Hi there everyone!

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Hello! I have had a SoD account for years - but I haven't logged in for a very long time. A lot has changed since I was last playing it seems! I hope to chat with some of you guys soon! (Just let me warm up to these forums lol, I'm still very new to them)


Hi there! I go by the names Snow, Tundra, or Ghost!
I have loved HTTYD for a very long time, and after recently seeing the
third movie I decided to log back into my old SoD account, so here I am!
I'm new to these forums and I'm still figuring things out so bear with me if I make any mistakes!


I own a ferret named Lilly

 I love the Pokemon series

 I love drawing (and I'm currently taking a Video Game Art and Design course!)

 I love reading about various animals and mythical creatures!



Design assets belong to DominickLuhr on DeviantArt!

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Welcome! The forum used to be

Welcome! The forum used to be a lot more active than what it is, but it's still pretty active. And you're right, a ton has changed. I played back in 2015, and after all this time, it's like a completely different game. Still buggy as heck, though.


Some stuff about me:

Name: Reese

Age: 21

In-Game Name: XWraithRacerX