Hi! Newbie in here!

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I felt it was best to introduce myself in here since I just started up yesterday.

I go by the name Jezybel or you can call me Jezy for short.

So far I am fairly addicted to School of Dragons and am considering becoming a member. Before I do that I am hoping to make some friends and find a suitable clan for myself, along with build myself up a bit.

If anyone is willing to guide me a bit with gaining a few friends and find a clan I would be highly greatful.


Here are a few things about me to get a kick off...
I am an adult player.

I have children so my time is a bit scarce! (Two children and one on the way).

I am looking for a group of mature, understanding people who are willing to show me the ropes and will understand if I disappear from time to time. (real life always comes first), preferably a close knit family type friends and clan I hope for in my future.

I am a gamer chick. I am proud of it. If I am not on one game.. I am on another whenever my small family allows it!

With all that aside I am a laid back, loyal person. I have lead guilds before and seem to have that role about me. I am dependable, reliable and usually know my stuff (I love reading lores and wikis) I know how to put my seriousness aside and have a bit of fun and clown around too!!

I hope I meet some fellow vikings!! Looking forward to it!


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“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

hello :D


I will be happy to help with any questions you have (if i know the answer). I have been playing this game along time, but have only been on the forum about a month or two XD


my friend code is 17U1R if you want to add me :D


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Comet and Treacle after an early morning flight. Made by the amazing Zikta.

My name in war dragons is CometsHoney and I am leader of HiveQueen. If you play feel free to message me :D (I have made an ingame SoD chat for us, so I can add you to it if you want :D)

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Comet (my first dragon) and Treaclerockett - made by Lovlytigerss.

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All FW banners made by some of the oldest memebers (from about 3 years ago). Miss you all <3  

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Adoptables: (I have many of them, and am going to try and add them all back into my siggy, but when I do it can sometimes delete the rest of the stuff in here, so I will be doing it slowly.)


Amethyst my Vesupa. Made by Bavelly.

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I added you with Jezy but I just got a membership. Sadly I didn't know that my facebook account wouldn't gain the membership so I will have to create a whole new character through the site now as well.. unless there is a way to connect them!!! I will let you know if I create a new one and add you. :)


P.S. Thank you Joandra for welcoming me.





Treaclerockett wrote:

hello :D


I will be happy to help with any questions you have (if i know the answer). I have been playing this game along time, but have only been on the forum about a month or two XD


my friend code is 17U1R if you want to add me :D



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Hello there, Welcome to the Forums and SoD! :D


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Hi, I am Joundra,

also known as


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Welcome to SoD

Welcome to How to train your dragon, where the fun has just began for you in your adventure. Need any help you can ask me.  


This video does not belong to me, but a big cheater in this game made this - teaching others how to cheat to win a tournament.  This is a copy of the original, but edited to take what is not appropriate for others to hear. 

https://youtu.be/pzJwHrp4pI0    Stop dummies playing

Related image Image result for standing alone for what is right


Phantoms are now on discord


Not associated with the Phantom Knightz clan, it belongs to adad


Retired from tournaments - Last tournament ride 2018



Fallen Viking - Might Wind Rider (Got hacked by a hacker)

Forever gone 2/07/14 - 1/16/2015

The Phantom Lords/The Phantom Shadows - Admin hear us loudly and clearly - stop the hackers


A tribute to Hiccup of HTTYD, who would never have achieved anything if he'd obeyed the unjust authority figures in his life. If he'd 'stayed put' like he was commanded at the beginning of the story by his father/Gobber, he would never have met Toothless, and would've probably been killed in dragon training. Instead he refuses to obey- he runs from the ideals of his father and what it means to be a 'traditional Viking', and ends up changing an entire society's outlook in the process. To the Phantoms watching this who are losing hope that we can change the fate of SoD, remember that "running is a victory"- even taking the smallest stand against authority (like sneaking out the back door in Hiccup's case) can have powerful, unforeseen consequences. We have to keep fighting, even if we can't see the end of the road right now.  Roar Phantoms!     by Art

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by Orcawave101

made by Orcawave101

Made by Diamond (Friendship with Diamond Storm)    and other two are made by Nessie (Friendship with Snow Leopards)

Made by AegonTheConquerer - above and below picture........  Cartoon Characters by Northlark

Above Made by Blossom - (used Might Wind Rider as model).  Below made by Stworzydlak

by NightFuryLover Thank you NightFuryLover 

made by Orcawave101

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from Buffert