HollyWEIRD Claims a new victim...

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Warner Bros. just yesterday it seems bought the rights to make a live action film.... of Attack on Titan...


*deep breaths*



So help me God... if they cast Tom Cruise... to play Levi.... God help us all...


Okay okay, I get it... there were already two relatively low budget AoT/SnK films in Japan that didn't do too well, though they didn't actually flop because they made back more than they cost and this one would have a much larger budget but nevertheless.... Do we dare hope for anything even semi-decent...


We still haven't forgoten what HollyWEIRD did to Dragon Ball Z and Death Note... just because the directors and producers from IT and Harry Potter are involved in this project doesn't make me optimistic... the only thing they seem to do well here lately is take our beloved anime and cartoons we loved as children and remake them into bad live-action films with less than sub par casting and stupid unnecessary changes to the original stories... Give me a break... is there NOTHING sacred to you people... I shudder to think what changes they'll make to Attack on Titan... we're talking about a very complex, deep story here... how much can they expect to flesh out in a 2-2.5hr film? Live action show with a big budget company would be one thing, and even that is quite a stretch, but a movie..? No... Just... just no...


Dear SoD Team..., please...




.....Thank you. m(_ _)m


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Live action animu are already terrible, and I can't imagine a live-action adaptation of.. uhhh.. AoT, which is already terrible to begin with, in my opinion. 


I still don't know why they even bother. No one genuinely likes those adaptations as far as I know. They always feel like that one "how do you do, fellow kids?"  image. Creators have absolutely no idea what 'kids these days' like so they try nonsense like this for a quick buck.  I hope the film will be memeable at least.


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First of all, those GIFs are perfect for this.  I do agree, while I've never seen Attack on Titan, it's probably not the best idea to turn it into a live action remake.  While there have been a few pretty good remakes (Jungle Book, in my opinion), others have been... disappointing, to say the least.  Avatar the Last Airbender is one example of this.  The cartoon I basically loved when I was in elementary school and was so great, then someone decided to make a live action film based on the first book/season.  I made the mistake of seeing that in the theaters.  It got a 6% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  I agree, it might be better if Attack on Titan were an animated movie instead being turned live action, but they're talking about turning an animated tv series into a live action movie.



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I heard about this a few days ago on the news, but my opinion hasn't changed. AoT is a good anime and one of the few that I watch, since seemingly every other anime out there has magic, witches, wizards, or adult content, or all four. Still, I don't think it should be made into a movie, especially from what I know of other cartoons/anime being turning into movies, like ATLA and FMA (even though I have watched neither, I hear the movies were terrible). And no, I don't think there's anyone who could even hope to reach the level required to play Levi, or Eren. There are some things you just don't remake, and personally, I think AoT is one of them, even if it has yet to be finished.



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"since seemingly every other anime out there has magic, witches, wizards, or adult content, or all four'


That just means you haven't looked at all :þ

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Apologies. I should have phrased that differently, you're right. I live in a good home with my Christian family, and our parents raised us to understand that certain things are not appropriate viewing content. Therefore, I should have said 'seemingly every other anime contains things that I do not approve of'. Such things include not only the four I mentioned in my original post, but also mature humor, over-emphasized romantic relationships, or anything demonic. I have made some exceptions (like with the anime Black Bullet, which includes some mild rude humor), but typically I make a point of doing a substantial amount of research before I watch any given anime. It's not that I haven't looked for anime, it's that rarely do I find any that I find acceptable according to my beliefs. For example, the ever popular Naruto contains a demon fox, or Pokemon, which literally means 'pocket monster' (which also translates to 'demon'), or even Fairy Tail, which contains the majority of what I have listed as being objectionable. 
On the flip side, I was inspired to become a surgical technician by the anime Black Jack, of which there are several series, including Black Jack 21 and Young Black Jack. The stories cumulatively cover the life and excursions of a surgeon named Hazama Kuro with miraculous medical skill and abilities. The character was created by Osamu Tezuka, a man many people refer to as 'The God of Anime'. While I don't consider him a god, I do appreciate the anime, and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in medicine or anime, or both :)
But, back to the original topic. Yes, you are right in saying that I don't typically look for anime (although I do have my moments where I will spend hours at a time on the weekends looking for and researching them), but I do have a cursory knowledge of anime itself and even aspire to write one myself someday (although I may not do the artwork for it all myself, as I have not the patience :)). 
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Most things you mentioned are shounen or seinen, you're bound to find shounen/seinen content if you're only looking for that. Just like someone who doesn't like horror, for example, would only find things they don't like when they're looking for horror. It kind of sucks because most popular top 10 anime are shounen, and admittedly a lot of them are sorta... bad.


I've watched hundreds of shows, there's a LOT of stuff for everyone out there, for all kinds of people. Have you tried looking for different genres? Depending on what kind of stuff you'd like, I could maybe recommend some things? I really like slice-of-life, personally, and that one of the least offensive genres I could think of atm. 


Pokémon is a weird one, though. It's a kodomosuke anime generally, so you won't find anything offensive but the name 'pocket monster'. It has a decent moral code to it, too. (be kind, be helpful, etc) However the old series' haven't aged very well so I wouldn't recommend them.

I'll check Black Jack out, btw! I sorta remember the manga but it must have been a decade since I've read it at least asjfhgsafj

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It's one thing

Turning comic book stories into movies is one thing. Comic books have been turned into cartoons before live-action for a long, long time. Though it's only recently that live-action movies based on comic books have been blockbuster hits, or even any good really for that matter, and that's largely thanks to beautiful people like Kevin Feige that change what needs to be changed (i.e. making Tony Stark a "party animal"/social drinker rather than full blown alcohol dependant and making Hank Pym a much more loving and genteel husband) and leaving the good stuff where it is, not to mention their literally perfect casting. To the point that they can't just recast like DC does.



But turning anime into live-action... It's either accused, sometimes rightly, of "whitewashing" or else the story is changed so much that it doesn't even remotely resemble the source matterial. Now, with the Ghost in the Shell movie, I don't really blame them for not casting an Asian woman to play Kusenagi because it's hard to find anyone with the right body type for that character. Scar-Jo had it and is well known for her roles in action movies so artistically speaking she fit the bill, even if not racially speaking. Granted, I can easliy understand why it upset people, but at the same time I can see it from the producer's point of view as well.



I get that AoT isn't for everyone... but I don't know how anyone could call it terrible... the story is complex and deep and well thought-out, the characters and concept are interesting and sound... Sure it's gorey as all get out but it's a horror-suspense anime; one should expect nothing less. It's better than My Hero Academia, in my opinion at least. And the artwork is exquisite. (Though I'm still mad that they cut out shirtless Levi from Season 3 anime but not Eren or Zeke... That's just wrong... especially considering Levi had the largest fan-base, not to mention female fan-base out of any character... and I agree with most that the bl00d in S3 was overly censored; I hear nothing was changed in the blu-ray version this time either so that's disappointing but I digress.) Everyone has different tastes I suppose but even accounting for that I fail to see how anyone could think it's terrible, but that's just me. :/