A Hidden Life

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"Don't worry about a thing, Hiccup. You either Astrid. I promise everything will be alright. You two go off and enjoy a nice romantic evening together," Martia said ushering the pair out. They exchanged worried looks.

"Are you sure it's no trouble, Marsha? We can always postpone if need be," Astrid asked.

"Of course it's no trouble at all," she replied. "After all, it's the least I can do for you allowing me to stay here, Chief."

'Well, okay then. We'll be back in two hours. Raoulf is in his crib sleeping soundly and might wake up if he needs to be changed. He doesn't need to be fed for another few hours; Astrid took care of that before putting him down to bed," Hiccup said after glancing at the cradle where his three month old son lay curled in a ball. Finally he and Astrid walked off arm in arm to enjoy a nice moonlit picnic.

After closing the door Martia went to her bag and picked up a pair of knitting needles and resumed creating a sweater for the young baby boy. An hour later she heard someone murmuring  behind the back door. Rising she slipped across the creaky wooden floors with barely a whisper.

"Are you sure the old hag's asleep?" someone was asking in a hushed tone.

"Positive. Now let's get in there, and kill the kid before she comes to. The boss will kill us if we botch this job," came the hissed reply. Acting quickly, and purely by instinct, Martia pulled out a pig fetus from her bag, poor thing hadn't lasted it's first night and looked very misshapen. She lifted a second baby blanket and swaddled the small corpse in it, making it look like a real baby. Carefully, so as to not wake him, the elderly lady swapped the bundles in the crib, knowing with sickening certainty, that Hiccup and Astrid would never forgive her.

Going over to the chair she'd sat on for the previous hour, she hefted a second dead pig, (old age this time) and put it in her traveller's cloak, adjusting it so that it looked like her sleeping form. She snuck under the armchair and through a secret hatch she had discovered while house sitting for them. Once she pulled the lid down snuggly, with baby Raoulf safely in her arms, she heard the back door crash in.

"You said she was here!" The sickening sound of a knife being driven through bone made her fight back the gorge rising in her throat as she realized someone had stabbed another man in the skull. "Ugh, never mind, we'll make it look like a fire killed them. No need for us to face the boss' rage. Place these kegs of powder there and there. We'll light the wicks and run like Helheim."

A hissing sound reached her ears and she turned and ran, dodging through the maze of underground corridors. A dull boom was heard echoing through the cavernous room she ended up in. She knew the way from here and zipped to her hidden sanctuary. Her little safe haven on Berk. She'd made quick friends with Gothi, the village elder, and exchanged letters with her on occasion. Once she got there her pack of Terrors greeted her with chirps and burbles. They fell silent when the bundle in her arms began to cry.

"Herby, I need you to run Gothi another letter for me, urgently," she said softly. The oldest dragon looked at her with big understanding eyes. "I had to take him, sweetie. Someone was planning on killing him! I couldn't let that happen, you know that." She wrote the letter quickly, rolled it up, and sent it with her lead Terror. "Don't tell anyone!" Herby had been trained by Martia to speak in the language of the Vikings. It had terrified many , who believed such folly to be the work of witchcraft.

The letter she'd sent read: 


I have done a terrible thing that I must beg of you to keep secret. I stole baby Raoulf, not out of greed, but out of necessity. Someone plotted to kill him, and now I have him in my secret haven. I will raise him until the time is right. Please write soon, and DON'T TELL ANYONE.

Yours respectfully,


Her only hope was that she would recieve forgiveness from her longest Berkian friend. She sighed setting down the babe in a cradle she'd carved. Taking a knife she whittled an engraving of Toothless, the legendary Night Fury, into the headboard. This was going to be interesting.


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:D another great story :D

:D another great story :D


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Warning: Long signature of dragon images

List of current dragons in game and fan based (blue = in game dragons, green = fan dragons, orange = dinosaurs, black (default) = Dragon Cave animals, purple = pet based dragons)

Dragon Cave Dragons(Please help these darlings hatch! Feel free to PM me name ideas for my dragon cave buddies when they hatch!)

HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

My art and adoptables (along with a few special dragons from other artists): 

Flurry The Grapple Fury    Me and Garenth, done by Scorpio Kardia

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Ivinna the Field Sprinter hatchling (Valoris620)

Ivinna the Field Sprinter (Valoris620)

Cordula and Panther the Noelani (hootowllighbulb)

Team Mystic Banner Nightfuryatom4

Aqua Rainbow The Thornridge(ladybrasa)

Cliffjumper  and Wrecker the Hobblegrunt (Dorina the Dragon Trainer)

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Skull Stalker the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet) Ghost Whisper the Skull Screamer (Golden Scarlet)

 Me and my Charizard Charlie (Sky and Ocean)

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 Winter the Frost Fury and Queen Elsa (StellaMontague) Winter the Frost Fury - as an actual Night Fury! (Toothlessnightfury)

Icefall the Camo Fury  and Shakka the Prisim Fury Sniper the bearded dragon lizard as a Night Fury(Toothlessnightfury)

Saber the Sabertoothed Horntail (Fury of the Night)

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Moondancer the Night Fury (LinkWolf)

glitter text done by fury of the night

Clan Banner 1 and 2 Shadow Hunters of Berk (Amerissa)

Pokédex  and Ashley Kashu and Dragonite (Sky and Ocean)

Auruma the Razorwhip (Colress)

Me and Garenth (edit done by the fabulosly talented AniuRavenWolf)


Snowfall and August the Horned Flight Furies (babybrothers3)


Silver, and Borealis the Light Fury (mesaprncss)

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Daesha and Dinek the Wolf-Faced Desert Runner and Thundwing the Thunderthief Avatre the Masked Ridgewing (Wutend Bonfire)

Navi the Stormcutter (Slyga) Navi the Stormcutter bouncie (mesaprncss = color,  Xabox-DS-Gameboy = base)

Marina the Wavestroker and Mesi the Dilowyrm and Sky Dancer the Royal/Siren Flashbang (Goldenfury360)


Icefall the Camo Fury, Gambit the Albino Night Fury, Vetra the Jabberjaw (The Ecliptic Eight)


Asia the Velociraptor (Elsa II)


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Echo the Screaming Death (Candyblast)


Iris the Greater Banded Geckus  Thrush the Greater Banded Geckus (TheMasterPlan47)


 Aurora the Spike Roller (blackpanther0211)

Starchaser the Stingtailed Flamethrower (dragonlover0204)

Lyall and Blue the Terrible Terrors (Snowflake12298 and Basrolo)

Delta, Charlie and Nitidus the Tri-Horned Dragons (EloraTm)


Skyfighter the Night Fury (Frytha) Swiftwind the Night Fury (Frytha)

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This sounds like I am going

This sounds like I am going to really have my nose buried in books for a while. :)


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Main Dragon Type: Changewing


Clan: The Silent Spectors


Clan Position: Leader


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"It is important to be an immovable wall against bullying, but one should be careful that they don't become the bullier."


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Chapter 1-Fifteen years later

Martia slipped back into the Hollow, checking to make sure she wasn't followed. The empty echo of water dripping irregularly broke the silence. She'd bought some good materials and was ready to design a vest for Raoulf, who had grown into a beautiful, well muscled, kind-hearted teen. His fifteenth birthday had come and gone, but still Gothi had kept her promise. Finally a letter arrived saying that Hiccup was choosing his successor at an unusually early time. Her writing also expressed her concern for the young chief. He'd taken to drinking Schaelfifle, a very wet brew that made him act like a fool. Often he'd go home to Astrid as though he were an infant, soiling his pants and throwing up. Admittedly he also drank some water with his booze, but it was just embarrassing to watch.

Herby met Martia half way across the large grassy field and helped her bring her purchases inside. While he worked on the vest, she went out to tend the garden and farm animals she somehow kept in a very secluded alcove. As she worked a black shadow passed overhead. Glancing up, she cringed when she saw Toothless land in the place she now saw as her prison. Hiccup dismounted, swaying slightly from fatigue. Last night Astrid had cleaned him up and left him a note telling him to clean up his act.

"You traitor!" he screamed when he saw her. His face twisted into an unrecognizable mask of rage and pain. "You killed my son! My life!"

"No, Hiccup it's not like that! I raised him," she said quickly as he picked her up by the shoulder straps on her overalls. He set her down.

"You have twenty words to say before I tell Toothless to destroy you," he snarled. Raoulf came around the corner with his gardening rake and froze upon seeing the newcomers.

"The night in question, while I was babysitting I overheard a conversation where someone plotted to kill your son," she explained, tears brimming in her ancient eyes.

"Keep going," he growled after exchanging glances with Toothless. The latter noticed movement behind them and looked over his shoulder. Seeing the rake in the teen's hand he growled viciously whipping around, sending dirt, mud, and grass flying. He tackled the young boy, who yelled in fright, causing him to freeze and sniff him. His eyes widened in shock.

"There is, or was, a trap door beneath the armchair in the main room of your house. I swapped your son and myself with pigs wrapped in garments to disguise them. I escaped through the hatch in the floorboards of the old house. I wrote to Gothi and told her not to tell anyone, not even you," she blubbered finally, crying uncontrolably. After a moment of bawling, she regained control over her emotions and pulled herself together. She walked over to where Toothless had his prisoner pinned and waved him off. Helping Raoulf to his feet she brushed him off and turned him to face his father.

"This is him?" Hiccup said pointing a shaky finger at his son. He stared at the youngster who looked remarkably like his grandfather, Stoick. The red hair, the grey eyes, even the plump, bulbous nose.

"Yes, this is your son," she reaffirmed.

"But Miss Martia, you told me my parents were in a dangerous place," Raoulf finally spoke up. Toothless pounced on him, licking his face, and giving him a wild new hairstyle. "Ack! Haha, stop it! That tickles! Eugh! Ptoo! Eww, dragon spit in the mouth!" He made a grossed out face.

"When I said that, kiddo, I meant they didn't know of the danger. They welcomed me to Berk, which is the island we're on," she said patiently. "Well, aren't you going to say something to your father. Keep in mind he didn't know you were alive."

He took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Hi, uh...," he looked back at Martia for guidance. She nodded encouragingly. "Can I call you, Dad? I don't know what else to call you." Hiccup dropped to a knee, leaving his good knee in the air. His peg leg was out behind him. He embraced the son he thought he'd lost fifteen years previous.

"Of course you can," he said, tears of joy flowing down his face. "My son, my boy. You're alive. After all this time, you're alive. Your mother and I were so afraid we'd lost you."

"You don't need to be scared anymore, Dad," Raoulf said trying out the new unfamiliar taste of the word. He decided he liked the flavor and hugged his father back. His dad picked him up, rising from his knee. "Miss Martia took really good care of me. She even taught me all about dragons! And she told me a legend from her childhood."

Hiccup opened his still running eyes and looked at Martia over his son's shoulder. His eyes told her he wasn't sure what to make of her, but he was grateful for her saving Raoulf's life.

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Chapter 2-Airing on the Side of Caution

"Oh this is great! Oh Astrid will be so pleased! C'mon, Raoulf, let's go find your mother," Hiccup said setting his son down.

"No! You can't! Gothi informed me that the attackers are still on the loose! If you take him back there, very likely they will not rest until your son is dead," Martia said jumping in front of the chief and his son.

"I'd like to see them try to hurt my son after I got him back fifteen years later," he growled.

"His first word was 'Daddy,' sir," Martia's words stopped him in his tracks. "Most youngsters have their first word be 'Mama,' the fact that Raoulf said 'Daddy,' not 'Dada' speaks volumes to his brilliance. And I'd also feel more comfortable if you could confirm for me that the attackers are indeed dead or banished."

"Nothing you can say will change my mind," Hiccup said raising himself to his full six-foot-one height. He towered over Martia's slight frame of four-foot-six. He and his son strode over to Toothless, who peeked around them at her, tilting his head to one side. He seemed to be asking if she were coming with them.

Martia reached into the folds of her garments and pulled out a short staff. She held it out to Raoulf, who took it hesitantly. She grabbed his hand and held it tightly in her wrinkled ones.

"Remember your training, kiddo. Don't forget, being a true hero, isn't about being the strongest, sometimes it's about being the kindest. You've got the makings of greatness in you. I know you'll make a great chief someday," she said through the tears that clogged her throat. "And, never let yourself forget what I told you about bravery. It doesn't come from the mind, it comes from the heart."

"Aren't you coming with us, Miss Martia?" asked the young lad. Ah, such a kind boy.

She shook her head. "No, I'm afraid not. Your mother would kill me if she saw me again," she said with a slight laugh, inspite of her breaking heart.

Hiccup looked at Toothless, who craned his neck back and gave her a light lick on the cheek, before he took the pair into the skies. On the ground, Martia heard the large black dragon scream in delight as he circled once before heading off towards the village.

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Chapter 3-Plans, Presents, and a Presentation

((For more information on the new character introduced here, please refer to another of my fan fics, Big Challenges))

Shortly after Toothless and the chief left, taking Hiccup's son with them, Martia went into her cozy little cottage and disrobed. She scratched under her skin before peeling her mask off to reveal a beautiful young woman, a few months younger than Hiccup, and only a few days older than Astrid. 

"Goodbye, Miss Martia Nightarrows, hello again Nina Haddock," she muttered shrugging on the clothes of her teenage years. They were as comically comfortable as the day she faked her own death by falling into a crashing sea with sharp, jagged rocks all around. It had been about twenty years since she fell, but not a day went by she didn't miss being Hiccup's sister, and closest confidant besides Astrid.

Moving quickly, she threw on her travel cloak and took her four-foot, silver with age wooden staff that held two hidden blades, a spear, and a good hiding if someone wasn't careful, from it's place above the mantle. She left the safety of the sinkhole, and entered the maze of corridors, tunnels, and hidden passageways underneath Berk. Her instincts took over when she heard voices and she ducked into an indent, pulling her shroud around herself to blend in with the rocks.

"Okay, so when the chief shows up on Toothless, you-" someone was saying quietly.

"-Jump out and kill them both!" another, younger voice said excitedly.

"Sh! Yes, but only after he names you his successor," the first voice said. They moved off, allowing Nina to breathe again.

Odin help us. Keep my brother safe, guide him and his gentle son so that they may live to see another day, she prayed silently, hoping against all hope, that Asguard would hear her prayer and help. Nina began to move once again, and slipped toward the entrance underneath the Great Hall. A loud cheering was heard through the wooden boards that marked her hatchway. She could hear Hiccup giving a speech about something or other.

She lifted the latch a quarter inch, just enough to see by. There! Raoulf was standing beside his beaming  mother. Voices drew her attention back to the tunnels. Someone was coming, and quickly! She hugged the huge cloak tightly to her thin frame and climbed out of the passageway. She faded into the gathering, cheering at the appropriate times. She glanced at the rafters and shifted so she could climb undetected. It worked, and she got a perfect view of the villagers who had been summoned by her brother to hear who he chose to be his successor in the unfortunate event of his death.

"I hereby name my successor to be," he paused for effect, making Nina roll her eyes. He was such a dramatic fool. "My long-lost son, Raoulf Haddock!" There was absolute silence. You could have heard a pin drop on Outcast Island it was so quiet. Someone started clapping, and soon everyone erupted into a deafening roar as people began cheering. A pair of figures began to move toward the chief and his heir. They drew a long, broadsword and prepared to kill her brother. She aimed and dropped directly in the path of the would-be assasins. Her hood fell back and everyone drew in a collective gasp. She ignored them and planted the end of her staff before delivering two vicious kicks to the cloaked figures in front of her. They went down, completely unconscious. "Nina?" 

At her brother's voice, Nina turned towards him. Tears brimmed in his eyes, and were mirrored in Astrid's.

"Uh," she said. "Hi, Hiccup. How have you been, hehe?"

"How is it possible? You jumped, I saw. Yo-you died, Nina. And yet, you've been alive all this time! Why didn't you come back?" he demanded.

"But I did, Hiccup. I am Martia Nightarrows," she said. She took out her mask and wig and put them on, hating the puckered feeling the mask gave her face. "I promised Dad I would take care of you, even if it killed me. It very nearly did, too. I jumped to make my enemies believe I had died. I faked my own death, Hiccup. I had planned it for weeks, and only needed an opportunity to enact it. I made this confounded mask, speaking of which I hate it and am going to remove it right now," she did and continued her explanation. "I made the mask, the little-old-lady outfit and whole sob story of Martia Nightarrows, just so I could keep an eye on you."

Hiccup had fallen silent as she spoke. He stepped forward and embraced her, after believing her dead for twenty years. He began to weep from happiness, dampening her shoulderpads, and she returned his hug. Tears of joy filled her eyes and she bowed her head, pressing her face into his shoulder.

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say what???

crazy freakin' plot twist!


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Craaazy twist.. Gosh I never

Craaazy twist.. Gosh I never would have guessed. (Still in shock!!)




                                  Viking Name : AshliArcher

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Chapter 4-Nina's Narration

Stoick, who was now eighty years old, was summoned and brought to the Great Hall to see his adopted daughter after twenty years. His bent, frail frame almost gave out as he hobbled over to her and then surrounded her in his arms. She felt his shoulders heave as he sobbed.

"My girl, my dear, sweet Nina. How?" he asked when he held her at arms length.

"I'm Martia Nightarrows, see?" she pulled on the hateful mask and wig for just a moment before removing them and scratching her face because of the prune-like feel the covering always gave her. 

They all took seats and Nina began her tale. "For those of you who don't know me, I am Nina Haddock, Hiccup's adopted sister," she began. There were a few gasps in the crowd. "Twenty years ago, my enemies forced me to make a decision: hideto live or live to die. I-I chose to fake my own death, or the first option, hideto live. I had planned it for weeks, and only needed an opportunity, which arguments usually do. Hiccup, Astrid, Dad and I had been bickering over some ridiculously stupid little thing or another, and I got upset and fled out the door. I had to make sure everyone saw me so I took the most round-about way to get to my alotted cliff. There are tunnels in the rock if you know where to look. I waited until I heard Hiccup begging me to stop, and I turned and looked my mortal enemy square in the eye. I'm not talking about my brother, either. No, I'm talking about someone who hated me for no real reason. I don't really even remember his name, but I do remember his triumphant face as I fell. As I was falling I turned my fall into a dive, aiming for a very narrow tunnel. It was hidden by a curved rock that rose above the surf. As I fell, just before I hit the water, I brought my arms above my head, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and prayed I wouldn't miss. You can imagine my relief when I felt the water surround me with very little pain. I opened my eyes and swam down to the bottom of the tunnel, where I had stored an invention I called Fish-Breath. Don't give me that look Hiccup, I perfected it since your twentieth birthday. Anyways, I grabbed the awkward thing and put it on, blowing all the water out of the mask by biting down a couple times on the metal bit that released a fair amount of air. I tied the straps around my face, and used the eye-holes to see out and where I was going. I surfaced in my secret hideout that Hiccup now knows about, and Raoulf was raised in. I spat out and threw off the mask and contraption and dried off. I stayed there for three days perfecting my little-old-lady outfit, walk, and talk. Finally I swam as far out to sea as I could, grabbed a piece of driftwood and draped myself across it, knowing someone would be along to find me. Let me tell you, there were a few times I almost broke cover because I was hungry and wanted to cook a meal. By the way, Hiccup, your son now cooks as well as I do, so you're welcome." She continued talking.

((I'll be switching to first person in the next chapter))

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Chapter 5-Living in Secrecy

"Before you ask, Hiccup, I taught Raoulf the same way I learned: trial and error. There is one recipe, however, I taught him myself," I said. My brother and father gawked at me. "That recipe is my very special 'Feel Better' cookie recipe."

I continued my tale, explaining why I didn't come back and how I actually had, but didn't tell anyone.

"But, Nina-why?" Hiccup stammered.

"Haven't I told you?" He shook his head and I sighed. "I didn't come back, as Nina, because I wasn't sure if I had any more enemies. And I desperately wanted to come back, so I put on that Thor-forsaken costume, and swam out to sea. I was out there four hours before you finally picked me up. I actually fell asleep on that piece of driftwood." The doors opened and Mom came in carried by two strong Viking men on a litter. She gasped when she saw me, tears in her eyes. I smiled and walked over to her as she struggled down from the carrier. I grabbed her before she fell, and I hugged her close. She wept on my shoulder, and her legs began to regain their strength. I hadn't realized just how much not having me around made my family so weak. Grief can destroy a man, I supposed. I helped her over to where Dad and Hiccup were sitting.

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Chapter 6-Triumph and Tragedy

((Mike (c) jamesmikehj. For more info, see Wrymsroost Roleplay.))

"A few weeks after I disappeared, Mike, you remember him? The guy who wooed me and won my heart? He approached me and asked me to marry him. I said yes and we were married a few months later," I continued. Then my eyes grew sad at the memory of the next major event in my life. "Two years later, we were out hunting on our own private island when Mike took an a-" My voice caught in my throat and I had to clear it to keep talking. "-an arrow to the heart. I was three months pregnant, and held him in my arms." At my words, Mom uttered a soft cry. I straightened from looking at my knees and brushed my cheeks dry. "He died that day, and I gave him an honorable funeral. I raised our daughter alongside Raoulf, as though they were siblings." I stood up and went over to the door. "Geneva!" I called for my lovely daughter, my pride and joy. She was the spitting image of her father, but with my black hair instead of his crown of golden locks. "Sweetie, this is your Uncle Hiccup. He's Raoulf's father, and my brother. Raoulf is your cousin." I put my arms around her shoulders. She smiled gently, returning my embrace.

Dad stood up and hobbled over to inspect her. He still had the gruff look I knew from his time as chief. Geneva held herself still, even when I stepped back, allowing my father to circle her and look at her from top to toe. He smiled and held her at arms length. "You look just like your father," he said after a while.

"Uh, Mom, care to explain?" she asked glancing at me.

"This is your grandfather, Stoick the Vast. He was chief before your uncle," I clarified.

"Oh," she stated. "It's a pleasure and an honor, Grandpa." She awkwardly hugged him as best she could. I watched with a smile as Dad returned her embrace, putting his massive hands on her back and patting her uncomfortably.

Mom made as if to get up, so I went over to her so she wouldn't strain herself too severely. I hugged her again, and she put a hand on my cheek, stroking her thumb across my cheekbone. Geneva took Dad's arm and walked with him to where Mom and I were. The way she did, it honestly looked like she was being escorted by my father to where the rest of us were. Mom stood up and held onto my arm for support.

"Geneva, you're as beautiful as your name. It's a good, strong name," Mom said to her.

"This is your grandmother, Valka the Loyal," I explained when my daughter looked at me quizzically. "She started saving and training dragons long before the war with the dragons was over. Remember your history lesson? About the dragon war, its significance, and the conclusion?"

"I do! The dragon war was a battle that went on for three hundred years, was significant because it showed how stubborn Vikings are, and how desperate creatures are when their lives are threatened. It ended when a fifteen year old Hiccup, my father, brought down, then trained a Night Fury, who he named Toothless. That dragon soon became his best friend, and together, they defeated the source of the war: the Red Death," Raoulf chimed. I brought my hands together twice quietly. Hiccup gawked at his son then me. I smiled and shrugged.

"I taught then everything I know. Wasn't easy to do it and still pretend to be an old woman, but I managed," I said. "And Astrid, if you think it's easy teaching someone everything you know, try doing that while pretending to be a haggard old woman: not lifting anything much heavier than a lamb, remaining stooped over all day, walking with a staff to keep yourself from looking too young and healthy. I had to fake a terrible cough and blame it on years of living in horrific circumstances."

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Oh...poor Nina! (I read the

Oh...poor Nina! (I read the Wyrmsroost Roleplay. ...Mike... ): I wonder who Raoulf and Hiccup's would-be-assassins are...


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Blue Scuttleclaw (from HTTYD2) by Defy!



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Valiant the Night Fury by NadderForever!



Valiant the Night Fury by ravism1313!



Valiant the Night Fury by ravism1313!



Splinter the Whispering Death by hattori!



Jasper the Monstrous Nightmare by hattori!



Saphira the Typhoomerang by hattori!



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Crush the Gronckle by Mariella!



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Dusty the Deadly Nadder bouncie by Rae Didgeridoo!



Dusty the Deadly Nadder bouncie by Scoubidous!



Dusty the Deadly Nadder in blockie style by LoyceeForEver!



Dusty the Deadly Nadder by Chocolate24!


(Thanks for the fun, guys! You're all awesome!)

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LOVE IT SO MUCH almost as good as Toothless' Kingdom!!!!!!!!

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Chapter 7-The Tale Ends, The Story Continues

"Anyways," I said as Geneva and Mom sized each other up before embracing. "You're almost completely caught up on what's been going on in my life, and I have journals for you and Astrid, Hiccup, concerning Raoulf's upbringing, and crucial moments in his life." I brought out one of said journals and flipped it open to confirm it was the first. "This is the first one. I have a few notes in there for things he's said that were rather...unsavory for a child to say, hehe. No idea where he-Wait a minute...Herby!" My trusty Terror zipped up beside me. "You said sailor talk in front of Raoulf when he was growing up, didn't you?!" 

He hung his head, ashamed. "Yes. But you know what, I only learned them because I heard them all the time when you sent me to Gobber's to run errands," he admitted.

I rolled my eyes and put a hand to my head, covering my eyes lightly. Dad rumbled a laugh.

"We can deal with that later. But for now, thank you, Hiccup, for getting rid of Jeromae Sr. I was there that day, but as I mentioned before, I wasn't certain if he was my only enemy," I said. "And I came really close to breaking cover when I saw Dad and you sink to your knees, clearly dispairing. It broke my heart, but I knew it was necessary. To keep you safe, and to preserve my Dar-" I choked on Darrien's name, "-Darrien's name, I had to stay 'dead.'" I did air quotes to emphasize my point. Hiccup put a hand on my shoulder, making me meet his eyes. They were glittering with joy, and he pulled me in for another hug. Dad helped Mom up, then they tottered over to where we were, and wrapped us both up. I felt my heart swell as my family came together for a group hug.

"I feel so loved!" I cried, tears of joy in my eyes.

"Well, I'd certainly hope so! We all love you, and have missed you terribly," Dad rumbled. He sighed, a great, billowing gale that made the torches and candles in the Great Hall flicker. "I hope we never have to go through that again. Promise me something else, Nina." I looked up at him as best I could, making a small noise to acknowledge that I had heard him. "Promise that no matter what, you'll stay here, as you are and not in disguise. Honestly, your old woman costume is going to give me nightmares. I always found something not only odd, but terrifying about Martia Nightarrows."

I lowered my gaze. "I promise. I have something I should probably confess, and that is Martia Nightarrows was actually a real person. She was my caretaker for a while, when I was pregnant with Geneva, but I swore her to secrecy until death," I said quietly. "I took her identity upon her passing, but I fear I failed as an old woman, as you might imagine, it's hard to act older than you actually are."

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Chapter 8-A New House For A Young Family

 I wiggled out of my brother's embrace and dragged our children into the hug, along with Astrid, who seemed a bit perplexed. Geneva always loved getting hugged, and Raoulf seemed to enjoy it, so they didn't complain.

"So question," I said. "Where will Geneva and I be staying? We can't go back to the sinkhole, and there's not enough room in at home. Maybe we should move into my parent's old place."

"Uh, Mom? You do realize the Chief's house is your home, right?" Geneva asked.

"I meant my birth parents. Dad, Mom, and Hiccup adopted me when I was seventeen," I explained, placing a kiss on her temple. "Dad, Hiccup, is that place empty still? Or has someone else moved in?"

"Empty still. We couldn't bring ourselves to let anyone move in, or go in to clean it, so it's a filthy pigsty, but it's still vacant," Mom quipped.

"Good! I've been needing a hobby," I chirped. "When we're allowed to return to the Sinkhole and retrieve our belongings, I'll be sure to grab the cleaning supplies as well." Nothing happened.  "Erm...Hint hint, nudge nudge?"

"Oh! Sorry," Hiccup said releasing me. I let Geneva step back and take a breath before we linked arms and raced through the tunnels, flying as though we'd been born in them. In a way, she had been, I was just a forty-year-old who learned how to run swiftly through the forest and used that as a guidlines for creating the corridors.

"Herby, pack everything up! We're moving back to the village," I ordered cheerfully. My lead Terror began issuing orders in Dragon Speech faster than I could hope for.

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Chapter 9-Cleaning Up The Past

I dashed through the tunnels after my fleet-footed daughter as we raced back to the village to begin cleaning out our new home. I had some heavy-duty lye soap Herby and I had whipped up, a large bucket, several brushes and scrapers, and a couple of cloth masks to keep us from getting dust and dirt into our lungs.

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Chapter 10-A Promise Kept

I hummed and sang softly as I cleaned my childhood home, restoring it to the glory it once held in my memory. I scrubbed a particularly harsh stain and Geneva came bounding down the stairs like Toothless when he was excited.

"Mom, look what I found!" she chirped holding something out to me. I turned around and wiped my brow before seeing the object in her hand. A perfect, white scale tipped with pale blue glittered in the firelight. I took the scale and caressed it gently.

"Darrien," I murmured. I closed my eyes and pressed it to my cheek, savoring the closeness of a piece of my dragon who perished in battle. My mind took me to his last words, Move on. Train another dragon. Raise them, give them the love and affection you always gave me. His words rang in my ears again.

"Mom? You okay?" Geneva asked me gently. She put a hand on my shoulder as I opened my eyes, tears glittering just below the surface.

"Fine, sweetie. Just remembering a promise I made to my best friend," I said with a sniff. "I'll be right back. Any other scales you find put right here on the counter, okay? I'm going to talk to your uncle about something."

"What about?" she asked. I went out the door with a new purpose: obtain a dragon egg to raise and keep my promise to Darrien.

"Hey, Sis," Hicup greeted me. He seemed a bit surprised, as if he'd forgotten that I was alive and had saved his life, then he relaxed and hugged me as per our usual greeting. "Anything I can do for you?"

"I want to keep my promise to Darrien. He told me to move on and train another dragon, and I promised I would. BUt I can't do that without a dragon egg," I said. He nodded.

"So you want me to find an egg for you to raise and train?" I nodded. "Alright. Let's go see what's available." I followed him, feeling the nervousness as when I had first gone to the school when I was fifteen. We walked into a nursery and I closed my eyes. Something pulled me closer to the right side of the room. I opened my eyes when I sensed the pull stop me at a nest. I looked around and saw a female Monsterous Nightmare sitting by the nest, keeping a wary eye on everything.

Greetings, m'lady. May I raise one of your eggs? I asked her in Dragon Speech.

She grumbled then rolled an egg from the back of the nest. It was different from the others, a bit smaller and...glowing slightly when I picked it up, as if it knew who held it. I smiled. Raise this young one. She isn't like any dragon that has been seen in over four hundred years, the female murmured. I looked up at her in confusion. The egg you hold in your hands is a Frostdragon's eggg. They possess the ability to glow when they are happy. I looked down at the egg lovingly. I heard of your Deadly Nadder, Darrien. I'm sorry for your loss; he was a great dragon, brave and selfless. Tears stung my eyes but I blinked them away.

"Thank you," I said to her. She dipped her head once, then snapped at a young boy who had a Gronckle egg already in his hands.

"You ready?" Hiccup asked when I returned. I nodded. "Wait a minute, that's not a Nightmare egg, Nina. What is it?"

"She is a Frostdragon," I emphasized "They haven't been seen in over four hundred years. And glow when they're happy."

"Wait, wait, wait," he said, halting in his tracks and grabbing my shoulder to stop me. I looked back at him with mild annoyance. "You mean that egg in your hands is the last Frostdragon egg in the known world?" I nodded again. "Then it belongs to the Academy."

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"Nina, I'm sorry, but I have to confiscate your egg," he started to reach for the egg in my arms.

"No! I promised Darrien, Hiccup! I promised my dragon, my best friend! I can't break that promise, Hiccup," I begged, hugging the egg close to my chest. Tears sprang to my eyes as I thought of losing another dragon, this one unborn and untrained.

He sighed. He glanced at Toothless, who came forward and sniffed the egg, raising his head to do so. He looked up at me with round, friendly eyes. You may keep it. Just be sure to report everything you know or discover about her to Hiccup. he said to me.

"Thank you, Toothless," I smiled.

"What?!" Hiccup yelped. Herby had settled on his shoulder and translated for him. "Fine."

I thanked them and ran to my stables, fighting to continue breathing. Just entering the place reminded me painfully of Darrien. I swallowed and went over to the incubator, settling the egg gently in the bed of coals. The egg wriggled and squirmed, and I remembered with a start that eggs from the nursery don't need to be incubated. I grabbed it from the coals and set her in the lava, already deciding on a name. She popped out onto the pedestal and met my eyes. Time slowed, like it had when Darrien and I bonded. I reached out a slow hand and breathed a single word.

"Mystery," I said in Norse and Dragon Speech. I closed my eyes and she pressed her shimmering, pale green nose into my palm. My heart soared and I picked her up. I hugged her close then set her down before strolling home, my new dragon in tow. Geneva was preparing supper when I arrived, and my stomach rumbled hungrily. I offered Mystery a perch, but she turned her nose up at the food. I wasn't too worried, as Darrien hadn't eaten at first either.

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Chapter 11-Reunion with an Old Friend

The next day I went out with Mystery to tour the town. Geneva and I had been up all night cleaning, but we finished before midnight and went to sleep fairly quickly. While walking through town I spied a familiar face I hadn't seen in nearly twenty years.

"Emma!" I squealed when I saw her. Emma Strongarmor had been my best friend among the humans since we were seventeen. It was shortly before Dad adopted me, and we'd been pretty much attached at the hip since. Peony, her Monstrous Nightmare had gotten along great with Darrien, and both were a terrific support team when he passed. Yet for as close as we were, they didn't even know why I'd jumped, for I'd promised myself and Darrien, that i wouldn't tell anyone.

"Nina?!" hollered Emma. Peony rubber-necked to look at me. She bounced excitedly before picking Emma up in her mouth by the scruff of her neck, and darting to where I was. "What-How-When-UGH! Nina! How did you get back from Valhalla?!" I hugged her and laughed.

"I never went there to begin with. I faked you all out," I said, grinning ear to ear. She pushed me away slightly and held me at arm's length, looking me up and down. "And before you ask e why I didn't come back, I did. I'm Martia Nightarrows. I'm never putting that Thor-forsaken mask and wig on again, so please don't ask me to prove it."

It's good to see you, Dragon-Tongue, Peony said. We've missed you.

I missed you too, Peony. I wish I hadn't had to trick you all into believeing me dead, but such is life, I replied. Mystery butted her snout against my ankles and I looked down. "Oh! Before I forget, this is Mystery. I'm keeping my promise to Darrien, and she's the result. She's a Frostdragon-" Peony snorted in surprise, while Emma just gave me a quizzical look. "-probably the last of her kind. She's got a natural-"

Bioluminescence that she can activate when she's happy, Peony interrupted.  I gawked at her. Most dragons know of Frostdragons, even those who never saw them. They're said to grow toi be fifty feet tall and have the potential to become an Alpha. Has Alpha Toothless approved her?

"Of course! He's the one who said I should raise her," I said.

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Chapter 12-Conversations, and Catching-Up

"Toothless said it was alright to raise her?" Emma asked. She didn't understand Dragon Speech perse, but I did teach her the Alpha's name in Dragon Speech. I nodded. "Why would he need to approve her hatching?"

"Because she's got the potential to become an Alpha when she grows up. She's an Alpha-species," I explained, dropping my voice to avoid being overheard by prying ears. "I believe I can raise her to submit to Toothless because I raised Darrien to respect his elders, so how hard could it be?"

Peony snorted in amusement. Dragon-Tongue, raising a dragon is harder than you remember. Unlike raising a child, you need- Peony started.

Peony I'm a mother anyways, I interrupted. Her head reared back in alarm. "My daughter is Geneva, the beautiful girl walking with Hiccup, Astrid, and Raoulf."

"Oh, Nina! Congratulations!" Emma cried, throwing her arms around me excitedly. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Mike," I replied. "Before you ask, you didn't see him because he di-" Again I choked, but I cleared my throat and pushed through. "-died before Geneva was born." Emma gasped, while Peony whined in sympathy.

"Oh no! That's terrible, Nina, are you okay?" they both asked in unison.

"I'm fine, I've learned to be strong for her, so she doesn't know how to suffer and give up. She's been a handful at times, but there's been nothing more rewarding than seeing her shine. If I can raise two kids simultaneously, I'll be fine with Mystery," I said confidently.

"Two kids?"

"Raoulf and Geneva. It's true that I kidnapped my own nephew, but I did it to save his life," I said. "I overheard a plot on his life when I was babysitting as Martia Nightarrows, and snuck him out through the floorboards. Don't ask, it's the tunnel system we created when we first turned eighteen."


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Chapter 13-Meeting A New Friend and Making Plans for Change

((Aniu (c) AniuRavenwolf, apologies if I misspelled that.))

A week later, I was walking home at a slow trot so Mystery could keep up, nose in my journal as I furiously wrote down my observations and theories I'd come up with while watching her grow up. She finally ate a full meal, after Gothi shoved a pot of goop down her throat. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, and bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry! I didn't see you there," I apologized, helping her to her feet.

"Oh, no it's okay. I wasn't paying attention either. Cute dragon," said the young woman.

"Are you hurt?" I asked. "I'm Nina, by the way." Mystery snorted a greeting. "And this is Mystery. I'm-"

"Hiccup's adopted sister, oh my gods! It is an honor to meet you," she yipped excitedly, dancing around like an overeager puppy. A red necklace in the shape of a Night Fury's head bounced against her chect, flashing brightly in the mid-afternoon sun.

"Whoa! Whoa now, young sprout! No need to get too excited. I'm no one special, just someone who knows her way around the world," I laughed grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to hold still. She trembled from glee and tried desperately to keep her excitement contained, but her eyes were dancing. "What's your name?"

"My name's Aniu, Ma'am," she said. My face twisted in a half-smile.

"Call me Nina. I am Ma'am to no one, and Mom to one," i said to her. Hiccup flew by overhead, lower than he should have, so I knew he wanted to talk to me, but didn't want to arouse suspicion. "Anyways, I've gotta go. I'll see you later, Aniu! C'mon, Mystery!" We darted off into the forest where my brother had taken up near-permanent sanctuary in my treelab, leaving Aniu standing in the middle of the square, grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

"What's up, Hiccup?" I chirped after Mystery and I climbed up the rope ladder the Terrors threw down to me when I rang a small brass bell that was embedded in the tree.

"I need your advice," he said, leaning over the counter where he'd spread out the map he'd created while out exploring before he became chief, and before I faked my own death. "I've been burning with the desire to know what's out there, but I can't leave Berk unattended as I'm chief now."

I smiled as he said those words. "So what can I do? Or rather, what do you need me to do, Brother?"

"I knew you'd say that," he said with a mischievous smile as he turned toward me. "I need you and Darrien to go map out the rest of the world. Go as far out as you can, sketch everything you see. Discover uncharted islands. Maybe find a Night Fury!"

"Uh, Hiccup. Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked him. He looked at me funny. "Mystery's not big enough to fly yet, and there's still so much I need to do here to help you with the village. It's what I'm good at, Hiccup. Besides, Geneva-"

"I'm fine, Mom," my raven-haired daughter interjected, stepping out of the shadows and scaring the living daylights out of me and Hiccup. "Haha! The looks on your faces is priceless! Ahem! Anyways, Mom, you need to go out and explore the world. I know you well enough to know that you-" She paused looking at Hiccup, whose face was a white as fresh snow.

He cleared his throat and removed his arms from around me. His face flushed slightly from embarrassment. "You have the same burning desire, that thirst for knowledge that drove me out to explore in the first place, Nina. The village has enough food for any and all dragons that come here, even on migration routes." I looked at my daughter, then down at Mystery, up at my brother, then over at Toothless. "Besides, you can use one of the Nest dragons to explore. Don't forget to take Mystery along with you and write everything down."

I handed him the journal I'd written in, full already within a week's time, and glanced around the island I'd grown up on. "Hiccup, I can't leave Berk. It's my home, I grew up here. My family was raised here. Da-rrien lived here, he wouldn't want me to leave...And yet, I...want to know too..." I said slowly. He came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked at him. Herby landed on my head and leaned over so he could look me in the eye.

"You're ready, Nina. It's time to spread your wings and see where they take you," he murmured. I was so overwhelmed that tears sprang to my eyes. I plucked him from his perch and hugged him close. He'd practically raised me from the time I was ten and became an orphan. When Hiccup made peace with the dragons, I was allowed to show my family, my pack, to the village. Herby's breath tickled my ear as he whispered in Dragon Speech, You'll be fine. Wherever you go, you'll always be welcomed when you come back, ma chere. He used his pet name for me from my childhood. Hiccup and Geneva wrapped their arms around me, holding me close. I sniffed a big, wet sniff as tears of fear and joy streamed down my cheeks.

"When do I leave?" I said once I regained my composure.

"How soon can you be ready?" Hiccup asked with a laugh. He ran a finger under his eyes too, which were misty.

"Well, knowing the Terrors, they've got me a bag all packed and ready to go, so I can technically leave immediately. But I think I'll wait a night, and leave at daybreak. Besides, I need to choose my taxi," I said with a grin. Herby whistled shrilly, drawing our attention to him. The Terrors brought down a huge bag that was overflowing with essentials. I laughed. "See? What'd I tell ya?"

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I like how Nina forgot who Aniu is..... Wonder if Nina will run into Silver Fang the Night Fury.....(my night fury).....

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Chapter 14-Minor Change of Plans

I slid down a rope that was hanging from a sturdy branch to the ground below. When my feet touched ground, I took off, racing back to the village to tell Mom and Dad what Hiccup had asked me to do. I wasn't paying attention and creamed Emma as she was coming off an adjoining trail. Peony snorted in alarm and backpedalled before roaring ferociously and picking me up off her rider and shaking me like a terrier does a rat.

Peony! Peony, stop! It's me Nina! I yelled as she shook me. She dropped me and ducked her head before scrambling over to Emma and nosing her. I joined her by Emma's side. She sat up and rubbed her elbow and head where she'd bashed them. "Sorry. Didn't see you."

"It's okay. Where are you going in such a hurry?" Emma asked.

"Just going to the village to let Mom and Dad know I'm going out exploring. Plus I need a taxi-dragon until Mystery's old enough to fly," I explained breathlessly.

Emma and Peony exchanged glances before turning back to me. "There is no way we're letting you go! We just got you back, Nina!" Emma cried throwing her arms around me. I chuckled.

"I'll be back soon, so there's no need to worry," I assured her.

"You don't get it," Emma said. Peony shoved her head into my field of view, forcing me to meet her eyes.

We're coming with you. When do you leave? she insisted.

"I leave tomorrow at dawn. Like I said, I need to bond with a Nest dragon who's old enough to fly. And I'm gonna spend one more night with my family in case anything actually does happen to me," I replied. Emma put a hand on my shoulder, stopping me as I started to head back to the village.

"There's a Nest dragon you seem to be forgetting, Nina. One who would gladly give you a ride. You know him as well as you knew Darrien," said she. I gave her a confused look. "Spindle, my Death hatchling, has grown up to broadwing stage. He hasn't seen you in twenty years, and doesn't believe Peony that you're alive."

My eyes brightened with memory. "You mean, I could take Spindle?" She nodded sagely, uttering a strangled cry as I threw my arms around her neck. "Thank you! I still have to go inform Mom and Dad, though. Meet me outside my parents' old place tomorrow at dawn."

"Okay, see you then!" she called to my rapidly disappearing back.

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Chapter 15-The Goodbye Gift

"You're what?!" Dad roared, panicked.

"Hiccup told me to go out and explore the world, find out more about it. I'll only be gone a few weeks. I won't be gone long, promise! And if anything-" Mom cut me off with a sickened look. "I've been cooped up in someone else's identity for too long. I want to go exploring. I need to feel useful beyond hunting. When I was younger, hunting was enough to sate my hunger to soar the open skies and discover uncharted territories, educating people everywhere I go. I'll be bringing Mystery with me, and Herby, so he can teach me the languages he knows."

Mom and Dad exchanged glances before Mom stood up and came over to me, already steady on her feet since my return. I'd been feeding my family, and the village, nutritious food that would help them regain their strength in a relatively short time, and Mom was thriving under it. She hugged me tightly.

"I know we can't stop you, but do you have to go? What about Geneva?" she murmured to me.

"She'll be fine, Mom. She's my daughter, remember? The only thing she inherited from her father is hereditary knowledge that comes from his mother's side of the family. She got her love of cooking and inventing from me. Her instincts to survive she also got from me," I replied. Dad wrapped both of us in his arms and bowed his head over us. I felt his eyes boring into the top of my head. I looked up and his eyes were glistening.

He pulled in a shaky breath. "Nina, if you go out there and get yourself k-killed, your mother and I-we can't go through that again. Are you going alone?" he asked me, a tear sliding down his face.

"No, Emma and Peony are going with me. They wouldn't let me go if I didn't agree to take them," I explained, craning my neck slightly so the tear that dangled from his nose dropped onto my shoulder. "Besides, Spindle's going to be giving me a ride until Mystery's big enough to ride, and old enough to fly." My young charge chirrped and butted her head between my ankles, begging for my attention, burbling out Mama! Mama! every now and again.

"Well," said Dad, meeting Mom's eyes as she looked up at him. "If you're taking her, then you may as well take a gift from us. I was going to give it to you on your twentieth birthday, but I thought you were dead." He released us and hobbled over to the storage cupboard under the stairs. He came back with a beautifully wrapped gift that had a white, satin ribbon tied in a bow around pale blue speckled designed paper. I sat down at the table and they sat on either side of me as I unwrapped it. 

Inside the box was an elegant bow that was stained a rich mahogany with precious metals embedded into it. A simple silver handle marked the center, and the grip. I gasped, my face falling slack with shock as my heart filled with joy. There was an engraving in the handle that read, Love always, Dad. Tears of joy filled my eyes and I gaped up at my father, unable to put into words what I felt.

"So," he said, putting a giant, gentle hand on my shoulder blade, "what do you think? Do you think it'll do?"

"I-I," I worked my jaw, trying to form a coherent sentence. I cleared my throat as my voice cracked, releasing the tears in my eyes. "I love it. It's beautiful, Dad, thank you! It looks like a strong bow, perfect for anything I need it for." I sniffed and wiped my eyes, vainly trying to keep my cheeks dry. I wrapped my arms around him and cried joyful tears. Mystery gurgled and hopped up, grabbing onto my clothes and climbing to my shoulder.

Purdy piece, Mama. Whazzit for? she asked me, settling on my shoulder like Herby did when I was working on something and there wasn't much room on my head.

It's for catching food for the village, and keeping me safe. I can use it to keep everyone else safe too, Mystery, I explained, scratching her chin. She readjusted and ran my hand around her head so I was scratching her behind the ear, which she positively glowed because of.

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Chapter 16-A Shocking Revelation

"I'll tell you what," I said, brushing my tears of joy from my face. "I'll call you every night and let you know how we're doing. I'll use the fireplace, like I was trained."

"So...you'll send smoke signals?" Dad said, completely baffled.

"No, I'll use the training I received while becoming a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun," I replied without thinking. I clapped a hand over my mouth as the words I'd just said sank into my parents' brains.

"W-what?" Mom stammered. "What did you just say?"

I sighed, dropping my hand. "While I was away, I became a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun. I'm sorry to have to tell you this way, really, I am. But this is who I am now. I've never felt more alive, more connected to anything or anyone since Darrien's death. The more I think about it, the more I realize that his passing is what drove me to become who I am now. Through my training, I have grown stronger, wiser, and more content with my life. I've come to terms with it, and even learned to say his name without breaking down in tears every time," I said.

"What does becoming a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun mean, Nina?" Hiccup asked, standing in the doorway. I hadn't heard him come in, so I jumped slightly.

"It means I'm not a Viking anymore. I'm still Nina, but I'm a more...potent, sure, confident, and happy version of myself. I can't change who I am now, but I can change the world, one drawing at a time. I'll call you guys through the fireplace every night, when I can, and fill you in on how things are going, promise!" I said.

"Okay...I still don't get what W-" Hiccup said, stopping as he remembered what we'd been raised to believe about Warriors of the Isle of Moon and Sun. He instantly dropped to a knee.

"Hiccup, don't bow to me," I ordered gently. "I'm still your sister. The only reason Warriors of the Isle of Moon and Sun are so reknowned for their fighting abilities is because they only resort to using their powers or abilities when there is no other option. Heck, I even created new Glyphs to accomplish tasks easier and quicker. My being bonded to a dragon amplifies my powers ten-fold. I didn't choose Mystery because of that, however, I chose her because I was keeping a promise to Darrien."

My parents shook their heads as if coming out of a dream. Dad cleared his throat, "How exactly will you contact us through the fireplace? It only provides heat and light."

"For your purposes, yes. But just keep looking at the fire for a few minutes," I instructed, dashing out the door with Mystery clinging to my back. I raced to a clearing about a hundred yards from the house and built a small fire. I then closed my eyes and whispered two words that activated my powers. I opened my eyes and pointed my right finger at the pile of sticks I'd scrounged together. I quickly, and habitually, envisioned the Glyph I'd created, sending a small stream of fire from my finger to the twigs, igniting it. Then I changed the Glyph to the calling Glyph while picturing my parents' home. A small crack that sounded like thunder filled my ears briefly before a smokey ball began to form, filling with light. The light dimmed slightly and showed my family with Toothless, who was gaping at the fireplace, ready for a fight.

"Incred'le," Mom breathed. The connection was slightly fuzzy because of the distance (we were too close to each other), but she was still audible. "Can you hear us?"

I nodded. "Yes, I can hear you. This is pretty cool, huh?" I asked, smiling.

"Could you show us how to do it?" Hiccup asked.

"No!" I said quickly and shortly. "It's not a good idea for the chief of Berk to become a Warrior. The reason is simple: We're hard to kill and we age slower than normal." There was a collective hiss from the smoke-phone as my family gasped. "But, there is a way to appear our age. It's not easy, and indeed it's kinda gross, but I'm able to blend in as long as I have the right ingredients for a poulstice." A twig snapping caught my ear, but I ignored it. I didn't see a ball of excited spines and teeth until it was too late. "Aiee!"

"NINA!" I heard my family cry. 

"B-doof! Aff! MMPF!" I yelped as I was tossed around inside a very happy Whispering Death hug. Finally it stopped, not gently either, but suddenly. "Spindle?"

Nina! Nina, I so glad Aunt Peenee was right! I missed you somethin' awful! he chirped excitedly. Mystery growled and roared in small, squeaky tones, making my heart just melt.

Let us go, you big oaf! You're squishing us! she shrieked.

Though muffled, I could still hear my family, though now they were talking to Emma. "Are you sure we don't need to rescue her from...whatever that was?"

"Positive, Chief," she said confidently. "Spindle's just excited to see her, that's all. He's got a peculiar way of showing it, too. Peony picks people up, and Spindle tackles them in a tight hug."

"So...can we see Nina again?" Hiccup's voice came through the coils, faint and garbled, but still identifiable.

"Sure, just let her disentangle herself from Spindle," she chuckled.

Spindle? I said.

Yes? he replied.

Could you let me and Mystery go so I can talk to my parents again? I asked.

Oh! Yes, sorry, sorry. Please don't be mad! he whispered desperately. I chuckled as I got back on my feet and he released me.

"I'm not mad, Spindle. You scared me bad, though," I said to him teasingly. He lowered his eyes and stuck his chin out slightly, pouting. I chuckled and scratched his cheek. He perked up and gave me a very toothy grin. I joined Emma by the firepit. "So, what'd I miss, aside from the obvious?"

"Well, Dad grabbed his hammer and helmet, ready to run to your rescue, and Mom and I were dumbstruck when you disappeared. Then Emma appeared," Hiccup explained. Dad removed his helmet and set his hammer down, looking embarrassed.

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Chapter17- A Journey Begins

"Where will you be staying for the night?" Dad asked.

I paused, thinking for a moment. "I was thinking either with you guys or with Geneva at the house we cleaned up and fixed," I replied.

"You're more than welcome to stay with us, Nina. It'll  give us some comfort," Mom said. I smiled brightly.

"Thank you. I'd like that," I said with a grin spreading across my jaws. "I'll be there in about twenty minutes. I'm going to pack a few more things then spend a few minutes with my daughter before heading to where you guys are."

"That's fine," Dad said with a soft, sad smile. 

I chirped, "See you in a few minutes." Then I extinguished the blaze by dumping a pile of dirt on it. Then I scratched Mystery under the chin, which she purred and began to glow very brightly. Peony snorted in annoyance, flashing her spots briefly. Oh, that's another thing I didn't mention about Peony: she's a Southern Nightmare, a special breed who can glow. Some say that her ancestor was blessed by the gods, others say that they were cursed and forced to cast Arvendale's Fire. The one Peony told me, however, said that her ancestors came from Arvendale's Fire. Either way, she can control the glow her spots give off. I've become close enough to Emma and Peony to know what the flashes mean, even without listening to her. I'd been taught by Herby to speak Dragon, and he in turn had learned Norse so he could speak to me and others.

Spindle, however, had no idea that Mystery could glow. OOOOOOo! PIddy,piddypiddypretty! he gurgled. I chuckled and climbed up to my treelab, where Herby was packing. I threw a few more books into a bag along with some empty journals. Then he and I slid down a rope to the ground before heading back to town. I stopped in briefly to collect the scales Geneva had collected and strung on a necklace for me, then I kissed her goodbye and went to my parents' home. Herby greeted my parents warmly and received a hug and a nuzzle from Mom. Dad absently scratched him under the chin, which lead to him kicking his right back leg like a dog.

I sat down beside Dad and put a hand on his back. He closed his eyes briefly before turning to look at me. There were tears in his eyes and on his face. I looked at him in concern before we hugged. He began to weep, which worried me. "What's wrong, Dad?" I whispered to him.

"I don't want to lose you, Nina. You're my daughter, not the lonely orphan girl. You're a Haddock, no matter what the Warriors say," he mumbled. "I'm glad you're feeling better, and that you're alive, but I wish you'd consulted me, like Hiccup does and did."

I said nothing, but I puckered my lips in annoyance. Finally I spoke. "That's another thing: You constantly compared Hiccup and I. He hated it, I hated it, heck I wouldn't be surprised if we both still hate it. I know I do, but I don't know about him."

"That makes two of us," Hiccup said, drawing attention to himself. He was leaning against the doorway arms and ankles crossed. He pushed off the door frame and came over to hug me himself. Raoulf and Astrid were behind him, followed closely by Toothless. They all hugged me tightly, which got me a bit choked up. I closed my eyes and savored the closeness before we all went our seperate ways to go to bed. I curled up in a nest of furs that was beside the door and fell asleep with Mystery in my arms. Dad sighed and spread a light blanket over me. 

I woke up briefly. "Thanks, Dad. And," I searched for the right words that would make him understand why I had become a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun, "I'm sorry for not telling you before now. I just couldn't let the past hold me back, and I couldn't think or find any other way."

"Don't worry about it, Nina. I'm just glad you're with us and not in Valhalla with Odin," he murmured, hesitantly stroking my hair. I bit my tongue but allowed it. I knew he stroked Hiccup's hair when he was sleeping, so I let him pet me too. The soothing gesture lead me to sleep.

The next morning I was up at dawn. I gathered my belongings and the stuff I was taking on the journey. I hugged Mom and Dad before heading out the door and meeting Emma, Peony, and Spindle, who had a new saddle and was wriggling from excitement. I smiled, soothed him, and climbed into the saddle. Just before we took off, Mystery nuzzled down into the thick, furry hood I had on my jacket. I waved at my parents before noticing the villagers that had gathered. A few moments before we took off, a deafening roar as the crowd cheered for us filled the air. We circled briefly before heading off into the great unknown.

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Chapter 18-The Mainland

"So where are we going first?" Emma called to me from Peony's back. I pondered a bit before Herby stuck his head out of my bag.

"The Mainland," I replied. "It'll be the first time anyone ever heard of the Barbaric Archipelago, so may as well make an impression, right?"

"Nina, the language of the Mainlanders is called English. I'll have to teach you, Emma too, probably. And don't land in one of their villages until we're certain they're friendly towards dragons. Many places still hunt dragons, and consider it an honor to kill any dragon, even-" He swallowed. That's when I noticed that he was nervous. "-a Terrible Terror."

"Herby, you're forgetting: I'm from Berk, and we're the voice of peace. Bit by bit, we'll restore peace to this chaotic world, with every move, every word, every action, and every village," I said, quoting Hiccup.

"Nina, I'm serious," he emphasized, making me understand the severity of the situation.

"Okay, so where do we set up camp when we get there?" I asked, subdued.

"We'll land in a cave after checking to make sure that it's safe. Then you and Emma will go into the village and see if they allow dragons, if they welcome dragons, and if they accept dragons. If not, you will return immediately, and without playing Hiccup-" I bristled when he said that. "I'm only trying to protect you. Are you ready for your first lesson in English?" He climbed on top of my head, curling his tail around my chin and under my nose. I nodded nervously. "Good, now..." The lessons began. At first the repercussions, a sharp slap on the cheek, came fairly quickly. I wasn't too discouraged, as it was only just a bit harder than learning Dragon Speech. I had the basics mastered fairly quickly, and soon move on to more advanced lessons while Herby switched to Emma.

Little runt, you'd better not be causing any permanent damage! Peony roared when Emma yelped. Herby had begun teaching her when she misspoke. I couldn't help but laugh a little.

Peony, peace. This is his method for teaching. It made me learn very fast, so it should, in theory, make her learn fast too, I soothed her before changing to English to say, "E'nin'. Be thar ane 'ooms t't be friendly-like te dregons? Ow!" Herby snapped over to my head in an instant, cracking me across the cheek sharply before returning to Emma's head.

"Nina, you're trying too hard to lose your accent," he scolded.

"But, 'Erby!" I whined, trying to speak English. He froze and looked at me. I'd accidentally spoken a protest in English. He smiled.

"Try again," he encouraged. Emma's lesson resumed and I focused on my own lessons while rubbing my sore cheek. A thin line of land appeared in the distance by the time the sun was setting. Emma and I only paused briefly to fill our water bottles, stretch our legs and give Peony and Spindle a chance to rest their sore wings. I pointed and he crowed, "Land! That's Scotland, Nina. Remember your geography lessons?"

"Er...Somewhat," I admitted. "Isn't that the place where that supposedly cursed play takes place?"

"Exactly. And it's called Macbeth," he said warmly. There was pride in his voice. I smiled as I remembered Herby sitting for hours translating the play that would become one of my absolute favorites. Another one that I adored was one by the name of Hamlet, about a young prince whose father is murdered by his own brother, who then marries his sister-in-law, stealing the throne from his nephew. Needless to say, Hamlet, the main character, rose against his uncle after getting evidence. He kills him, but gets wounded by a poisoned blade in the process. He dies after becoming King, just as a Norwiegan prince enters the throne room and is informed that Denmark is his for the taking.

I spotted a cave immediately, a fair distance from any smoke, and pointed it out to Herby. "We can camp there for the night. Tomorrow I'll go into town and not only try my knowledge, but also get as much information as possible while mapping things out. If I see a dragon I'll try to help, or at least learn as much about it as I can. Is that alright?"

"That's fine," he replied absently, listening as Emma tried, for the fourth time, to speak a full sentence in unbroken English.

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Chapter 19-A Call Home

As soon as Spindle landed, he paused long enough for me to get off and the saddle off before digging into the ground. After a few moments, the soft sounds of snoring reached my ears. I smiled and laughed softly. I built a small fire, pointed a finger at it and envisioned the necessary Glyphs. Then I pictured my parents home. A few fuzzy seconds later, Dad's face appeared, followed shortly by Mom's. Hiccup joined them an instant later.

"Hi!" I said cheerfully.

"Nina, are you alright? Have you met any savages? Did you make landfall?" Hiccup asked each question in rapid succession. I held up a hand, stopping his words.

"I'm fine, we just made landfall, and I'll be heading out in the morning to learn about the people here. If they're friendly towards dragons, I'll bring Spindle, Peony, Emma, Herby, and Mystery into town so we don't have to sleep in a cave, though," I paused as the sound of Spindle's snoring increased in volume, "Spindle doesn't seem to have any problem sleeping in a cave!" I chuckled.

"Okay, scale of one to ten, how saddlesore are you?" Dad asked.

"Mmm..." I said rubbing my backside tentatively. "About a seven. We didn't stop very long on the way here, so I'm stiff and sore. I'll be fine though. I've slid down sharp rocks before on my butt, so there's really not much difference. If anything, I'll take flying for many hours on end over sliding down sharp rocks without adequate protection any day!" Dad laughed a full belly-laugh which drew Emma's attention from tending Peony's sore wing socket. They both hobbled over, limping when their weary bodies announced their protests.

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I had to catch up.

I haven't read this since Chapter 5, so I finally got to binge-read on one of my favorite stories. Very good work, as per usuale.

What exactly is a Warrior of the Isle of the Sun and Moon? The Glyphs thing sounds pretty cool.


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Warriors of the Isle of Moon and Sun

Basically they help the gods with keeping peace on Middle Earth. They have the powers of the gods to a certain extent. Their sole duty is the preservation of life wherever possible, no matter the cost to themselves. They have to take an oath which fills them with some of the gods' powers. They're given an "allowance" every day, and Nina has figured out a way to store hers in case she needs it. Vikings only know about their god-like powers, which makes them basically gods in their eyes, so it's surprising that the Haddocks didn't bow to her, though if they had she would have scolded them. She feels no different except to feel more awake, and she can sense things others can't.

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That is pretty darn awesome.

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Chapter 20-New Friends From Strange Places

After getting the news that I became a Warrior of the Isle of Moon and Sun out of the way, Emma and Peony settled down and fell asleep fairly quickly. I turned back to my family just in time to catch Hiccup trying to hide a yawn behind a politely raised hand, but that only served to emphasize it. I smiled at him.

"Hiccup, if you yawn any wider, you'll swallow the world," I joked quietly. He let out a breezy laugh and blinked sleepily at my smokey apparition. "Go home, and get some sleep. I'm sure Mom and Dad will alert you if there's any big important news. Oh, and I filled another journal on Mystery, so you'll have a bit of reading to catch up on." A hollow hoot-howl reached my ears, causing me to turn my head slightly to hear it better. I cupped a hand around it to draw the sound to my ear.

"What? What's wrong?" Dad asked worriedly.

"Sh!" I hissed. "I'm listening!" The sound didn't come again, so I let out my breath as I turned back to my family. "Mus-must have just been the wind." I forced a smile for them, and bid them goodnight.

I tossed another stick onto the fire, obliterating the call completely. I sat up all night, nerves on edge, listening to the sounds for the slightest hint of danger. Herby slept curled around my neck to keep me warm, while Mystery snuggled down in my lap. I kept a loaded bow in my left hand, ready to draw back and fire at a moment's notice. I jumped twice, both times when a bit of sap in the logs burst from the heat. Around dawn Herby began to stir. The sounds of a child's crying reached our ears and we slipped away stealthily. I left Emma a note and gently set Mystery in her arms. After a few moments of searching we discovered the source of the heart-wretching sounds.

A young boy, Nina! A local too, probably. Remember your English lessons and speak in gentle, friendly tones, Herby advised, nipping into my hood. I swallowed nervously, and put my bow away. I made myself as non-threatening as possible, pulling my arms in close to my side, and crouching slightly.

"Hai der, yung'in. Were be yar hum?" I asked. I could almost hear Herby cringe.

"Me hum be fer 'way, Miz. Ee git lest yesserdy, und bin wend'rin' 'round e'er sence," he said miserably. I barely made sense of it, but I caught it.

"Do ye know if de vell'ge be friends o' drag'ns?" I asked in a light tone. I held out a hand to him and he hesitantly took it. "My name be Neina. What be yers?"

"Willey, Neina. Noice ta meecha!" We shook hands and he pondered my question for a moment. "Oye beli've the vell'gers be friendly ta drag'ns. Woy?"

"'Cuz, me boyo," I said, "Oye 'ave a few weth me. One in me hud!"

"Far honest and true?!" I nodded. "Well, skin me britches!" he yipped. "Kin aye see 'em?"

"Bot o' curse! Herby," my Terror poked his head out hesitantly. "Well na, dun't be sha. Dis fin lad be Willey. Be nut afeared, WIlley. I teched him some wicked cool stuff like haw ta spik."

"Aw! Wicked cull!" he hollered, jumping up and down excitedly. Herby crawled down my forearm and let Willey pet him. "Hai, Haerby."

In near-perfect English Herby said, "Gret'ns yung'un. Be ye sure the vell'ge en't ginna hurm us?" Willey could only stare in awe and nod mutely. In Norse, Herby said to me, "I'll go get Emma, Peony, Mystery, and Spiker."

"Okay," I replied. He flew off while our new friend stared at us in fear.

"Be ye a Vaikin', Miz Neina?" he whimpered.

"Aye, that I am," I replied. "But Vaikins be not vischous ol de taim; onely when sumthun thret'ns thair fahmile. Weh fownd a w'y ta tren drag'ns, make 'em ar friends, und laif's gett'n bett'r fer us on Berk."

((In case you can't tell, I'm having fun with Willy! What an animated, fun character!))

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Chapter 21-New Location, Potential Allies

Willy lead us to the village where he lived, and I recognized it from my time away. Unfortunately very few people remembered me, and those that did remembered my wedding.

"Nina! Good to see you again!" one of the women called out in Norse. She'd been the major help to Mike and I when we wed, translating, preparing, and even officiating our marriage. "How have you been? How's Mike?"

"Well, Rita, I've been better. Mike...could be better. I mean, he died while we were hunting, but y'know, at least he's not suffering," I said breezier than I felt. The next thing I knew Rita had thrown her arms around me and held me close.

"It's okay. Let it out," I heard her say. I rolled my eyes, fighting the urge to push her away when she stroked my hair. I did allow myself a small growl, though. Five minutes later she was still holding me.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat. "Would you mind letting me go? I'm fine, really. We had a daughter and I raised both her and my nephew together, brought them up as brother and sister." She gasped and released me, holding me at arms length.

"I'm so sorry about Hiccup," she cried softly.

"What are you...? Oh! No, no, no, Hiccup's fine. He's alive, I just kidnapped my nephew because I overheard a plot to kill him. I went back as Martia, remember her? The woman who left with Mike and I?" I asked.

"Oh yes! How is she? Did old age take her?" I nodded silently. She gasped, pushing a stray hair behind my ear. I stiffened when she did that. When I was little my mother would play with my hair, brushing it and braiding it. Since my parents' deaths I have hated people touching my hair. I let Hiccup touch it because I wanted him to know that I trust him not to hurt me. Occasionally I allowed Dad to pet me too, but only on special occasions.

"How-Why-What do you mean you went back as Martia?" she asked.

"I took her identity, and she approved it before her death," I explained. "She told me that I needed to go back and be with my family, I told her that I didn't know if there were any enemies of mine left, so she just nodded and let me be. She even gave me some of her better-looking garments and a couple weapons. My dragons made a mask and wig that looked exactly like her face and hair. They're quite the artists when they get bored."

Emma cleared her throat slightly and shifted from her spot beside Peony. "Oh! Who're your friends?" Rita asked.

"This is Emma Strongarmor, and her dragon Peony," I said. "Emma, this is Rita. Peony, play nice." The Nightmare rolled her eyes and grumbled something before shoving her face close to Rita and sniffing her. My friend yelped and stepped back. "She's just getting used to your scent and determining if you're a threat or not." Her face paled.

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Subjects are overrated LOL

A wild Update appeared! Finally!
Wowzers, it's been a while. Glad to see another chapter. :)

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Chapter 22-Something's Wrong

I laughed as Mystery tumbled around in the straw on the stable floor. Emma was settling Peony into a stall not far away. We both cringed when Spindle burrowed into the rocky floor of the stables the locals had graciously provided for us.

“I’m gonna make a call home, k?” I asked Emma when she finished wincing.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see if I can get this pincushion to cooperate,” she growled. “Would you-? Never mind.”

I looked up as she cut herself off. “What?”

“I was just wondering if I could call my husband, Alex. He wasn’t happy that I was coming with you, especially since our kids are only ten. He’s afraid that something’s going to happen to me while I’m away and he won’t be able to find out,” she said after a pregnant pause.

“Oh! Sure. You guys still live in the Iron House?” I asked her. I swept some straw away from a large clearing I had requested, then built a small pile of sticks for a fire. I used one of the torches hanging on the wall to light the bundle afire, then envisioned the glyphs I needed.

“Yup,” she said. Mom, Dad, and Hiccup’s faces all slowly began to fade in.

“Nina? Mind raising the brightness a bit, it’s quite dim on your end,” Mom said, squinting near-sightedly at me and Emma.

“Actually it’s pretty bright in here, I’ll adjust the spell, one second…There! Better?” I asked after adding a third glyph.

“Much,” Hiccup said. “How’re you settling in? Looks like you’ve made friends with someone already.”

“Yup, a bunch of Scottish villagers have agreed to let us stay, and we-I am going to teach them all about dragons and how we train them. With luck, we’ll change this world for the better,” I said, beaming proudly. “Don’t worry about me, but I’m feeling a bit gross. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ve dealt with way worse when I was pregnant.” A sudden wave of dizziness washed over me without warning, violent and cruel.

Before I blacked out, I heard my family shouting my name. Then darkness claimed my vision.

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Chapter 23-Sick Fever-Dreams

Darkness spun me around, then bright flashes made me shy away. I curled into a tight ball, fear coursing through my veins as hot as the passion between Mike and I. I was vaguely aware that Mystery had nuzzled into me, but Rita pulled her away from me, keeping her safe. My gratitude gave me a brief reprive from the illness. I felt myself being carried on a litter to a house.

Occasionally I surfaced to hear snippets of conversation: "Is she gonna be okay?"

"She'll be fine, I can feel it."

"Elder, what is this sickness?" Herby asked. I recognized his voice through the fog surrounding my mind.

"I don't know. Elsewhere it's called 'smallpox,' but we've only ever seen a case this bad once. They didn't survive. Try talking to her, Wise One," another voice, worn with age, said. "It may help bring her around. Don't worry, it doesn't seem to effect dragons, so you've no need to worry. If she pulls through this, she'll be immune to it, and will never get it again."

Herby landed beside me and nuzzled my shoulder. He curled up around me, wriggling under my neck then grooming my forehead. "Nina? Can you hear me?" There was a pause as he licked me again. "I'm here for you, Nina. You can't die, ma chere, Geneva needs her mother to come back to her. So do Hiccup, Stoick, and Valka. Darrien would want you to live, so y'gotta pull through!"

When I didn't respond, he sighed and lay his head on my shoulder. Weakly I moved my jaw in Dragon Speech to say, Herby? Is anyone else sick?

Emma's a bit sick too, but she's not as bad as you are. Must be just a test the gods are putting you through, dear. Hold on! he said. I could hear the smile in his voice. Mystery's claws dug into my shoulder as she climbed me.

Mama? You okay? she asked quietly. She nuzzled into my neck, whimpering slightly. 

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This is AWESOME!!!! I can't

This is AWESOME!!!! I can't believe that you wrote this much! I've written a few fan fics but nothing even close to this. Really cool.


My name is Azura Rain in game, and I love to write. In the game I am part of the clan Skyleapers.


I am a member of the SoD fan fiction club!




  1. The Last of the Lightning Keepers: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/last-lightning-keepers
  2. The Last of the Lightning Keepers Book 2: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/last-lightning-keepers-book-2#comment-223332
  3. Child of the Flightmare: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/child-flightmare-0
  4. Groundsplitter vs Toothless: the story: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/groundsplitter-vs-toothless-story#comment-230862 What happened between Toothless and Groundsplitter? Now we know!

I love comments on my work so, please leave your opinion!




Name: Sapphire

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is blue and purple.

Age: 20

Personality: She is responsible, and takes care of my dragons.

History: She is my first dragon, and was the leader of my dragons until she was challanged by Spark.

Species: Monsterous Nightmare

Quote: "Hope is like light. Even when you think that it's gone forever, there's always some for you to find."


Name: Eclipse

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is a dark blue and purple.

Age: 20

Personality: She is very clever and sly.

History: She is my second dragon, and (unknown to my viking) is part of the underground Whispering Death movement to take over Berk. I found her egg in the tunnels after the Screaming Death's attack.

Species: Whispering Death

Quote: "I am a Whispering Death. Even when I am about to bite your head off, you should admire me, as well as fear me."


Name: Berry

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is purple

Age: 10

Personality: She is gentle, and is terrified of Eclipse.

History: She is my third dragon, and I found her egg as part of a clutch of Gronkle eggs that had been destroyed by dragon trappers. Ever since, she has been a little skittish, but very lovable.

Species: Gronkle

Quote: "Kindness goes a long way in the world."


Name: Spark

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is blue with purple highlights.

Age: 17

Personality: She is smart and clever.

History: She is my fourth dragon, and is the new leader of my dragons since she challenged Sapphire. Her and Eclipse are rivals, and she is trying to find out why Eclipse is constantly sneaking off to the old Whispering Death tunnels.

Species: Skrill

Quote: "Fear me, admire me, I don't care, just give me heavy doses of both. I am Lightning and Death itself!"


Name: Starfrost

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is blue with white.

Age: 7

Personality: She is smart, slightly vain, and very loyal.

History: She is my fifth dragon, and is friends with Berry, Sapphire, and Spark. She doesn't really trust Eclipse.

Species: Deadly Nadder

Quote: "Family is not just through blood. Your family is those who stand by you when you need them."


Name: Dawnstrike

Gender: Female

Appearance: Royal blue with gold teardrop designs

Age: 6

Personality: She is clever, intensely loyal, and fierce

History: She is my sixth dragon, and I have had her since I discovered her in the wilds of Berk

Species: Skrill

Quote: "You hurt Azura, I hurt you."


My Favorite Fan Fics On The Forum


  1. Tale of Mahelsonei Sonjen: How to betray a madman ((HIGHLY recommended. The author is awesome!))http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/tale-mahelsonei-how-betray-madman
  2. Age of the Chosen ((Amazing!)) http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/age-chosen-chapters-1-24?page=0#comment-230134
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  5. Reign of the Deep Queen http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/reign-deep-queen-fanfic
  6. Big Challenges http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/big-challenges
  7. A Hidden Life ((Sequel to Big Challenges)) http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/hidden
  8. Alpha's Heir http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/alphas-heir


My Adopted Dragons and OC's




All credit for this dragon goes to kimbenso

She is an elegant dragon who is very mature, and loves to fly at night, swooping under the silver moon and stars. When she uses magic, the jewel on her head glows with strange power.



My beautiful Aquaborealis! Here is her story....


Narrated by Iridia:

I swam through the waters by the viking island. It was a barren place, filled with spiky rocks and little greenery. I swam through the mouth of the cove where the vikings kept their boats, a harbor I believe. My tail propelled me along quickly, slicing through the chilly water. I swam around one of the rocks, and popped my head up on the other side. I was curious about these vikings. Their thoughts were so different from those of an Aquaborealis, all loud and darting from one thing to another. Kind of like a school of minnows. Cautiously, I watched the vikings. So caught up in staying hidden from the vikings on land, I didn't watch behind me. A net was thrown over me suddenly, and I whipped around. Vikings had snuck up on me and I was now trapped! Futily, I struggled against the net, even diving under the water to try and break free there. It was no use. A viking with a wiry black beard raised an axe over my head. I stared up at it in fear, and shrank back in the net. Before the axe fell, another viking, a teenager, ordered "Stop! What do we have here?" He put one boot on me, leaning on the butt of his axe. "This is a new type of dragon!" He exclaimed. "Keep it here overnight. In the morning, I will add its skull to my collection!" He ordered triumphantly. The vikings drove iron nails through the net, pinning it to the rock. All the while, I struggled until one of them threatened to drive a nail through my tail. Then I stopped struggling, and prepared for a long night.


Azura's (My viking) POV:

I flew through the storm, on the back of my skrill Spark. Expertly, she rode the tangled air currents, but fighting against the elements was a futile endeavor. Ahead, I spotted Berserker Island. It wasn't my favorite place, ever since I had almost died there a couple times, but we had to wait out the storm. "Take us down girl" I said, patting Spark's neck. She folded her wings, and dove, landing on a rocky ledge above the harbor. I dismounted, and walked over to the edge, kneeling so I wouldn't be seen. Far below, I could see a blue and purple dragon of a kind I had never seen before, not even heard about, imprisoned half in, half out of the water in a net. "I wonder what that dragon is?" I said to myself. Looking closer, I heard two vikings talking not far below. "Well, tomorrow Daggur will have that dragon's skull mounted on his wall. Pity really. Its so beautiful and gentle." Daggur was going to kill that beautiful dragon! I had to help, to rescue it. My best chance would be once it was en route to the arena. "Tomorrow, Spark, we are going to rescue that dragon" I said, looking back at my companion. She stared at me, as if saying "Good. I don't like Daggur any more than you do." I walked over to my friend, and pulled a blanket from her saddle bag. Curling up at the base of the cliff, I fell asleep.


Iridia's POV:

In the morning, once the storm blew itself out, the vikings came. They chained my legs and wings, and dragged me out of the water and up the cliffs to an arena of sorts. The teenage viking from before (I heard that his name was Daggur), was waiting inside, twirling his double bladed axe. I whimpered in fear, knowing that he was going to kill me, and strained against the chains. One of the vikings cuffed me upside the head, and dragged me to the center of the arena. I was chained to the stone floor, and I stared at Daggur in fear as he raised his axe, then let it fall. I closed my eyes, preparing to feel the blade. A clang caused me to open my eyes, and what I saw astounded me. A female viking with copper hair was blocking Daggur's axe with her sword. "I won't let you kill this dragon, Daggur" The female said. "Azura" Daggur sneered. "How dare you return to my island!" He howled, pulling his weapon away and attacking. The female, Azura, dodged his strike, and returned with one of her own. I watched as they fought, neither one gaining the upper hand. Suddenly, a blue and purple dragon leaped down from the netting above. It spread its wings wide and hissed, lightning crackling amid its spiky frill. Daggur stared at the Skrill, and Azura took advantage of his distraction. She slammed the butt of her sword into the back of his head and Daggur crumpled to the ground. The guards had run away in fear, so Azura ran over to me and pulled a pin from her braid and used it to pick the lock on my chains. "Come on" she said, beckoning with her left hand, her right holding her sword. I followed her and the skrill into the stone tunnels that led outside. Once we reached the open air, Azura mounted her skrill and took off. I followed her, launching into the air and beating my wings hard. I followed her all the way to another island, one I had never been to.


We landed in the main square, I cautiously looked around, ready to take off at a moment's notice. A skinny boy with brown hair and a metal leg walked up, acompanied by a black Night Fury. I tensed, ready to fly. "Azura, who's this?" The boy asked. "I took shelter from the storm on Berserker Island and I rescued her from Daggur. He was going to kill her, Hiccup" Azura explained. Hiccup. That must be the boy's name. "I've never seen anything like her" Azura said. I opened my thoughts and 'said' "I am an Aquaborealis. A sea dragon." Azura and Hiccup jumped, looking around wildly before Hiccup realized I had said it. "Oh! An Aquaborealis! There's a few others of your kind here on Berk" He directly adressed me. "Azura, you've never met the other Aquaborealis riders, but there are a few on Berk." "Could I stay here?" I asked Hiccup. "I was seperated from my pod when I went exploring, and it would be nice to stay here." "Of course!" Hiccup said. "If you are okay with it, you could stay with me" Azura offered. I smiled. "It would be my pleasure." Since then, I have lived on Berk with Azura, and I even joined her family of dragons!


Want to know more about Azura's history with Dagur? Check out my fan fic 'The Last of the Lightning Keepers' and it's sequel. The link is up at the top of my sig.



This feathered beauty was made by the wonderful Amberleaf7.



She is very gentle and loves hatchlings. She would never hurt anything except in self defense. She also has an excellent sense of humor, and can think her way out of practically anything.

This celestial beauty was made by bubbles5498.


I found Adiria when I was stranded in Berk's wilderness after a failed hiking trip where I had gotten lost. Don't ask why (But it involved red-eyed boars and a piece of bacon). I had made camp for the night, when I saw something streak across the sky (Maybe a comet?) and land in a field not far away. Curious, and unable to fall asleep, I went to investigate. There was a smoking crater in the middle of the field, and through the snoke I saw a beautiful purple dragon who looked like a piece of the night sky. Her wing was broken, so I slid into the crater to try and help. As I approached her, the purple dragon raised her head. "I won't hurt you..." I said soothingly, seeing that the dragon was nervous. Using some rope, and a sutibly straight tree branch, I managed to splint the dragon's wing. Over the span of a month, I helped the dragon- who I had named Adiria- recover. It involved lots and lots of fish, let me say that. All the while, I was unaware that Hiccup and some of my friends were searching for me. One evening, just after the sun went down, Adira's wing had healed and she was ready to fly. "Go on, try" I encouraged her. She leaped into the air, beating her wings hard. Soon, Adira was soaring above the field and across the night sky. I smiled, happy. She landed and looked into my eyes. "Thank you" I heard a melodic voice say in my head. "You... you can talk?" I said, surprised. "Yes. My species, the Galaxy Furies, are telepathic. I know that you are lost, and I can help you back to your village." "Thank you" I said as she allowed me onto her back. We took off and soared over the dark forest. I had never realized that Adira glowed slightly, like the soft radience of stars. We landed in Berk's main square and I slipped off her back. "Thank you" I said, extremely grateful. "I should be thanking you. Without your help, my wing would not have healed properly." "So, where will you go now?" I asked. "I am not yet strong enough to fly back up to the stars, so I will regain my strength elsewere." "You could stay with me" I offered. Adira accepted, and has stayed with me ever since, occasionally visiting the world high in the stars.






My Roleplays!


The Werewolf Pack Roleplay Part 4 http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/werewolf-pack-part-4-closed?page=8#comment-270170




Thank you so much treehousemagic!


The War of Storms: Revived RP http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/war-storms-revived-rp#comment-326193


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Chapter 24-Relief

After what felt like an eternity, my illness released its hold on me. Its effects left my body weak and frail. When I got a decent meal into me, I put a call to my family.

"Nina!" Mom cried when she saw me. Dad sat up. They were both fully-clothed, thankfully. They rushed to the fireplace. "Are you alright? What happened?"

"I'm alright. I just came down with something," I said. My attention was drawn to the doorway when I sensed movement behind me. A healer was standing in the doorway with a candle in her hand.

"The illness is called smallpox, so called for the marks it leaves on the forearms," she said. "I have shown Herby the remedy, in case you encounter it again on your travels."

Mom got up and left, presumably to get Hiccup. My suspicions were confirmed when my brother tumbled into view. The relief was evident when he saw me. "Hey, Brother. You look like you haven't slept in weeks!" I joked.

"None of us have since you got sick," he said. I saw a sheen of moisture on Dad's cheeks He sniffed and brushed them dry.

"Get some sleep," I instructed them. "I'm fine, and you can be sure that if anything happened to me, Herby would make a bee-line home to let you guys know. He's protective of me, you know that."

Dad stifled a yawn, then spoke for the first time. His voice cracked as he said, "I was so worried about you, Nina. I love you." He turned to Hiccup and Mom. "All of you." When they embraced, I couldn't help but feel the sting of distance acutely.

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Subjects are overrated LOL

Aww... Good to see another update! :)

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Awesome. I've writen

Awesome. I've writen stories(but haven't posted them in fear that no one will like them) but I don't think I could do anything like this. Also, raise your hand if you knew Martia was Nina, or that Nina faked her death, because I thought both of those things! I was also hoping that Darrien wasn't really dead, but that didn't happen. :( Can you tell us what a Frost Dragon looks like? All I know is that they glow.


                                                   WELCOME TO MY SIGGY!

You may call me Esp, DragonRiver, or Sommer.

My in-game name is Lsara


                                                                     My dragons:


Name: Opal

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue with green

Personality: Like a mother to my other dragons.

Type: Monsterous Nightmare

History: I walked into the hatchery. There were so many eggs to choose from! Gobber had said a Gronkle, but they just didn't feel right. A Nadder was okay. But Zipplebacks loved to fight, and I couldn't handle that. I came around a corner and saw the Nightmare nest. On the edge of it was a shiny, blue egg. That was the one. I carefully picked it up and carried it over to the lava pool. I dropped it in and waited. It didn't take long for a pedestal to rise from the lava with the egg on it. The egg cracked, and then burst open. In the center of the shells was a tiny blue nad green dragon. It looked at me, and I knew I had chosen the right egg. "Your name will be Opal." I whispered.


Name: Glacier

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark teal with lighter teal

Personality: A bit evil, sinister.

Type: Whispering Death

History: "Well this is creepy." I said. My Nightmare, Opal, let out a soft roar and blasted out a bit of flame to light the tunnel up ahead. We were in the Whispering Death tunnels because Hiccup had wanted us to check them out for anything. We turned a corner and came to a lake. A real underground lake with a waterfall, and fish leaping from the murky water. We stopped to get a fish and were about to go back up when I saw a box with an Outcast crest on it. "What's this? What do you think, Opal?" I asked the blue and green dragon. "We could take one back to show Hiccup." I said to myself. I picked up a teal egg and hopped on Opals back. We flew out of the tunnels and showed Hiccup. "Hmm. Outcast crest, you say? I'll look into it. Hey, maybe you can keep the egg?" "Really?" I asked Hiccup. "Sure. it needs a home with a good dragon trainer." He said. "Oh wow!" I raced to the hatchery and put the egg in lava. I watched it crack and a dark teal head poked out. "What will your name be, little girl?" I asked. The baby looked up at me and bared its teeth. "Haha, you're an angry dragon aren't you? How about....Glacier?" I said. "Yes. your name will be Glacier."



Name: Evergreen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark green with lighter green

Personality: Angry all the time. Likes to follow Glacier.

Type: Whispering Death

History: "We'll get someone for you to be with, Glacier!" I said. One of the other Whispering Death eggs hadn't been taken by anyone when Hiccup put them in the store. I had taken the egg and was now hopping around the lava pool as I waited for the egg to hatch. Glacier seemed..Tolarant of my antics. "Oh! It's hatching!" I said. I looked at the egg as it broke open. A small green head snapped out and growled at me. "Woah, boy. Calm down. Must be a Whispering Death thing, huh?" I said to the dark green dragon glaring at me. "How about your name be.....Green? No. Way to simple. Evergreen!" I said. "Hello Evergreen."



Name: Sasha

Gender: Female

Appearance: Red with purple

Personality: Cheerful, but, as with all Storm Cutters, proud.

Type: Storm Cutter

History: I rushed to the traders shop. Storm Cutter eggs had just come in! I ran in. "Hey there! Do you have any Storm Cutter eggs left?" I asked. "Well there is one. No one wanted it so I was going to put it back where I found it." Trader Johhan said to me. "Oh no! I'll take the egg." I said. "Ok. I'm glad someone wanted it." He handed me a purple and red egg. I took it and ran outside. I rushed to the hatchery and put it in the lava. I watched as a tiny red and purple head covered in frills came out. "You are one lovely girl!" I said softly as the Storm Cutter ruffled its four wings. "Hmm. Sunset? No. You don't have those colors. What will be your name then? Ooo! Sasha?" I said. The baby almost seemed to nod its head. "Ok, Sasha. Welcome to the world!"



Name: Lilac

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light purple with dark purple belly

Personality: A prankster that will do anything to get metal. 

Type: Smothering Smoke Breath

History: "I'll never get one, I guess." I said sadly to Sasha as I watched a Smoke Breath fly over me. I had always wanted one, but I was a few gems short. The Storm Cutter looked at me sympathetically. "There are so few ways to get gems." I said to myself. I turned away and walked toward my house. I opened the door, went up-staires, and got it bed. I soon fell asleep. The next day, Hiccup had a job for me. "I need you to get these things for me. I can pay you gems for it!" Hiccup said to me. I looked at the list. Gems! That was just what I needed! "Ok Hiccup!" I snached the list and ran off. I took the entire day to find the things needed, but I finally got them all. "Thanks. Here you go!" Hiccup handed me a pouch of gems. "Thank you so much!" I said. I ran off yet again. This time it was to the store. "Here are the gems." I handed the gems to trader Johhan. I flew to the hatchery and put the egg in lava. Smoke filled the room and I looked down at a pale purple baby. "Lilac!" I blurted out. It seem right. "Your name will be Lilac. You like that, right?"



Name: Orca

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black with white belly and spots

Personality: Friendly, LOUD.

Type: Thunderdrum

History: "What do you think I'll get out of it?" I asked my dragons as they crowded around me. I had saved enough gems to get an egg box and I was about to open it. I slowly lifted the lid and looked inside. A crackling pale blue egg was inside. "A Thunderdrum!" I said. I lifted it up and carried it inside the hatchery. I put it in the Tidal Class hatching place. It was a pool of warm water. I looked on as the crackling surface of the egg broke open and a black and white head popped out and sent and gentle sonic blast playfully into my face. "Nice to see you too." I said, laughing. "How about we call you Orca?" I asked the baby. She sent another blast into my face. "Ha! Orca it it then!"


Name: Sila

Gender: Female

Appearance: White with light teal fins and barb

Personality: Fierce, but has a small soft side. Is very lonely, because her pack abandoned her.

Type: Speedstinger

History: "What? There is no way an entire pack of Speedstingers could be here without us knowing." I told Hiccup. "It's true, Lsara. I saw something around here that looked like a Speedstinger, so there must be a pack." He replied. "I need you to look for it." I stared at him. "And where should I go first?" I asked. "Try around caves, and places for them to get food. Near a fishing pool." He told me. "Ugh! Fine. But if I don't find anything then I get to tell you "I told you so."" And then I got on Sasha and flew toward the nearest cave I knew about. But the longer I looked around it, the more it felt wrong. "I can't think today. Of course Speedstingers would go to a place where no one could find them so easily." I scolded myself. Sasha nodded. "Okay. Lead the way to the place you want to go." I sighed as I got on the Storm Cutter. She shot in the air and headed towards the icy glaciers that were at the very far side of Icestorm Island. "And why didn't I think of this?" I asked Sasha as I looked around. There was an overhang, and a pool of fish. Perfect for a pack of dragons, no matter if they were flightless. Sasha curled up to sleep. And then I heard a growl. A white Speedstinger was standing on a ledge above me. I slowly started creeping towards it. I looked around for signs of a pack. A small pile of fish there, scrapes in the ice for nests here. But no sign of any other Speedstingers. "Uh..Hi there." I said. The Speedstinger roared, but didn't move. "W-why are you all alone here girl?" I asked, mostly to myself. When I said this, the Speedstinger made something that sounded almost like a whimper, and flattened her crest down, something that was a sign of peace. "Why don't you have a pack?" I kept talking in a soothing voice as I slowly inched closer and closer. And then I was right next to it. It made another soft growl, but didn't stop me as I reached out to touch it. I ran my hand along her back, and watched her. "Sila." I whispered. The Speedstingers head shot up, and she looked at me. "Could I name you Sila?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes and growled. I backed away, sensing it was time to go. I woke up Sasha and started to get on her. I heard something behind me, and saw the Speedstinger had walked right up to me. She seemed lonely, but not sure what do. "Y-you can come, Sila." I told her. And then I started walking back. She followed.



Name: Tsunami and Typhoon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue with sea green belly and gray-blue details.

Personality: Typhoon likes to fight a lot, and is rather hot-headed. Tsunami is more polite, but is really still the same.

Type: Hideous Zippleback

History: "Wonder what we'll get this time. Another Thunderdrum?" I asked my dragons. I had yet another egg box on the table, and was ready to open it. "Okay..Ready!" I lifted the lid. A blue and gray egg was there. "A Zippleback!" I cried. I had never liked Zipplebacks. They were always fighting. "Well, I will love it anyway. Come on." I carried the egg to the hatchery and popped it in the lava. "I hope it will be nice." I said to myself. It cracked open. A blue, blue-gray, and sea green Zippleback was there. They were already tangled in one another. I sighed, but I already kind of liked them. "Okay. I have the feeling you might fight. So something fierce. And you have the colors of the ocean, or maybe sky, so that helps. What though?" I wondered out loud. "Well. You will be Typhoon." I said, pointing to the head that was snapping at the other. "And...You could be...Wave? Just no. Ooo! Storm?! Nah. Wait, didn't Hiccup tell me about those...Storms at sea once? They were big waves-Tsunami!" I shouted to the more quite looking head. Not quite by much, anyway. "I'm alread having fun with you guys." I said.


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If you Google Frost Dragon,

If you Google Frost Dragon, Complete Book of Dragons you should get a rough idea. Just take the green, four-legged dragon and think of a slightly milky residue on their scales that glow.

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Tracking this is really good.

Tracking this is really good. Will we get more? 

Hello my name is Keiran Dragonheart, this is Leirazva my Skrill soulmateand you have entered the domain of my Motley Dragon Clutch.  We have grown in numbers this past year but our mission is the same.  Rescue, heal and protect dragons from harm. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to visit our growing family in the picture below. 
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Er... Soon. I promise. Been

Er... Soon. I promise. Been battling writers block for this and a couple other fan fics. I'm also working on a novel I'm going to get published someday.

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Writers block I know it well.

Writers block I know it well. And good luck on your novel. I hope to do one someday as well but I've got major writers block on the story I'm working on so I've set it aside for a time. 

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Chapter 14

This is amazing!

Tracking so I can finsih reading this later...


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Chapter 25-Plans for an Adventure

I sat up in bed after sleeping for another hour. I'd said farewell to my family and sent a call to Emma's husband and two children. After explaining the situation and getting Emma awake and sitting up again, I left the room to stretch my legs a bit. I'd manipulated it so I could leave the room and walk around freely while she and her family could communicate again, reuniting and explaining what had happened since we left. Herby found me after flitting about frantically looking for me.

"Nina!" he cried, landing on my shoulder. I stepped out into the sun and found a wooden bench to sit on. Mystery yipped in happiness and climbed up into my lap. "What are you doing out here without someone with you? What if you get sick again? What if you get hurt?"

"Herby, has anyone ever told you that you worry too much? Because you do," I laughed. Mystery nuzzled me.

Mama, I missed you! she whimpered. She was shaking, and whining. I could only tell it was from extreme happiness. I laughed sofly and hugged her close, placing a kiss on the top of her tiny head before turning my face up to the warm sun. I drank in the heat and felt it fill me with peace. I smiled gently.

Herby growled and folded his front legs in annoyance at my comment. His tail was twitching. I captured the tip under a hand and grinned as his teeth began chattering. Something I'd found out when I was young that when Herby's tail was moving, if it was trapped, the movement was transferred to his teeth. It drove him wild. He leaned over and tilted his head so he could nip my ear. 

"Ow!" I said with a laugh. I let go of his tail and pulled him off my shoulder. "Alright, I probably deserved that. Just checking in and getting my allowance."

"I know, little one," he murmured. He climbed up to my shoulder and licked my ear until it stopped hurting. "How are things back home?"

"Everyone was worried sick for me, and for Emma too. They haven't slept in weeks," I said. "I told them and basically confirmed that if anything happened to me, you'd be on your way back to Berk to let them know."

"I would," he confirmed.

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Chapter 26-A Familiar Face

As I walked around the small seaside town, a twin-sailed ship caught my eye. I looked and recognized it at once and hurried toward the docks.

"Nina?!" a familiar voice called. I turned and saw Eret making his way towards me through the bustling crowd. "How did you come back? We thought you were dead!"

"Hey, Eret. Yeah I faked my own death to escape a threat, and keep Darrien's name safe. So how have you been?" I asked him.

"Pretty good. Got a son now, 16," he said looking toward the boats. A young sandy-haired green eyed boy came trudging up the hill, looking up when Eret whistled. "Harridan! C'mere, I want to introduce you to someone!"

The boy came up to us and hugged his father, exhaustion sloping his shoulders. "Hey, Dad. We had a good haul today," he said, his pubescent voice cracking from weariness.

"Son, this is Nina. I told you about her, remember?" Eret said. "And I'm proud of you." 

He kissed his son's temple and squeezed his shoulders. "Yeah, I remember. I thought she died, though," he replied.

"We believed that too, son. But I think she had some help from Loki," he said, teasing me. I shot him a joking glare. "So what have you been up to since you faked us out?"

"Well I started a small family, had a daughter, Geneva," I said. He smiled. "She has her father's face..." My voice trailed off as I thought of Mike. I closed my eyes so I could force my emotions into submission. 

"Oh? Who's the lucky man?" he asked. 

"Ah, Mike," I said. "He, uh, died before she was born. Didn't even know he was going to be a father."

Eret's face fell slack with shock and horror. "I'm so sorry," he said softly. "Are you okay?"

A small smile played across my lips. How many times had I heard that? "I'm fine. Geneva and I made a nice, secluded home for ourselves, where I raised Hiccup's son too. I kept an eye on my brother, but never showed myself to my family, even when it killed me to watch them suffer," I replied. "What about you? You must have settled down with a lovely young woman."

Now it was Eret's eyes that flashed with pain. "Her name was Allycia," he said softly. "She d-died giving birth to him."

I felt ill from guilt. "Oh," I said. "I'm sorry." 

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Chapter 27- Operation Parent Trap

While speaking with Eret, Harridan was watching me closely. It was rather unnerving, especially for Herby. His tail twitched uneasily, then he cleared his throat.

"Hello, again, Eret," he said. Eret jumped and looked at my lead Terror in surprise, until he remembered that I'd taught him to speak Norse. I smiled at Harridan's reaction, which was to hide behind his father. 

"Hey, Herb, nice to see you again, scaly friend," Eret said. Herby hated being called Herb or scaly friend. He barely tolerated it when I called him that.

Instead of responding, he raised an eyebrow in annoyance. I filled Herby in on what I had learned from Eret about his life. He fell silent as he remembered his mate, who had died one winter after refusing help from me or anyone. I tried to keep my mind from going that direction, and met Eret's eyes, which were curious but respectful. I leaned in and whispered, "Herby's mate refused help and was killed by a falling icicle." Stunned silence met my words. Gently, Eret extended an arm to my lead Terror, who crawled onto the offered platform.

As we we're talking, I suddenly noticed everyone scrambling to get into the closest building. Harridan tugged on his father's shirt. Eret followed his gaze and his eyes filled with fear. "Oh no," he breathed. I looked out to sea and saw a massive armada of ships heading towards the small seaside town. Eret's son pulled at his arm, trying to drag him into a nearby storage shed. "He's back."

"Who?" I asked, alarmed by the fear I sensed. Something tickled the back of my mind and I listened with a mental ear. I remembered something that looked uncomfortably familiar about the sails. I used a spyglass and looked closer, blanching when I realized who was on the flagship: Drago Bludvist. I curled my lip and snarled.

I, along with the rest of Berk, had assumed he had perished when his Bewilderbeest dove with him on its head. That he had survived meant one thing: he was going to continue his scheme to "rid the world of the tyranny of dragons" by capturing and controlling all dragons. Mystery looked up at me in utter confusion.

Mama? Eveything okay? she asked me, truly scared.

"Everything's going to be alright, baby girl," I promised her. I scooped her up and turned to Eret and his son. "Why does everyone hide from him? Did this village send their chieftain to that meeting too?"

He nodded, beckoning me to find somewhere to hide. I shook my head.

"He's never going to stop until he's dead. If that's what it takes, then I'll face him myself," I said, my eyes narrowing in determination. My mouth settled into a grim line. I ran back to the house that Emma and I were using, and explained everything to her. "Drago survived. I'm going to face him in battle, and I won't rest until he's dead with his head severed." I grabbed my bow and made a quick call to my family to inform them of what was going on. After I repeated what I had told Emma, my family paled and protested my going into battle when I had just recovered from an illness.

i reassured them, then ended the call. Across the room Emma looked at me and said, "You're going anyways, aren't you? Even after Stoick, Hiccup, and Valka said not to."

"I have to. Drago has been on the Warriors' Blacklist since his first attack on a village. If I can confirm his death, and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, they'll remove his name and relax a little," I said. "If I don't make it, then they'll add my name to the long list of those who challenged him, fought valiantly, but ultimately lost."

"Gods! And they called me crazy!" she exclaimed. I laughed. "While you're out there, tell Peony to watch your back, but to keep the village whole, if possible." 

We laughed, knowing Peony would cause more damage than Drago and his Bewlilderbeest combined. "I'll try. No guarantees though," I hooted. I left the building and passed on the message to Peony.

She snorted angrily. I'll kill those egg breakers for what they did to my flock, and all the maliciousness they wrought in the world, she hissed. I nodded.

"Alright, but leave the killing blow to me," I said. Rolling her eyes, she humoured me. "Here's the plan: Drago lost his entire village, parents included, at a very young age. The Warriors told me that if I can remind him of his past, he'll either give up, or kill himself. And if that doesn't work, we fight tooth, nail, claw, and fire until his death is confirmed with a sword through his neck."

And what of the supposedly ex trapper and his sidekick? she asked, looking over my head. I followed her gaze and saw Eret and his son watching from a covered window.

"If they come out, keep them safe," I said. "It's a Warrior's duty to protect those who cannot defend themselves adequately." I ran to the armoury and grabbed a half dozen full quivers and, with Peony's help, I hid them strategically so I could leap around nimbly and not run out of arrows. This promised to be a great, fun, fight.

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Chapter 28 - Battle

Peony and I hid behind a large barn and peeked around it. She hissed and flamed up. Not yet, I growled softly to her. She grumbled but didn't argue. Moments later, Drago made landfall and came up the main road. I held out three fingers for the Nightmare beside me to see, then counted down as he got closer. I silently drew an arrow and notched it with my free hand. I'd learned the skill while hunting with a sprained wrist. I flicked the last finger out and we both leapt into the path, her bursting into flame and screaming what I could only understand as a stream of insults and profanities I would never repeat to my parents or family.

Instead of scaring him, the ambush merely amused Drago. He swung at us with his staff, but we nimbly avoided it. I shot an arrow into his ankle, pinning him. He screamed and I used the training I had to leap clear into his mind and drug his thoughts back to his childhood. There I found a single, sad memory singed beyond recognition. A young boy kneeling between his parents as they died, a dragon I recognized as a Monstrous Nightmare looming over them. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and looked and saw nothing in the place of my left arm. No, it wasn't my arm, it was his. I drug the memory to the front of his mind, and left his twisted, brooding, tortured thoughts. After I left, he carelessly swiped his arm across his forehead, ridding it of the sweat my actions had brought him. He raised his staff to swing then suddenly stopped. Pain raced across his eyes as the memory I brought up played back through his mind. He dropped his staff and began hitting himself on the head, forcing the memory back. 

"That type of magic doesn't work on me, anymore," he roared.

Peony grabbed me out of the way as he stabbed through where I had been standing moments prior. I quickly pushed the panicked thoughts of, why didn't that work?! to the back of my mind. There would be time to think about that later. Setting me down on one of the roofs where I had stashed a quiver of arrows, Peony charged him, spewing fire at him, which he avoided by shielding himself with his cloak with a bored expression on his face. He swung at her with his staff and I put a well aimed arrow through the wood, splintering it. She tail whipped him into an empty barn and was about to finish him off when a tiny sound could be heard. She and I looked at each other and glanced back up the road. Mystery came toddling down the street just as fast as her little legs could carry her. She climbed over Peony and flapped her adorable wings until she reached the ground. She went up to Drago, who laughed as she approached. He raised his weapon to strike her and she screeched angrily. Suddenly a blinding light caused Peony and I to lose sight of the pair as we shielded our eyes to keep from going blind. I slid to the ground and felt around for Peony.

"And I thought your light show was powerful!" I joked. 

Hrmm! she growled. I laughed and petted her to calm her down.

Something small nudged my ankle and I looked down. Mystery was looking up at me with large, cute eyes. Mama? Did I do good? she asked. I bent down and picked her up.

"Yes, sweetie, you did really good," I said to her. Drago was knelt down, moaning in pain. I was about to make a move but then Eret was next to us. "Oh, nice of you to join the party. I thought you'd been scared off!" C

"May I?" he asked, pointing with his sword at his old employer, ignoring my comments. I exchanged glances with Peony who then glared at Eret hard before rolling her eyes and stepping back. I silently gestured with an open hand in an "after you" fashion. He went up to Drago and lopped off his head. I sent a mental call to my Sensei, who put me through on a large scale to the rest of the Warriors.

"Sensei," I said. 

"Yes, Nina?" he asked.

"I can confirm the death of Drago Bludvist," I replied. I heard a collective gasp.

"Please send through your proof," the Elder said. I tried not to roll my eyes, instead taking a mental picture of Eret putting the head of our enemy on a stake. "Very well; we shall send a representative to confirm your claim. Thank you for your time."

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Chapter. 29 - Recovery and Adventure

I returned to the house Emma and I shared and informed her of everything. I then grabbed the journal and wrote down what I had observed.

Can issue a blinding glow. Cause unknown, I wrote. I stoked up the fire as Peony stuck her head in.

Spindle wants to know when we're leaving, she reported. I exchanged glances with Emma and she tilted her head.

"Spindle wants to know when we're leaving," I translated. She nodded in acknowledgement.

"Maybe day after tomorrow?" she suggested. 

"Yeah that works," I said. "Heading south along the coast?"

"Sure," she said. Her hand came up and cradled her chin as she pondered something. "Have you checked in with your family?" 

"I was about to do that," I answered with a laugh. I spelled up the call. Mom and Dad were working on something...suspicious. I cleared my throat and put a haze over the spell to prevent Emma from seeing too much. They bolted upright, faces flushed.

"Nina! What a surprise," Mom said, clearing her throat. 

"You two decent?" I asked. "I have a haze over both feeds and will drop it when I get the all clear." Dad coughed awkwardly.

"Just give us a moment," he muttered. I nodded. I heard movement and the faint sound of cloth over skin. "We, uh, we're decent."

I dropped the haze over both feeds and they sat very stiffly beside each other. Hiccup came in not long after with Toothless close behind. The Night Fury sniffed the air and cast a dirty look at my parents. I willed a spark to fly over and hit him on the nose. "Don't give my parents that look, Toothless," I growled at him. "Anyways, I'm calling to report that Drago has been killed." Absolute silence met my words.

"Wh-what?" Dad stammered. "Show us."

I altered the glyphs so I could show my memory of the fight. At the end of it, Hiccup, Mom, Dad, and Toothless sat back quietly. Toothless leaned forward and burbled something. Again, I adjusted my spell so I could hear what he was saying.

...you defeated him. When we had thought him dead but the opposite being true, you stopped his reign of terror, he said. He dipped his head and thanked me.

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Chapter 30 - Confirmation and Travel Plans

Emma and I were pleasantly surprised when the representative arrived that evening and confirmed Drago's demise. Peony began using a wingtip to play with his head until Emma and I shooed her away from it. Then the people of the village threw his corpse and head into a large landfill which was then set afire. I wrinkled my nose at the stink of burning flesh, then I climbed on Spindle and Emma climbed on Peony.

We were just about to take off when I heard someone calling out to us.

"Nina! Emma! Wait!" Eret called. We looked at each other then over to where he was standing. He was talking to his son about something then ran up to us. "Mind if I join you?" His color was high and I felt something stirring within my chest. I pushed it back quickly though before a spark could catch.

Emma and I exchanged glances again before looking at our four dragons. We all came to a unanimous agreement, though Peony was still hesitant.

Once a trapper always a trapper, she grumbled. Herby gave her a quick flick with his tail to her right wing, the closest one to us. She yelped then he and I glared at her. Her spots flared briefly in anger before settling down.

"Sure, Eret, you're welcome to join us. But what about Haridan?" I asked.

"I'm sending him on my ship to Berk. You don't think Hiccup and the other would mind, do you?" inquired he.

"Not at all!" I said, a little excitedly. I hoped it would be lost on him and thankfully it was.