Hiccup & Astrid "A family at last!"

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Hiccup and Astrid are 23 in this story and please ignore spelling and grammer errors! thank you!



Chapter 1: SURPRISE!

   The sun was shining and the terrible terrors were singing on the roof tops. Hiccup woke up to the singing of the terrible terrors. There was a new feeling in the air… Hiccup stretched and looked over to Astrid. She wasn’t in bed with him, “Astrid?” He called. “Morning hun! Breakfast is ready.” Astrid said in a happy tone of voice. Hiccup got out of bed, folded the blankets and set them on the bed. As he walked down the stairs he said “You seem to be awfully happy and alert this morning.” Astrid set a plate down on the table for Hiccup, it had bacon, cooked potatoes, and some bread and butter. “Oh, just having a good day I guess.” She said with a smile.  Hiccup sat down at looked at the wonderful breakfast Astrid had made him. “Glad you’re having a good day hun. Thank you for the wonderful breakfast!” he said as he started to pick up a piece of bacon.


    Astrid sat down across the table with her plate. For a minute she watched Hiccup eat his breakfast, Then she said, “Hiccup?” He swallowed his bite of potatoes and set his fork down. “What is it Astrid?” he asked nervously. She walked over to Hiccup and sat down beside him, she held his hand and he held hers. “Hiccup, I haven’t told you this… but I think now is the time.” Hiccup had a very worried look on his face, “What could it be?” he thought to himself. A smile came across Astrid’s face which comforted him a little. “Hiccup…. You’re…” Astrid paused to Hiccup’s fear. “You’re…… a Daddy!” she said with delight. Hiccup was in shock at Astrid’s words. His eyes got huge and his heart was pounding! He had to think about it for a minute, “I’m….. a…. daddy?” he paused.  “You mean!?” He said with excitement. “Yes Hiccup, we’re having a baby!” Astrid lunged at Hiccup to give him a hug. They hugged tight for a few minutes and they kissed on the lips.


    Hiccup placed his hand on Astrid’s stomach, he smiled in disbelief.  “I….I’m a daddy.” He tried to hide the tears, but a big tear of joy came rolling down his face. Astrid placed her hand on top of Hiccup’s, she also had tears rolling down her face, but she wasn’t trying to hide it. “I’m a mommy.” She said with overflowing joy. “Have you told anyone else?” Hiccup asked. “Only Gobber, I wasn’t feeling well so I had Gobber take a look at me…” she paused for a moment, “He said I was pregnant… I told him not to tell anyone…. And he hasn’t” “Oh hun, why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well?” asked Hiccup. “Well, I didn’t want to worry you and you were on patrol with Toothless at the time.” Astrid replied.


 “Hiccup, can you go get your dad, and my parents… and bring them here so we can tell them?” Hiccup stood up, He wished his mom was here, but he removed that from his mind and focused on what he did have, he was a chief, he had the most beautiful and loving wife on the face of the earth, he still had his dad, and he has a baby on the way. “On my way!”  Hiccup yelled as he ran out the door.


    Hiccup bolted into his old house, “DAD!?” He yelled. Stoick jumped up “What’s wrong?!” Stoick paused “Hiccup?” Stoick said a little bit surprised. Hiccup ran and grabbed his dad’s hand and started pulling him out the door. “Dad go right to my house! I will explain later!” yelled Hiccup as he ran to Astrid’s old house. Stoick raised his eye brow, he shook his head and walked to Hiccup’s house. Once he got there he knocked on the door. Astrid opened the door with a smile.  “Hello Stoick, please… come in.” she said while opening the door wider. “Hi Astrid, Do you know what’s up? Hiccup is awful…. Energetic.” Astrid smiled “when have you known him not to be energetic?” She laughed.


   Suddenly the front door opened again and Astrid’s parents and Hiccup were walking in. Hiccup went straight to Astrid and held her hand. Astrid’s parents and Stoick and exchanged glances. “Well, we called you here for a special reason.” Said Astrid. She nodded at Hiccup. “Astrid and I are………..” Hiccup paused, then Hiccup and Astrid said in unison “We are parents!” they said with excitement. Their parents were confused at first, but then they relied what was going to happen. They jumped up and cheered for joy, Stoick went and gave his son a hug, and Astrid parents went and gave there girl a hug. “I’m so proud of you! You’ll be an excellent father.” said Stoick. Hiccup stepped back, he thought it sounded funny to be called a father. “thanks dad, I had a great teacher.” Hiccup said giving his father another hug.


Astrid was talking to her parents, “Astrid, you will be a wonderful mother!” said her mom.  “Do you want a boy or girl?” asked her father. Astrid paused… she hadn’t even thought about it.  She turned to Hiccup, “You want a boy or girl?” she asked Hiccup. Hiccup came and put his hand on Astrid’s stomach. “Boy or girl….. I will be happy with either.” Astrid gazed up at Hiccup. “Me too. Boy or girl… I will be happy.” Astrid turned to Stoick and her mom and dad, “We want to keep this a secret as long as possible.” Said Astrid. Hiccup nodded in agreement. “How many months till?” Astrid’s father asked. Hiccup looked at Astrid… waiting for an answer. “About four more months or so!” said Astrid. 


She made some lunch for everyone and they all sat down and ate. After everyone had their fill, Stoick and Astrid’s parents left the house. Astrid’s father tapped Stoick on the shoulder after they were a good distance from the house. “Stoick?” Astrid’s father asked. Stoick turned around, “What can I do you for?” Stoick replied.  “Don’t you think the baby is rather…. Small….. I mean, she only has four months to go.” Said Astrid’s father. Stoick hadn’t thought about that. He pondered it for a moment, “Everything will be fine, so what the baby is small.” Said Stoick. Astrid’s mother and father looked worriedly at one another, but they knew they couldn’t do anything about it so the shrugged it off and went on with their day. 



My FanFic: Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life!"


  Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life" Is a clean Fanfiction that follows Hiccup and Astrid in their adventures as a married couple. This story is packed with adventure, Hicstrid, Trials that shake the foundation of their marrage, and loads of surprizes along the way! I highly suggest reading it. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Here is a sneak peak from the first chapter of the story!

“DAD!?” He yelled. Stoick jumped up in shock

 “What’s wrong?!” Stoick paused “Hiccup?” Stoick said a little bit surprised. Hiccup ran and grabbed his dad’s hand and started pulling him out the door.

“Dad go right to my house! I will explain later!” yelled Hiccup as he ran to Astrid’s old house. Stoick raised his eye brow, he shook his head and walked to Hiccup’s house.

“Even with one foot he is still that fastest person on the island.” Stoick chuckled.  Once he got there he knocked on the door. Astrid opened the door with a smile. 

“Hello Stoick, please… come in.” she said while opening the door wider.

“Hi Astrid, Do you know what’s up? Hiccup is awful…. Energetic this morning.” Astrid smiled

“When have you known him not to be energetic?” She laughed.


Suddenly the front door opened again and Astrid’s parents and Hiccup were walking in. Hiccup went straight to Astrid and held her hand. Astrid’s parents and Stoick and exchanged glances.

 “Well, we called you here for a special reason.” Said Astrid. She nodded at Hiccup.

 “Astrid and I are………..” Hiccup paused, then Hiccup and Astrid said in unison “We are....TO BE CONTINUED in Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life"!

  thank you Hiccup Haddock for the wonderful anti hack banner below!        

The next few pictures are of Ember and his mate, Moonstone. Ember is known for is glowing blue scales on his forehead, ears, and back. He is very protective of his mate, but he very well know's that Toothless is the Alpha. His blue glowing scales aren't to be confused with the "alpha glow." He was born with the glowing scales. Moonstone,  grey night fury that fell in love with Ember. She was born with a blue/green marking around her stunning blue eyes.

Ember and Moonstone drawn by me.

Ember drawn by me.


Ember Drawn by me.





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My FanFic: Hiccup and Astrid "A New Life."





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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Almost there!

For the next few weeks, Hiccup and Astrid were getting ready to have a new member of the Haddock family, and the hooligan tribe. While Hiccup made the baby’s bed, Astrid sewed some blankets, a pillow and a few outfits for the new baby. Hiccup worked on the bed in all of his free time, being the chief…. It took up most of his day. Astrid was low on energy, she worked all she could, but she also slept a lot.


It was late in the evening, about eleven o’clock. Hiccup finally came home, he had been running around the island all day, he didn’t even have time to work on the baby’s bed. Hiccup had moved their bed down stairs in the back room, so that when the baby was old enough, he or she would sleep upstairs as he did when he was a kid. He walked into the back room to check on Astrid. She was sound asleep, she looked so peaceful and happy. Hiccup smiled and went to get some really late dinner.


 After he ate he went to lay down with Astrid, he laid beside her and covered up with a blanket. “Only a week or two left.” He thought to himself. After a while of staring at the celling, Hiccup finally fell asleep. The moon was high in the sky, there were a few clouds in the sky but you could still see the wonderful star filled sky.  Suddenly the peace was broken but Astrid sitting strait up in bed and gasped. She was taking really deep breaths and clenching her teeth in between breaths. Hiccup also sat strait up. “Astrid what’s wrong?!” he said in panic. Astrid took a few deep breaths and laid back down. “I’m fine Hiccup…” she took another deep breath and continued “It’s closer to time Hiccup…. It was my first contraction.” Hiccup’s eyes widened and he jumped out of bed, “So should I get Gobber?!” Hiccup said panicking. “No, no… it’s not time.” She said taking another deep breath. “You’re gonna be a wreck when this baby is about to enter the world.” She said with a little laugh. Hiccup smiled and climbed back into bed.


Astrid looked at Hiccup, He was staring at the celling… she could tell he was worried… she was worried too, but she wasn’t going to show it. She cuddled up as close as she could next to him, closed her eyes, and went to sleep. Hiccup, knowing Astrid was right by his side and comfortable, went to sleep.


The next morning Hiccup got up early and went off to do help around the village. Some of the villagers went on a two day fishing trip and Hiccup helped them get the nets ready and the sails mended. He skipped lunch so he could finish the baby’s bed. It was smooth, carved and painted. Hiccup carried it to the house and took it up stairs. He got the room arranged and he put the pillow and blanket that Astrid made in the baby’s bed.


As Hiccup was heading out the door Astrid yelled “Hiccup!” he stopped in his tracks and took off to get to Astrid’s side as fast as possible. He came to a screeching halt. She was lying on the bed, clenching her teeth again. “Astrid, talk to me! What’s wrong?!” said Hiccup as he was panicking.  She took some more deep breaths “Hiccup, it’s time! Get Gobber!” Said Astrid and she was trying to take a deep breath. Hiccup stood up in shock. “Astrid, Gobber isn’t here, I will do it.” He said with confidence. “Hiccup what do you know about this kind of stuff!” “Astrid, I’m the Chief, My dad taught me how, He delivered me and I will deliver this little one.” He said trying to convince Astrid. She knew they didn’t have time to wait, and Stoick taught Hiccup what to do. “Alright, fine.” She said taking another deep breath. Hiccup smiled and held Astrid’s hand. “Hun, we are going to have a baby today.” They both smiled and then they kissed.


 Hiccup took off to get what he needed. It only took him a few minutes and he was right back by Astrid’s side. He watched her contractions closely. He knew if he didn’t do this right, the baby could die… and so could Astrid. It was a few hours later and her contractions were closer together and more painful according to Astrid. “Do you think it’s almost time?” said Astrid. She was out of breath and she was very tired. Hiccup was scared to death and now he was even more worried because Astrid was tiring quickly. He didn’t know if she would have enough energy to make it. “Hang in there. It will be soon.” He said reassuring her. It was about ten o’clock in the evening, Astrid had been at this for eight hours.


“Astrid it’s time!” said Hiccup. “Good!” replied Astrid. Astrid was almost completely out of energy, she was pushing though wit hall the energy she had left, then… she heard the baby cry. She had a big sigh of relief. Hiccup cleaned up the baby and wrapped it in the blanket Astrid had made. He walked up to Astrid and let her hold the new baby. “Astrid, say hello to our new baby boy!” “It’s a boy! He is so small and cute.” she said with joy. Hiccup was so happy, he was Happy he had a son, Astrid was fine, and that he did everything right.


 Hiccup knelt down be the side of the bed near Astrid and his son. Toothless came in the front door and waited for Hiccup’s approval before he approached the young one. “Come on bud, I want you to meet our new baby boy. Toothless walked up to the new baby, he gave him a little nudge. Toothless was extremely gentle with the baby.


 “So, what is his name?” Hiccup Asked. Astrid looked at her husband, then down at her new baby boy. She let out a small laugh with what little energy she had “Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth!” she said with complete joy. Hiccup was shocked yet honored at the name she picked. Hiccup put his hand on his son’s forehead. “Welcome, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth! Don’t let the others tease you about your name, great things will come in time.” Said Hiccup. “This is going to be hard with you both being named Hiccup….. and you can’t shorten Hiccup.” Said Astrid. “Hmmm…. How about Hock?” said Hiccup. Astrid raised her eye brow “Hock?” “Yeah, like Haddock.” Astrid thought about it for a minute, “Hock, I like it.” Replied Astrid.


Astrid let Hiccup hold their son. Hiccup picked up hock and swayed back and forth. Hock opened his eyes slightly to look at his dad, he smiled and gave a little laugh.” Hiccup thought, “Nothing… and I mean nothing can beat this.” He looked over at Astrid, she was lying down… she was super tired from the long hours, and giving birth. Hiccup went to the other side of the bed and put their son in between Astrid and him.  “Astrid, we have a son!” Hiccup couldn’t settle down.  Astrid opened her eyes, “I’m just as excited as you are, but I barely made it through that, I’m just super tired.” “Ok Astrid, We’ll let you sleep.” Said Hiccup. He gave Astrid and Hock a kiss goodnight. Hiccup was proud thinking that he had a family, a family to love and protect. With that thought in mind, he fell asleep.

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This story is really good. I

This story is really good. I hope to see it continue. :)


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So glad you are enjoying it!

So glad you are enjoying it! yes, the story will continue :D

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The News


The next morning, Hiccup heard a knock at the door. Astrid was holding Hock, and Toothless was sleeping on the floor by the side of the bed, so he went to answer the door. He gently opened the door to see who it was, “Oh, morning Dad.” Said Hiccup. “Morning son, checking on you and Astrid… will we be seeing a new member anytime soon?” asked Stoick. Hiccup smiled “Sooner than you think. Go get Astrid’s parents and come back here in about an hour.” Said Hiccup. “Sooner then I think?” “You’ll find out in an hour, go on now.” Hiccup winked. Then he shut the front door.


Stoick went off to get Astrid’s parents. Hiccup turned around and Astrid was walking toward him with Hock. “Well good morning my wonderful family!” said Hiccup. “Good morning hun.” Said Astrid, she was still tired. “Who was that?” Asked Astrid. “That was my Dad, he is going to get your parents so we can show them Hock.” Toothless came and rubbed his head on Hiccup, Hiccup scratched him under the chin and messed around with his ears.


 Astrid looked upstairs and saw Stormfly peeking her head though the window they made for Toothless to come and go. Astrid walked up the stairs with Hock in her arms, “Come on Hiccup, Stormfly needs to meet Hock.” Hiccup stopped messing around with Toothless and walked up stairs. “Stormfly, This is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth, Hock for shork.” She said as she held up Hock to Stormfly. She sniffed the baby, and gave him a little nudge. “Good girl Stormfly.” Astrid said winking at Stormfly. Stormfly blinked as if she was winking back.


Astrid Handed Hock over to his proud father so she could get ready for the day.  Hiccup held Hock close to his body, Hock felt the big and loving arms holding him, and he could hear Hiccup’s heart beating. He recognized the feeling of Hiccup’s arms holding him close and the sound of his heart beating. He opened his eyes, and smiled at His dad. Hiccup smiled “Hi Hock, I’m your Daddy.” Hock yawned, closed his eyes and went back to sleep.


Astrid was redoing her side braid, put on her shoulder guards and fur hood.  She looked around the corner and Hiccup was sitting crisscross on the floor leaning against Toothless. He had Hock in his arms. “Well, look at you three boys, sittin all snuggled up together.” She joked. Hiccup stood up and handed Hock back to His mom so he could get ready for the day. He went and combed his hair, but on his chief belt, and his fight suit. Once he got back down stairs Astrid checked him over to see if he was all ready for the day… Hiccup knew that Astrid was in the mothering mode, so even though he was her husband, she still… for now… would mother him. She handed Hock to him and did a little braid in his hair. “Now you’re ready for the day.” She said with confidence. Hiccup nodded in agreement.


Then they heard their parents knock on the door. Astrid told Hiccup to take Hock in the back room and wait. So that’s what Hiccup did. Astrid opened the door and welcomed her parents and Stoick into the house. “Astrid what’s going on?” her mom asked. “Is everything alright?” asked her father. “Where is Hiccup?” Stoick asked. “You will see.” “Yes everything is ok.” “and as for Hiccup….” She smiled at her parents and Stoick.  “Hiccup! Please come here.” She said with excitement. Hiccup walked in the room holding Hock close to his heart. Their parents gasped. “You had your baby!” said Astrid’s mom. Her dad stood in shock. “Son, who delivered the baby? Gobber and I weren’t here.” Said Stoick. Hiccup smiled, “I did. Her contractions were too strong and too close together for us to wait.”


“Girl or boy? And what name did you pick out?” asked Astrid’s father. “It’s a boy. And we named him Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth.”  Astrid said excitedly.  “Hiccup?! You named your perfect son Hiccup?!” said her father. Hiccup was a little offended by Astrid’s fathers words. “Hiccup is a good name. Remember, I was the one who shot down a night fury, trained the first dragon, and defeated the red death!”Hiccup said defending his name and his son’s name. Her father took a deep breath.


Astrid could feel tension growing between Hiccup and her father. She noticed that Hiccup was standing up very tall and had his hand on her shoulder, His other hand was on his firesword, he was tapping it gently as if giving her father a warning. Astrid knew her father wanted to be in control of things… but Hiccup was the chief and it was their baby… they had the right to choose what name they wanted. Astrid’s mom and even Stoick stayed out of it for fear of making things worse.


“Well you certainly are a Hiccup… a Hiccup of a chief!” shouted her father. He took a step toward Astrid and Hock, but Hiccup was in front of them is less the a heartbeat. “Mr. Hofferson, I am asking you to leave my house.” He said with all the seriousness in the world. “Oh sure… you have no right to…” Astrid’s father was interrupted by Hiccup. “I have all the rights on this island! I am YOUR chief! You are not mine!” shouted Hiccup. People rarely stood up to Mr. Hofferson. Mr. Hofferson drew his sword and pointed it right at Hiccup. Astrid was shocked at her father. Hiccup moved Astrid and Hock behind him. He drew his firesword out and had it flaming and ready. Toothless was There in a heartbeat to guard Hiccup.


Astrid knew this was becoming fiscal. She placed her hand on Hiccup’s chest. Hiccup looked down at Astrid, She had a worried look on her face as she held Hock close to her. Hiccup knew fighting wouldn’t be a good example for Hock and that it would only make things worse. He gave a big sigh and put away his firesword. “Mr. Hofferson, you can think what you want about the name Hiccup, We like it. Good day Mr. Hofferson.” Said Hiccup. He winked at Astrid and walked to the back room. Astrid was proud that Hiccup didn’t try and fight it out. Astrid’s mom came up to her, “You know… Your dad is right, you shouldn’t name a perfect little boy Hiccup.” She whispered. A tear rolled down Astrid’s face, you guys don’t even care about my boy!” she turned and walked into the back room with Hiccup.


Her parents were mad, but they left it alone, and they left the house. Stoick walked into the back room, “I think Hiccup is a fine name.” Hiccup was sitting on the side of the bed with Astrid next to him. “Thanks dad. We are calling him Hock so we don’t get confused with two Hiccups in the house.”  Said Hiccup. With that, Stoick nodded and walked out of the house.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Raising Hock


About five years later Hiccup was lying in bed sound asleep, he had a long day the day before and he was sleeping in. Astrid was cooking some breakfast for Hiccup and Hock. “Mom when is breakfast ready?” Hock asked. Astrid looked down at her little five year old. “Soon. And Dad is sleeping so we must be quiet.” Said Astrid as she held a finger up to her mouth. Hock nodded and went to look out the front door.


Hock looked just like Hiccup when he was that age. Short, skinny, energetic, and had a mind of his own. Hock looked over his shoulder, Astrid was busy cooking. He wanted his Dad to get up because he promised to take him on a long walk with Toothless around the island. He snuck into the room and climbed up onto the bed. He whispered “Daddy? Are you awake yet?” Hiccup just turned to his side and continued sleeping. Hock was tired of waiting so he pushed Hiccup onto his back then jumped on him. “Daddy!” he yelled.  Hiccup’s eyes sprung open. “What the? Oh Good morning Hock.” Said Hiccup, he was still tired. Hock started to shake Hiccup back and forth. “Dad, you said we would go for a walk today!” he complained. Hiccup opened one eye and looked at his son. “Well then, we better get a move on.” Hiccup said as he opened his other eye and sat up.  “But what is that?” he pointed at the boy’s stomach. Hock looked down to see what it was, than Hiccup started to tickle him. They wrestled around in the bed, laughing and having fun.


Astrid walked into the room, “Well you two are making more noise than five changewings in a chicken coop.” she laughed. “Come on breakfast is ready.” “Alright hun, thank you.” Said Hiccup. “Thanks mom!” said Hock. Hiccup put on his medal leg, got up out of bed and combed his hair real fast. As he was combing his hair he saw Hock was looking at his medal leg. “Dad, I want a foot like yours!”  Hock said as he put his hand on the medal leg. Hock was a Daddy’s boy. He did everything he could just like Hiccup, said everything like Hiccup and wanted to be with Hiccup all the time. “Well son, it’s not as fun as it may look. Be happy with your two feet you can run and have fun on.” Hiccup said as he finished combing his hair. “Let’s go eat, than we will take that walk.” Hiccup didn’t want Hock to get too interested in flying yet because he was only five years old.


 Hiccup sat Hock down at the table and helped Astrid get the plates on the table so that could all sit together at the same time. They had some bacon, eggs, and a small bowl of oatmeal. “Very good Astrid.” Said Hiccup. “It’s very good mom.” Said Hock. “Well I’m glad you like it.” Said Astrid. Hock ate very quickly, and grabbed his dad’s hand and pulled him towards the door. “Come on daddy! Let’s go!” Hock said as he pulled his dad towards the door. “Hock, we must help Astrid clean up now.” Said Hiccup. Hock was disappointed, He didn’t get much alone time with his dad because he was always busy with being the chief.


Astrid saw how disappointed Hock was, she knew Hiccup would have a lot to do in a few hours, “Go on you two, I will take care of things this time.” Said Astrid. Hock’s eyes brightened and joy filled his heart. “All right, let’s go Hock.” Hiccup said with a smile. “Hiccup, do you think you guys will go on a……. you know.” Astrid Asked. Hiccup knew Astrid meant flying, “Oh I’m not sure…” “Hiccup, how can he love dragons if he never learns about them?” said Astrid. Hiccup sighed. “Ok, fine…… we will give it a try.” Said Hiccup. Hiccup reached down and put Hock on his shoulders and walked out the door, “Come on bud!” shouted Hiccup.


They walked into the forest and down into the cove, “Dad, what is this place?” Hock asked. “This is where I met Toothless for the very first time.” Replied Hiccup.


He sat Hock down on the ground, “Son, Here on berk as you have seen, there are dragons everywhere. “Learning about them…. And even training them, is a big part of keeping the peace.” Hock’s eyes were filled with excitement, but then he got confused. “Dad, Why do we have to keep the peace? I thought dragons were always our friends.” Said Hock. Hiccup looked over to Toothless then back to his son. “Son, come and sit on my lap… it’s time I told you what Berk was like as I was growing up and the three hundred years before that.” Hock ran to his father and jumped in his lap. “Hock, for three hundred years dragons and Vikings were enemys, they killed us and we killed them. There was one dragon that had never been killed, in fact… never seen.” Hock listened intently to his father’s words. “I was working with Gobber, helping him make dragon killing weapons… Gobber had to leave and I went to shoot down this allusive dragon. You know what it was called?” he asked Hock. Hock shouted, “Toothless!” Hiccup smiled “That’s right, but before I named him Toothless he was known as the Night Fury, the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.” Hiccup said dramatically.  Hock looked over at Toothless, He was running in circles chasing his tail, his tong was hanging out of the side of his mouth and His eye’s all big and cute. “Toothless?” he said with confusion. Hiccup laughed. “I know he doesn’t seem fierce…. At all…. but when he was wild…. Well, let me finish. Hiccup finished telling Hock the story. “Wow dad! You were really brave to take on that red death!” said Hock. Hiccup grinned, “Well son, I was afraid, but if we didn’t take the Red death on, it would cost the whole village their lives. But after the fight was all over the only thing it cost us was a few boats, a few catapults and my left foot.” Hiccup said gesturing to his medal leg. “Now Hock, I am going to take you on a fly.” Hock jumped up with excitement, he had seen his dad fly on toothless but he never got to go with him. “Really Dad?!” “Yes, really.”


Hiccup hopped on Toothless and put hock in front of him. Hiccup snapped his medal foot into place and Toothless spread his wings. “Alright bud…. Take it easy….” Hiccup said patting him on the head. Toothless had a gentle take off and rose In the sky slowly.  Hock watched the ground get farther and farther away…. He was amazed! But all of the sudden…. He felt scared….. he scooted back right up against his dad’s chest. He looked up at his dad, “He looks so brave….” he thought to himself as Hiccup watched the sky. “Hock, that’s our house!” Hock looked down at the small wooden figure. “That’s our house?” he questioned.


   All of the sudden a dragon swoops down and hits Hiccup in the back. “Oww! For the Love of Thor!” He shouted. “Dad, are you ok?” Hock said with a worried tone of voice. “Yes, I’m fine Hock…. I wasn’t expecting that…..” Hiccup said as he rubbed his back with his left hand. “What dragon was it? Let’s go after it!” said Hock. “Well” Hiccup turned around to see what dragon it might have been. “It looks like it was a Deadly Nadder.” “Like mom’s dragon!” Hock shouts as he points to the Deadly Nadder. “Hock, we can’t go after it… I have to get to work now. And you’re not quite ready to do that kind of flying.” Hiccup said looking down at his son. “Aww but Dad….” “No Hock, flying like that is dangerous.” Hock didn’t like it…. But he obeyed his Fathers words.


   Toothless growled suddenly and looked around, at the very same time Hiccup got tense. Hock pushed against his father’s arm…. It didn’t move one bit.  Hiccup leaned forward over Hock. It seemed as Hiccup and Toothless were one… both thinking the same thing, moving the same way communicating back and forth without saying a word.  Hiccup nor Toothless made a noise till they were back on the ground. They landed right by the house. “Dad, what was that about?” Hock asked his father. “Well son, there were dragons around us… wild dragons.” Said Hiccup. Hock looked at the sky, “I didn’t hear or see them.” “When you have been around dragons as long as I have, you just know.” Hock looked confused. “Run on inside Hock, I have to go work now.” Hiccup said as He patted Hock on the shoulder. Hock knew his father had to go, so he walked toward the house. Hiccup was just about to hop on Toothless when he heard, “DAD!” he turned around and Hock jumped up to give him a hug, “Love you daddy!” he said as he hugged his dad tighter. Hiccup held Hock in his arms, also giving him a hug, “I love you too!” Hiccup said with a smile. He set Hock down on the ground, He ran happily back to the house to tell his mom about his adventure with dad. He turned around and saw his dad take off into the sky with Toothless. He waved sadly, but then was happy to tell his mom about his adventure.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: A familiar face


“Mom, My birthday is in two days!” Hock shouted as he tugged at his mother’s skirt. Astrid looked down at him, “No, that can’t be right…. You had your birthday last year.” She joked with him. “Mom, you have a birthday every year! And I’m turning seven!” he shouted. “Haha, How could I have forgotten.” She said as she lifted Hock in the air. “Mom, are you pulling my leg?” Hock asked. “Yes, im just kidding, I would never forget your birthday!” she said as she gave him a hug. “Mom, Does dad still love me?” Hock asked. Astrid was surprised at Hock’s question. “Of course he still loves you, why do you think otherwise?” “Dad hasn’t been home much… and he is always too tired or too busy to play.” Hock said lowering his head. “Hock, look at me. Your father loves you with all his heart…He has been really busy but I will make sure you two get a day together, alright?” Hock smiled, “Ok mom.”


It was late at night, about ten o’clock and there was a knock at the door. Hiccup wasn’t home, he was on patrol with Toothless. “Hock, to the back room, now!” she whispered. Hock was frightened so he ran into the back room as his mom had ordered. Astrid pulled her out her axe and was ready to fight if she needed. She slowly opened the door. A small dark figure stood there. “Astrid! It’s so good to see you!” said the voice. “Who are you?” Astrid asked. “It’s me Heather!” Astrid stood up in shock, “Wow Heather, come on in.” said Astrid as she opened the door for her.  Hock knew his mom wanted him to stay in the back room till she said to come out.

“How did you find our house?” asked Astrid. “Well I know where Hiccup’s house is so I went there and stoick told me to come here… so I did.  Wait…. Did you say our house?” Heather asked. She looked down and saw the ring on Astrid’s hand. “Are you married?!” Heather shouted. “Yeah…..why?” “That’s amazing Astrid! Who did you marry?” “Hiccup…. We married about seven years ago.” “Oh the fire is burning low, I’m gonna get some fire wood real quick.” “Alright Astrid.”


Hock came out of the back room, thinking everyone was gone and saw Heather, “Well who are you?” Heather asked the young boy. Hock stood up proud and tall, “I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth, Son of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third, and Fearless Astrid Haddock.” Heather was surprised at this little boy’s long name. “Doesn’t it get confusing, having to Hiccup’s in the house?” she questioned. “Most people call me Hock, my dad gave me that name.” replied Hock.  Heather smiled and walked towards the young boy.   


In the meantime Hiccup was patrolling the island with Toothless. Toothless snarled, “What is it bud?” Hiccup looked down at the dark sea, “Is that an outcast boat?” They flew down to check it out. “Thank Thor, it’s not an outcast boat…. It might be one of ours….. maybe the twins were up to something” said Hiccup.


They flew back to the house, Hiccup saw that Astrid must still be awake because there were a few candles lit in the house. Hiccup jumped off Toothless and walked towards the house, “Come on bud, time for a really late dinner.” Toothless followed Hiccup into the house. Hiccup looked around the house, but no one was there. Hiccup looked at Toothless “Bud, it’s almost eleven o’clock….. why would Astrid and Hock be gone?” He asked. Then the front door opened, It was Astrid! Here eye’s full of tears. “Astrid what’s wrong?” Hiccup asked. Astrid looked up and saw Hiccup, she ran to him and gave him a desperately needed hug. “Hiccup, Hock is gone!” she cried. “Gone?! What do you mean gone?!” Hiccup said with a frantic voice. “Heather came to visit, and I had to go get some firewood… when I came back they were both gone!” Hiccup now understood why that boat was there. “She is taking him to Alvin! I just know it!” Hiccup shouted as he ran out the door. “Hiccup where are….” “I’m going to bring our son home!” Hiccup yelled as he and Toothless took off into the night sky. “I’m SO coming with you!” Astrid said as she Hopped on Stormfly, Hiccup and Toothless turned around, “No! You might get hurt or captured! Stay home just in case.” Said Hiccup. And with that Hiccup and Toothless headed off to Outcast island.  


It was now midnight and Hiccup and Toothless reached Outcast island. They noticed the same boat that was on Berk was now at the docks of Outcast Island. They snuck into the jail…. Nothing there……they checked as many places as Hiccup could think of…. But Hock was nowhere to be seen. A tear rolled down Hiccup’s cheek, He was so worried about his boy. “If I had only been home…. None of this would of Happened!” Hiccup cried. “It’s all my falt…. Some guardian I am.” He said gesturing to himself.

Hiccup and Toothless heard some Outcast solders walking there way, “Toothless!” Hiccup whispered. Toothless threw Hiccup onto His back and jumped from wall to wall until they were high above them on a small ledge up in the cave celling. “Heather did a great job getting Hiccup’s son back here.” Said one of the solders. “Haha, runt of a boy from a runt of a father!” the other laughed. Hiccup was feeling saddened…. But that sadness turned to anger. “I know exactly where Hock is.” Hiccup said glaring at the solders from above. Toothless jumped from ledge to ledge till they were back on the ground, they ran to the Great Hall and peeked inside the door. Hiccup saw Hock tied to a chair back in the corner of the room. His head was lowered but Hiccup could tell he was crying. Hiccup was filled with anger at the thought of someone making his boy cry.


Alvin was sitting in the middle of the Great Hall….Hiccup would have to pass him in order to get to Hock. Then Alvin started to speak, “Send the message to Berk! We are holding Hiccup’s boy for ransom!” With that, Hiccup had Toothless blow open the door of the Great Hall.  “Why wait Alvin? I’m right here!” Hiccup shouted. At the sound of his father’s voice Hock looked up, his eyes were red from crying, he franticly tried to get free of the ropes grip. “Daddy!” He cried. Hock’s voice almost broke Hiccup’s heart, “Everything will be okay Hock!” Hiccup replied. Hiccup glared at Alvin then jumped on Toothless. “Well I...” Alvin started. “Let him go! NOW!” Hiccup shouted. Alvin Laughed. “Now!” yelled Alvin. Then Nets were thrown over Hiccup and Toothless, the quickly tied his hands together and put a muzzle on Toothless. The stood Hiccup up in front of Alvin. He smirked at Hiccup and slapped him on his left cheek… so hard infact Hiccup fell unconscious!  “DAD!” Hock yelled desperately.  Toothless squirmed to get free, but nothing worked.


“Release the Boy, we have what we wanted.” Said Alvin. They went and untied Hock from the chair. He ran over to his dad’s side. He grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him back and forth, “Dad! Dad come on! You have to be okay! You have too!” Hock looked over at Toothless, he made a soft purring sound to try and comfort Hock. Hock patted Toothless on the head, he didn’t know how to get the muzzle off so he just laid down beside his dad.


About a half an hour later, Hiccup opened his eyes slowly. He looked around, Alvin was sitting facing a fire, and also facing away from them. Hiccup saw Hock sleeping by his side, Toothless was also sleeping. Hiccup grabbed his FireSword and burned the ropes that were holding him. Hock woke up to Hiccup moving around, He looked up and saw His dad freeing Toothless. “Dad!” he shouted happily. Hiccup turned around quickly, grabbed Hock and put him on Toothless’ back within a few seconds. Alvin was already running toward Hiccup with his sword ready to threaten or even kill Hiccup. “Toothless Go! And protect Hock! No matter what do not leave him!” Hiccup shouted. Toothless nodded and ran out the door with Hock on his back, “Toothless, what are you doing?! We need to save dad!” Hock shouted. Toothless hid outside of the Great Hall, waiting for Hiccup’s orders. Hock leaned over so he could see though the Great Hall door.


 Hiccup raised his firesword and gave a warning swing at Alvin, “You’re a fool taking my son!” Hiccup shouted. Alvin chuckled.  “Your father said the same thing when I kidnapped you!” Hiccup didn’t realize how much he was like his father, He knew he couldn’t fiscally fight Alvin, but he knew he had to do something. “I may be a Hiccup, I know there are things I can’t do,” He paused. “But it is nothing compared to what I can do!” Hiccup shouted as he raised his firesword, he swung it so hard it knocked the sword right out of Alvin’s hand! Hock watched in terror. Hiccup slowly backed Alvin into a corner, “Alvin, You can threaten me, tie me up, throw me in a dungeon… but what you will NOT do is take my son away, Do you understand me Alvin?!”  Hiccup said as he raised his firesword and held it Closer and closer to Alvin’s face.  “Alright, fine…. Take your son and go.” Alvin said with a huff.


 Hiccup turned around and started to walk out. Hock was so Happy his father was fine and he was coming out to be with him, Suddenly Alvin came up behind Hiccup and wrapped his arms around Hiccup chest and lifted him up into the air. “Alvin!” He shouted. Alvin tightened his grip around Hiccup’s chest. Toothless wanted to run and save Hiccup, but he remembered what Hiccup told him, he made a soft purring sound, Hock was too scared to move. Hiccup tried to take a deep breath, but he couldn’t because Alvin was holding him to tight. “This is what you get for messing with me!” said Alvin. Hiccup struggled to get away from Alvin’s grip, but he only gripped harder and harder. Hiccup couldn’t breathe and quickly started feeling light headed… with one final tight squeeze from Alvin’s death grip, there was a snapping sound, and Hiccup went unconscious. Alvin dropped Hiccup, and kicked him aside. Then walked out of the Great Hall.


  Once Alvin had left, Toothless and Hock bolted to Hiccup’s side. Toothless picked up Hiccup and threw him onto his back. Hock was crying and filled with worry, He gave Toothless a Hug. Toothless nuzzled the little boy, but knew Hiccup needed help fast. He roared and a little terrible terror climbed out of his saddle bag. “I didn’t know dad kept a ter….ter…..” Hock couldn’t remember the little dragon’s name. he continued, “a little dragon in his saddle bag.” The terrible terror looked up at Toothless, Toothless roared at the little dragon, then gave a little nod. The terrible terror nodded back and flew off.


Toothless turned his attention to Hiccup and Hock, He nudged Hock to get on his back.  “Ok Toothless, I understand.” Said Hock as he jumped on his back. Hock had never seen his father so motionless, “Dad, why won’t you wake up?” he thought to himself. Toothless ran to one of the higher points of Outcast Island so they could see any enemies approaching. Hock wished he could work Toothless’ tail fin, then he could save his dad. “Dad did everything for me…. Now I can’t do a thing for him…. He saved my his head and saw a dark figure coming toward them, Hock jumped off Toothless’ back and stood by Toothless, “If you want to hurt my dad you’ll have to go through me!” Hock yelled at the figure coming toward them. “Settle down Hock, it’s just me.” Said a soft voice. Hock squinted to see who it was, suddenly he knew who it was…. “Mom!” he shouted. Astrid ran to her son and husband. “Mom, I can’t get dad to wake up!” Hock cried. Astrid ran to Hiccup and put her ear to Hiccup’s chest, she listened desperately for any sound of a heart beat…..there was none. “No!” Astrid whispered to herself. Astrid turned to Hock, “Hock, Daddy…. Daddy is gone…” Astrid said with tears rolling down her face. Hock was in shock… “NO!” he shouted. Hock ran and put his ear on his father’s chest. “Dad! Please! Please! Don’t leave me!” Hock shouted in desperation. 


Astrid went and also put her ear on Hiccup’s chest, she knew it was too late…. But she wanted to be close to her husband. Suddenly Astrid’s eyes were wide open. “Hock listen!” she shouted. Hock listened, they could hear Hiccup’s heart beating! It was slow and faint, but he was alive! Astrid, Toothless, and Hock had one big group hug! “we can celebrate later, right now let’s get home.” Said Astrid. “but Mom, only Dad can fly Toothless.” Said Hock. Astrid put Hock on Toothless’ back and jumped on behind him. “I can do the basics, Like getting into the air and landing…” she gave Toothless a pat and Toothless took off into the sky, headed for Berk, Stormfly followed. Astrid continued, “When Hiccup is on Toothless’ back, they become one…. They know exactly what one another is thinking. I know Toothless, but I don’t know him that well.” She finished. “I have seen Dad and Toothless work really well together… I hope I am just like him when I grow up!” said Hock.

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This is amazing!!! Please

This is amazing!!! Please continue!!


"So that's how you're going to play this game, eh game!?"       


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glad you like it!  more

glad you like it!

 more chapters on the way!

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Here is a picture of what spitfire looks like. Look out for this new character in theis upcoming chapter!

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Like Father, Like Son.


The next morning Hiccup woke up late in bed. A strong sharp pain ran up his arm, He started to breathe heavily because of the pain, the pain started to dissipate. Astrid and Hock were outside feeding Stormfly, Toothless didn’t leave Hiccup’s side for any reason, so Astrid felt comfortable leaving the house. Toothless heard Hiccup breathing heavily and jumped up onto the bed. He nudged Hiccup, “Well hey bud…what happened?” Hiccup asked while stroking Toothless’ head. Toothless gave Hiccup a little lick on the cheek.


Hiccup heard the front door open, he listened to see if he knew who it was. “Come on Hock, let’s check on dad.” He heard Astrid say.  Hiccup sat up in bed. Hock and Astrid opened the door to look in, “DAD!” Hock yelled! “Hiccup!” Astrid yelled. Astrid ran to the side of the bed, Hock wasted no time in hoping in bed with his dad and he gave him a big hug. “Oh it’s so good to see my family this morning!” said Hiccup. “It’s so good to see you this morning!” said Astrid. “Good to see you alive!” Hock added. Hiccup didn’t know what to think of Hock’s remark… he turned to Astrid, “Am I missing something?” He asked. “Last night when you were on outcast island, your terrible terror came to the house…. He was trying to get me to go out the door…. I knew something went wrong so I rushed to outcast island, when I got there you were lying on Toothless’ back, Hock didn’t know it was me coming and he was right there to protect you” Hiccup patted Hock on the back and smiled at him. Astrid continued, “I showed Hock It was me then we ran to you, I quickly placed my head on your chest to listen for a breath or heartbeat…. But I didn’t hear a breath nor a heartbeat.” Hiccup’s eye’s got a little wider…. “What?” he questioned. “Hock and I listened closer and we heard your heart beating…” there was silence for a moment, Hock took advantage of the silence, “Alvin hugged you too tight and you fell asleep!” Hiccup thought is was funny how Hock described it… but he didn’t laugh because he knew it wasn’t funny to Hock. “That Alvin….. next time I will tell him not to hug me so tight.” Said Hiccup.


Hiccup stood up out of bed, he saw Astrid was right next to him ready to catch him if he were to fall. “I’m fine hun.” Hiccup said as he kissed her on her forehead. Astrid smiled and held his hand. Hock held Hiccup’s other hand and they walked into the kitchen, Hiccup and Astrid got right to work on lunch, “Hock why don’t you go out and play for a little while… we will call you when it is time to eat. But don’t go into the forest by yourself.” Said Hiccup. Hock jumped up happily, “Ok dad.” And he rushed out the door. Astrid turned to Hiccup, “He is just like you… one big, loveable, flaming ball of energy!” she laughed. Hiccup laughed and poked her in her ribcage.


Meanwhile Hock ran out close to the forest edge… he knew his dad wouldn’t want him to go in the forest by himself so he walked on, but then he heard a voice coming from the forest. He inched closer to hear who it was. “Help! Help me!” The faint voice said. Without thinking Hock ran into the forest to help… when he got there he saw it was sharra!


Sharra is a girl about Hock’s age, she had dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was like Astrid when she was that age. Hock looked off to the side and saw a huge Monstrous Nightmare coming toward Sharra! Hock wanted to run back and get his dad… but he knew there wasn’t time…. “I’m coming sharra!” Hock shouted. Hock remembered what his father had told him about training toothless. “Put your hand out, and look away.” he thought to himself. He jumped in front of Sharra Held his hand out to the Nightmare as he turned his head away. He felt the warm nose of the Nightmare touch his hand. He turned and looked at the mighty Dragon resting his nose of his hand. “hey there big fella!” Hock said as he stroked the nightmare’s muzzle. Sharra wasn’t so willing to get near the big dragon…. She had a fear of them. She tugged at Hock’s shirt… “Can we go now?” she asked. “Sure.” Hock replied. Hock patted the Nightmare and walked away with Sharra.


“Oh my dad is going to be looking for me! We better run.” Said Hock. Sharra nodded and they both took off running. As they were running through the forest Hock noticed that there was sunlight all around them…. Except in front of them, the shadow was moving along with them. Suddenly the shadow was gone! Hock shook his head, “were almost out of here Sharra!” “I sure hope your right Hock!” said Sharra.  They burst through the edge of the forest, only to come to a screeching halt. Hiccup and Toothless were standing right in front of them.  “Hock, Sharra, what were you doing in the forest by yourself?” Hiccup said sternly. “It’s my falt Chief!” said Sharra. Hiccup turned to Sharra. “I was in the forest and a Monstrous Nightmare came my way…… I was calling for help! Then Hock came and saved me.” Sharra finished. Hock was nervous….. he didn’t want his dad to be mad or disappointed. Hiccup looked over at his faithful right hand and friend… “Toothless, Take Hock home…. I will be there after I walk Sharra home.” Said Hiccup. Toothless gave a nod and pushed Hock with his nose toward the house. Side by side Hock and Toothless walked to the house. Hiccup held out his hand to Sharra, she took his hand as Hiccup walked her home.


At home, Hock was pacing the floor, Toothless watched him as he went back and forth, back and forth….. to toothless, it seemed like and endless cycle of  random, and not to mention boring walking.  Astrid had gone out for a quick fly with Stormfly. Then Hiccup opened the front door, “Hock?” “Yes Dad?” Hock said nervously. Hiccup came inside and sat Hock down on a chair. “Hock, I told you not to go in that forest! Why did you disobey me?” Hock Looked at the floor, then back up to his fathers eyes. “I wasn’t going to go in the forest, as I was walking by I heard Sharra calling for help, I guess I wasn’t thinking and I ran in to find her.” Hock said lowering his head. “What about the Nightmare she said was coming at her?” Asked Hiccup. “I remembered how you trained Toothless…. You know when you told me that story….. so I trained the Nightmare!” “You trained a Monstrous Nightmare?” Hiccup asked. “yes dad, I did!” Hock demonstrated how he trained the Nightmare. Hiccup smilled, “Like father, Like son. I’m proud of you Hock…. You just need to be careful…. And think through things….. I rushed into some things as a kid and I almost got hurt.” Hiccup held out his arms to Hock. Hock smiled and jumped into his father’s arms, “I love you daddy!” “I love you too Hock!”


A little while later Astrid walked in the door, she saw the two boys wresteling on the ground. Hock had Hiccup “Pinned” to the ground. “Got you Dad!” He shouted. Hiccup heard Astrid laughing. “Astrid! Come save me from the mighty Hock!” Hiccup pleaded. Astrid fell to her knees, “Oh please Hock, leave the poor man alone!” Hock laughed and got up off his dad. “All right, well I need to do a few things before dinner.” Said Hiccup. “Can I go out and play? I won’t go into the forest.” Hiccup and Astrid exchanged glances. “Go right ahead! Have fun!” said Hiccup. “Thank you!” Hock yelled and he took off through the village.


Hock went to the far side of Berk, near some waterfalls. The water the crystal clear, and it shimmered in the sunlight. No one bothered him there, it was his special little place. He heard some movement behind some trees and bushes… he walked to see what it was….he heard a loud screech! “What in the name of Thor?” he peaked over the bushes, and he saw something he had never seen before! “Is… that…..a new dragon?” he looked at the dragon closer, “No, dad has told me about this dragon….. it’s a….. Stormcutter!” said Hock.  A tree had fallen on top of one of its wings….. “Poor thing….” Hock walked slowly over to it….. The Stormcutter flapped its wings franticly but he couldn’t get free. He was a young Stormcutter so it didn’t take a huge tree to pin him down.  The stormcutter saw Hock coming toward him, he let out a mighty roar, but Hock didn’t back away. He slowly walked up to the panicking Stormcutter. As he reached out his hand he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you, I want to help you.” The Stormcutter stopped panicing…. He lowered his head and sniffed his hand…. He thought about it for a moment….. then gently placed his nose on Hock’s hand. Hock looked right into the gentle eyes of the Stormcutter. Hock rolled the log off the Stormcutter’s wind…. It wasn’t broken.


He walked back up to the Stormcutter, “Can I name you?” Hock asked. The Stormcutter gave a soft purring sound. Hock thought for a few moments…. “Spitfire! Your name is Spitfire!” Hock said happily. Spitfire nuzzeled Hock and jumped around playfully. Hock joined in the fun, the two played for an hour or so. The fun came to an end when Hock heard his mom calling him.  “Awww…. Spitfire I got to go.” Hock said with a sad tone of voice. Spitfire was also very sad. “I will be back tomorrow!” Hock yelled as he ran off. Spitfire roared happily, and would await his friends return.


As Hock was running back to the house, he realized, “I have my own dragon!” he said to himself. “What is dad going to think? Will he be proud? What if he makes me send spitfire away?!” Hock began to worry. “I won’t tell dad…. I won’t tell anyone.” Once hock got back to the house they had a good supper, Hock played with his father and mother…. Then it was off to bed.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: A day to remember


The next morning Hock came downstairs, he smelled something good. “My birthday cake!” Hock shouted. Hiccup picked Hock up and put him on his shoulders. “Happy birthday Hock!!!” His mother and father shouted. Astrid went and cut him a piece of his cake…. “It’s your special day Hock…. You know what that means!” she said happily. “CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!!!!” Hock said excitedly. Hiccup put Hock in his chair and Astrid placed the cake in front of him. “Thanks mom and dad!” Hock said as he took a mouth full of cake. After breakfast the small family played some games…. They played hide and seek, they wrestled, and they drew for a little bit…. They also did some baking… they baked a pie… and Hock caught Hiccup sneaking some of the filling. They took a long  fly on Toothless and Stormfly….. it was a great morning!


“Hock want to go on a walk through the forest?” asked Astrid. “Oh yes!” said Hock. “Lets go then.” Said Hiccup. The went through the forest, looking at the dragons the flew by…. Hock even saw the Nightmare he had trained. “Dad! That is the Nightmare I saved Sharra from!” Hiccup looked in the direction Hock was pointing. “Oh that’s a big one! Great job Hock!” “We have another great dragon master on berk!” said Astrid. Hock felt proud to be the son of Hiccup and Astrid.


Hiccup stopped suddenly. “Hiccup what is it?” Astrid asked. “Dragon…” Hiccup said quietly. Hock remembered his father doing this before…. He becomes motionless, and sees all and hears all. Suddenly a dragon bursts out of the bushes, to Hocks surprise it was Spitfire! Hiccup got out his firesword and was ready to train. Spitfire on the other hand thought Hiccup was going to harm Hock! He rushed forward to attack Hiccup. Hiccup raised his firesword, but Hock jumped in front of him and yelled, “Spitfire! Stop!” Spitfire stopped in his tracks, his eyes got big, and he raised his frill. Hock went and put his hand on Spitfire’s nose, “Good boy.” Hock told Spitfire. Hiccup and Astrid jaw’s dropped. “Is that a Stormcutter?” Astrid Asked. “It sure is…” Hiccup replied. Hock was very nervous….. He didn’t want anything to happen to Spitfire. “Dad I know what you’re thinking! I’m too young to have my own dragon…I don’t know as much about dragon as you do…….But……  I love spitfire! He was only protecting me…. He’s not dangerous!” Hock said desperately. Hiccup remembered when he said the same thing to his father…… He didn’t know what to do……. He looked at Astrid, she looked at him and shrugged her shoulders. Hiccup took a step towaerd Hock and Spitfire, but Spitfire roared at Hiccup and Astrid. Hiccup shoved Astrid behind him to guard her… within seconds Toothless came out of nowhere to guard Hiccup. “Spitfire settle down!” Hock yelled. But Spitfire only guarded Hock more. Hiccup put his firesword away and came up to Toothless, who was roaring and bearing his teeth at spitfire. “Toothless no.” Hiccup said calmly. Toothless stepped back and let Hiccup through.


Spitfire threatened to fire at Hiccup, But hiccup put out his hand and turned his face away from the dragon. Hock saw that Spitfire stopped his roaring….. he sniffed hiccup’s hand…. Then gently placed his nose in Hiccup’s hand. “Is there a dragon he can’t train?” Astrid asked herself. Hock was stunned! His dad really is the Dragon Master! Hiccup patted Spitfire, then looked over at Hock. “I won’t say right now whether we can keep him or not….. I will let you know in a few days.” Said Hiccup. Hock looked at Spitfire and Spitfire looked at Hock. “Let’s head back home, Grandpa Stoick, and Grandma and Grandpa Hofferson are there waiting for you.” “Ok dad.” Hiccup turned and started leading the way back to the house, Hock walked behind with Spitfire. 


They got to the house and Hock bolted in the door, “Surprise!” he yelled. Stoick and the Hoffersons looked over, “Happy birthday Hock!” they shouted….all except Mr Hofferson… who was still mad at Hiccup for naming there perfect son Hiccup…. Hock for short. Hiccup came in and Gave Hock a hug….. Mr. Hofferson stood up and stood behind Hiccup. Once Hiccup Stood up, Hock ran outside to talk to grandma Hofferson. Hiccup turned around only to get a slap in the face by Mr. Hofferson. “You coward!” Mr. Hofferson shouted. Hiccup didn’t want to fight…. So Hiccup turned around and started to walk away when Mr. Hofferson kicked him to the ground. “Naming your son Hiccup is crazy! He is a perfect child with a stupid name!” he yelled. Hiccup knew he wasn’t just talking about Hock…..He was also talking about Him…. Mr. Hofferson never really liked Hiccup….. and there for passing his anger from Hiccup to Hock.


 Mr. Hofferson let his anger get the best of him… he drew his sword and swung at Hiccup, Toothless shot a plasma blast and knocked Mr. Hofferson over. Toothless gave a warning roar, then stood over by Hiccup.


 Astrid heard all the noise inside and asked Hock to stay outside with grandma while she checked on things… Astrid opened the front door and to her shock, Hiccup and Mr. Hofferson Had their swords out and ready.  Hiccup’s sword was covered on red and yellow flames and ready for a fight. Mr. Hofferson’s sword was long and sharp… also ready to fight….. “let’s do this outside…. I don’t want to harm anyone in here…. Except one.” Mr. Hofferson said as he glared at Hiccup. Hiccup didn’t say a word…. Astrid could tell Hiccup was in his zone, he was fixed on her dad…. Nothing could distract him…….She saw Toothless was also in the zone….. Hiccup and Toothless were one, thinking, breathing, and moving  the same.


 Once they got outside Astrid ran and put Hock close to her. “Mom, what is dad doing?!” Hock said franticly. “Dad, and Grandpa Hofferson have never gotten along…. And grandpa is…..´ she paused for a moment. “really trying to harm your father.” Astrid said nervously. Hiccup jumped on Toothless and they took off into the air… getting the upper hand on Mr. Hofferson. “Hiccup! Please Stop!” Astrid yelled. But Hiccup and Toothless were fixed on the target. Hock knew His father was only protecting him and his mom… and his father was a fare and kind man… he wouldn’t harm grandpa Hofferson…. Suddenly while Astrid was looking up at Hiccup, Mr. Hofferson grabbed Hock and held his sword close to his neck. “Mom! Dad!” Hock cried. Astrid looked over to her horrier, Hock was being threatened by her own father! “Either of you move and…..you get the point.” Mr. Hofferson threatened.  Hiccup and Astrid looked at one another…. They were terrified of what might happen….. and Astrid was shocked at her own father!”

Sharra was watching from a distance…. She didn’t really know what was happening…. But she knew it wasn’t good.


Suddenly Spitfire came up behind Mr. Hofferson and knocked him to the ground. He nudged Hock up onto his back, Hock got the message and climbed on quickly. With that, Spitfire rose into the air next to Hiccup and Toothless. Astrid and Stormfly joined them, moments later. Spitfire looked at Stormfly, then over at Toothless. Stormfly gave Spitfire a gentle gaze, but Toothless nor Hiccup took their eyes off Mr. Hofferson.     


Hiccup and Toothless dove down to attack, but Astrid and Stormfly Got in front of him first. “Hiccup! Stop please!” Astrid pleaded. Hiccup thought or a moment. “I’m sorry… but..” Hiccup was interrupted by Mr. Hofferson. “Astrid? Hiccup?” Mr. Hofferson said with a confused voice. Astrid jumped off Stormfly and ran to her dad, “Dad, are you ok? What happened?” she asked. Her dad look kindly over to her. “I’m fine… but I kinda… blacked out….. what was I doing?” Astrid looked at Hiccup then back at her dad. “I’ll explain once we get inside” said Astrid. Astrid, her father and mother, and Stoick went inside  to talk about what just happened.


Hiccup and Toothless landed, but stayed outside for the time being. Hock landed with Spitfire next to his father. “Daddy!” Hock called playfully. Hiccup turned around and signaled to Hock to jump into his arms. Hock did so. “My son! I’m so glad you’re alright!” said Hiccup, giving his son a hug. “Thank you for protecting me dad!” Hock said in return.  Hiccup put Hock down and turned to Spitfire. “Thank you Spitfire… for helping save my son.” Hiccup said reaching his hand out to the dragon. Spitfire purred and placed his nose in Hiccup’s hand. “Can Spitfire stay?” Hock Asked. Hiccup looked at his son’s worried yet hopeful eyes. “Yes, Spitfire is welcome to stay.” Said Hiccup. “YAY! Thank you dad!” Hock yelled as he ran to Spitfire. Spitfire lowered his head to receive a hug from Hock. Toothless came over to Hiccup, who also gave him a hug.


Mr. Hofferson relised he was allergic to the berry that grew on the far side of Berk…. That is what made him blackout. He came outside to apologize to Hock and Hiccup.  Spitfire saw Mr. Hofferson coming, He roared at him and threw Hock on His back and rose into the air. “Hock, come back down here please!” Astrid shouted. Spitfire growled. “It’s ok boy… land please.” Said Hock. Spitfire landed... though he wasn’t happy about it. Hock jumped off and ran to his grandpa. “Hock I’m so sorry! Can you ever forgive me?” Mr. Hofferson asked reaching out his arms. Spitfire stood on His back legs, raised His wings and roared. Spitfire did not trust Mr. Hofferson one bit. “Spitfire I’m ok…. Calm down.” said Hock. Spitfire sat back down… but was ready to jump up if he needed to. “Yes Grandpa, I forgive you.” Hock said with a smile… following with a Hug. “Hiccup… can…. Can you forgive me?” Mr. Hofferson asked. “Hiccup looked at his son… then back to Mr. Hofferson. “Of course I can.” Hiccup said with a smile. Hock ran to Spitfire and climbed on his back… “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!” Hock shouted.     

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Gone Missing  (part 1)


   About a week later, Hock Woke up earlier then he normally does… it was about six in the morning and the terrible terrors were singing on the roof tops. Hock sat up on the edge of his bed and stretched. His hair was wild and frizzy, he ran him fingers through it and brushed it down. He turned to look out his window that was above his bed, and a familiar face came up to the window. “Morning Spitfire.” Said Hock. Spitfire purred happily and tried to fit his head farther through the window. Hock laughed. “Oh Spitfire… careful you might get your head stuck… I will meet you outside Spitfire!” Hock said as he bolted down the stairs. Spitfire got his head out of the window that he thought was too small and headed down to the front door. But before Hock could open the front door he heard his mother’s voice, “And where are you off to this early?” Astrid asked.  Hock stopped in his tracks and looked back at his mother. “I was going to play with Spitire.” Hock replied.


 Hock relised that His father wasn’t around. “Is dad still sleeping?” Hock asked.  “No, your father and Toothless are out flying. Sharra went missing last night… no one can find her. So your father is helping to look for her.” Astrid continued “So I don’t want you going far Hock… until she is found.” Hock nodded in agreement. “We will be back for breakfast in a little bit mom!” Hock said as he ran out the door. “Sounds good, you boys be careful.” said Astrid. 


Spitfire was waiting for him right outside the door, He lowered his head so Hock could climb on. Hock ran to his new best friend and stroked his nose. “Morning, ready for a fly?” he asked. Spitfire gave a little sneeze of excitement. “Alright than!” Hock said as he climbed up on Spitfire’s back. Spitfire gently rose up from the ground and headed to the forest. Hock sat comfortably on Spitfire’s back guiding him by a gentle nudge with his boot. “I can’t believe I have my very own dragon! I can fly whenever I want to with my very best friend!” Hock thought to himself.  He stroked Spitfire “Good boy!” Hock looked at the ground below… “Spitfire, That’s where we met! Land there please.” Said Hock.  Spitfire gave a soft roar then headed down to land.


Spitfire came to a soft and quiet landing. Hock stood up on Spitfire’s back to get a better look at the surrounding areas. Spitfire started to walk forward to look around. Hock had to rebalance himself. “whoa…steady boy…. Steady.” Hock said nervously. Hock noticed that Spitfire’s shoulders went up and down at a steady beat… he put his feet in between Spitfire’s shoulder blades and stayed with the beat. “This is fun Spitfire!” Hock shouted excitedly. Hock and Spitfire practiced for an hour or so… then Hock had an idea.. “Spitfire… lets go up…. Up really high.” Said Hock. Spitfire using his four wings rose up high into the sky. Hock slowly started to stand up… Spitfire slowed down… worrying about Hock’s safety. “No, no…keep going… if I fall we are high enough that you can catch me.” Spitfire shook his head and continued flying. They practiced for hours… getting lots of flying experience together. Hock had found the perfect place to stand on Spitfire, and Spitfire learned how to make perfect turns and stops while keeping Hock balanced. They were doing maneuvers in the sky that seemed impossible while standing on a dragon.


“Spitfire, what’s that… up ahead?” Hock asked. Spitfire looked straight ahead to what Hock was pointing at. The clouds where moving wildly… Hock could tell by what his father had taught him… that where was a dragon flying through the clouds. “Let’s check it out!” Hock requested. Spitfire picked up speed heading right toward the dragon in the clouds.


Back at the house, Hiccup and Toothless were coming home for lunch. “Hello Astrid.” Hiccup said as he walked through the door. Astrid was baking a small cake for them to have that night.  “Hello Hiccup, any luck finding Sharra?” “No sign of her anywhere… we saw her foot prints leading out of the house… but they stopped with in twenty feet of the house.” Hiccup sighed. Astrid lowered her head, then looked at her husband, “How are her parents handling it?” “Like any parent…. Freaking out.”


Hiccup went to sit down for a quick lunch, when he noticed something was different. “Astrid, where is Hock?” “He left this morning with Spitfire… he should be back soon… They skipped breakfast so they will be hungry.” Said Astrid. Hiccup looked over at Toothless, “Eat your fish quickly bud, we have to get back out there.” Toothless stuck his nose in the basket of fish and ate a few fish at a time. Hiccup had a few strips of dried cod and a glass of water. Before Hiccup and Toothless headed out… Hiccup went to give Astrid a goodbye kiss, “Heading out, we will be back before dark.” Said Hiccup. He gave her a kiss and turned to the door. “Goodbye Hiccup, see you tonight.” Said Astrid.


 Astrid turned back to the counter and started to work on the cake again, she saw some movement out of the corner of her eye and turned to see what it was. It was Hiccup quickly sneaking some cake batter. “Hiccup, You’re just a overgrown kid! Now get out of here.” She laughed and she tried to give Hiccup a playful slap on the back. But  Hiccup jumped away and ran out the door with Toothless. “Boys.” She chuckled.


It was starting to get dark, Astrid was finishing up dinner when Hiccup walked in the door. He took off his mask and set it on the counter, he had bags under his eyes and his hair was heavy with sweat.  “Welcome back, any luck?” Astrid asked. Hiccup slumped down on a chair and let out a big sigh. “Nothing.” He continued. “We have been flying from sun up to sun down… poor bud and I are dead tired.” He sighed. Hiccup raised his head to look at Astrid in the eye, “How was you and Hock’s day?” he asked. “What? I thought Hock was with you?” “No, I haven’t seen him at all today.” Said Hiccup. They both started to worry. “I only saw him this morning… he took off with Spitfire.” Hiccup lost all sence of being tired, “Goodness, we must get out there and find him!” Hiccup said as he jumped up. Hiccup and Astrid quickly saddled up there dragons and headed out.


What Hiccup and Astrid didn’t know is that Hock was miles away deep in the side of a mountain. Hock had been kidnapped.


Hock looked around the dark cave… only seeing the rocks close to him… He could hear dragons all around him… but he couldn’t see a single one. “If only Spitfire and I hadn’t gone to check out that dragon… how was I going to know that the dragon had a rider… And that the rider would kidnap me.” He continued,  “And I have no idea where Spitfire is.” Hock was feeling very cold and alone. He began to have thoughts that frightened him. “What if I don’t ever get home? What is something comes and eats me? What about mom and dad?” Hock sat up against a rock and put his hands over his face. Terrified, cold, dragons prowling around him, and alone the boy cried… feeling that hope was lost. After a while had passed he heard a big crack!

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Owie, my eyes!

This is a great fanfiction! Your prose is good, and I noticed very very few errors. However, I have just one complaint. Could you change the color of the text back to black? 'Screen of Death' blue really hurts my eyes.

Keep writing, this is great work! I can't wait to see what happens next.


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Fanfiction-wise, here's a list of well-written, clean HTTYD fanfictions I've found.


How to Train Your Dragon: Ireth and Vespera Fable by Yamilink

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Basically, Hiccup is a viking Tarzan, raised by dragons. After a dragon raid, a peculiar machine shoots down a strange and dangerous dragon. And an even more strange and dangerous boy. Nothing short of spectacular, this book tugs at your heart strings and will pull you in like none other. Fabulous! It made me laugh, cry, and worry myself sick.

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Shouldn't be hard to find. They're here on the forum!

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So glad you like it! i am writing the next chapters :) and i will change the color to black, thank you for informing me :D

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Missing (part 2)       

Hock jumped to his feet, “Who is there!?” he shouted in fear. Hock could see movement in the darkness, he pressed his back firmly against the rock, then emerging from the dark…It was Spitfire! “Spitfire! It’s you!” Hock cried in joy. He wasn’t alone anymore… and he was no longer afraid. Spitfire had found his way to Hock. They rejoiced being back together again, but the rejoicing was interrupted by a voice coming from the dark, “Who do you think you are?” said the voice that seemed to come in every direction. Hock jumped up on Spitfire’s back and stood up proud and tall. “I know exactly who I am! I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth! Son of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third and Fearless Astrid Haddock!” Hock said with pride. “Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third?” the voice said softly. Hock nodded. The figure Appeared out of the darkness. He was tall, a mask over his face, A shield in one hand, and a staff in the other.


Spitfire gave a warning roar to the figure standing before them. The figure struck her staff against the ground…. Then the cave started to light up with dragon fire. This figure came towards Hock and Sptifire, but Spitfire wasn’t going to have any part of it. He bared his teeth and growled. The figure dropped his staff and Shied, and took off his mask. Hock was taken back “You’re a girl!” Hock shouted. “Surprised are we?” she said. “Who are you?” Hock asked. “I am…” she started but was interrupted by a huge blast of blue fire came between Hock and the woman. The woman grabbed her shield and staff and got low. She looked at where the blast was, there was a huge scorch mark on the rocks, she looked up and saw a man standing there with a flaming sword in his hand, his hair waving in the slight breeze of the cave and a Dragon at his side.  


Hock was amazed that his dad found him… but he didn’t say a word for fear of distracting his dad. The woman slowly approached the man standing before her. Toothless roared and Hiccup raised his flaming sword to show light to his face.  The woman gasped and took a step back, “Hic….Hiccup?” she said in a quiet voice. Hiccup was stunned that this woman knew his name…. “uhhh… Should I know you?” Hiccup said as he put his firesword, (which he called his dragon blade) away. The woman glanced to the side then looked hiccup in the eye, “No…..but a mother never forgets.” She said looking up at Hiccup with sad yet hopeful eyes.  Hiccup thought about it for a moment, then gasped when he relised who it was. “You’re my…….my….”  A tear rolled down Hiccup cheek, he choked with emotions and couldn’t get the words out. “Yes Hiccup. I am Valka Haddock…your mother.” she finished.


Hock and Spitfire exchanged looks, Hock thought it was weird that his father was hugging this random person. Hiccup jumped back from the hug, “This is so great! Now you can come back to Berk with us!” Hiccup said excitedly.  Then, Valka was vilontly shoved forward, Hiccup caught her from falling and he looked to see who pushed her. It was Astrid, she had her ax in hand and was ready to fight. Stormfly had her spines ready to shoot at Astrid’s commend. “Astrid back down… this is my mother!” Hiccup shouts. Astrid was confused… but she walked over to Hiccup and stood by his side.  Suddenly a dragon swoops down and lands over Valka and knocks Hiccup and Astrid to the ground. Toothless is there faster than a lightning bolt to guard Hiccup and Astrid. The two dragons roar at one another until the larger dragon backs off at Valka’s command. Hiccup called off Toothless, and Helps Astrid up. Then he looks up at the other dragon. “You have a Stormcutter as well?” said Hiccup. She smiled, “Yes, this is Cloudjumper.” Said Valka. “This is Toothless.” Hiccup said while rubbing his dragon on the head. He glanced over to Stormfly, “And this is Stormfly.” Hiccup said gesturing to stormfly.


 Hock walked up to his dad and stood close to him, “Dad what’s going on?!” asked Hock. Hiccup looked down at his son, He knelt down and faced Hock, “Hock, this is my mother.” Hock just gave his father a confused look. “Hock, I grew up without a mom… everyone thought she was eaten by a dragon.” Hiccup said while trying not to choke on his words again. Astrid felt happy for Hiccup, yet sad that he had to wait so many years to know he even had a mom.  Valka walked over and put her hand on Hiccup’s shoulder, “This is your son?” Valka asked. Hiccup looked up at his mom, “Yes, this is Hiccup, but we call him Hock for short.” Said Hiccup. Valka smiled. She put her hand on Hock’s shoulder, “Your father was less than a year old when I was taken by Cloudjumper,” Valka turned to Hiccup and looked him in the eye, “You and Your father almost died that night. I thought you would be safer if I stayed away…. Though it broke my heart.” Valka said with a tear rolling down her cheek.  Hiccup walked up and gave his mom a hug. “Wait… are you the chief now? Or is your father still the chief?” “Yes, I am the chief of Berk.”


Valka smiled.. but then regained her confused look, “If this is your son… then who did you marry?” Hiccup smiled gently and gestured for Astrid to come over. She smiled back and walked over to Hiccup’s side. “I married Astrid… fearless Astrid Hofferson.” “Well, now it’s fearless Astrid Haddock.” she put emphasis in the word “Haddock.” speaking that she took Hiccup’s last name.   Valka smiled, “Well my son, you are one very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife.” “Astrid is THE most beautiful girl on Berk.” Hiccup corrected playfully as he looked down at Astrid. “And Hiccup is the most ornery, silly, playful, and most hansom man on Berk.” Astrid teased as she poked Hiccup in the ribs.


Valka laughed, but then fell sigh lent and listened for a moment, She let out a loud whistle. “Oh, does this young girl belong to you Hiccup?” Valka asked. A dragon flew by and set down a small girl before Hiccup. “Sharra!” Hiccup, Astrid and Hock shouted. Sharra was terrified by all the dragons that surrounded her, she had her eyes closed tight. When she heard Hiccup’s voice she grabbed on to him and held tight to him. Sharra thought of Hiccup as her second father… not only because her an Hock were great friends… but because Hiccup cared and protected her... unlike her real father who cared a bit less. Hiccup bent down and hugged the small girl. “Sharra we were worried sick!” “I’m sorry Hiccup! I didn’t mean to leave! A dragon kidnaped me and brought me here!” she cried as she hugged Hiccup ever tighter.


Hiccup looked up at his mother, wondering if she was behind Sharra’s disappearance. Valka knelt down to Sharra’s height. “Sharra, Dragons are wonderful amazing creatures! I understand your fear… but I really think you will love dragons if you give them a chance.” Valka said in a soft voice. “But that one Kidnapped me!” she said as she pointed to the deadly nadder the kidnapped her. The Nadder lowered its head as if she was sad. “I was also kidnapped by a dragon little one…. In fact, it was by this dragon here.” Valka pointed to Cloudjumper, who was sitting right behind Valka. “Are you afraid of all dragons?” Valka asked Sharra. Sharra was still holding tight to Hiccup. “No, Im not afraid of Toothless… he is nice.” Sharra said with a little bit happier tone of voice. After a talk with sharra, and Hiccup’s way with her… she learned finally that dragons were nice…. She even trained the nadder that kidnapped her!

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Something unexpected (Part 1)


   (5 months after Valka came to Berk and sharra lost her fear of dragons)


It was very early in the morning… about four in the morning and Astrid couldn’t sleep… she had been up for a few hours… Hock was staying over at Sharra’s for the night and Astrid had energy she so badly wanted to burn… she looked over at Hiccup, who was sleeping soundly beside her. His face was buried in a pillow and his legs sprawled out… taking up most of the bed. Astrid bit her tong trying not to burst… but she couldn’t hold still any longer, she was going to pull a prank on Hiccup. She crawled ever so quietly out of bed and went to Hiccup’s side of the bed. She gently nudged him then ducked down. Hiccup raised his head out of the pillow, he was groggy, but then noticed Astrid wasn’t beside him and there were no candles lit in the other room. Hiccup shot up in bed, but before he could make another move Astrid pounced playfully on Hiccup. “Got ya Hiccup!” Astrid said with a laugh.  “Oh Astrid… can’t we do this in the morning?” Hiccup asked as he tried to get comfortable. “We could… but now works fine.” Astrid said as she tickled Hiccup, she was the only one other than Hock that could really get Hiccup to laugh hard. Hiccup jumped up and wrestled with Astrid for a few hours… they hadn’t messed with one another this much since they were teens. They joked, laughed, and over all made a mess of the room… but it was all in fun.


Hiccup noticed that the sun was coming up… and that meant he had to get ready for the day… lots of chieftain things to do. Astrid didn’t usually get up when Hiccup did, speaking that sometimes he would get up before the sun… but today Hiccup got a special breakfast speaking that Astrid was awake. Astrid made him some oatmeal and a piece of bread with jelly on it. Hiccup was brushing his hair and putting on his flight suit. “It’s ready Hiccup.” Astrid Called to him. Hiccup could smell the warm oat meal, which sounded so good to him because it was very cold outside this early in the morning. “Coming hun.” Said Hiccup. He walked out from the bed room and sat down at the table with Astrid. “Looks great, nice and warm too.” Hiccup said as he held the warm bowl in his hands.


 Astrid smiled and rested her head on Hiccup’s shoulder. “What do you have..” Astrid yawned,  “to do today?” she asked Hiccup. Hiccup took a bite of oatmeal. “Well I have many things to do, mostly I’m going to help fix some houses, I have a meeting in the great hall,” Hiccup stopped for a moment to take another bite of oatmeal “and of course patrol the island. “What about you?” Hiccup turned to look at Astrid, She had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Hiccup smiled gently. He carefully turned around and picked up Astrid, he carried her to the back bed room. He set her down in the bed and pulled the covers over her. “Sleep well.” Hiccup whispered as his gentle gaze fell upon Astrid.  He walked back into the main room and finished his oatmeal, he saddled up toothless and went back to check on Astrid one more time before he left. He peeked in the door then quietly walked in. Astrid slightly opened her eyes, “Astrid I’m headed out.” Hiccup said as he bent down and kissed Astrid. Astrid was awake enough to give Hiccup a kiss, but fell right to sleep after he left.


It was about eight in the morning when Hock rushed into the house. “Mom im….” Hock paused seeing that his mother wasn’t there. He walked into the back room where his mom and dad slept and sure enough there was Astrid. Hock walked up to the side of the bed and gently shook his mom back and forth. Her eye’s opened a little. “Oh Good morning Hock.” She said with a smile. Astrid sat up in bed and gave Hock a big hug. “Morning mom! Sharra and I had a great time we went flying with our dragons and we even saw dad fly by on Toothless!” “Mom can I go flying with dad on patrol?” Hock asked with excitement. “He is a daddy’s boy…” Astrid thought to herself. Astrid looked at the excited little boy in front of her,  “Put on your jacket and put some gloves in your bag… then you can go.” “YAY!” Hock shouted as he jumped in the air. Astrid and Hock heard Spitfire roaring happily, the both laughed at the silly dragon. Hock grabbed his things and took off with Spitfire.   


Hiccup was going on his patrol around the island. The ocean was frozen over with perfectly white ice. The air was crisp and it was very very cold. Hiccup didn’t mind the cold, his leather suit kept him much warmer than any fur vest would. “Dad! Can I come along!” said Hock. He was flying up with Spitfire, who was a pretty fast dragon. “Hock, so glad to see you this morning!” Hiccup smiled, only his mask covered his face. “Of course you can come… if you get to cold just let me know.” “Alright dad.” Said Hock. Hiccup and Hock chatted as they patrolled the island, Hock loved being with his dad, not that he didn’t enjoy being with his mom… but he gravitated towards his dad… and wanted to be just like him! There was a strong breeze and the sun was hidden behind the clouds, making it even colder. BANG! A wild Nadder didn’t see Hiccup and Hock flying beneath him so his back legs smacked into Hiccup’s side, knocking him off of Toothless. Hiccup was hurling to the ice below, “TOOTHLESS!” He screamed.  Toothless dove after Hiccup but his tail fin was making it hard for him. Toothless was too late! Hiccup smashed through the ice and went under the ice cold water. “Dad!” Hock shouted. Toothless wasn’t giving up, He dove into the icy cold water after Hiccup. Hock and Spitfire waited for Toothless to return with his dad… time seemed to hold still. Toothless burst out of the icy water, gasping for air as he landed on the ice. Hock gave a sigh of relief… but then noticed…. Toothless didn’t have his father! But before he could say anything, Toothless took in a deep dragon breath and dove into ice cold and pitch black water. Toothless searched and searched for Hiccup, the water was so cold it felt like he was being stabbed with pins, he fought and fought the water but he had to come up for air..… for a second time…. Hock was panicking up above the water. Toothless burst through the water once again and landed on the ice. He coughed up a bit of water. “To…Toothless, Where is dad?!” Hock shouted from the back of Spitfire. Toothless’ eyes got big, he looked as sad as a dragon possibly could, he hung his head and didn’t make eye contact. “No! It can’t be… Dad is too strong to die!” Hock said as tears  poured down his cheek. Hock and Spitfire flew off back to the house, leaving Toothless to his thoughts. Toothless sadly walked home after starring into the hole in the ice that his best friend had fallen through.


Hock and spitfire landed near the house and Hock ran inside to his mom, who was patching up a whole In one of Hock’s shirts. Hock opened the door with great force, ran to his mom and threw his arms around her. He buried her face into his mother shirt and sobbed. “Hock, what’s the matter?” Astrid asked. Hock lifted his head to look at his mom. he tried to stop crying, “Dad…. He…. He fell off Toothless when we were on patrol” he had to regain himself before he could get anymore words out. “A Nadder hit him off Toothless’ back, he fell thought the ice and Toothless went in after him. He tried 3 times but never came up with dad.” “Dad is gone!” Hock shouted. Astrid was shocked and horrified. The thought of her husband drowning sent shivers up her spine, that would be a hard way to go. “Hock, are you sure about this?” Astrid asked her son… hoping for once that he was lying to her. But before Hock could answer the front door was pushed open, Astrid and Hock glued their eyes to the door to see who it was. It was Toothless, he was cold and wet, there was even some ice on his saddle. His ears were low and his wings almost drug the ground, not to mention he wouldn’t make eye contact. He sauntered over to the fireplace and plopped himself down by it. Toothless felt like he had let Hiccup down. He  growled than sent a fireball into the fireplace with fury! Then rested his head on his front paws, starring at the fireplace. Astrid could have sworn she saw a tear roll down the side of Toothless’ face.


Just by the way Toothless was acting, Astrid knew Hock wasn’t kidding. Her husband, her love, her best friend was gone. She brought Hock into a big hug. They tried to comfort one another… but they couldn’t get the horrifying thought out of their head.


Astrid called a meeting in the Great Hall. Everyone gathered around to hear what she had to say… “Where is Hiccup?” a few of them asked. Astrid with a tear rolling down her face and Hock beside her she told the village what had happened. “Hiccup fell through the ice… and has not… and will not return.” The crowd gasped in disbelief. “Toothless wouldn’t let anything Happen to Hiccup!” Stoick yelled. “He tried to save him… it wasn’t his falt… it was an accident.” Astrid cried. They could all hear Toothless giving a mournful roar outside the Great Hall, the kind that just ripped your heart. Stoick and Valka were the most saddened of them all, their only son was gone... and not long after Valka’s return.  Hock looked around at the Great Hall… it didn’t seem so “Great” anymore… it seemed big and empty… even with all the people inside of it.  He couldn’t stand it any longer! He took off running out of the Hall, he jumped on Spitfire and flew off.


They flew for hours… Hock didn’t say a word… he was to sad… and started to feel anger growing inside of him. He took a deep breath. “Dad wouldn’t sit here and feel sad. He would have turned to Toothless… as I turn to you Spitfire.” Said Hock. “Dad would suck it up, and continue with life. I will praise him by being the second best dragon rider in the world!” said Hock. His dad would always be the best dragon rider.

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This is gonna come off as

This is gonna come off as rude, but: HOW DARE YOU?!

Actually I probably have several people saying that about my fan fic First Generation. In Chapter 20 I write that Drago kills Astrid!


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Hey everyone! Big John is comin'!

I would normally also be saying how dare about Hiccup's death, but I'm considering and probably will write a fanfiction where Hiccup dies. The only things stopping me are schoolwork and not knowing how many people would actually be interested in it.

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I know... it's a really sad

I know... it's a really sad chapter. :'( but keep reading, things will get better :)

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I know. I read to the last

I know. I read to the last chapter and you've redeemed yourself. Would you mind reading my fan fics and giving me feedback?

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glad to hear it :D sure

glad to hear it :D

sure thing! i will read your fiction :)

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Something unexpected (Part 2)


   As the next few days came and went Astrid was getting used to being the chief. It was hard for her to do her daily work around the village, because all she could think about was her husband’s tragic death. Astrid walked home for lunch after a busy morning of repairing sheep pens. She pushed open the door of the house and she walked inside. The house seemed big, empty, and lifeless. She let out a sigh and continued to get her lunch. She wasn’t very hungry. She fixed two eggs, put them on a plate and sat down to eat it. She heard a knock at the door. “Come on in.” she shouted. The door was pushed open, astrid turned her head to see who it was. It was Stoick and Valka. They came in at sat down with Astrid. They all tried to talk about other things and to comfort one another. Astrid raised her voice, “I don’t want to think of other things! It sounds like we are trying to forget Hiccup!” Stoick and Valka agreed. So they chatted about Hiccup’s past, when Astrid met Toothless for the first time, when she and Hiccup went on their romantic flight.”


   Hock on the other hand was out flying with Spitfire. They practiced day in and day out. Hock tried to remember all the tricks he had seen his father do with Toothless. He tried to find ways to do the same moves with Spitfire. “Spitfire, lets land in the forest. We can do dragon training there.” Hock said as he pointed to the forest. Spitfire landed gently in the forest, hardly making a sound. The forest was so dense with trees and bushes Hock could hardly see ten feet in front of him. “This will be the perfect place to test my escape skills!” hock shouted in joy. “Spitfire, pretend like your chasing me and I will try to escape.” Hock yelled as he dashed off into the thick brush. Spitfire chased after Hock. He was such a big dragon to try and run through the thick snow covered brush was difficult. After just a few minutes of hock running from Spitfire he was exhausted! He started to panic as if he were really being chased. He ran into an open area and rested his hands on his knees. His heart was pounding from all the running. He panted as he looked around for some escape. He took a step backwards. “SNAP!” a dragon trap triggered. Its medal claw like features ripped hocks shirt. He jumped away from it only to trigger another trap. Trap after trap hock kept jumping away only to trigger more. Spitfire rose into the air and quickly swooped down to save hock from the deadly traps. His left hand had been slightly cut by one of the traps. He held his hand tight to try and stop the bleeding. “Spitfire, head home quickly!” spitfire roared in agreement.


   Spitfire set Hock on the ground and nudged him towards the house. “Thanks bud. I’ll be back soon.” Hock kicked open the wooden door of the house. Astrid, Stoick, and Valka were still chatting around the table. “Mom I hurt my hand badly!” Hock said trying not to cry. Astrid looked over to Hock, she saw him holding his left hand tightly, and some blood seeping through his fingers. Astrid shot up and ran to Hock’s side. She walked him over to a chair by the fireplace and had him sit down. “Hock what happened?” Astrid asked as she used a clean cloth to wipe off Hock’s injured hand. Pain shot up through Hock’s hand like a knife was stabbing it. His muscles tensed up as he winced in pain. “I was testing my escape skills in the forest, and I ran into some dragon traps. I dodged all of them except the one the tore my shirt and cut my hand. Spitfire saved me.” Astrid wrapped Hock’s hand in a long piece of cloth as she put pressure to stop the bleeding. “You must be more careful in the future, those traps were meant to kill dragons. It’s a good thing Spitfire is such a loyal dragon. Did your father ever tell you about a dragon’s loyalty?” Astrid asked Hock while trying not to tear up. “No, he told me that toothless saved him from the red death.” “That’s very true. He also said that once you’ve earned a dragons loyalty, there is nothing he won’t do for you.”  Hock missed his father so much he could hardly stand it.


   Valka came in with some ice to help Hock’s hand. She knelt down and put the ice on his hand. “Hock, you are so much like your parents. You have a strong and confident spirit like your mother.  And you have the soft heart and love for dragons as your father once did.” Hock wanted to be exactly like his father, but he could find a way to do that. Valka tried to liven things up a bit when she saw the sadness in Hock’s eyes. “Hock, did you know your father was left handed just like you?” hock looked into his grandmothers eyes. “He… He was?” “He sure was, not many people are left handed, it is a gift.”


   The front door was pushed open suddenly. Everyone looked over to shee who it was. It was Spitfire trying to stick his head through what seemed to him to be a small door way. He tilted his head one way, then the other… but he still couldn’t get his head through the door. Hock laughed along with Astrid, Stoick and Valka.  “Hock you can go sit outside with Spitfire, but no flying till your hand heals.” “Ok mom.” Hock walked outside and shut the door behind him. He let out a big sigh as he looked at his bandaged wrapped hand. Spitfire nudged Hock while softly purring. “Let’s go lie down Spitfire, mom said no flying till my hand gets better.” Spitfire plopped down in the fresh snow that glimmered in the sun light. He stretched out one of his wings too Hock. Hock sat down on Spitfires wing and before long, they both fell fast asleep.  


   Toothless walked out on to the thick layer of ice that covered the ocean. The hole that Hiccup had fallen through still hadn’t frozen over completely. Toothless sat by the edge of the frozen hole. He mourned the death of his best friend. He stared into the black water for hours; his ears hung low and the pupils of his eyes grew big as sadness flowed over him. Stormfly was flying overhead when she saw Toothless standing on the ice. She quickly dove down to see her best friend; other than Astrid of course. She gently landed upon the ice, hoping that it wouldn’t crack under the weight. Thankfully the ice was thick enough that it didn’t crack. She softly nuzzled Toothless, trying to cheer him up. But Toothless’ tourn heart wasn’t ready to mend. He scooted away from Stormfly. Stormfly tilted her head to the side in confusion. She nudged Toothless again. Toothless jumped to his feet and roared at Stormfly. She backed up and looked at Toothless with confused eyes. Toothless lowered his head and closed his eyes. After a brief moment he raised his head and looked at Stormfly. She could see the brokenness through Toothless’ sad eyes. She nodded her head, understanding that he just wanted some alone time. She flew back to the house to check on Astrid.  


Toothless paced back and forth by the hole, he was sad, angry, confused, and disappointed in himself. It was starting to get dark, Toothless headed back to the house, he knew Hiccup would want him to protect the family, and that’s exactly what he was going do.


   When Toothless got to the house, Spitfire and Stormfly were just getting there dinner of 100 fish. “Hey Toothless, you ready for dinner?” Astrid asked as she brought out a basket of fish and placed it before Toothless. Toothless looked down at the fish, he didn’t feel much like eating, but he ate it anyway. Astrid and Hock had their dinner of red potatoes, cod, and black beans. the house was silent; for Astrid and Hock were both lost in thought. Hock picked up his fork with his right hand and ate the rest of his dinner. It felt odd for him not to use his left hand. Hock’s hand still throbbed in pain, but it was getting better as time went on.

“Alright Hock, It’s time you head to bed.” Astrid said as she cleaned off the plates.


“Ok mom, Goodnight.” Hock said as he hugged his mother tightly. Astrid hugged him back and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Hock walked up the stairs to his room. It was chilly but that was nothing new for him. He looked over to his desk; it had many different drawings of Spitfire and the book of dragons that had belonged to his father. Hock climbed in bed and got under the covers. It wasn’t long before he was nice and warm. He turned over to his side, and fell asleep.


Astrid finished cleaning up the dishes and put them away. Then she walked into the back room and hopped in bed. She wasn’t used to having the whole bed to herself. On the coldest of nights she would snuggle up with Hiccup to keep warm, now she had to rely on the fireplace and more blankets. After she got comfortable Astrid fell asleep.  

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Right now I have tears in my

Right now I have tears in my eyes. Here's why: I'm reading this story, with Hiccup dead, while listening to this song. 

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift, Ft. The Civil Wars... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K4PGpXsOAI 

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Time will tell. 

  A months time had passed and Hock had not giving up his goal… He was the best dragon rider on Berk. Astrid was a bit worried about Hock, He Spent all of his time with Spitfire… he didn’t come home for breakfast or lunch… but he would come home for dinner…. That’s all Astrid saw of him. He trained himself as well as Spitfire constantly… rarely taking a break. Hours of endless training day in and day out. “He is just a dragon rider… Hiccup was the Dragon Master… there is such a big difference between a rider and a master… if only Hock could see that.” Astrid sighed. The hole in her heart from Hiccup’s death had not filled… she feared it never would.


   Stormfly was by her side constantly, she was the only one who could cheer up Astrid… Speaking that even Toothless wasn’t around much. He walked the island everyday… and on occasion he would give a mournful screech….  But that was happening less as his heart was trying to heal.  


   “Stormfly, want to see if Hock wants to go to dragon island?” Stormfly rubbed her head on Astrid, than jumped up in excitement. She jumped on Stormfly’s back and took off to find Hock and Spitfire. They were testing how fast they could go while hock was still standing on Sptifire’s back. They came to a quick stop, Hock had no problem staying balanced on Spitfire. Hock looked over to the ocean, the ice had pretty much melted. He still missed his father dearly… and just couldn’t forget what had happened. It almost seemed to haunt him.


   “Spitfire, will my heart ever heal?” Hock asked. Spitfire felt extremely sad for Hock, he couldn’t find a way to make him happy again. The only thing that seemed to comfort him for a short time, was intense training.    

   “Hock! Want to take a fly to Dragon Island with Stormfly and I?”

    “Oh hi mom… uhh… what do you think Spitfire?” Spitfire thought it might be a good idea to do something other than training for a while, so he took off to Dragon Island. “I guess were going!” said Hock. Astrid laughed and gave Stormfly a nudge.    

“Race you there Hock!” Astrid yelled as her and Stormfly passed Hock and Spitfire.  For the first time in a month, Astrid and Hock were having fun together!


Hock and Spitfire beat Astrid and Stormfly to the island… not by much though, they laughed, played tag and showed off there dragon flying tricks. They were able to mess around with one another and act as silly as they wanted to.  Astrid looked around the island and thought of Hiccup defeating the Red Death. Hock saw his mom looking up and the volcano.

“What are you thinking about mom?”

“Your father.” Astrid sighed. “He was so selfless, so brave, so willing to give up his life for us. He had the Heart of chief, and the soul of a dragon. He was the only one who could bring the Viking and dragon worlds together.”  

“Mom? Did you ever kill dragons?”

Astrid looked down at her son. “No, but I was in training with your father to kill dragons. But your father showed me how amazing dragons really are.”  Hock felt like changing the subject, he walk walked up to the base of the volcano that made most of the Island,

“Mom, can we look inside?” Hock asked with excitement. Astrid wasn’t sure about it… but she had been in there a few times since the defeat of the Red Death… so she knew it was safe.

 “As long as we stick close… I don’t want you wandering off.”

“Got it!” hock said as he grabbed his mom’s hand and pulled her into the volcano with him.


They wandered into the volcano, looking at the rocks and a few egg shells left from when the dragons lived there. Hock was thorally enjoying himself, but Astrid was feeling nervous. She heard footsteps not too far from them.  Suddenly a group of wild dragons appeared out of the darkness and circled Astrid and Hock. They growled and hissed at them.  Not only were they wild dragons… but they were wild angry dragons. They saw Astrid and Hock as a threat to their eggs, and there for were closing in to attack. Astrid could see Deadly Nadders, Monstrous Nighmares, Hobblegrunts, and a Hideous Zippleback or two. Hock wasn’t worried, for he remembered how to train dragons… and so did Astrid. They held out there hands to the dragons, but they were only snapping angrily at their hands, Refusing to be trained. Training one or two dragons was one thing… training twenty was another...  It was rather dark in the volcano, so it was making things that much harder for them. Hock was saddened, he wasn’t the Dragon Master he thought he was… he was only a dragon rider and no comparison to his father.

“The soul of a dragon.” Hock thought to himself.


Suddenly the dragons turned away from Astrid and Hock, they ran into the darkness and disappeared. Astrid tried to see where they went, then the darkness was lit up with dragon fire, the dragons billowed the fire in their mouths, making themselves like living torches. there was a figure walking toward Hock and Astrid. They could only see the outline of this figure… It was a deadly nadder, with a rider sitting on its back. At the sight of Astrid and Hock, the rider rose up, and stood on the Nadder’s back. Spitfire and Stormfly came out of nowhere to guard their friends, They roared while raising their wings, stormfly shot spines while Spitfire sent out a vortex of fire. The figure standing on the nadder stopped, they saw him or her raise their hand, then lowered it. Stormfly and Spitfire both stopped roaring and defending Astrid and Hock… in fact, there were completely calm, they cleared the way for this figure to come forward. Astrid and Hock backed up into a corner.


The figure grew closer and closer, all the dragons obeyed his or her every command, the figure didn’t say a word... but used his hands or made dragon noises… and they obeyed. Astrid thought this figure looked like a man, “This is a man to fear…” Astrid thought to herself. She looked at the figure closely. “It’s Drago!” she whispered to herself. She got in a defensive position, and guarded Hock. The figure was only feet from them now… but he would have to step into the light before he could strike out. This figure lowered himself off the nadder and turned to Astrid and Hock.  “Ast…Astrid?” said the figure. “That’s Right! Fearless Astrid Haddock! Drago! Come in to the light if you dare!” Astrid shouted. The some of the dragons growled at Astrid’s remark. The figure smiled behind the black mask he was wearing, he stepped into the light. Astrid gasped, taking a step back. Hock looked to see what this fierce man looked like. For this man was a fierce competitor…  but no threat to Astrid nor Hock.


  This man was in fact someone they knew.

 “DAD!” Hock shouted.

 “Hiccup!” Astrid cried as she threw her arms around him. Sure enough, it was Hiccup! He is Alive!  He was in his full flight suit, with a fur cape on his back. Hiccup ripped off his mask that covered his face and hugged his family he had missed so very much. They were overjoyed to see one another once again. They all cried tears of joy.

 “Where in the name of Thor have you been?!” Astrid asked while she was still crying.  

“Hock probably told you I fell though the ice?” Hiccup asked.

“Yes dad, I told mom what happened.” Hock replied as he hugged his father.

“Well, the last thing I remember after I fell through the ice was a few sea shockers around me… they grabbed me and then I passed out from the freezing water, oh for the love of Thor that was cold! I woke up on an island that I had never seen before; I had some major burses on my arms and back from hitting the ice.” Hiccup coughed. “So after I healed I looked around the island… and there were no dragons at all… I had no way to leave. The water was frozen but too thin to walk on.” Hiccup coughed again. “So I remembered the dragon calls that I learned from when we were teens. I practiced for a few days, then I called for a deadly nadder… the one behind me, that I now call Swift Wind, came to my rescue… Along with a hundred other dragons, that I now call my dragon army.” “It took me weeks to find dragon island… I just found it today, I needed to rest before we could head to berk.”Astrid noticed that Hiccup seemed weak, he was coughing, His legs seemed shaky, she could see the joy in his eyes… but yet he didn’t have the sparkle in his eye that he normally had. She held his hand, he was cold and pale.

“Hiccup, you look like you might be sick?” she asked him. Hiccup coughed again.

“Oh I’ll be fine Astrid… just been out in the cold for a month now.” Said Hiccup. Astrid had been with Hiccup for years and knew that, He would do whatever it took to guard his family, he would hide his sickness as long as he could, and almost always said he was fine… even if he was not.

“Hiccup you’re not feeling well, I can see it in your eyes. Let’s get you home.” Said Astrid.

 Hiccup coughed again, and nodded his head. “I’m so ready to see Berk again… and I miss Toothless as well.” They mounted there dragons and headed off to Berk.


They weren’t too far from Berk when Astrid looked over to her husband, She could tell that he was very sick. It looked like he had been fighting off a sickness for a while now… and unfortunately it looked like the sickness was winning. He already seemed weaker, and he was coughing a bit more. They landed by the house and hiccup lowered himself off the nadder. They started to walk in the house when Hiccup tripped on a small rock as he was entering the house. He came crashing to the floor because he was too weak to stop himself.


   Stormfly looked over to Swift Wind. She was an ice white nadder with sky blue spines. “Hiccup doesn’t normally act like this… what was he like this past month?” Stormfly asked Swift wind in dragon language. Swift wind looked over to Stormfly, “I haven’t been with him the whole month… but most of it… he was fine… but over the weeks he has gotten much weaker… one night I thought he wasn’t going to make it… but the next morning he seemed to have more strength.” Said Swift Wind. Stormfly heard something coming their way, it was Toothless! He was walking up to the house when he saw Stormfly and a nadder he didn’t know. “Oh hey Stromfly… who is this?” Toothless asked. He was standing in the dark so the nadders couldn’t see him very well. “I am Swift Wind, Leader of Hiccup’s dragon army.” She said proudly. “Wait Hiccup is alive?!” Toothless said has he perked up. “He is inside now.” Said Stormfly. Toothless dashed into the house, Hiccup was still lying on the floor, he was too weak to get himself up… and Astrid couldn’t lift Hiccup. “Oh Toothless! I missed you so very much!” Hiccup said as he started shivering. Toothless gave him a little lick on the cheek, then lifted him up and put him in his bed. Astrid came and put the covers over Hiccup, he was shivering much more now. Hock went and jumped in the bed with his dad, he laid by his side and gave him a hug. “I love you dad… I missed you so much!” Hiccup looked down at his son. “I love you to Hock… and I also love you.” Hock noticed that his father’s arm felt cold, he was even shivering under all the blankets he had on. “Dad, why are you shivering?” Hock asked. Hiccup didn’t reply. “Dad?” Hiccup still didn’t reply. Hock jumped out of the bed and went to his mom. She was making some chicken broth for hiccup. It smelled wonderful! “Mom, dad won’t talk to me. He is just shivering under the covers.” Hock said in a worried tone of voice. Astrid ran to check on Hiccup. Just as Hock had told her… Hiccup was unresponsive. “Hock stay here with Dad, I am going to go get Goithi.” Astrid said as she jumped on Stormfly and headed off. Hock ran to his father’s side, he placed his hand on his father’s side. “Mom will be right back… hang in there dad!”


Within a minute, Astrid, Stormfly, and Goithi were back at the house. Goithi went right to Hiccup, wasting no time. Astrid and Hock waited outside the room. Toothless however was going to stay by Hiccup’s side. Goithi pulled back the covers and looked over Hiccup. She felt his forehead, midsection, and upper chest and shoulders. She reached into the little brown satchel she had brought with her and pulled out a small bottle of medicine. She put a few drops in Hiccup’s mouth. Toothless was watching her every move intently. She smiled at Toothless then left the room. Goithi wrote down “Hiccup has been hypothermic from the bitter cold water for a month or so. He also has eaten very little other the month… he has lost a lot of weight… he didn’t weigh much to begin with. With being very ill and not eating, he became very weak. Trying to fight off a sickness, while not eating is exhausting to the body.  A normal man wouldn’t have made it. Astrid looked at Goithi with worried eyes. She continued to write, “Hiccup is no normal man… His love for his family kept him alive. By tomorrow morning he should be moving and talking… but keep him in bed for a few days… he is too weak to hold his weight.”     


Astrid and Hock nodded. “I will take you home Goithi… thank you so very much!” said Astrid. Goithi smiled, then headed out the door with Astrid.    


Once Astrid came home, she tucked Hock into bed and kissed him goodnight. She walked down the stairs and in to Her and Hiccup’s room. Hiccup was sleeping, thankfully he had stopped shivering. Astrid put her hand on Hiccup’s arm. He felt warm again. Astrid thought of how long Hiccup had been in the harsh cold weather. Braving it all to come back home to them. She walked to her side of the bed and climbed in under the covers. She looked over at Hiccup. He was lying on his side with his back to her, she didn’t mind though… she was too overjoyed to have her husband back home. She gave a little smile then closed her eyes, and fell asleep. Astrid was in a light sleep like she had been for the past month; she had to stay on high alert at all times to keep the island safe. Astrid felt something touch her side. Her eyes sprung open to see what it was. To her surprise it was hiccup’s arm; Hiccup had turned to his side and put his arm around Astrid. He gently pulled her in close to his side and pulled the covers over them. Astrid could see that hiccup wanted to be close, even when he was sound asleep. She smiled gently and went to sleep next to her husband that risked everything to come back home.


The next morning the sunlight was shining through the window of Hiccup and Astrid’s bedroom window. Hiccup woke up to the bright light; he stretched his whole body, than let out a sigh. He turned over onto his back and folded his hands behind his head. “Feels so good to be home again.” Hiccup whispered. Astrid opened her eyes and saw Hiccup on his back. “Hiccup?” Hiccup turned his head to look at Astrid. “Yes Hun?” he replied. Astrid shot up in bed. Hiccup was startled at Astrid’s quick movement. She placed her right hand on hiccup’s right cheek. “Hiccup you’re alright!” Hiccup gave her a confused look. Astrid smiled and explained what had happened. Astrid started to cry when she started thinking about when Hiccup risked it all to come back home. Hiccup sat up in bed and pulled his wife into a hug. He rocked back and forth to comfort her. “It’s because I love you and Hock so much that I made it back. Don’t cry, I’m home… I’m home.” Astrid looked up at her husband with soft eyes and a warm smile. “HA!” Hock shouted as he pounced upon his parents. Astrid laughed as Hock and Hiccup wrestled on the bed. Hock and Hiccup laughed along. “Astrid! Help me!” Hiccup shouted playfully. “Hiccup you should have known better then to mess with the mighty Hock!” she laughed. “But I guess I can help you.” Astrid said as she started to tickle Hiccup by poking him in the side. Toothless gave Hiccup a lick on the cheek. He was also so happy Hiccup was back. The all laughed, Even Toothless, and had a great reunion of fun. For them family was back together once again.   

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Chapter 13 (Part 1)

Chapter 13: Old time rival


The village celebrated Hiccup’s return and worked extra hard so Hiccup could spend a few days with his family.  

About two weeks later Hiccup, Astrid and Hock went out for a fly. They went high above the clouds. The sun’s rays bounced off the clouds, giving it a golden look. It was beautiful. Each of them showed off their best tricks.  Astrid did a front handspring on Stormfly. Spitfire barrel rolled and Hock shuffled his feet to stay standing onto of Spitfire.

“Dad it’s your turn!” Hock shouted.

“Yeah Hiccup, show us what you got!” Astrid added. Hiccup smiled and patted Toothless on the back,

“You Ready bud?” Toothless roared with excitement. Hiccup got low, them he moved Toothless’ tail fin and they went straight up in the air. They flew high above Astrid and Hock.

“Is that dad’s trick? Going straight up?”

“I dought it…. He probably has something else in mind.” Astrid chuckled. Hiccup surely did have something else in mind. Hiccup stood up on Toothless, and did a back flip off of him. Hiccup and Toothless were nose diving towards Astrid and Hock. They gasped in fear of what Hiccup was doing. They got closer and closer, Astrid and Stormfly were right below them just in case. Hiccup curled into a ball, then flung his arms and legs out, reveling his gliding suit. He and Toothless rose back up into the air. Astrid, Stormfly, Hock, and Spitfire flew up next to Hiccup and Toothless. Hock and Spitfire on the left and Astrid and Stormfly on the right.

“What do think?” Hiccup said with a smile.

“Dad! I can’t believe You’re gliding!” 

“Your still the best.” Astrid and Hock said in unison. That wasn’t the first time Hiccup heard that… ever since he met Toothless he had been the best dragon rider there was! With Toothless’ intelligence, speed, and quick thinking he was unstoppable. Hiccup got back on to Toothless and opened his tail fin. Hiccup got out his map and looked over it. He was trying to decide where to take Astrid and Hock for a new adventure.

“Hiccup, how about the island of luck-tuck?” Astrid suggested. Hiccup looked at his map.

“Sounds good Astrid.” Hiccup smiled. Hock and Astrid followed Hiccup to the island of luck-tuck. It was a beautiful snow covered island. Ice covered the trees and bushes.\


When they flew over the island of luck-tuck Hiccup and Toothless both had a feeling of discomfort. Suddenly a two netter traps sprung and  was headed right for Hock and Astrid.

“Astrid, Hock Look out!!!” Hiccup shouted. Hiccup and Toothless zipped in front of Astrid and Hock, Both of the netter traps incased Hiccup and Toothless. The started falling to the ground with great speed. Hiccup grabbed his dagger from his right arm and cut at the ropes as quickly as he could before they hit the ground.

“Toothless! Plasma Blast!” Hiccup shouted as he was still cutting the ropes. Toothless shot one plasma blast before he and Hiccup came crashing to the ground. They tumbled down a small hit before coming to a stop. Astrid and Hock landed there dragons and ran to hiccup. Hiccup and Toothless sprung free from the ropes and jumped to their feet.

“Hiccup!” Astrid Shouted.

“Dad!” Hock called out. Hiccup spun around to see if his family was ok. But surprisingly, they were gone! Hiccup saw Spitfire and Stormfly, but Astrid and Hock were nowhere to be seen. Hiccup and Toothless had fallen into a small forest. Toothless growled as he pushed his ears flat against his head. Hiccup whipped out his Dragon Blade; or better known as his firesword. An evil laughter seemed to come from all directions.


“Hiccup, it’s sure nice to see you again.” Said a deep and menacing voice, one you almost didn’t want to hear. Hiccup and Toothless bent down in a ready position, just in case a trap sprung or someone jumped out at them. Hiccup suddenly remembered that voice!

“Show yourself you coward!” Hiccup shouted. The man only continued to laugh.

“Coward? We will see who the coward is when your Wife and child are gone… forever!” he laughed. 

“Drago! You touch them and you will regret it! Don’t forget who has the Unholy offspring of lightning and death itself!” Hiccup shouted. He waited for Drago’s response. “Drago?” he questioned. Drago had already left, and he took Astrid and Hock with him. Hiccup knew he had a score to settle with Drago, and Drago would anything to beat down on him. Hiccup ran over to Stormfly and Spitfire.


“Alright everyone, to Berk quickly, and then off to Drago’s Ice Cave!”  Hiccup jumped on Toothless’ back and pulled his mask over his face. The leaped into the cool air and flew quickly to Berk. As soon as they landed Hiccup ran inside his house and grabbed a big horn. He jumped on Toothless again and they rose into the air. Hiccup started blowing into the horn. It had a very loud booming sound. The villagers heard the horn and gathered below hiccup and Toothless.

“Everyone! Astrid and Hock have been kidnapped by Drago bloodvist, and I am leaving to bring them back home!” Hiccup shouted.

“Why does Drago want your Astrid and Hock?” one of them questioned.

“Drago wants to settle a score with me. And I’m sure this is only part of what he has in his messed up mind.” Hiccup said as he dropped the horn and took off toward Drago’s ice cave with Stormfly and Spitfire following them. Hiccup and Toothless went full speed so they could get there quicker. Stormfly and Spitfire trailed behind because there was no way they could keep up with Toothless.


Hiccup and Toothless slowly flew into Drago’s ice cave. They continued to fly so that it would be quieter.

“Alright Bud, stay in the shadows. A Night Fury up against the white snow is easy to see.” Hiccup whispered. As they entered the cave they saw Drago’s ships, men, and weapons. Surprisingly he still had a few dragons that were covered in armor. He saw Astrid and Hock on the deck of the largest ship. Drago was talking to them, He was too far away to hear what he was saying, but he was sure it wasn’t something nice.  Hiccup wasn’t sure how he was going to get to Astrid and Hock, the were bound with ropes and surrounded by guards. It would be stupidity to swoop down and rescue them, Drago would be expecting that.  Hiccup knew he would just have to take the risk of landing right in front of or right behind Drago.

“Let’s go Bud.” Hiccup said as he patted Toothless on his head. The swooped downand landed directly behind Drago.

“Release them Drago!” Hiccup shouted. Drago turned around,

“Hiccup, I have been expecting you.”

“Yea, yeah, yeah, we don’t need to get into these typical evil villain sayings. Just release my family and there won’t be any problems.” Drago snickered at Hiccup.

“Hiccup, Your family doesn’t stand a chance against me, and neither do you!” Drago shouted. Hock huddled as close as he could to his mother. He was so afraid he could hardly move. He didn’t understand how his dad could be confronted and threated by a man like Drago, and still hold his ground.

“Drago, I’m giving you one last chance!” Hiccup shouted.

“Good, I’ll take it!” Drago shouted back. He rasied his staff in the air and swung it in a circle over his head and he continued to shout. The boat they were on started to shake back and forth, the icy water shivered and shook, and rising from the deapths of the water, was the Bewilderbeast! It roared as it emerged from the water. Toothless started glowing blue at the sight of the bewilderbeast. He bared his teeth and growled. He wasn’t one bit happy to see the Bewilderbeast again.  


“No dragon can resist the Alfa’s command! So he who controls the Alfa, controls them ALL!” Drago said as he used his staff to point at Toothless. Toothless wasn’t amused.

“Drago we’ve been over this.” Hiccup said sarcastically. Drago thumped his staff against the ground. The bewilderbeast roared very loudly at Hiccup and Toothless. Toothless interrupted him with three mighty roars. Speaking that is was the same one he had defeated years back, he wasn’t afraid to show him who was boss. The bewilderbeast lowered his head in shame. Toothless snorted at the bewilderbeast to back off. But he didn’t, he roared again even louder. The dragons fell under his command; there eyes went into slits and the flew high into the sky.


“Destroy Hiccup and the Night Fury!” Dragon shouted  in his deep and menacing voice. The dragons took off towards Hiccup and Toothless. Spouting all diferent types of fire at them as they closed in. Hiccup and Toothless knocked over Drago bludvist and grapped Astrid and Hock. Hiccup quickly got them onto Toothless’ back and they took to the skies. Hiccup and Toothless had to be careful with what moves they made because Astrid and Hock’s hands were tied and the had to way to balance themselves.

“Toothless, Too the clouds!” Hiccup shouted. Toothless worked his way up to the clouds. They were gray clouds and very thick as well. A perfect place for a Night Fury to hide. Once they got into the clouds Hiccup took the dagger off his right arm and used it to cut the thick ropes that bound Astrid and Hock’s hands. Hiccup returned the dauger to his right arm and was ready to go back down and fight. He saw a few dragons coming closer in the clouds.

“Be ready bud.” Hiccup whispered. Emerging from the clouds where some friendly faces. It was Stoick, Valka, Skullcrusher, Cloudjumper, Stormfly, and Spitfire!

“What in the name of Thor are you doing here?” Hiccup asked.

“Were here to back you up!” said Stoick. Astrid and Hock jumped onto their dragons. Astrid got comfortable in her saddle and was ready for some quick maneuvers. Hock stood up proudly on Spitfires back. Hiccup didn’t want to risk his family getting hurt.


“Thanks for backing me up… but Toothless and I will handle this. Astrid, you and Hock stay back and keep out of sight.” Hiccup and Toothless dashed off towards the bewilderbeast. Toothless pulled his wings in tight to his body. Hiccup lay flat on Toothless’ back to give them extra speed. It is Toothless’ signature move, The Dive Bomb. Stoick Went to the ground and Fought Drago to keep his attention away from Hiccup. Valka went to help Hiccup fight off the bewilderbeast and all the other attacking dragons. Astrid wanted to help, but she knew that it was much too dangerous for Hock, and she wasn’t feeling very well, but she didn’t dare tell Hiccup. So they did as Hiccup said and keep hidden.   Drago and Stoick were circling one another, Hiccup say them from the air. He also saw the armored SnaffleFang coming up behind his father.


“Toothless, down there now!” Hiccup said as he pointed to his father. More and more armored dragon came up behind Stoick, pretty soon he was surrounded. Drago shouted as he slammed his staff on the ground. Boom! Bang! Two fireballs were thrust at Stoick and a Huge Smoke cloud arose. Toothless, using his tail, smacked Drago with all the force he had. Causing him to go flying over twenty feet. Hiccup ran to his father. When the smoke resected, he could see his father laying on the snow covered in ice. Hiccup ran to his side and pushed the ice off of him.

“DAD!” he cried. Stoick had been killed by the blasts of fire. His cloths had been scorched and he was laying on his back. Even in the mist of all the fighting. Hiccup seemed to not hear nor see anything. Time seemed to hold still. He felt like his heart was just ripped in half. Toothless understood how sad Hiccup was, but they need to go. It wasn’t safe. Toothless threw Hiccup on to his back. He growled towards Drago, who was started to get back up.

“Alright bud, I know we need to go.” Hiccup said as a tear fell down his cheek. Hiccup opened the tailfin and they took off. Hundreds of Dragons were following Hiccup and Toothless. They had to quickly rise up into the thick clouds. After flying higher them most dragons can fly for a while, hiccup knew it was ok to go and get Astrid and Hock. Hiccup flew around to try and find his family, he didn’t want to call out for them for fear of the other dragons finding him. He spotted a small crack in the side of a mountain.

“Bud, lets check in there.” Said Hiccup. The quickly flew over to the crack and the flew inside. The small crack was cold and damp on the inside. Hiccup hopped off Toothless.

“Astrid? Hock?” Hiccup called. He herd russleing deeper in the cave.

“Hiccup?” said a firiler voice. Emerging from the dark was Astrid and Hock. They were thankfully safe and sound. Astrid could tell something was different about Hiccup. He just didn’t seem the same.

“You guys alright?” Hiccup asked.

“Yeah were fine dad!” Hock replied.

“Did you and Toothless win?” Hiccup sighed,

“No. the danger is rising here, we got to head home.” Hiccup said as he hopped back onto Toothless’ back.  Stormfly and Spitfire came up behind Astrid and Hock. The hopped on and took off for home. Hiccup Looked over at Astrid, she was holding her head in her right hand.

“Hun, you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine Hiccup. Just a small headache.” Astrid said as she smiled at Hiccup. Hiccup returned the smile and focused on flying.

   Once they landed on Berk, Hock ran off to play with Sharra and her deadly Nadder, Wind. Hiccup and Astrid walked back to the house side by side. Hiccup help his head low with his eyes glued to the ground. Astrid looked around,

“Hiccup, where are you mom and Dad?”

“Well, uhhh… My mom will be here soon I’m sure.” Hiccup paused, “But my dad; He isn’t coming back… ever.” Hiccup said as he sat down on a nearby ice covered log. He put his face in his hands and tried not to cry. Astrid gasped. She reliced that Stoick had died. She ran to her husband’s side and sat beside him. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

 “Oh Hiccup, I’m so sorry!” Astrid tried to comfort him, but it seemed useless. She rested her head on Hiccup’s shoulder.  Valka and cloudjumper landed in front of them. They had brought Stoick’s body so they could have a proper funeral for such a mighty chief.   

   After some preporations, the village was as ready as they could be for the funeral. They had put Stoick’s body on their finest ship and covered him with a brown blanket. Hiccup walked up onto the ship to say his last goodbyes to Stoick He started to cry again.

“Goodbye, dad. I love you… I know I was stubborn at times, but I think greater good came of it. I will miss you.” Hiccup cried. As he started to walk off the ship he turned around one last time.


“See you in Valhalla.” And with that Hiccup walked off the ship. The sun was starting to set behind the vast ocean. Hiccup along with Astrid, Hock, Valka, Snotlout and Spintlout pushed the ship out to sea. Hiccup grabbed a bow and arrow and held it in his hands. He stood on a cliff, watching the ship with his father float away.

“May the Valkanas welcome you, may the sing you name with love and fury so that we may hear it, and know that you have taken your rightful place, at the table of Kings. For a great man has fallen. A warrior, a chieftain, a friend, a father.” A tear rolled down hiccups left cheek. He turned to Toothless, whom was standing right beside him. He held the tip of the arrow to toothless’ mouth. Toothless set the tip of the arrow on fire with a small fire ball. Hiccup aimed the bow and arrow towards the ship, then released the arrow. It went whizzing through the air and landed on the ship. The rest of the village sent out there flaming arrows to the ship as well. The ship started to burn as it was disappearing from sight.


“I’m sorry dad.”   Hiccup said as he watched the ship slowly disappear. Hock ran up to his father’s side. He had never seen his father so sad. He had never even seen his father cry before.  Hock hugged his father. Hiccup looked down at his son, he picked him up and hugged him. Astrid came and joined the group hug.

“Thank you both.” Hiccup said as he held tight to his family.

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Chapter 13 (Part 2)

Chapter 13: Old time Rival (Part 2)


As the next few days went on, Hiccup couldn’t forget what had happened. His father’s death broke him in half and ripped at his heart. He had managed to save Astrid and Hock, for which he was very greatful. Hiccup held rage towards Drago and what he had done. He did his best to hide it, but it was slowly starting to show itself.  


   Hiccup was sitting in the back bed room at his desk; using his charcoal pencil he doodled on his paper. Hock was out playing with Sharra in the snow. Astrid walked into the back bed room, she saw Hiccup drawing. His back was to her.

“Hiccup, wanna go on a fly?”

“Leave me alone Astrid.” Hiccup said in a quiet voice.

“Is something wro…” Astrid was interrupted by Hiccup.

“I said, LEAVE ME ALONE!” Hiccup shouted as he slapped his hand on his desk. Astrid stepped back in shock, Hiccup had never yelled at her with such fury before. She lowered her head as she walked out the door. She walked outside and hopped on Stormfly, she couldn’t understand why Hiccup had yelled at her.

“let’s go girl.” Stormfly took off into the dark and star filled sky. They flew high above the village, they could see the glowing lights from inside the houses as well as the smoke from the chimneys. She also saw Hock and Sharra running around together with their dragons. It wasn’t long before Astrid noticed she wasn’t feeling well again, she had a headache; but thankfully it was too bad. Though she thought she wouldn’t tell Hiccup.   


   Astrid and Stormfly landed, and after Astrid had fed Stormfly her dinner; she walked inside the house. The restocked the fireplace with plenty of wood to last them through the night. As she was throwing the last piece of wood into the fireplace Hock came in the door.

“Hey mom, I’m home.”

“Did you have fun with Sharra?”

“Oh yeah! We played with our dragons and made up some knew tricks. We also played tag.” Hock said excitedly.

“Sounds like you had a good time. Have you eaten? Have you fed Spitfire yet?” Astrid questioned.

“No I haven’t eaten yet, but I did feed Spitfire before I came inside.” Hock replied. Than Hock noticed something,

“Where is dad? Is he eating dinner with us?” Astrid knew Hiccup could hear them, but she was hoping he wouldn’t yell in front of Hock.

“Let me check with him.” Astrid said with a smile. She walked to the back room and slightly opened the door. She poked her head through, Hiccup was slumped over on his desk; he was so tired he had fallen asleep. Astrid walked in the room and to her husband’s side. She rubbed her hand across his back to gently wake him.

“Hiccup, are you going to eat dinner with us?” Hiccup stirred. He raised his head groggily.

“Yeah, I will be there in a minute.” Hiccup replied. Astrid kissed him on the cheek, then walked out of the room to get dinner on the table.

“Hock can you set the table? We are having yak jerky stew.”

“Sure mom.” Hock went over to the counter and grabbed three wooden bowls and three wooden spoons. He placed them neatly on the table. Hiccup came out from the back bed room. Hock lit up when he saw his father.

“Dad!” Hock shouted as he ran to his father. He hugged his father tightly; from the moment he was born he was a daddy’s boy. Hiccup was glad to see his son, but his sadness was hard to overcome.

“Hey son, have a good day?” Hiccup asked.

“Oh yes! I spent most of the day with Sharra.”

“Sounds like fun.” Hiccup smiled. Toothless came up behind Hiccup and shoved him forward. Hiccup regained his balance, then turned to Toothless, who was sitting grumpily in the middle of the floor.  

“Are you pouting, big baby boo?” Hiccup questioned as he tilted his head to the right. Toothless was the only one that could help Hiccup forget his sadness.

“Oh Toothless, stop your pouting. I’m getting your dinner.” Hiccup laughed. He grabbed a big basket of fish and put it in front of Toothless.


After dinner Astrid and Hiccup tucked Hock into bed. Hiccup walked down the stairs and went to get into his bed. Astrid followed Hiccup into the back bed room, and hopped onto her side of the bed. They pulled up the covers and comfortable. Hiccup was on his side of the bed and Astrid was on her side, pretty soon they were fast asleep.  It was about a week later and Hiccup’s anger towards Drago grew and grew. He just couldn’t get it out of his mind. He was yelling at Astrid more and more often, for no reason at all.  Astrid grew extremely sad. She separated herself from Hiccup as much as possible, and when they were both home, Astrid didn’t dare say a word unless she was talking to Hock. Hiccup wouldn’t yell at her if Hock was around. Hock noticed his father wasn’t around as much, and when he was he wouldn’t talk, he just looked angry; and that was so unusual for his father. Astrid needed some time alone. She didn’t feel very good. Her head hurt and she ached all over. But she didn’t want to tell Hiccup for fear of him yelling at her. But this day was different, Hiccup could hardly contain himself, he refused to sit still and he would stomp his boot on the floor or he would mumble things to himself. He was so irritable that even Toothless didn’t want to upset him.


“Too much Stress, I need time away from this or I will never feel better.” Astrid thought to herself. She headed out on Stormfly into the cold evening winds. A little while after Astrid left, Hock came home with Spitfire, He was super excited about a new trick they had made up. He bolted into the back room to tell his dad.

“Dad, Spitfire and I made up a new trick!” Hock shouted. Hiccup had his back facing his son.

“Go away Hock.” Hiccup said in a stern voice.

“But dad, I…” Hiccup spun around, his eyes had nothing but anger in them.

“I don’t CARE!” Hiccup shouted. He shook his head then bolted out the door. He headed outside into the forest. Hock couldn’t understand why his dad yelled at him. He started to cry as he thought about what his father had said to him. He ran up the stairs and into his room. Spitfire tried to stick his head through the window, but he couldn’t fit. He tried and tried, but there was no way he was getting in. Hock hear his sad purring sound, he went up to the window and hugged his dragon as he cried.


Just then Astrid got home. She pushed open the door and silently walked inside. Suddenly she heard crying, she perked up and ran up the stairs. She saw Hock hugging spitfire; tears were rolling down his face. She ran to his side,

“Hock whats wrong? Are you hurt?” Astrid asked worriedly. Hock turned to his mother, he tried to hope back the tears.

“No I’m not hurt. Dad, yelled at me and I don’t know why. After he yelled at me he left the house and he hasn’t come back. Why is dad so angry?” Astrid whiped away Hock’s tears. She was mad that Hiccup had yelled at their son.

“Hock, Your father lost His father. He was very much attached to his father because he raised him, remember he didn’t have his mother around to raise him. He is just so sad and I know he isn’t mad at you or me, he is mad at Drago. But he can’t hold back his anger.” A small smile came across Hock’s face.

“Why don’t you go out for a fly with Spitfire, I will talk to your father.” Astrid smiled. Hock nodded.

“Come on Spitfire, lets go!” Hock shouted as he ran down the stairs and out the door. Just as Hock was leaving, Hiccup was coming back inside. Hock slipped out the door and hopped on spitfire and headed out. Hiccup put some wood in the fireplace then he headed back in to the bed room. Astrid walked down the stairs and into the back bed room.

“Leave me alone Astrid.” He said in a loud voice. Astrid had had enough. She marched right up to Hiccup; she backed him up till he was flat against the wall and got face to face with him.

“Hiccup! What in the name of Thor is wrong with you?! I haven’t said a word to you in a week, and you’re still bent out of shape! Do you relies that you have yelled at me every single day for two weeks now?! I can’t take it anymore! But what set me off now is you yelled at our son for NO reason at all! You were just bent out of shape and you wanted to be left alone! Hock looks up to Hiccup! He wants to be just like you and tries to do everything you do! Some man he has to look up to!” Astrid shouted. “If you want to be left alone, there is plenty of space to sleep outside!” Astrid turned around and headed out the door. She slammed the big wooded door behind her, causing the few candles Hiccup had lit to blow out. Hiccup stood in the dark room with his back to the wall, in complete shock. He thought through what Astrid had just said to him. It was like his eyes were opened. He now understood just how badly he has been acting. He couldn’t believe he had been so cruel to his wife and his son. A small but sorrow filled tear rolled down Hiccup’s cheek.

He walked out of the back bed room, and into the main living room. Astrid was brushing her hair and getting ready for bed. Hiccup felt so ashamed of himself. He grabbed a wool blanket and went outside. He best friend Toothless was sound asleep outside the house. Hiccup curled up next to Toothless, and tried to go to sleep. Astrid knew that Hiccup felt bad. She didn’t really mean for him to sleep outside, she was just trying to make her point.

Astrid started to feel horrible again. Her stomach hurt along with a horrible headache. She hopped into bed and hoped she would feel better in the morning.


The next morning Hiccup woke up incased in dragon wings. Toothless had wrapped his wings around Hiccup In the night to help him stay warm through the night, speaking that a heavy snow came through. Hiccup rubbed Toothless’ chest with his hand.

“Bud, can you let me out?” Hiccup said as he continued trying to wake Toothless. Toothless opened one eye and looked at Hiccup. He opened his wings to let Hiccup out, but then he went right back to sleep. Hiccup got a blast of icy cold wind. She shivered and he pulled the wool blanket over him. He stood about twenty feet from the house. He was looking over the snow covered village. Off in the distance Hiccup could see dark clouds coming. The dark clouds were nothing new to Hiccup, he knew that there was a heavy blizzard coming there way. Hiccup turned around walked back to the house. He couldn’t believe how blinded he had been the past two weeks. He almost feared facing Astrid. Hiccup walked inside the house, the house was cold and dark. Hiccup put some fire in the fireplace, then walked into the back bed room. Astrid was lying in bed, when she heard the door open; she knew it was Hiccup by the sound of his pegleg against the wooden floor. She turned over to look at him in the eye. Hiccup could see fear on her face… she probably was expecting to be yelled at. Hiccup felt horrible about what he had done. Astrid saw Hiccup gaze went to the floor. The moment Hiccup broke eye contact With Astrid; she knew he felt bad about what he had done. Hiccup started walking over to Astrid. Astrid sat up in bed and hung her legs over the edge. When Hiccup got to the bed, he knelt down on one knee and took both of Astrid’s hands and held them in his hands. He looked at his wife in the eyes. His eyes were filled sadness and disappointment in Himself.

“Astrid, I’m so sorry. I have been such a jerk lately. I was blinded by my anger. Can you ever forgive me?” Hiccup pleaded. Astrid looked into Hiccup’s bright green eyes. She could see that he was truly sorry for what he had done.

“Alright Hiccup, I forgive you.” Astrid Kissed Hiccup. Hiccup was relieved that Astrid had forgiven him.


“Thank you so much Astrid! I will never let my anger blind me again.” Hiccup said as he stood up. He felt like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

“I got to go do my chieftain work… I will be back later. Tell Hock ‘good morning’ for me.” Astrid looked confused for a moment.

“Did you tuck him into bed last night?”

“No, I went outside with Toothless… I was very tired so I just laid down to get to sleep.” Said Hiccup. Astrid’s eyes filled with worry.

“I didn’t feel good last night, so I went to bed to see if I would feel better… I thought you went outside to wait for Hock…” Hiccup’s eyes filled with fear. He thought rapidly about where his son might be. Astrid suddenly gasped!


“Hiccup! I told Hock that you were so angry because of Drago! You don’t think…”

“If Hock is anything like me… he went to find Drago.” Hiccup threw on his mask opened the front door. The blizzard that Hiccup had saw in the distance had come upon them quicker than he had thought it would. The snow was coming down so heavily that it was extremely hard to see. The wind was bitter cold; Hiccup winced when the wind and snow came upon him. He had already let down Astrid and Hock once, he wasn’t going to do it again. He jumped on to Toothless’ back and looked over to Astrid.

“Astrid, I don’t want to risk you getting hurt, stay here just in case.” Said Hiccup.

“Hiccup, You can’t see ten feet in front of you and it’s to windy to use your map; How do you expect to find your way safely?” Astrid wanted Hock to be home, but she didn’t want Hiccup to hidein the deadly blizzard.


“Toothless doesn’t need to see to find his way. We will return with Hock. Hiccup and Toothless quickly flew off to Drago’s hideout deep inside the ice cavern. Astrid watched as her husband disappeared with Toothless into the blizzard.

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Chapter 13 (Part 3)

Chapter 13: Old time rival. (Part 3)


       Meanwhile at Drago’s Ice cavern.  Hock and Spitfire flew high above the ships. They landed on an ice ledge that was covered in shadows. The ice cavern  shielded them from the deadly blizzard. They looked down upon the ships, trying to figure out which one Drago was on.

“Alright Spitfire, we have to take down Drago and his army, after we do that Dad will be happy again and he won’t yell anymore.” Just then they heard the deep voice of Drago coming from one of the bigger ships. They spotted him looking off the edge of the ship and looking down upon the water. Hock hopped on Spitfire’s back and stood up tall.

“Lets go.” Hock whispered. Spitfire opened his wings and took off into the air.

“Drago! Back down now!” Hock shouted. Hock’s voice echoed through the ice cavern. Drago thought it was Hiccup  coming back for another fight.


“Hiccup, I’m surprised you are man enough to come back!” Hock tilted his head in confusion. He wasn’t sure if Drago was talking about his father, or if he was calling him by his real first name. Drago looked up into the sky and saw Spitfire hovering above them. Now Drago was a bit confused.

“I thought he had a night fury?” he thought to himself. Hock and Spitfire dove downwards full speed towards the ship. Drago got out his bull spear and was ready to take out Spitfire and Hiccup, or at least who he thought was Hiccup. But Hock wasn’t about to give up, Spitfire pulled up at the last second, causing his tail to come thrusting forward and knock Drago flat on his back. When Drago got back up, Hock and Spitfire came from behind and knocked him down into a face plant. Hock was surprised how easy this was.

“Why did dad think this guy is dangerous? He is literally a push over!” Hock and Spitfire landed in front of Drago.


“Who are you? You’re look like a smaller version of that pest, Hiccup.” Dragon questioned in his deep voice. Hock almost flinched at Drago’s voice.

“I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth, Son of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third and fearless Astrid Haddock!” Drago had to think it over for a moment; he wasn’t the smartest arrow in the quiver.

“You’re Hiccup’s runt of a son. Well this may work out better than I had expected.” Spitfire roared at Drago viciously. Drago’s men shot three nets towards spitfire. Spitfire’s wings were bound tightly with the strong netting. Hock escaped the netting and tried to free his friend. Drago grabbed Hock by the back of his shirt and held him in midair.

“Hiccup with his Night Fury shall be back, I know it.” Drago laughed. Spitfire roared as he tried to escape the ropes grip. One of the gaurds shot a dart at Spitfire, just a few moments after the dart hit him in the back, Spitfire fell to the ground unconscious.

“Spitfire!” Hock shouted as she tried to get away from Drago.

“He’s not yours anymore! Give it up!” Drago shouted.


“Drago! He is my dragon, and my dragon alone! Back off!” Hock replied. Drago only laughed at Hock’s response. He dropped Hock and kicked him to the ground. Hock winced in pain as he lay on the cold and ice covered wood. Drago took a step forward and kicked Hock once again. He laughed as he raised his spear over Hock. Spitfire just woke up, he roared as he broke free from the ropes, but he was to far away to save Aock! As Drago swung his mighty spear downwards a flash of light came between Hock and Drago’s spear. It was Hiccup and his dragon blade!

“Hock run to Spitfire, NOW!!!” Hiccup shouted. Hock got up in pain and ran as quickly as he could to Spitfire. Spitfire helped Hock onto his back then took off into the air.

“Hiccup, I knew you would come back.” Drago grumbled. Hiccup waved his dragon blade near Drago to get him to back up.


“Not for long Drago! I just need to get something that rightfully belongs to me!” Hiccup shouted as he took off running towards Toothless. Drago waved his sword outwards, knocking Hiccup off his feet and onto the ground. Hiccup slid on the ice, nearly falling off the ship into the ice water below.  He jumped to his feet  and ran towards Drago with his dragon blade glowing with flames. Drago’s spear met Hiccup’s dragon blade. They fought hard against one another. While Hiccup and Drago were fighting, the men shot Spitfire and Hock out of the sky with the netter trap. Spitfire and Hock came crashing onto the ship once again.

“Dad!” Hock shouted. Hiccup turned his attention to Hock without giving it another thought. When he turned away Drago took his chance to hit Hiccup in the head with his spear! He was lucky that only the wooden part of the spear hit him. Hiccup yelped in pain as he went crashing to the ground. A sharp pain flowed through his entire body. He shook his head as he got back up. He saw hock being bound by ropes.

“Hock!” Hiccup shouted. But before he could move a single step, Drago punched Hiccup in the right arm, and again in the left. After that he slapped Hiccup in the side of his face. Hiccup could hardly stand the pain.


“Toothless, go help Hock!” Hiccup shouts. Toothless took off to help Hock and Spitfire. Hiccup turned his attention back to Drago. Drago was don’t playing around, using his spear he hit Hiccup in the stomach one last time. Hiccup knew his son’s life was in danger if he failed. Hiccup threw two hard punches into Drago’s arm, Drago lost his balance. He swung his spear trying to regain balance, but the sharp end of the spear cut Hiccup’s upper left arm. Drago couldn’t regain his balance in time, he fell overboard into the ice cold water and disappeared below the surface. Hiccup fell to his knees in nothing but unbearable pain. he opened his eyes and saw Hock running towards him.

“Hock.” Hiccup whispered. Hiccup raised himself to his feet.

“Hock, get on Spitfire, NOW!” Hiccup shouted. Hock ran to spitfire and hoped on. Hiccup jumped on to Toothless and they took off out of the ice cavern and into the blizzard.

           Back on Berk the blizzard wasn’t slowing down, it only got heavier and colder. Astrid was about to get some dinner ready when she suddenly started to feel very sick. Her whole body started shake and she had cold sweat dripping down the side of her face.

“What’s going on?” Astrid questioned. She figured she had better go get Gobber since she didn’t know when or if Hiccup would be back. She opened the door only to be stopped by a wall of snow. She was to weak and shaky to try and get through it.  Astrid was trapped! She shut the door and went to the back bed room. All she could do was hope and pray that Hiccup would get back soon. 


Hiccup and Hock were nearing Berk. Hiccup had used some cloth from Toothless’ saddle bad to wrap the wound on his arm. Hiccup looked back at Hock and Spitfire. Since the sun had set it became extremely cold. Hock was hunkered down on Spitfire’s back, trying to keep warm.

“Spitfire! Come here!” Hiccup yelled through the blistering snow and wind.  Spitfire came close to Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup quickly grabbed Hock and set him in front of him. Hock was almost unresponsive. He took off his leather mask and put it on Hock. The wind stung his face and made it hard to see. Hiccup lowered himself down, covering as much of Hock as he could.

“Spitfire follow us home! Toothless, please get us home fast!” Hiccup shouted. Toothless used his echolocation to help them find their way through the blizzard. Hiccup could hardly move his hands. The bitter cold was starting to get to him. Suddenly Berk came into view! It was hard to see the island because the whole island was covered in snow. They landed near the house. Hiccup carried Hock in his arms, even though it hurt the cut on his arm. Hiccup knew they couldn’t get to the door because it was buried under eight feet of snow.

“Toothless, Spitfire… Light it up.” The dragons used there fire to melt the snow that blocked the door. It wasn’t long before Hiccup could get to the door. He shoved it open with his pegleg and walked inside. The house was dark and cold.


Hiccup set hock by the fireplace and covered him with a blanket. He threw huge logs into the fireplace and turned to Toothless.

“Plasma blast bud.” Hiccup said as he pointed to the fireplace. Toothless lit the fire place. Spitfire peaked his head through the door and made a whining sound. He didn’t want to stay outside in the snow.

“If you can get through the door, you’re welcome to stay in here Spitfire.” Hiccup smiled. After a minute of twisting and turning and some major squeezing, Spitfire made it through the door. He curled up next to Hock and closed his eyes, honestly he took up most of the floor space, but it was ok for this weather.

“Hic-Hiccup.” Astrid called out from the back bed room. Hiccup pushed open the door to see Astrid shivering under the covers. Hiccup quickly ran to her side.

“Astrid what happened? Are you ok?” Hiccup questioned. His eyes filled with fear as his wife shivered violently under the covers.  

“I’m f-fr-freezing.” Astrid replied. Hiccup put his hand on Astrid’s forehead. She was cold and had sweat on her forehead and arms. Hiccup remembered his father once having the same symptoms. He didn’t know what it was for sure, but it sure hit Astrid hard!

“You rest now… you’ll get better.” Hiccup pulled blankets over Astrid to help her stay warm. 


Hiccup got up to check on Hock when Astrid grabbed his hand.

“Hic-Hiccup, d-don’t leave me.” Astrid pleaded. Hiccup could see that Astrid didn’t feel good and didn’t know what was going on. Though Hiccup didn’t want to get sick, he climbed in bed with Astrid. He put his arms around her and tried to comfort her.

“Hiccup, the room is staring to spin.” Astrid said as she shook her head. Astrid’s pain and worry brought tears to her eyes. She didn’t know if she was going to be ok or not.

   “Astrid, it’s ok. You’ll be fine… you’ll be fine.” Hiccup said reassuring Astrid. Hiccup could only hope and pray that Astrid would make it.

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This is really good! Keep it

This is really good! Keep it up! :D Love it! :D

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chapter 14

Chapter 14: A shocking discovery


Hiccup stayed up all night with Astrid, never once leaving her side. The night seemed endless to both Hiccup and Astrid. Astrid still shivered under the covers, but she wasn’t as afraid when Hiccup held her in his arms. Even though Hiccup had nearly no energy left from saving Hock from Drago and staying up all night with Astrid, but when he thought about the pain and fear Astrid must be going through he felt a bit of strength come back to him.


  Astrid was worn out from her stressful night of pain and worry.

   “Hiccup, I should have told you earlier.” Astrid cried.

   “Told me what?” Hiccup questioned as he whipped away Astrid’s tears. Astrid coughed.

“I haven’t been feeling well for at least two weeks now… it has only gotten worse.” Astrid’s voice got fainter as she went on. She was so weak that she could hardly talk.

“Shhh… Don’t worry about it Astrid, Everything will be ok.” Astrid closed her eyes and tried to sleep after she heard the reassuring voice of her husband. Hiccup remembered that the past two weeks he had been a total jerk.

   “Astrid must have been afraid to tell me she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t want me to yell at her.” Hiccup looked down at Astrid who lay in his arms. Sorrow filled his heart and terror filled his eyes,

“If only I hadn’t been so blind…” Hiccup thought.

“Astrid.” Hiccup waited for a response.

“Astrid.” Hiccup said a bit louder. Astrid still didn’t answer. Hiccup could feel her breathing, so he knew she was still alive. Hiccup feared the worst if Astrid didn’t get help quick.


Meanwhile in the other room, Hock had just woken up. He was throwing wood into the burining fireplace. The snow that covered the house blocked most light from coming in, so the fireplace lit the room along with a few other candles. Hock than realized something, he tourned around and faced Spitfire, who lay awake on the floor.

“How did you get in here?!” Hock asked in amazement. Spitfire groaned as he got up. He looked at the door that he had JUST managed to squeeze though. Hiccup quietly walked through the back bedroom door and closed it behind him.

“Morning dad.” Hiccup held a finger to his lips.

“Your mother is… she is sleeping. She hasn’t felt well so I am going to go get Gobber. He walked to the front door and opened it. The door was mostly covered with snow. The blizzard still hadn’t stopped. Hiccup knew that if he waited till after the storm, it might be too late. Hiccup was ashamed of himself. If he hadn’t been blinded by his anger and sadness, Astrid wouldn’t be in this situation. Toothless nudged him as if to say,

“I’m by your side all the way.” Hiccup smiled then turned to Hock. He knelt down one knee and looked hock in the eye.

“Hock, mom needs help… she isn’t feeling well. I am going out to get Gobber and I will be right back. If you hear your mother call for me or if she needs anything, go to her aid. Alright?”

“Is mom going to be alright?” Hock questioned worriedly.

“I hope so… I hope so.” Hiccup stood up and hopped on Toothless’ back. The leaped through the snow covered door and flew into the blizzard. The snowflakes had turned into ice pellets.


They hit Hiccup and Toothless’ with great force. Hiccup ignored the pain, he was going to get Gobber and he wasn’t going to let Astrid hidebecause of him. Toothless blasted away the snow that covered Gobber’s door. The bursted into the house, causing Gobber to jump in surprise.

“Hey Hiccup, wasn’t expecting you in this weather.” Gobber laughed.

“Gobber, Astrid is very ill! Please come and help me figure out how to help her!”

“How ill are we talking about?” Gobber asked as he walked up to Hiccup and Toothless.

“I don’t know if she will live though another night.” Gobber’s eyes got huge.

“Let’s hurry then!” Gobber hopped on behind Hiccup.


They flew out into the blizzard and headed for home. Hock was sitting with Spitfire by the fireplace. The warmth of the fireplace was relaxing. Suddenly a burst of cold air rushed in the house. Hock looked back to see his father coming in the house. He was completely covered in snow and ice. Along with Gobber and Toothless. Hock quietly laughed as his father tried to get the snow and Ice off of him.

“Gobber, she is in the back bedroom.” Gobber hobbled his way to the back room to check on Astrid. Just before Hock could welcome his father home, gobber’s voice came from the backroom.

“Hiccup get in here, quick!” Hiccup dashed into the back bedroom with Gobber. Astrid was still shaking, she groaned as she tossed in turned under the covers.

“Hiccup,…. Hiccup,….. Hiccup…..” Astrid said in a faint voice. Hiccup strained his ears to hear her.

“Even when she is unconscious, she calls for you.” Gobber winked. Hiccup walked to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to Astrid. He held her in his arms like he had done the night before.

“I’m here Astrid. I’m here.” Hiccup reassured.


Hock paced back and forth in the main room. He was worried about his mother. Spitfire watched as Hock walked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. It’s almost made him dizzy. Toothless sat next to Spitfire, but he wasn’t watching Hock pace back and forth endlessly. He had his eyes glued to the bedroom door. He raised his ears, trying to hear what was being said.  

Hiccup and Gobber spent what seemed like hours, trying to figure out what was wrong. Gobber stepped back and scratched his head.

“It’s a mystery to me Hiccup.  I can’t find the reason for all this.” Gobber said looking Hiccup in the eye. Hiccup lowered his forehead till it toched Astrid’s forehead. Hiccup felt some movement He raised his head to see what it was. suddenly he knew what was partly making Astrid ill.

“Gobber, Astrid is pregnant!” Hiccup said with joy. Gobber came and put his hand on Astrid’s stomach. Sure enough, Gobber could feel the kicking of a baby inside her. But Gobber didn’t look nearly as happy as Hiccup; rather, he looked nervous.

“That’s great Hiccup, really it is. But whatever is making Astrid sick, is most likely going to take her life… and the baby’s.” Hiccup’s heart started to race. He didn’t want to believe Gobber’s words. Hiccup hugged his wife ever tighter as he cried. He just couldn’t hold back the tears. His anger not only caused him to yell at Astrid, but take her life as well. Gobber decided to head home, and let Hiccup have his last hours with Astrid, alone. He walked out of the back bedroom and shut the door quietly behind him.


Hock had paced back and forth so many time that he tired himself out. He slept on the floor alongside Spitfire. Gobber left the house and headed home through the blizzard. Though Astrid couldn’t control her movments, nor could she say a word or open her eyes. But she could clearly hear Hiccup’s crying, and feel his loving arms wrapped around her. Toothless walked through the door and walked over to the bed. He heard Hiccup’s crying from the other room. He licked him on the face to try and help. His sticky saliva stuck to the side of Hiccup’s face.

“No bud, please don’t.” Hiccup cried. As Hiccup started to whipe away the saliva, he remembered something from his childhood. Hiccup looked at the saliva on his hands.

“Night Fury saliva has incredible healing property’s!” Hiccup thought to himself. He leaped out of the bed and scrambled to the kitchen. He grabbed a wooden bowl from the cabinet. Toothless followed him and stat a few feet away. Hiccup held the bowl below Toothless’ mouth,

“Spit in it Toothless!” Toothless didn’t know why, but he hacked up a big spit ball into the bowl.

“Thanks bud!” Hiccup put some water in with the saliva to make it more runny. He walked in to the back bedroom, hoping he wasn’t too late. He poured some of the saliva in Astrid’s mouth. Little by little he pour more into her mouth. He set the almost empty bowl down and laid next to Astrid. He placed one hand over her stomach and the other under her head. He could only hope that she, and the baby would make it.


   Hiccup couldn’t sleep, His mind was on Astrid constantly. Thinking about all the times they had together from their teenage years forward. Hiccup’s eyes shot open when he felt Astrid’s mussels tighten. They tightened, then relaxed. Then tightened, then relaxed. Her stomach was quivering and he could feel the baby kicking. Hiccup shot up out of bed.

“Oh Thor… She is in LABOR!” Hiccup had to calm himself down before he got ready to deliver another baby into the Haddock family. He ran around and gathered water, cloths, and a blanket. He quickly woke up Hock,

“Hock don’t come into the bedroom. Your mother is in Labor.” Hiccup said as he dashed into the bedroom.

“Wait, mom is having another baby? IM ONLY 7!” Hock thought to himself.


Hiccup was now ready to deliver the baby. Seconds turned to Minutes, turned to hours. Finally, the baby slipped out into Hiccup’s arms. He went to clean up the baby. While Hiccup was cleaning up the baby, Astrid groaned In pain. She opened her eyes and looked around! Suddenly sharp pains filled her body, she couldn’t figure out why she hurt so badly. The pain died down after a few moments.

“Hiccup? Hiccup where are you?” Astrid called out. Hiccup’s heart nearly burst from the joy of hearing Astrid’s voice once again. Hiccup wrapped the baby in a blanket and walked over to Astrid. A smile of joy came across Astrid’s face when she saw Hiccup coming towards her.

“Hiccup, Oh Hiccup. I could hear you crying. I tried to hold on to life for you.” Then… Astrid paused for a moment. “What are you carrying?” Astrid questioned. Hiccup sat on the edge of the bed and laid the baby in Astrid’s arms.  Astrid gently held the baby in her arms.

“Who is this?”

“Fearless Astrid Haddock the second.” Hiccup smiled. Astrid’s eyes got a bit bigger.

“This… this baby girl… is ours?”

“you must have been too sick to notice you were pregnant. When you were unconscious you delivered her.”

“I didn’t feel good, that’s for sure. And I had no idea I was pregnant.” Astrid noticed a funny taste in her mouth, it was very unpleasant whatever it was.

“Why does my mouth taste…. Awful?!” Astrid questioned. Hiccup slowly turned his head away from Astrid and started out the door.

“Hiccup, you’re hiding something.”

“haha, I guess you could say that. Let’s just say that… Toothless helped me save your life along with Astrid Jr.” Astrid smiled.

“Let’s call her Ash for short… and HOW exactly did Toothless help?” Hiccup gulped in fear of telling Astrid. Astrid staired into his eyes until he told her,

“Fine! I had Toothless spit into a bowl and then I put water in it… and I had you drink it.” Hiccup said quickly. He was slightly embarrassed at what he had to do to save her life.

“You did what?! Why in the name of Thor would you do that?!”

“Night Fury saliva has incredible healing properties! It was my last option!” Hiccup said in panic. He feared Astrid might just leap out of the bed, and with one swift punch he would be down on the floor.

“Well, you did save my life… so I guess it’s ok.” Astrid smiled. Hiccup smiled in relief.    Hiccup climbed in bed With Astrid and Ash. Ash lay In Astrid’s arms and slept soundly. Hiccup had now gone two full nights without sleep. He yawned as he stretched out his legs. Astrid had Toothless spit into the bowl once again.  When his mouth was open from his yawn, She slapped the bowl of sticky and discussing dragon slobber on Hiccup’s face. Astrid laughed as Hiccup threw the bowl against the wall and tried to wipe away the slobber.

“Is your daddy silly? Yes he is, yes he is.” Astrid said as she rewrapped Ash in her blanket.

“If you weren’t holding Ash right now you would be in trouble!” Hiccup joked. He turned his back to Astrid and laid on the bed.

“This is how you pull a good joke Ash.” Astrid whispered. she raised up her leg and thrusted Hiccup forward. Hiccup fell off the bed and landed on the floor with a thud.

“Alright already, you win you win.” Hiccup said as he stood up and put his hands in the air.


“Come have Hock meet Ash.” Hiccup nodded and walked out the door. Hock and Spitfire were outside romping in the deep snow.

“Hock, come meet your new baby sister!” Hiccup shouted. Hock ran inside and tore through the house into the back bed room. Spitfire came up to the door, he really didn’t like the small doorway.

“haha, How about I make a bigger door, would you like that Spitfire?” Spitfire roared in agreement. Hock looked at Ash with amazement, she was so tiny. He could even see her small blonde hairs. Hiccup though Ash looked like Astrid. Astrid now had a daughter, and Hiccup had his son. The family spent the whole day together, dragons included. Hock looked forward to having a younger sister to teach dragon stuff to.

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WOW. Thats awesome! Never saw

WOW. Thats awesome! Never saw the twist! :D Can't wait to read more!! :D

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WOW. Thats awesome! Never saw

WOW. Thats awesome! Never saw the twist! :D Can't wait to read more!! :D

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You can't not love these two.

sebstaninplacesheshouldntbe: Captain America: The Winter Soldier in summary.

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im loving this

Pease write more!!!



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More Chapters on the way :D 

More Chapters on the way :D 

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There is a new characture coming up in this next chapter! Her name is Arrow! Look out for this new dragon in the latest Chapter of Hiccup and Astrid 'A new life!"


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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Ready or Not


(Ok So in this chapter I kinda defied the laws of math…I wanted Ash to be a bit closer to Hock’s age but I didn’t want to rewrite the whole story. Please use your imagination!!! Thankyou!)


Hock slept soundly in his bed with Spitfire lying on the ground next to him. Thankfully Hiccup had made the window to his room bigger so Spitfire could enter the house. The morning air was fresh and crisp as the wind blew softly through the village. Hock was awakened by his eight year old sister, Ash. She shook Hock violently back and forth.

“Hock… Hock, want to tickle dad awake?” Ash quietly asked. Being violently awakened by his sister was nothing new to Hock. Hiccup said Ash was just like her mother when she was that age. Hock yawned as he sat up in bed. He could hear his father snoring in the bed room below them.

“Sure, why not?” Hock winked. They tip toed down the stairs and quietly entered their parents room. Hiccup and Astrid lay under the warm covers. Hiccup lay on his stomach and was sprawled out all over the bed. Astrid slept on her side facing Hiccup. Hock and Ash snuck over to their dad’s side of the bed.

“One, Two, Three!” Hock whispered before they leaped onto their father and tickled him. Hiccup shot up laughing; he used his arms to try and pry the kids off him. Hock, being bigger and stronger then Ash, held his father’s arms as he struggled to get away from Ash’s tickling. No one could tickle Hiccup like Ash could. Astrid woke up to loud laughter and saw Hiccup being mauled.

“Astrid! Astrid! Help me Astrid!” Hiccup laughed. Astrid, though she had just woke up, laughed along with them,

“Sorry Hiccup, but I’m with Hock and Ash.” Said Astrid as she helped hold Hiccup still. After long laughter filled minutes, Hiccup was exhausted from laughing so hard and trying to free himself. Astrid could feel Hiccup arm mussels weakening and he was breathing hevily.

“Alright, I think that’s enough.” Astrid said with a smile. Hock and Ash backed away and sat on the edge of the bed. Hiccup tried to catch his breath.

“Your honoree, just like your mother.” Hiccup laughed.

“Oh like you aren’t honoree!” Astrid laughed back. Hiccup smiled. He lifted his left arm and pulled Astrid into a kiss.

“Dad, can I go on a fly this morning before breakfast?” Hiccup Looked over at his son. Hock loved flying just as much as he did.

“Sure Hock. Just be back in an hour.” Hiccup smiled. Hock dashed up to his room and hoped on Spitfire. They took off through the window and headed into the sky. Hock, with the help of his father, made a leather flight suit and mask that he wore all the time. Just like his dad.” Ash watched from the window as her fifteen year old brother flew off with Spitfire, and disappeared into the clouds.


Ash sighed as she walked down the stairs. She sat on the steps and watched her mom cook breakfast.

“Something wrong Ash?” Hiccup asked as he walked over to her. He sat down on the wooden stair beside her and looked his daughter in the eye.

“Dad, why don’t I have a dragon yet? Hock won’t let me have Spitfire.” Ash sighed.  

“Well, You will find the right dragon for you at the right time. You are still pretty young to have a dragon of your own, maybe in a few years.” Hiccup smiled, brushing Ash’s bangs to the side.

   “But I don’t want to wait a few years, I want my own dragon now.”

“Maybe after dinner we can go flying on Toothless. Would you like that?”

“Yeah, that would be fun.” Ash didn’t want to hurt her dad’s feelings, but what she really wanted, was a dragon of her very own. Just then she heard Hock and Spitfire coming though the bedroom window.

“Breakfast is ready.” Astrid shouts. The whole family gathers around the table to eat.


Afterwards, Hiccup was off to do his chieftain work, Astrid worked on Stormfly’s saddle, and Hock went on fly with Spitfire, Sharra and her Deadly Nadder. Ash walked out of the house and into the forest. Ash knew that she was just like her mother, her skill with weapons, speed, and determination set her apart from most people. She knew Hock and her father Hiccup were the dragon masters of the village, no one could out do her father and Toothless.

“Maybe I should just be a weapon fighter… and not get a dragon.” Ash sighed. She had been looking for a dragon for years, but yet never found one that was loyal to her. Ash got the strange feeling that she was being followed. She held her axe in her right hand and was ready to throw it.

“Oh great. Hock is that you?!” Ash shouted. The snow covered brush in front of her moved, Ash got down and ready,

“Not funny Hock!” suddenly Ash was pounced on from behind. She landed flat on her stomach with a thump. Ash lost grip of her axe, it flew a few feet from her. She tried to get up, but huge claws wrapped around her arms, holding her down. She struggled to get free from what gripped her. She could hear the deep growls and feel the heavy breath the dragon. She remembered he dad said if she ever encountered a wild dragon… to make sure she showed no threat. Ash went limp,

“It’s ok… I don’t want to hurt you.” Ash said in a calming voice. The dragon paused. Not making a sound. She released Ash and stepped away. Ash stood up and brushed the snow off her. She looked up and saw that the dragon hadn’t left. To her surprise, it was a dragon she hadn’t seen on Berk before. It was a wild Hobblegrunt. The hobblegrunt slinked around like a cat, checking out Ash. The Hobblegrunt looked Ash in the eye and raised its frill. Ash looked in amazement at the hobblegrunt that stood before her. She was a good two feet taller than her 6 foot dad. Ash took a few steps forward and reached out her hand. The Dragon reached it head out and sniffed Ash’s hand. Swoosh! The dragon had taken off into the air and disappeared.

“I was so close! Why will I never have a dragon!” Ash shouted. Ash grabbed her Axe and worked her way out of the forest.


As Ash neared the water falls Hock, Spitfire, Sharra and her nadder spotted her from the air.
“Look Spitfire, It’s Ash! Lets go down and see what she is up to. You good with that Sharra?”

“Yeah, lets go chat for a while.” Sharra smiled. The headed down to Ash with great speed. Spitfire tucked his wings in tight and went into a noise dive. Sharra was right behind them. Ash looked up and saw her brother and Sharra. She sighed that she still didn’t have a dragon of her own, but she put a smile on her face when her brother came up to her.

“Hey Ash! What are you up to?”

“Oh nothing, just practicing my axe throwing…” Ash was interrupted by Spitfire’s loud roar. He raised his wings and stomped them on the ground.

“Spitfire settle down.” Spitfire reached out his wing and pulled Hock close. The tip of his wing tripped Ash, she fell to the ground and landed in the snow. Suddenly the hobblegrunt that Ash had met earlier landed in front of her, She roared back at Spitfire with fury and guarded Ash with her wings. The hobblegrunt picked up Ash by her arms and took off into the sky.

“Ash! Spitfire, After them!” Hock shouted as he climbed on Spitfire. They took off after them with Sharra not too far behind.

“Hock!” Ash shouted. It’s wasn’t long before Ash and the hobblegrunt disappeared into the dense clouds.

“Hock I don’t see them.” Sharra shouted. Hock was trying not to panic. He franticly shouted,

“Let’s go get my dad, He and Toothless will be able to find them.” Hock and Sharra flew back towards the village to get Hiccup.


Meanwhile the hobblegrunt had taken Ash high up onto the mountain. There was a big flat spot where they landed. The hobblegrunt stood a mere four feet from Ash. Her head was cocked in curiosity as she looked at Ash. The hobblegrunt paced back and forth, not once taking her gaze off Ash. Ash reached out her hand to the dragon, she really hopped the dragon wouldn’t fly away again. She dreamed of having her very own dragon. Hock had learned so much from their father. Every dragon fact there is, he wants to know. Her father, as everyone called-him, The Dragon Master. He lived, breathed, talked, all things dragon. No one could train a dragon like him. Ash knew Hock was going to be just like his father and become the next dragon master. She only hoped she could be half as good, plus She didn’t want to be stuck up there and half to walk ALL the way back home. Her hand came closer to the dragon. the hobblegrunt’s eyes narrowed as she growled at her. Ash pulled her hand away, then she turned her head away from the dragon and reached out her hand. She waited hoping she would still have a right hand after this adventure. She could hear some hissing and the heavy footsteps of the hobblegrunt. Ash feared the worst. Soon, the warm nose of the hobblegrunt softly touched her hand. She turned and looked the hobblegrunt in the eye. She looked gentel and caring. The hobblegrunt rubbed her head on Ash’s hand. Ash could hear a purring sound, similar to Toothless’ purr.  Ash knew she had found her dragon at last.

“What should I name you?” Ash pondered it for a moment.

“Blaze?, Comet?, Flame?” None of them sounded right to Ash. After giving it some more thought,

took off into the sky. They flew high above the clouds. It wasn’t long before they were going faster and faster. Ash wasn’t quick ready for a flip yet, but it wouldn’t be long.


Hiccup, Astrid, Hock and Sharra looked all over for Ash. But couldn’t find her. Hiccup would jump off a cliff and trust that Toothless would save him. But an untamed Dragon would rather push him off a cliff and watch.  The Hobblegrunt had the upperhand on Ash, Hiccup could only hope that they would find her in time.


After a few long hours of flying, Arrow and Ash lay upon a rock high up on the mountain. The mountain was miles from Berk, she couldn’t see the island anywhere, but she was having too much fun with Arrow to worry about it. Ash was leaned up against Arrow’s side as they watched the sun set behind the ocean line. Ash could hear the strong heartbeat of her faithful friend. The cool breeze along with the comforting sound of Arrow’s heartbeat slowly drifted Ash to sleep. Once the sun had set and the moon rose into the sky, Arrow brought her tail forward and reached out her neck. The tip of her tail and her chin were touching, creating a circle around Ash. Lastly Arrow lowered her wing over Ash like a nice and warm tent. The two slept side by side all though the night under the moon and stars.


The next morning Ash awoke in Arrow’s wings. She was pretty warm and comfortable ash she looked around at the dragon’s wing. She groaned as she stretched her arms. Arrow heard Ash making one of those human noises. She opened her eyes and lifted her head. Poof! Her head popped up through the three feet of snow they were buried in. Ash stood up and looked at the beautiful snow.

“Looks like it snowed last night.” Ash smiled. Soon the smile faded off her face. She gasped in shock as she covered her mouth with her hands. Arrow, still lying in the snow, looked up at Ash with curiosity.

“Oh Thor! I fell asleep here! My mom and dad probably had a heart attack!” Ash looked to her new friend and placed her hand on Arrow’s snout.

“Arrow, please get me back home quick!” Ash pleaded. Arrow arose and shook the snow off her scales. Ash jumped on her back and they took off in to the sky. Ash looked around in all directions, her heart was beating quickly with fear.

“Arrow… I think were lost.”


Meanwhile Hiccup hadn’t rested all night. He was going to find his daughter no matter what it took. He had already flown all night through the blizzard with Toothless. He searched far and wide, many miles from the island. Astrid, Hock, and Sharra stayed close to Berk to keep searching.   


Back with Arrow, Ash had no idea where they were. She had never been this far from Berk before. the crisp wind blew over them like an icy blanket. Ash shivered, trying to warm herself. Ash was determined to find Berk and to return to her parent’s loving arms. If only Ash knew how hard this was going to be. Ash softly stroked Arrow’s neck as they flew along above the open ocean.

“Faster Arrow, As fast as you can go!” Ash shouted with delight. With a roar and a mighty flap of Arrow’s wings they took off even faster. For only being eight years old, Ash was very independent.

They flew all day searching for Berk, yet they never found it. The days went by and Ash felt as if they were only getting farther away from home. Ash dearly missed her mother and father, she feared she may never see them again. Arrow landed on a small island in the ocean to rest her wings. they had been flying everyday for long hours in search of Berk, but they had no luck. Ash hoped off Arrow’s back and looked off in to the distance. The sun was once again setting in the sky, it would soon be dark.

“Arrow, do you think fate is against us? It has been two weeks of nonstop searching and we still haven’t found Berk.” Ash looked into the sunset that was fading away. Arrow walked over to her best friend and rubbed her head on her. She purred softly to try and comfort Ash. Ash looked down at her friend, They were dependent on one another for survival. Ash whiped away her tears and brought out her inner self. All her fear, worry, and loneliness were gone, She relised that all she needed now, was her best friend, Arrow. Ash took out her braid and put her hair up in a bun with her bangs left out. Her bangs hung right under her eyebrows. She looked exactly like her mom did, only her haid was in a nice bun. Arrow Lay down on the ground and was ready for sleep. Ash lay right beside Arrow in the soft grass of the small island. But before she fell asleep, she looked up at the stars,

“I will find my way home, even if it takes me years to do it. Mom, Dad, and Hock… Don’t give up on me.”  

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Living in a Shadow.


Three months after Ash disappeared with the hobblegrunt, Hock was out flying with Spitfire. The crisp wind blew through Hock’s air.   Hock missed his sister dearly and would do almost anything to have her back. Through the long three months, the family had lost hope that they would ever see Ash again. Hiccup spent a whole two weeks looking for Ash, but he came home empty handed, and empty hearted.

Hock and Spitfire landed on a cliff of a small island not far from Berk. Hock paced back and forth and he pondered about the thawfest games that were going to take place in three days. His father had won against snotlout many years in a row. Well, every single year since the dragons came and now he was supposed to live up to that honor.

“How am I going to step into his boots. Well, technically one boot and one medal pegleg.” Hock sighed. “Oh Spitfire, My father is the dragon master. The first person to ever to train a dragon. Not just any dragon, a night fury! How am I supposted to live up to that! To make things worse, Snotlout’s son, Snotface is going to enter the thawfest games.” Spitfire didn’t know what to think. Hock flopped down onto the ground and let out a big sigh. Spitfire raised his head and looked towards some bushes, they shivered with movement, yet they were quiet enough that Hock didn’t hear it. Emerging from the bushes was Sharra and her Deadly Nadder, Onyx.

“Hey Hock, I thought I would find you here.” Sharra smiled. She walked over and plopped herself down by his side. Hock sat up at looked over at Sharra. Sharra has been his best human friend for a very long time, He looked into her blue eyes that were full of joy.

“I just…. I just don’t know how I’m going to fill my father’s foot prints.” Hock sighed as he looked at the ground.

“Hock, You just need to do your best. You’re not your father, your Hock and I like you for who you are.” Sharra said as she placed her hand under Hock’s chin. She raised his head till they were eye to eye. “You know so much about dragons, almost as much as your father.”

“No way! My father has been training dragons since he was fifteen. I’ll never be a Dragon Master like him.”

“Oh Hock, Your just…”

“Sharra, You don’t know what it’s like to live in someone else’s shadow!” Hock shouted. While Sharra and Hock talked it over, Onyx walked over to Spitfire who was resting in the green grass. She squawked and shook her head as she approached Spitfire. Spitfire raised his head and looked over at his friend Onxy. He slightly raised his frill,

“Hello Onyx, It’s good to see you.”

“Hey Spitfire, What are you up to?” Onyx purred.

“Oh Hock and I were just out for a fly. though I think he is nervous about some upcoming event.” Spitfire turned his head to look at Hock. “I just can’t figure out what to do. Also, He lost his sister a month back.” Onyx scratched the ground below her feet before she sat down beside Spitfire.  

“Sharra is also nervous about something. Do your think Toothless would know what’s going on? He is the alpha after all.”

“I didn’t even think about asking Toothless, Im sure he would know. Toothless has been here on Berk since his master was a teen. I will ask him when we head home.”

The dragons looked back towards their master’s. Sharra was leaning up against Hock and Hock had his arm around Sharra. Hock staired into the distance. Thoughts flooded his mind as he worried about the Thawfest games.

“Hock. Show me your best flying tricks with Spitfire.” Sharra said with a smile on her face.

“Well, it’s nothing special.” Hock sighed. Sharra shoved Hock,

“Go on! Show me, please Hock.” Hock couldn’t resist sharra’s pleading. He stood up and looked over at spitfire.

“Oh, that’s my que Onyx.” Spitfire whispered before he leaped into the air and beet his mighty wings. Hock knew spitfire was ready, he looked over to Sharra, who was patiently waiting. Hock smiled at sharra before he took off running towards the edge of the cliff that led to the icy water below.

“HOCK!” Sharra screamed with terror. She jumped to her feet and ran to the cliff and looked over its edge. She frantically looked for any sign of Hock.

“What are you looking for milady?” Sharra spun around to see Hock standing proud and tall on Spitfire’s back. Spitfire hovered above the ground, beeting all four of her wings.

“Hiccup horrendous Haddock the forth don’t you scare me like that again!” Sharra laughed. She liked using Hock’s full name to tease him when she could.

“You didn’t trust Spitfire to catch me. You still have much to learn about dragons.” Hock smiled. Hock and Spitfire flew through the sky with great speed. Spitfire started to barrel roll towards the left. Hock shuffled his feet to stay standing on Spitfire. Though it was one of Hock’s favorite tricks, he hadn’t shown to anyone other than his father. Hock and Spitfire preformed a few more tricks before they safely landed on the ground. He stood up proudly as he walked up to Sharra.

“Oh Hock, that was great! I hope to be half the dragon master you are.” She smiled and put her hand on his shoulder. She could easily Hock was proud of himself and Spitfire, and he rightfully should be. 

“Hock I better go. See you back on Berk?”

“Yep, I will be there shortly.” Sharra hoped on Onyx’s back and they headed back to Berk. As Sharra flew away with Onyx Hock sighed with a smile on his face. He wasn’t sure how to put it, but he had strong feelings for Sharra like he never had before. Just recently he was getting these feelings and he couldn’t help but feel he was falling in love with her. Though he didn’t dare say a word about it. Hock jumped on Spitfire’s back and gave him a small nudge. Spitfire Jumped into the air and headed back to Berk.


Hock was feeling very proud of himself until he got back to Berk. The villagers hung baners and painted shields. Most of them were Night Fury paintings but there were other dragons as well. The village was decorated wonderfully with the dragon class flags. Hock pondered what was going on, since his dad was gone on a cheiften meeting and his mom was out with Stormfly Hock went to Gobber. He walked inside Gobber’s saddle making shop. Leather straps hung from the roof and tools covered the ground, but Gobber wasn’t the most oginised Viking on Berk.

“Hock, I haven’t seen you in here for ages, finally decided you want a saddle for that dragon of yours?” Hock turned around and saw Gobber walking into the shop behind him.

“Hey Gobber. No, Spitfire and I don’t need a saddle. I came to ask you something. What is with all the dragon decorations that everone is hanging around the village.” Gobber chuckled,

“Your father found and trained toothless many years ago, and tomorrow is the aniversery of when peace came to Berk.” Hock looked around at all of the decorations once again in shock. He couldn’t really imagin life without dragons, he had just grown up with them. And there was no way he could imagine Spitfire harming him.

“Does Dad know about all this?” Hock asked turning his attention back to Gobber.

“Nope. Your father will be home tomorrow and this will be a big surprise for him.”

“Thanks Gobber. I’ll see you later.” Hock walked out of Gobber’s shop and sauntered through the village.


People running back and forth hanging decorations and preparing food for his father’s return. Hock couldn’t stop thinking about how he would try to live up to his father. Spitfire followed Hock as he walked past the docks. But something caught his eye, a boat was coming to port, but it wasn’t one of their boats. Since his father was gone, Hock took on the responsibility.  

“Spitfire, be ready at a second’s notice.” Hock whispered. Spitfire sneezed showing he was ready. As the ship neared he could see it was full of children. Hock remembered that Gobber said he would give a tour of the island to some kids from the other islands. Hock walked up to the boat standing tall with his shoulders back and he held out his chest.

“Welcome to Berk. The land of peace between Vikings and Dragons.  I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the forth.” A gasp came from the crowd of kids. A small boy about the age of ten ran up through the crowd.

“Are you the very son of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third? Chief of this Island.” Spitfire walked up behind Hock and growled at the children in the boat. Hock was a bit surprised at the younger boy’s question.  

“We can talk later. For now, please come and I will call Gobber. He will show you around.” Hock smiled. Hock turned to Spitfire,

“Go get Gobber and bring him here please.” Spitfire roared then took off to get Gobber. Hock turned around to face the boat again. He turned to the two men who were in charge of the kids.

“You may all come up onto the dock’s, but leave any weapons you have in the boat for your own safety.” They all agreed and left their daggers, swords, and axes in the boat. Spitfire returned with Gobber and set his down gently on the docks. The children oohed and the sight of Spitfire. They watched him as he soared through the sky with ease. Spitfire landed on the docks behind Hock.

“Hiccup, Behind you!” A little girl shouted. Hock looked over his shoulder to see Spitfire looking at him with his eyes large and looking cute.

“This is Spitfire, My stormcutter. You don’t need to fear him.” Hock smiled. Hock continued, “Here on Berk you will see hundreds of dragons of all kinds, You don’t need to fear them here.” Hock walked over to Gobber who was waiting patiently.

“Gobber here will guide you around him and he can answer the questions you may have. Good Day everyone.” Hock jumped on Spitfire’s back and they flew into the sky. Gobber started the tour around Berk to show them where everything was since they would be staying for a week and they would need to know where things were. Hock and Spitfire watched from above as the group slowly walked through the village.

“Come on Spitfire, let’s go practice our tricks.” The two headed off and didn’t return till night fall.


The moonlight shown down upon Berk. The husle had quieted down as people got ready to hunker down for the night. Spitfire softly landed and started to walk towards the house. Hock continued to stand on Spitfire as they walked, he liked nothing more than to be with his best friend. Hock saw a young boy run out in front of Spitfire by accident. Spitfire had to quickly raise up onto his hind legs to keep from stepping on the boy. Though it was quick, Hock never lost his balance, he naturally took a step forward and shifted his weight. The young boy gasped as he fell to the ground, he worried that the dragon was going to attack. Spitfire lowered himself back down and Hock jumped off to help the boy up.

“Thanks Hiccup.” Said the young boy. It was the same boy Hock met when the ship came to port.

“Hiccup, Are you really the son of the Dragon Master?”

“Yes I am. Hiccup Horendous Haddock the Third is my father. Fearless Astrid Hofferson is my mother.” Hock didn’t want to say that his only sister had been kidnapped by a dragon.

“Wow! You are so lucky Hiccup! Your parents must really love you.”

“You can call me Hock, that is what most people call me around here. As for my parents, yes they do love me and I guess I’m lucky.” Hock said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“My name is Ricks.  You are very lucky, My parents couldn’t care less about me. That’s why I came here… to see if I might want to become a Berkian.” Hock could plainly see the excitement in Ricks eyes

“Well Life here isn’t anything but the unexpected, Living with dragons and all. But I couldn’t imagin life without them, Spitfire is my best friend.”

“What kind of Dragon is he? Spitfire looks very powerful.” Ricks said, hardly containing his excitement.

“Spitfire is a Stormcutter, and he is very powerful. But no dragon is more powerful than my father’s Night Fury. You can meet them tomorrow.” Ricks couldn’t hold it back any longer, He threw his arms around Hock’s neck in a hug.

“Thank you Hock.” Ricks whispered. Hock, still a bit stunned returned the hug,

“You’re welcome Ricks.” They both stepped back and smiled to one another, “Well I better get home, My mother will be wondering where I am.” Ricks nodded as he watched Hock and Spitfire fly towards the chieftains house. Ricks went back inside the small house with the other teens he was staying with and went to sleep.

When Hock returned home his mother had fallen asleep while she was fixing a hole in one of his shirts. He quietly walked up the stairs and hoped in to bed. Spitfire came through the window and laid down beside the bed. Hock fell asleep under his covers in his warm bed, but a nightmare haunted his sleep. He dreamt that his sister had been viciously attacked by the Hobblegrunt. In his dream Hock watched helplessly as Ash was tormented by the beast. A crowd gathered around him and started to shout,

“Go on Dragon Master! Save your sister!”

“Be like your father!”

“Your father could have saved Ash!”

“You’re no Dragon Master!” they all spun around in Hock’s head, making him dizzy. He heard his sister’s voice,

“Hock, Save me! Save me!” she screamed. Hock felt like stone, unable to move to help his sister.

“Ash!” Hock shouted. Fog was taking her from his sight, he panicked as he tried to move.

“I love you Hock.” Ash said before her voice faded away in to the fog. Hock sat strait up in bed panting as he frantically looked around the room. His heart rate slowed as he realized it was only a dream. Spitfire was watching Hock with wide eyes, he didn’t know what made his friend so scared. He laid his head on Hock’s lap and began to purr.

“I know you wouldn’t let anything happen to me Spitfire, you’re a good friend. You’re my best friend.” With Spitfire watching over him, Hock was able to fall asleep again. Hopefully no more nightmares.


The next morning Spitfire awoke to the front door creaking. His eyes narrowed into slits has he growled. He stood up and and walked over to see who was entering his territory. He stopped growling when he saw it was Hiccup and Toothless coming inside. He sat down and roared softly to get Toothless’ attention. Hiccup and Toothless looked upstairs,

“Hey Spitfire, good job protecting the family while Toothless and I were away.” Hiccup said quietly, assuming his family was still asleep. Spitfire raised his frill proudly. Hiccup walked into the back bed room to get in bed with Astrid. He had flown all night and he wanted a few hours of sleep before he was up again. Spitfire roared once again to Toothless then started out the window. Toothless walked up the stairs and jumped out the window after Spitfire. Spitfire bowed, welcoming the Alfa back.

“Toothless can I ask you something?” Spitfire questioned as he arose from bowing.

“Sure.” Toothless replied.

“Hock is worried about something and I can’t figure it out. Plus Onyx said that Sharra is also nervous. Do you know what is going on?”

“Oh, I bet your talking about the thawfest games. Humans do all these silly things to earn a piece of medal at the end. Hiccup and I won every year in the dragon part of it. I’m sure that’s all. No need to worry.” Spitfire was glad to hear that nothing was wrong.  The dragons jumped back inside the house and landed quietly, making sure not to wake the humans. Spitfire lay down once again by Hock’s bedside. Toothless walked down the stairs and into the bed room, he checked on Hiccup first, then Astrid. After he knew everything was fine, he laid down at the foot of the bed with Stormfly.


A few hours later Astrid started to awake. Her head was covered by the dark blue blanket that covered the bed. She pulled the blanket down so it rested on her chest. She looked over and nearly jumped out of her skin. Hiccup had snuck in bed with her, she wasn’t expecting that. She sighed in releife. She smiled, happy to know her husband was home safe and sound. She placed her hand on Hiccup’s cheak. She rubbed her hand up and down slowly, starting to wake her husband. Hiccup slightly opened his eyes and looked at Astrid.

“Good morning Hun, I’m glad you’re back safely.” Astrid whispered. Hiccup sat up in bed groggily, he reached his out his arm and placed his hand on the back of Astrid’s head. He pulled her into a loving kiss on the lips. He looked down into her soft blue eyes. Love for her completely washed over him,

“Thor himself couldn’t make anything half as beautiful as you. It’s good to be home.” Hiccup said while running his fingers through Astrid’s hair. Astrid closed her eyes as hiccup ran his fingers through her hair. He was so gental with her.

“Hiccup, There is no man on this earth I would rather be with.” Suddenly the bedroom door was flung open, it made a crashing sound as it hit the wall. There stood Hiccup’s mother, Valka, she looked as if she had just ran a mile full speed.

“Hiccup,” she started, trying to catch her breath. “You’re late for the Great Hall meeting!” Hiccup’s eyes widened a bit.

“I totally forgot about it! Tell them I will be there soon.” Hiccup ordered. He jumped out of bed and quickly got ready for the day. Astrid grabbed her shoulder gaurds and fur hood from her dresser. She quickly put them on and was ready to walk out the door with Hiccup. She ran up the stairs to get Hock,

“Hock, Hock, Meet your father and I in the Great Hall in a few minutes.” She said, giving him a kiss on his forehead. She ran down the stairs and out the door after Hiccup. Hock knew exactly what was going on. He didn’t even get undressed the night before.

“Come on Spitfire, full speed to the great hall!” Hock said happily. With a mighty roar spitfire leaped into the sky. They snuck inside the great hall and closed the doors. Not long afterwards Hiccup and toothless came bursting through the door with Astrid not far behind.

“SURPRIZE!!!!!!!!” Hiccup stood in shock as the whole village threw confetti on him and cheered. Even the kids who came to visit were there.  Astrid came up and hugged Hiccup, while laughing. Hiccup was taken totally off guard,

“What’s all this?” Hiccup laughed. Hock came up and hugged his father also.

“Hiccup, This is a new Holiday to celebrate you and Toothless. The village took a vote and we decided to call it Hic-Tooth day!” Hiccup laughed at the thought of Hic-Tooth day, but he was humbled by it.

“Thank you everyone! I never expected this.” Some of the villagers brought a huge cake up to Hiccup and set it in front of him. Some other’s brought a basket filled with 200 of Toothless’ favorite fish.


As the party continued, Hock brought Ricks to meet his father.

“dad!” Hock called out to get his father’s attention. Hiccup turned to Hock. He didn’t recognize the boy that was with his son,

“Hello Hock. Who’s your friend?”

“Hey Dad, This is Ricks. He came on the boat to visit.” Hiccup reached out his hand to the boy.

“Welcome to the Island of Berk, Ricks. Make yourself at home.” Ricks couldn’t believe he was shaking the hand of the Dragon Master.

“Hello Chief Sir. It’s an honor to meet the Dragon Master!” while Ricks talked to his father, Hock went to find Spitfire in the back of the Great Hall with the other dragons. He was super nervous about the Thawfest games in the morning. Spitfire helped to calm him. Suddenly the Great Hall  doors where thrown open. A mighy blast of wind flew into Hall. Toothless growled and he guarded Hiccup. Hiccup looked to the doors and a figure stood in the door way. This figure had a suit of leather armor, and a mask covering his face. He pointed to Hiccup, causing him to feel like he shouldn’t trust the man. He jumped on Toothless’ back and they approached the figure. The figure held out his hand for the Chief to halt. And heard of monstrous nightmare’s came up behind this figure. The figure made a sound, and the nightmares lunged at Hiccup!

                                                 TO BE CONTINUED!

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Night, they get nore and more

Night, they get nore and more taunting every time! DX I hate cliff hangers! Lol, great chapter as always Night.

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chapter 17

Chapter 17. Thawfest Takes a Turn


Toothless’ eyes narrowed as he roared at the incoming Nightmares with his spine starting to glow neon blue. The Nightmare’s stopped in their tracks and bowed before Toothless. Hiccup was amazed that Toothless could get the Nightmares to bow down to him so quickly. Hiccup looked back up, and the mysterious figure was gone! In his place was a small piece of paper. Hiccup got off Toothless and walked over to pick up the piece of paper, it read

“Dear Chief of Berk, I challenge you to a dragon training match! If you win I will show who I am and I will bow down before you. But if you lose, you must bow down to me! I will meet you at the arena six am sharp!” Hiccup grew worried,

“This masked man obviously knows I train dragons, and if he has a small heard of nightmares at his control, who knows what else he might have up his sleeve.” Hiccup thought to himself. Hock ran up to his father, who stood looking at the paper in his hand.

“Dad, who was that?!” Hiccup took his eyes from the paper and looked down at his worried son.

“I don’t know who that was, but I intend to find out.” Hiccup reassured his son. All eyes were on Hiccup, he turned around to look at his villagers and shouted,

“Thawfest shall not take place this year! Tomorrow at six am I shall be going up against this masked man in a dragon training competition.” The villagers gasped as they looked at one another. But before Hiccup could finish, Snotlout shouted out from the crowd,

“Yeah right Hiccup! You’re just afraid your ‘Hiccup’ of a son won’t last a minute in the Thawfest Games!” Snotlout walked up to hiccup and got face to face with Him. Well he tried at least, Hiccup was a good foot taller then Snotlout. Anger grew inside of Hiccup’s heart.

“Don’t you speak that way about my son!” Hiccup shouted, holding back as much anger as possible. Hock was offended by Snotlout’s remark. Snotlout reached down as if he were going to push Hock over. Hiccup slapped his hand

“Back off Snotlout!” Hiccup said through his clenched teeth.

“Oh look, Hiccup’s getting mad. Too bad you can’t do anything about it!” Snoutlout snickered. Toothless leaped up beside Hiccup and roared. Snotlout backed up in surprise and tripped over Spitfire’s tail. Snotlout fell to the ground with a thud. Toothless and Spitfire smacked tails for a dragon High Five. Hiccup smiled for a moment, but frowned once again as Snotlout started to get up.

“Your stupid dragon did it! You couldn’t do anything to me!” Snoutlout said, puffing out his chest. Hiccup merely rolled his eyes. Hiccup pulled out his Dragon Blade and lit it.    Astrid ran up and grabbed Hiccup by his shoulders,

“Hiccup, you don’t know what this man is capable of! He might be trying to kidnap you… or worse!” Hiccup could see the fear in Astrid’s eyes. He too was scared, but he had to defend the village.

“Astrid, do you not remember what my father told me? A Chief protects his own.” Astrid sighed and looked down at the floor. that was one of the reasons she didn’t like Hiccup being the chief. He had to put himself in the front line of every battle. And knowing Hiccup, along with Toothless, wouldn’t back down till the end. Hiccup raised Astrid’s chin so she would look at him. Her saddened eyes looked into his.

“I will be careful.” Hiccup said comforting her. Hiccup walked out of the great hall with Toothless by his side. Astrid jumped up on Stormfly and Hock got up on Spitfire. they got outside, but Hiccup was already gone.

“Dang, I always forget how fast Toothless really is.” Hock laughed.

“You have no idea Hock. Sometime, I will challenge your father to a timed race so you can see just how fast he is.” Astrid smiled. She was hiding her fear that something would go wrong in the morning. Hock and Astrid with their dragons headed back to the house. Hiccup and Toothless were practicing hand signals, battle defenses, any anything else Hiccup could think of.


Hiccup and Toothless worked for hours, not taking a break. It was about dinner time when Hiccup and Toothless finally came inside. Hiccup pushed open the door and was covered in sweat from head to toe. His hair was damp, and Astrid could see droplets of sweat on his face and neck.

“Hiccup, are you ok?”

“I’m fine Astrid. Just a long day of nothing but nonstop moving.” Hiccup said trying to catch his breath. Hiccup walked into the back room to grab a towel so he could go take a shower. Toothless walked inside the house with his head held low, He too was very tired. Astrid noticed Toothless’ saddle was buffed and polished, with a new bright red tail fin. Toothless laid down in the middle of the floor and rested his head on his paws. Astrid walked over and stroked Toothless’ head,

“Worked hard today huh?” Toothless groaned as if to say,

“Oh Yeah.”  Hiccup walked back out of the room with a small towel in his hand.

“Hun I am going to take a shower, I will be back soon.” He smiled. “Coming bud?” Toothless was tired, yet still excited to go to the cove and cool down in the clean lake water. he rose to His feet and followed Hiccup out the door.

“Love you!” Astrid shouted. Hiccup turned around so he was facing his wife.

“Love you too!” after blowing his wife a kiss, he hopped on Toothless and they took off to the cove.  They landed in the cove a few minutes later, the moonlight shown upon the water, making it light enough for them to see. Hiccup took off his leather suit and set it by some rocks. He also took off his peg leg, he didn’t want to lose it in the water. He dove into the clear water with his green under shirt and pants. Toothless was already swimming in the deeper part of the lake. Hiccup had to be careful about where he went in the water, cause he couldn’t swim very well with only one foot. Toothless quietly swam up behind Hiccup’s back. He stood on his back two legs and splashed Hiccup with his front paws. Hiccup turned around to see his silly dragon laughing at him. Hiccup splashed Toothless back. They played for a while before Hiccup started to head out of the water.

“Come on bud, Astrid and Hock will be wondering where we are.” Toothless purred and lifted Hiccup up by the back of his shirt. He carried him over to his leather suit and pegleg.

“Thanks bud. You’re the best.” Hiccup smiled.

Back at the house, Astrid was tucking Hock into bed.

“When is dad going to be home? I want to tell him goodnight.” Astrid looked out the window, then back down to Hock.

“I don’t know. But when he gets here I will have him come up here to check on you.” She smiled. Hock nodded his head and laid down on his pillow. Astrid kissed him on his forehead and patted Spitfire. she quietly walked down the stairs and stoked the fire.


Minutes later Hiccup quietly opened the door and walked inside. Astrid had fallen asleep in a chair by the fire. Hiccup couldn’t help but smile, he loved his family so much and was willing to do anything to protect them. He walked over to her and lifted her into his arms.

“Toothless can you please shut the front door?” Hiccup asked as he started to the back bed room. Toothless pawed the front door till it was shut and no more cold air endered the house. Just before Hiccup set Astrid down in bed, her eyes opened slightly.

“Glad to know your home.” She whispered. Hiccup kissed her lips and looked her softly in the eye,

“Glad to be home.” He whispered back as he set her in bed.

“Oh Hiccup, Hock wanted to tell you goodnight. I told him I would have you go and check on him when you got back.” Hiccup nodded.

“Will do.” He pulled the covered over Astrid and walked out the door. He walked up the stairs and went over to the side of Hock’s bed. Hock opened his eyes when he heard his father’s unmistakable pegleg clicking on the floor.

“Hey dad.”

“Hi Hock. I came to tell you goodnight.” Hock sat up in bed and hugged his father.

“Goodnight dad.”

“Goodnight Hock.” Hock laid back down in his bed and Hiccup tucked him in. Afterwards Hiccup crawled in bed with Astrid and fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow.   



The next morning Hiccup went straight to the arena and got there at six am sharp. The masked man was there waiting with his dark red monstrous nightmare at his side. Hiccup and Toothless landed about ten feet from the man. Hiccup walked up to the man, Toothless was right at his heels growling. Hiccup took a deep breath to calm his nerves,

“Bring forth your challenge! I can and will protect my island and family!” Hiccup proclaimed. The man stood still, not saying a word. He handed Hiccup a piece of paper since he refused to talk.

The paper read,

“You haven’t chickened out yet huh? Well be prepared to live in the shadow of defeat. My challenge is this, we both will enter the ring, leaving our dragons behind. Our dragons must be sent to the opposite side of your island. Two wild dragons are to be released in the ring with us. The first one to train their dragon sends it out to find your dragon and have him return to you. Who’s ever dragon comes back first wins. You up to it?”

Hiccup looked up from the paper,

“On one condition will I accept this. Our dragons shall be sent to the other side of the island as you said, but I will send some of my men to make sure there is no funny business. Agreed?” The masked man nodded his head in agreement. Hiccup told Astrid what to do and sent Toothless with her. The Masked man sent his dragon along with them. Toothless looked back worriedly at Hiccup, who was already entering the ring. Toothless sighed and continued to follow Astrid to the other side of the island.

Hiccup and the masked man stood in the middle of the ring side by side. Hiccup hid his fear as he awaited for the first dragon to be released. The wooden door to the cage shook and the dragon behind it roared. The masked man raised his hand for the doors to be opened. Hock opened the doors, praying his father wouldn’t be cheated in this. The doors swung open and two wild whispering deaths flew out. They hissed and screeched as the flung themselves around the ring. Hiccup’s eyes got huge, why it had to be his least favorite dragon to train.

“Oh come on.” Hiccup thought to himself. As he brushed that thought aside, Hiccup whistled to get the attention of the whispering death. He pulled out his dragon blade and lit it. He waved in a pattern before the whispering death to calm it. He reached out his hand and waited. Soon the whispering death put its nose upon Hiccup’s hand. Hiccup wasted no time to treasure the moment.

“Go find Toothless, Night Fury.” Hiccup said as he pointed in the direction of where Toothless was. The whispering death screeched then headed off to get Toothless. Hiccup looked over his shoulder and saw the masked man was sending out his whispering death. Hiccup hopped and prayed that his whisper would find Toothless first.


On the other side of the island, Astrid along with twenty men sat with the dragons and waited for the whispering deaths. She hopped everything was going ok with the challenge. The masked man’s Nightmare laid on the ground all curled up. He couldn’t care less about what was going on. Toothless on the other hand stood in a running position with his wings raised. His eye’s glued to the sky. He stood like stone, not moving a muscle till that whispering death came/Soon the whispering death screeches broke the silence on the crisp morning air. Toothless saw the wisper coming over the trees. He roared loudly to show where he was. The whisper headed downwards and tapped Toothless. Like a flash of lightning Toothless was running back to the ring. But the Masked Man’s Nightmare wasn’t far behind. And he could fly. Toothless could see the Nightmare flying above him. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Soon he could see the ring up ahead and the nightmare and him were neck and neck. Toothless panted as he took huge strides across the forest floor. The Masked Man and Hiccup waited for their dragons return. The Man could see his Nightmare in the sky, closing in on the ring. Hiccup got worried that something was wrong. Suddenly Toothless burst through into the ring with a mighty roar! He leaped to Hiccup and threw him on His back. He breathed heavily as he glared at the man. The Nightmare soon burst through the door and went to his master’s side, Purring softly.



“I have won, I am the Dragon Master! Show me who you are!” The masked man nodded in defeat. He started to pull his mask off, his face was to the ground. The mask poped off and long hair fell down upon his shoulder. The figure looked up at Hiccup and said in a soft voice,

“Remember me?” Hiccup looked closely at the figure, and he gasped as he leaped off Toothless.

“My girl! Oh my girl!” Hiccup said his he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up into the air. Sure enough, it was Ash! Hiccup broke into tears as he set his daughter back on the ground. He cried for joy that she was back. Ash clung to her father, she had worried for so long that she would never be in his arms again. Hiccup stepped back and looked at her. His face was red and his eyes filled with tears.

“Where have you been!!!” Hiccup shouted. Ash looked up to her father who looked over joyed, yet sad at the same time.

“The hobblegrunt took me dad. I’m Sure Hock told you all about it. It took me to a mountain and after I trained it we went flying, then we got lost, and I spent my last three months trying to come back home.” Tears started to fill her eyes, “I was so worried I wouldn’t ever find you again!” Ash said, leaping into her father’s arms.

“This Hobblegrunt, did it harm you?” Hiccup asked his daughter.

“Put me down dad, I have something to show you!” Hiccup set Ash on the ground and watched her intently. She cupped her hands around her mouth and made a loud screeching sound. They waited in silence with their eyes on the sky. Hiccup heard a similar screech in return to Ash’s off in the distance. Soon the big hobblegrunt walked through the short hallway and into the ring. Arrow’s eyes narrowed as she saw Ash standing by a tall man that she didn’t know. Quickly she bolted to Ash and curled around her legs and hissed to Hiccup. Her frill raised, making her look bigger. Arrow quickly turned her scales red. Hiccup knew that when Hobblegrunts turn rent hay are angry or filled with rage.  Toothless soon leaped in front of Hiccup and roared at Arrow.

“Arrow, back down! These are friends.” Ash reassured her overly protective friend. Arrow’s eyes widened as she looked at Ash. She stood up tall and took a step back from Toothless. Ash walked up to Toothless and gave him a hug.  She looked up at her dad with a smile on her face.

“Dad, this is Arrow. Arrow, this is my dad.” Hiccup reached his hand out to Arrow. She knew Ash trusted this person, and for her happiness she placed her warm nose in Hiccup’s hand. Hiccup stroked her head in a comforting manner. Arrow instantly that Hiccup understood dragons, and wouldn’t hurt her. Arrow stepped back from Hiccup and started to sniff around the ring.

“Wonderful dragon Ash! You have done well training her.” Hiccup said, smiling at his daughter. Ash looked up at her father, her eyes were filled with awe as she heard her father’s words. She was so happy to have approval from her father.

“So I can keep her?” Ash asked with worry. Hiccup chuckled,

“Of course you can! You have been with her for three months and she is already extremely protective of you. She would have killed me if it hadn’t been for you and Toothless.”


An earth shaking roar suddenly filled the ring. Hiccup jumped in front of Ash before he looked over his shoulder. Toothless and Arrow were going at it. They slowly circled one another hissing and growling. Toothless opened his back spines and he started to glow blue. The blue light shown from his spikes, his nostrils, and even his mouth. He roared and screeched at Arrow. Slowly walking towards her. He meant to funny business.   

“Arrow!” Ash called out. Hiccup held back his daughter so she didn’t run into the fight.

“Ash no. it’s too dangerous!”

“Dad, Toothless is going to kill Arrow!” She cried, still struggling to get out of her father’s grip.

“No he won’t. This is kinda like the pecking order for dragons. Arrow must not have shown respect to Toothless and he is showing that he is the Alpha.” Ash stopped struggling and looked at her growling dragon.

“Yeah, Arrow has always kinda of acted like an Alpha towards other dragons.” Ash frowned.

“Well this is going to be interesting.” Hiccup thought to himself. Arrow wasn’t backing down to Toothless, she hissed and moved her frill up and down rapidly. Toothless pounced on Arrow and held on tightly. They tumbled around the ring, knocking over barrels, axe targets, and weapon trunks. The tumbling came to a halt when Toothless landed on top of Arrow. He pinned her down on her back and looked into her eyes. Toothless’ eyes were narrow slits, he white teeth shown and his mussels tensed. He gave one last mighty roar at Arrow before jumping off of her. Arrow got to her feet and bowed to before Toothless with her wings and opened and her chin touching the ground. Ash and Hiccup were both relived that the fight was over and no one was hurt. But most of all, he was glad his girl was home once again. But then, something struck him and aroused his curiosity.

“Ash, Why did you set up this challenge? Why didn’t you just come to the house and tell us who you were right away?” Ash sighed,

“Well, I was wanting a big surprise for you, Mom and Hock. And I made the dragon challenge because I knew you would win. I am proud to be your daughter.” She said standing up tall. Behind Hiccup’s leather armor, his heart melted at his daughters words. He knelt down and faced his girl that had been missing for so long.

“Ash, I love you so much. I was worried sick when you disappeared. And I know that you are going to be a Dragon Master just like me when you get older.”

“Hiccup?” called a voice.

“Dad?” called another voice.

“Ash, it’s your mother and Hock! Quickly get on Arrow and I will get on Toothless. We will act as if we are facing off.” Hiccup said excitedly. Ash threw on her mask and jumped on Arrow. Hiccup threw on his mask and hopped up onto Toothless.

“Toothless, glow for me bud!” He whispered into the dragons ear. Toothless and Arrow looked at one another and decided it would be ok to “pretend” fight. Toothless started to glow blue again and Arrow lowered her neck, hissing towards Toothless. Astrid and Hock walked into the ring and saw Hiccup and the “masked man” circling one another on their dragons.

“Back down or prepare to face the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself!” Hiccup shouted. Toothless roared and scratched the ground. Astrid and Hock were startled by the sight.

“Dad!” Hock shouted. The “man” and Arrow looked over at Hock and Astrid. Hiccup snuck off Toothless and grabbed the “man” around the chest. They struggled against one another one the ground while the dragons fought one another.

“Ash pretend to punch me in the face.” Hiccup whispered. Ash raised her hand and threw a punch just to the side of Hiccup’s face. Hiccup stopped moving and laid on the ground. Toothless ran over to him and sniffed him. His eyes were huge as he whined. He nudged Hiccup to see if he was ok.

“I’m fine bud, play along.” Hiccup whispered. Toothless kept whining and nudging Hiccup.

The “man” walked up to Astrid and Hock slowly with the Hobblegrunt right behind. Astrid put her arm in front of Hock to guard him. Hock called out for Spitfire. Ash knew Spitfire would be here soon and she didn’t want to even want to try and fight him. She quickly took off her mask and her long blonde hair fell upon her shoulders.

“Hey Mom, Hey Hock. What’s new?” She asked. Astrid and Hock stood wide eyed and stunned. Ash had changed so much they didn’t recognize her. Hiccup got up off the cold rock floor of the ring and walked up and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Hic-Hicc….Wha….. You…..huh?” Astrid managed to mumble.

“Ash?” Hock asked. Ash nodded.

“Yes Hock. It’s your crazy one of a kind sister.” She laughed. Hock ran to his sister and threw his arms around her. They embraced one another as they rocked back and forth. Astrid ran up and joined the hug.

“Ash! Oh Ash! Where have you been!” Astrid said with tears streaming down her face.


On the way home, Ash explained why she disappeared and the adventures she had been on with Arrow. The family stood outside of the house catching up with one another. The dragons were a little ways away from the family. Toothless called to Arrow to come over. Arrow obeyed the Alpha and walked over to him and the others. She slightly bowed to him as she aproched,

“You called?” said Arrow.

“Yes. Arrow I would like you to meet Stormfly.” Toothless said looking to his right. Stormfly stepped forward,

“Hello. I am Stormfly. It’s nice to meet you. My master is the tall blonde girl of the house, Astrid to be precise. She is Hiccup’s mate.” Spitfire was the next to step forward. He was definatly the biggest of the group. He was a good three times bigger the Toothless.

“Hi, I’m Spitfire. Hock is my master.” Arrow looked at Spitfire,

“Yes I remember you. You where there when Ash and I left.” Toothless then stepped forward.

“You may call me Toothless. Hiccup, is the master of the house and my very best friend. We would like to welcome you into our family.” Toothless said warmly. Arrow looked at all three of the dragons before her. She was stunned at their kindness.

“Wow, thank you all. I’m sure we will become great friends.” She purred.


The village gathered around the Haddock family and cheered for Ash’s return.

“WHO CARES?! So what your daughter is back!” Snotlout spat from the crowd. Hiccup had enough. He walked up to snotlout, standing as tall as he could. If he were a dragon his eyes would have been in tight slits. He put his finger on Snotlout’s chest and pressed against him. Snotlout had never seen Hiccup so enraged. He slowly started to back up. But Hiccup kept pushing.

“Snotlout! My family is my world, and I can and will do whatever it takes to protect and love them! I don’t care if that means, yelling at someone, using my dragon blade…and If you are going to bring harm to my family I would throw you off a cliff if I had to, and sometimes I think I should!” Snotlout quickly raised his hands in surrender before Hiccup really did throw him off a cliff.

“You remember that!” Hiccup said in a loud whisper. He turned around and started walking back to the house. Astrid, Hock and Ash followed him with their eyebrows rasied in curiosity.

“Hiccup, don’t you think that was a bit harsh with Snotlout?” Astrid said, putting her hand gently on Hiccup’s shoulder.

“I have never seen you so mad at that guy before dad.” Hock added.

“Why did you do it daddy?” Ash questioned. Hiccup stopped walking and turned to face his family. He had a warm smile on his face and a glimmer in his eye.

“No I don’t think It was a bit harsh. I tend to keep my anger hidden as Chief, and I did it because I love you all. Plus, every once and awhile you need to scare him just enough to keep him in line.” Hiccup smiled. He was very proud of himself.  Hock looked back at the crowd that was yelling at snotlout, he spotted a person hiding in the crowd that he didn’t recognize, for now he was worried about it, he just wanted to catch up with his sister.

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This is a great story!

This is a great story!



Against hacking,

In-game name:king


Clan:The Ivoryhorn Stags

Clan things:

Thanks Puppyllover!



Do you know the "watching for danger" thing when a new place loads? Well, when I see it, I think of this, I was on a hacker hunt, in the wilderness. Now, then, I saw a timberjack. So, I got him and put him in the "report to Dragon Patrol" place. Now, later, I was looking at what dragons he hacked. The timberjack he was riding was named Danger! So every time I see the "Watching for danger" thing, I remember the timberjack.


Well, Now that you know about Danger, let me tell you about how I became a racer with 3,000 trophies. I am an old player, that has been on this game from 7/18/13 to now.I had just got my first dragon, Andy, and was trying to get him to adulthood. I played a lot back then and got him up to 10, I got the quest from Hiccup and made him an adult.Soon, racing would come out, and I did not expect it coming.


Racing had just came out, and I was terrible. I only had 10 trophies, but a year later, it would be different.

To be Continued in "Race to the Clan"



Special Things that happened a few days ago...




get another Scauldron

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOD!! 2 years playing the game
















Dragons,(in order I got them in)

Andy my Zippleback

Lightning my Skrill,

Whisper my Whispering Death

Rock my Gronkle

Hurricane my Thunderdrum

Toothless my Nightfury

Destruction my Screaming Death

Stealth my Changewing

Sandman my Sand Wraith

Hulk my Rumblehorn

Iron Man my Deadly Nadder

Boulder my Gronkle

Ice Man my Gronkicle

Skeleton my Boneknapper

Scalding my Scauldron

Flamethrower my Monstrous Nightmare

Thunder my Skrill

Thing my Rumblehorn

Winter Solder my Snow Wraith

Quicksilver my Speed Stinger

Storm my Raincutter

War Machine my Razorwip

Valikyre my Deathsong












                                                                                                                                                            Thanks Skypeoplephoenix732!                           Thanks TildenWolfGirl!



Thanks Skrill fan! 


Thanks alliedrago!

Thanks chocolate24!

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! more chapters are on the way. please leave me a comment after reading the latest chapter and tell me what you think! :D your comments really give me motivation to continue.

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Dubble post

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No worries :)

No worries :)

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lol just found this. Very

lol just found this. Very good (from what I've skimmed. I'll read the whole thing at some point). Anyways tagging and waiting (maybe reading)


So, I'm back. A lot has changed in my life. I came to the conclusion I'm Asexual Panromantic, and after that, got a girl friend who i really love. Ive moved on from httyd art to horse art. I animate a bit. I'm in my Horseback riding school's drill team again. I'm stressed as ever and I'm pretty sure I've developed a small case of depression thanks to bullies at school. I have a lot of Horse Ocs and thats all i seem to draw now a days. Oh, i also got a puppy.




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May I be in this story?

May I Be in this story






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New Frontier: Chapter Six: Finding answers and Mysterious Visitor's

 New Frontier: Chapter Seven: The Journey Begins    New Frontier: Chapter 8: Keep your Friends Close but your Enemies Closer New Frontier: Chapter 9: Uncovered Secrets New Frontier: Chapter 10: The Storm that came from nowhere, Strange Dragons, and Disappearances  New Frontier: Chapter 11: The Mysterious Tunnels and the Not so Mysterious Vikings

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Viking Name:Annabeth Everdean
Viking Age: 19
Viking Tribe: (Berkian, Outcast, Beserker, Dragon Hunter) Outcast/Berkian
Viking Personality: (at least three sentences)Annabeth is the daughter of Alvin the Treacherous and is just like him, maybe worse. She can get the job done no matter how hard the task is. incredibly spooky and stealthy she can sneak up on you when you least expect it. She has trust issues so don't expect her to trust you when you first meet her. Anabeth really only trust her Razorwhip Anora since she saved her from a berserker attack.
Viking Appearence:ab.png
Eye Color:Lavender
Dragon Name: Anora
Dragon Age: 3 1/2 (Really mature for her age) 
Dragon Personality: Anora is really protective, Agressive, yet fun to be around once she knows she can trust you or other dragons 
Dragon Appearence:nxvzx2.png
Backstory on how Viking Name found/trained Dragon Name: Anna and Anora found each other on Dragon Island or really Anora found Annabeth.Anora found Annabeth On Dragon Island with her family she studied Annabeth's family really closely and took a shine to her. When Ana was one she started to slowly reveal herself like coming in at night, when her mom saw the dragon she screamed causing her to accidently scratch her cheek. Alvin then came in seeing that his wife was about to k.ill the dragon he stopped her and told her to look what Anna was doing which was gently petting Anora's horn. On her second birthday Alvin said that they could keep her.  A year afterward they were attacked by Berserkers and Alvin told Anora to do what ever it took to take care of her. (This was before Riders or Berk)  






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Im sorry but not in this Fan

Im sorry but not in this Fan Fic. maybe in a later one :)

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Love it!!! Keep on writing

Love it!!! Keep on writing please!!!




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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: A Phantom Perhaps?


It was a few days since Ash’s return and life was returning to normal on Berk. Astrid and Hiccup were out on a moonlight fly while Hock and Ash stayed at home with their dragons. Hiccup had made the house much bigger so all the dragons could fit inside to sleep with them. Hock was studding the book of dragons at his desk by his bed. Arrow and Ash wrestled on the main floor, almost knocking over the table and chairs. Normally Hock would have been annoyed by the clanging, crashing, and booming… but he was so glad to have his sister home that he didn’t care. Spitfire was lying down by Hock’s side, trying to ignore the loud noise. His head shot up and he raised his frill. His eyes went into slits and he started to growl. Hock saw Spitfire glaring at the door, his growl got deeper. Hock shut his book and got up from his desk. He walked down the stairs and got ready to open the door.

“Ash, please be quiet for a moment.” Ash could see her brother wasn’t kidding. She signaled to Arrow to stay quiet. Hock opened the door and stepped out to see what Spitfire was growling at. Hock could see a young woman walking up towards the house. It was the same woman that he had seen a few days ago in the crowd.

“Hello young man. Is Hiccup home?” Hock knew his father wouldn’t want him to say that he was home alone with his sister,

“Yes he is. But he is very busy right now, I would come back tomorrow morning.” Hock couldn’t put his finger on it, but he felt like he had met this person before. “What is your name?”

“I’m Becky.” She said with a sweet smile. “I will come back later.” She said before quickly running off.

“Well that was weird.” Hock said as he entered the house.

“Who was it?” Ash questioned. Hock looked back at the door,

“I have no idea.” He turned back to his sister, she looked at him with one eyebrow raised. “She said her name was… Becky.”

“Becky… we don’t have a Becky on Berk.” Hock shrugged it off and started back up the stairs. Ash grabbed him by his shoulders and brought him back down,

“Oh you’re not getting away that easily!” Ash said, starting to wrestle with her brother. Hock, Just like his father was more interested in using his brain, rather than his brawn.

“Alright, one mach.” Hock and Ash tumbled to the floor and rolled around trying to stay on top. They laughed in joy, finally being together once again.


   After a good thirty minutes of wrestling, Hock got off the floor and brushed himself off. Their dragons were watching them wide eyed and their heads cocked to the side. Hock helped Ash off the floor.

“Let’s put the table and chairs back, the new better head to bed. It’s getting late.” Ash let out a big sigh,

“Ok Hock. Your probably right.” The two siblings cleaned up the mess they had made before heading up the stairs to get into bed. Ash gave her brother a hug before getting into her bed.

“Night Hock.”

“Night Ash. See you in the morning.” Hock blew out the few candles that lit up the room before laying his head down on the pillow.


   The next morning Ash woke up early as she normally didn’t for the past three months. The sun was just coming over the edge of the ocean line, casting many bright colors on the sky. Ash walked down the stairs to find her dad saddling up Toothless.

“Morning dad.”

“Well good morning Ash. Glad to see you.”

“Glad to see you too. I’m going to feed Arrow, be right back.” Ash jogged out the door with Arrow at her heels. Hock had woken up and was walking down the stairs.

“Morning Dad.”

“Good Morning Hock, what are you doing up so early?”

“Just woke up. Hey Dad, someone came to the door last night and wanted to talk to you.”

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know. She said her name was Becky?” Hiccup stood up straight and placed his hand on his chin as he pondered what Hock had told him.

“Hock, there is no Becky on this island. Did she have a dragon?”

“That’s so weird. Spitfire heard her walking up to the house so I went to check it out and there she was, no dragon either.”


   The following night, Hiccup and Astrid were in a short meeting in the Great Hall. Back at the Haddock house once again Spitfire Growled at the door. Even Arrow growled this time.

“Ash get behind Arrow and stay there.” Hock asserted. He opened the door and stepped out into the dark. The young girl was once again coming to the house.

“Hey there, The Chief Home?”

“I told you to come in the MORNING. As in when the sun is coming up, not when it is going down.”

“I was busy, anyways he should be home now right?” She looked closely at the handsome young man that stood in front of the door. 

“You look a lot like the chief young man.” She said with a smile.

“I’m Hiccup Horendous Haddock the Forth. Son of the one and only Hiccup Horendous Haddock the Third, Dragon Master and Chief of Berk, and Fearless Astrid Haddock.”

“That’s a mouth full. Now your nickname is…. Hock… is that correct?” Hock was stunned that is girl knew who he was.

“Yes, that’s correct. And you’re Becky and that’s Spitfire.” Hock said pointing behind her. She turned around and gasped. She was face to face with an angry Stormcutter that could easily swallow her whole if he so desired. Just by the way she acted, Hock had to wonder if Becky really did live on the island. It was like she had never seen a dragon before. But before either of them could say a word, A night Fury screech filled the air. They looked into the sky, but they couldn’t see Toothless, Hiccup and Astrid because Toothless was well, A Night Fury.

“Here comes my Dad, you can talk to him…” Hock looked back down and the girl was gone! Hock turned around in a circle looking around franticly. Even Spitfire was shocked that she had disappeared.

“She vanished!” Hock ran into the house to check on Ash and Arrow. They were laying on the floor looking though his book of dragons.

“Hock, who was it?”

“Becky again. But she vanished into thin air!”

“A person can’t just disappear Hock.”

“This one can!” Hiccup and Astrid came inside the house, hearing the last part of what Hock said.

“What going on Hock? You look shaken.” Said his father.

“Dad, Becky came again tonight and we talked for a moment. Couple of odd things. She was scared of Spitfire, knew who I was, and vanished in to thin air when you were coming!”

“Hock we saw you and spitfire standing outside, there was no one with you.” Hock couldn’t believe his father’s words. Hock walked up the stairs to his room with Spitfire right behind him. He paced back and forth, back and forth.

“Ok So Spitfire and Arrow heard this person, I went outside and saw this person. Next Morning no one has ever heard of a Becky on Berk, Next night she comes back and I talked to her again, and Mom and Dad saw me but they didn’t see her…. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!” Spitfire moned as his watched Hock pace the floor so quickly he was getting dizzy.

“She’s not a ghost, ghosts can’t talk….”

“Maybe she was a phantom?” Ash intruped.

“Oh Great! Just great! Now I got a PHANTOM haunting me!” Hock shouted. 

“It was just a guess.”

“I’m not upset with you Ash. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m going crazy or not.” Hock said with a sigh. He walked over to his bed and sat on the edge. Ash felt sorry for her brother, she walked over and sat next to him.

“It’s alright Hock. Maybe someone is pranking you?”

“Ash, how would you feel if you met a person late at night, and they knew exactly who you were, and you have no idea who they are and then they randomly disappeared and you feel like the only person who can see it.” Ash thought about it for a long moment.

“Alright I see your point.”

“Hock you have a visitor.” Astrid called up the stairs.

“If it’s Becky I’m so going to find out who… or what she is.” Hock thought to himself.

“Send them up.” Hock replied. Soon he heard light footsteps prancing up the wooden stairs. He was delighted to see it was his girl friend, Sharra. Ash knew that Hock liked to be alone with Sharra, and she was getting tired anyway. She leand over and gave her brother a hug before She headed into her bed and got ready to sleep.

“Goodnight Ash.” Hock winked to his sister. She winked back with a smile on her face. Sharra came over and sat next to Hock on the side of the bed.

“So Hock, what Have you been up to today?”

“Nothing exciting, other then I have a phantom coming to the door every night and I’m the only person who can see her.” Hock said sarcastically. Sharra could easily see Hock was frustrated.

“Should I leave? Your probably tired.” Sharra started to stand up when Hock gently grabbed her hand,

“Please stay Sharra.” She smiled and sat down again with Hock. They quietly chatted for an hour or so enjoying the company. Sharra looked out the huge window that hung over Hock’s bed. The moon was now high in the sky and the stars glimmered.

“Hock I better get home, it’s late.” Sharra said returning her gaze to Hock’s eyes. Hock stood up with Sharra and they started walking down the stairs.

“I will fly you home.” He smiled. Sharra gave him a light punch on his shoulder and giggled. They walked outside and mounted their dragons and flew off to Sharra’s house. It took nearly no time at all before she was home. Hock made sure she got inside safely before He and Spitfire returned to the house to get some sleep.

   Over the next few days Becky returned to the house only at night, Hock and Spitfire were still the only ones to have seen her.


   Early one cold morning Hock woke up before the sun has rose in the sky. He sat up in bed groggily and stretched. Hock gasped when he looked at the foot of his bed. Spitfire, his dearly beloved friend wasn’t there! Hock jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to look for Spitfire. Spitfire wasn’t in the house, he walked quietly out the door and looked around the house. He ran around the village looking for Spitfire and calling for him, but no response from his friend was heard. Hock ran back to the house, knowing his dad would be awake by now.

Hiccup stepped out of the house with Toothless at his heels.

“Dad!” Hiccup turned around and saw Hock running towards him at full speed.

“Hock? What’s going on?” Hock reached his father and tried to catch his breath.

“Dad! It’s Spitfire….. He’s….. Gone!”

“When did he leave?”

“He was there when I went to bed and gone when I woke up! Please tell mom and Ash I will be around the island looking for him.” Hock hugged his father then took off running.

“Good luck Hock!” Hiccup shouted to his son. Hock waved to his dad then continued to run.

Hock looked all day for Spitfire, skipping breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He tripped over a small log and fell into the snow. He was weak from running all day and not eating, but he wasn’t about to quit, he would run till his legs wouldn’t hold him up.    


   Hock looked all over the woods for Spitfire, but he couldn’t find him. Hock really started to worry about his friend, and wondered if he would ever see him again.

“Hock! Hock wait up!” called a voice. Hock stopped and looked around. That dark forest made it very hard for him to see. But soon a figure started to approach him in the moonlight.

“STOP FOLLOWING ME!” Hock shouted in fury.

“Upset?” asked the figure.

“Upset? UPSET! You keep appearing and disappearing like a phantom and you keep following me around!!! So yeah, you could say I’m UPSET!” He shouted.

“Hock, do you not recognize me?” Hock looked more closely at the figure, He thought he had seen her before, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Umm…. Let’s see….. Nope!”

“I’m not Becky… my real name is…. Heather.” She said with a sinister smile. Hock had a flash back of when Heather kidnapped him and Alvin nearly killed his father. A surge of adrenalin pumped through his body, he no longer felt his hunger or weak legs,

“You! You kidnapped me when I was younger!” She nodded.

“Sure am. I’m also the one who kidnapped your dragon.” Hock gasped.


“You’re going home with us!” Heather interrupted.  

“Not if I have anything to do about….” BANG! Hock was hit in the back on the head with a wood club, knocking him unconscious.


Hock woke up and his vision was blurry and his head throbbed in pain. when his vision cleared he could see he was in an outcast prison. He stood up and walked to the door, he was shocked to see in the prison cell right in front of him was Spitfire! He was chained and had a rope muzzle.

“Psst! Spitfire!” Hock said just loud enough so Spitfire could hear Him. Spitfire perked up when he heard Hock’s voice. He shook, trying to break free from the chains.

“Well, Well, Well looks like the so called dragon master is awake.”

“What do you want Heather?” Hock grumbled.

“Your father will leave Berk in search for you. Leaving it unprotected, a perfect opportunity for me to strike, seeing as I am now the leader of the outcasts.” Hock didn’t even want to get into that conversation.

“How did you know I would be in the forest?”

“I was planning on kidnapping you much earlier, but when your dragon showed up I knew I had to remove him first. We waited in the forest for you to show up. Your dad is going to have to pay a huge price to ever see you again.” She chuckled. “Don’t try to escape, if you do it just might cost someone their life.” Heather walked off and headed out of the prison, slamming the door behind her.  Spitfire rubbed his head on the ground, trying to get the muzzle off.

“Spitfire stop! Don’t hurt yourself, I will find a way out of here.” Hock reassured. Hock looked closely at the medal bars that covered the door. There were spears at random places and spikes in others. He had learned a great deal about blacksmithing and medals from his father. He could tell that the doors were old, and one particular spot was heavily rusted, making it weak. Hock got an idea. He walked to the back of the cell and turned to face the door. He ran full speed and jumped up, kicking it with both feet. The door rattled, but didn’t break. Hock tried again and again to break the door where it was the most rusted. Spitfire watched helplessly as Hock slammed the door.

“And he told me not to hurt myself.” Spitfire thought to himself. Hock breathed heavily as he walked back to the other end of the cell once again. He clenched his teeth together and ran to the door. He fully body slammed against the door with all the force he had. He crashed through the door and a spear cut his upper right arm. He landed on his side and tumbled a wase before coming to a sliding stop. He lay on the dirt ground motionless and his arm bleeding. Spitfire screeched and used his talons to cut the rope, then melted the chains. Stormcutters are very good at picking locks so Spitfire easily got out. Spitfire nudged Hock, whining sadly. Hock started to move, soon he rose to his feet, holding his bleeding arm.

“I’m ok Spitfire. We need to head home though.” Spitfire lifted Hock onto his back and started walking to the door. He picked the lock once again and headed out. Spitfire rose into the air, but Heather had a few tricks up her sleeves.

“I warned him.” Heather smirked. She had a huge bon fire at one of the tallest mountains on the island. Right at Hock and Spitfire were flying over. She had a very poorly trained zippleback release its gas into the fire. It caused a massive explosion that nearly knocked Spitfire out of the sky. Hock was knocked unconscious once again as he started falling into the flames Spitfire dove down quickly and wrapped his four wings around Hock and tucked into a ball. They went crashing to the hard and cold ground with a loud thud!


   Back in Berk Hiccup, Astrid, and Ash were worried sick about Hock. Hiccup leaned against the door frame and looked out into the dreary day. The land was covered in fog and a few rain drops hit the roof of the house. Hiccup listened to the pitter patter of the rain and couldn’t help but feel his heart ripping as he worried about his son. Not knowing where Spitfire could have gone he had no idea where to look for his son. There were so many surrounding islands that Hock could be anywhere. Astrid came up to Hiccup and put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m going to find him, Astrid. Don’t worry too much.”

“How can I not worry? It’s not like Hock to disappear at random.” She sobbed. Hiccup turned to his wife and lifted her chin so she would look at him with her soft blue eye’s.

“I know. That’s why I’m going to find him.” But just as Hiccup was about to leave, a loud roar filled the house large house. They looked up to the loft and there stood Spitfire with one wing curled under him. Hiccup ran up the stairs to Spitfire.

“Where have you been boy?” Hiccup asked while stroking Spitfire. He noticed Hock was not with Spitfire and his heart sunk in his chest. Spitfire whimpered as he opened his wing and revealed Hock unconscious in his wing. His clothing was scorched and he had bruises on his arms and legs from the horrible crash landing. Astrid was soon at Hiccup’s side, and saw her poor son lying motionless in his dragon’s wing. Hiccup looked over Hock for injuries and found a bleeding cut on his right arm. But there was one injury that was worse that all the rest,

“We’ll take care of him.” Hiccup smiled, trying to comfort the dragon. Hiccup lifted Hock up into his arms and carried him to his bed.

The weeks passed by as Hiccup, Astrid, and Ash took turns watching Hock. He still hadn’t woken since he had returned home. Ash was watching Hock one night while her parents slept. They hadn’t sleep soundly in what felt like months. The hours seem to drag on endlessly as they waited and hoped that Hock would awake soon.


 The moonlight filled the bedroom with its gentle light. Hiccup dozed on and off for most of the night, till he heard crying in his dream. He stirred abit before opening his eyes. She looked around and realized he wasn’t dreaming, Astrid had her back to him and was quietly crying with her face under the covers. Hiccup turned on his side and scooted closer to his wife.

“Astrid what’s wrong? Are you ok?” Hiccup said genteelly. His eyes were glued to his crying wife, and he was ready to do anything to help her. Astrid wiped away her tears with the sheet and sniffed. He nose was plugged and her eyes were still watery.

“Hiccup. Do you think Hock will be alright?” She asked in a shaky voice. She turned over to look at her husband. He was looking looking at her with loving eyes, trying to hide his worry. Hiccup honestly didn’t know if Hock would make it or not. His eyes left Astrid’s and looked down at the bed.

“Hiccup?” With a deep breath Hiccup looked back up to his wife,

“I have to be honest with you Astrid. I don’t know how much blood Hock lost with his two injuries. I don’t know how long he had been out of it before Spitfire brought him back. We will just have to wait and see.” Astrid’s eyes started tearing as she thought about her injured son. She loved him dearly, and even though she was a tough fighting girl, she still had a soft heart that needed love and family. Hiccup wrapped his arms around Astrid and pulled her into a loving hug. Astrid felt better as Hiccup had his protecting arms around her. Astrid soon fell asleep in Hiccup’s arms listing to the strong beating of his heart.    


   Weeks later Hock woke up in his bed. He was laying on his back with a soft green blanket pulled over him. Spitfire was watching him intently and started to purr when Hock opened his eyes. Spitfire got down face to face with Hock and purred loudly.

“Glad to see you too Spitfire. What happened back there, huh?” Hock asked groggily, Giving Spitfire a well-deserved scratch under the chin. Hock looked at the bandage that covered his cut, it was clean and no sign of blood, so it must have been healing. Hock had no idea what time it was or how long he had been passed out. Hock through the covers off and got out of bed. He instantly started to fall, But Spitfire caught him and raised him back to his feet. His legs were weak and shaky from not using them in a while. A sharp pain ran though his whole body. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at his boots and gasped, covering his mouth with both hands. He had a pegleg on his left side just like his father. Looking up at his friend with nothing but shock in his eyes he wondered if he could do it. He manned up and took a small step forward. Spitfire walked close to his side, giving him balance and helping him walk. Hock knew his dad made it for him, and it wasn’t uncomfortable, but he would rather not had it at all. Hock and Spitfire carefully walked down the stairs and into the main room. Hock saw his dad working at the counter.

“Dad!” Hiccup spun around and ran to his boy. He wrapped his arms around him and lifted him into the air.

“Hock! I’m so glad you’re ok! What happened? Where did you go?” Hock looked his father in the eye.

“Remember Becky? It turns out it was really Heather, coming to kid nap me once again.” Hock explained the story to his father up till when his first saw his new pegleg.

“Dad, Remember when I was little and told you I wanted a medal leg like you?”

“I sure do.”

“I got what I wished for I guess.” Hock said looking down at his pegleg.

“It’s not as bad as you think Hock. Once you get the hang of it your will still be able to run, jump and climb. My pegleg helped me to depend on Toothless even more. I’m sure you and Spitfire will be as close as ever.”

Hock looked at his father’s pegleg and thought about it for a moment.

“If dad can lose his foot and still be the amazing person he is… then I can do it too.” Hock thought to himself. He looked up to his dad,

“I guess your right dad.” he said with a smile. Hiccup remembered Astrid was still sleeping in the back bed room, and how worried her was about Hock.

“Hock, why don’t you wake your mother, She will want to see you up and about this morning.” Hiccup smiled. Hock nodded and limped over to the bed room door, still using Spitfire to help him balance. Hiccup watched from a distance and listened closely for Astrid’s reaction. Hock used the dresser for balance when he went in the room, then carefully limped to the bed.

“Mom. Mom it’s time to get up.” Hock said while gently shaking his mother’s arm. Astrid slowly opened her eyes, expecting to see Hiccup. Her eyes shot open when she realized it was Hock.

“Hock!” She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. Hock hugged his mother, glad to be in her arms once again.

“Where in the name of Thor did you go?!” Hock explained what had happened to him and why he disappeared. Hiccup and Ash walked into the room and stood by Hock. The whole family was together once again and they were ever so happy. Hiccup looked at his small family and couldn’t imagine life without them. Soon the whole family was rejoicing together and having a whole day to have fun.


   Hock wasn’t allowed to leave the house for a few days, so he practiced walking around on his new foot and was getting better at it each day.  Sharra was sitting on the roof of her house with Onyx. A cool breeze flowed through her hair as she stared at the Chief’s house. She hadn’t seen Hock since he disappeared, and she desperately wanted to see him again. To make sure he was ok, but Hiccup nor Astrid let her visit him till he was awake. She looked up at Onyx, she sat beside her with her wings tucked in tightly. She was looking around at all the other dragons walking around the village, but when  she saw Sharra looking up at her she bent her neck down to nuzzle her.

“Come on girl, Let’s see if we can visit Hock today.” Sharra said, jumping onto her Nadder’s back. Onyx screeched and jumped into the air.

   Hiccup heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. When he opened the door Sharra was standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Good day Chief! Can I visit Hock today?” She pleaded. Hiccup laughed,

“Of course! He would be delighted to see you!” Hiccup opened the door wider to let Sharra come inside. “He is in his bed room.”

“Thanks Chief!” Sharra said before running up the long set of stairs. She saw Hock Sitting at his desk drawing in one of his note books. Hock heard Sharra and looked up from his book. A smile of joy came across his face when he saw her. He stood up and turned to face her. Within a second she had her arms wrapped around Hock.

“Hock I was so worried about you!” she cried. Hock put his arms around her in a tight hug.

“I’m fine Sharra. How are you?” They stepped back and looked at one another for the first time in weeks.

“I’m great now that I’m with you.” She smiled. Something caught her attention on the floor, she glanced down and gasped. “HOCK! What happened to your foot?!”

“Oh… Right I already forgot about it. I don’t know what happened, I passed out and when I woke up I didn’t have my left foot.” Sharra couldn’t belaive Hock was missing his foot, it just seemed odd.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not anymore. At first it did.” Though Hock may have lost his foot, he was still the kind and loving person he always had been. Sharra and Hock spent the rest of the day together in his room catching up on life. Hock couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend his evening then being with Sharra.

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Loved chapter 18! it was so

Loved chapter 18! it was so cool! Are you going to come out with chapter 19? I sure hope you do, your writing is fun for me to read :D

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Its really good! :D

Its really good! :D





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