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Hello everyone !

Here's Drake x3


I started to play this game like a week ago and I love it *-* even if some things are weird sometimes x3.


First of all thank you for reading this and paying attention ^.^


Then, I'm actually looking for a clan :), a good clan with nice people :).

I'm level 14. My dragon is a Monstrous Nightmare level 10 named RustyRock.


You may have already saw me maybe ^.^


Also, I have a question about how to earn gold the simpliest way ^.^. I'm explaining myself, I bought a chicken like two days ago 'cause Astrid asked me for 6 eggs. The chicken was like 600 gold or something like that. So I spent every single coin I had for that. The fact is, I also need to buy chicken food, but also sheep food if I need to get some wool, seeds, ect... I can't get out of this 'cause when you do a quest you earn something like 10 gold coins and it's far from enough. I also tried to light fire pits but again you earn 5 gold every 5 fire pits lighted. And when I look at the job board in Berk, it seems, for each job, that you lose much more gold than you earn at the end. So if you know a way to earn gold easily, you have all my attention ^.^


Thanks for reading this and long life to this game ^.^


PS : I'm a french dragon trainer so don't mind any mistakes ^.^

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Ginger Clancy
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Unfortunately I don't think there's any other way to earn money. It's so annoying that some quests require you to spend all your money like that. They have all those items in the store for gems, how are we supposed to earn those? They need to make this better. And hello, welcome to the game!


This account is ded

I'm not acitve here any more, but you can find me on dA (nochtliproductions) and Discord (tomaytotomahto#8945). If you see me online it's a fluke.

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Hi there! You can call me

Hi there! You can call me Sky.


I've been in a lot of clans so far, and my favorite is definately Fearless Clan.

Recruitment page:




We don't use ^those^ pages all that much, but we have a private chatroom that we send messages to each other every day and help each other out.


Onto your money problems, you can earn coins by doing Thunder Run racing, and aslso the Hookfang Flight Club.


Hope to see you ingame! ^^


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Thanks for your

Thanks for your answers.


Unfortunately Sky, I do not fulfill the conditions to enter the clan ^.^ but one day maybe :D.

If you want to find me, I'm often near the School and the Wilderness :)

Search for DrakeNawell :P

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Hello! Im Tory, nice to meet you! Always nice to see a new face :) The best way to get coins is just by doing quests and farming. Some quests give you more coins then others, so try to look for the one with the most profit. Also, racing and fireball frenzy give you coins as well.  For a while, you will be really poor as everyone is when they are starting out, but eventually you will get more, just work hard and you will get more coins in no time. I hope this helps! If you need any more help or just want to chat, send me a pm :)



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You got almost all Fearless here:) 

Anyways do what they say, play Thunder Run:) You can also play Eel Roasting:) that gives coins as well, plus it makes your dragon happy:)

And if you're a hard working Viking, then you will definitely enter our clan:) And we'll be very happy to have you:) Just pm us if you want:)


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