered into the Furies’ ear with the upturning of one half of her mouth, trying not to let the skrill notice. "You can call me Cutt.”

"Cutt." Ebony nodded vigorously.

Gusto narrowed his eyes but ever a thickhead, soon bought into it "What, so you do know each other" he made and annoyed sound, "You and your lovey dopey friendship with the weaklings! I can’t stand it. You all make me sick!" He huffed and retreated from the main room, followed closely by Ogma.
"I'm going to the kitchen!"

"K, see ya Zaps. You too Thunderhead nice meeting you." Ebony returned with neither a shred of sarcasm or common sense. Her ears perked toward Cutt.

“Bread?" She licked her lips, nose twitching. "Will there be butter? If not I can steal a cow for you to squeeze it out of."


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