Hi ! Let me introduce myself !

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Hi ! I'm Blackscaledtail, but you can call me Ryuku for short. I joined school of dragons a bit earlier this week and I already love it ! So I decided to join the forum too.


I'm french, I'm a girl and I'm 16... well I guess that's all I can say about myself as a human being...


I'm a huuuuuuuuuge HTTYD fan. I first saw the movie when I was 12 or 13 it just came out. I love the character designs and all, and most of all, it is the movie which made me decide on the job I want to do later. That's right : animator at dreamworks studios.

As soon as I got out from the cinema I asked dad to teach me how to animate. And he did ! Now it's my 4th year of animation and it gets better everytime. I can't wait to make my wish come true !


My favorite dragon species is not the night fury, even if I like him a lot. But it's the monstrous nightmare (in Riders of berk it's the Typhoomerang, but I can't get one here !) I always had a crush for Wyverns, I love them ! And Hookfang's color pattern is just fabulous, I'm a huge Hookfang fangirl yes.  And fire has always been my favorite element. So yeah all hail the Hookfang !


Besides HTTYD, I love Touhou project (a shoot them up game), Pokemon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Kill la kill. I often draw crossover pictures (mixing two different series together for those who didn't know).  I draw a lot, animate too, I'm a cosplayer/fursuiter and a beginner music producer.  but I'm not happy with the music I make, it's not loud enough for me, I still have a long way ahead.


My in-game name is Sekibanki. And my dragon is a female nightmare called Kyouko. I don't have any close friends playing with me yet, so if you want to play with me I'd love it !

(and I can give you my 3DS friendcode via private message if you got one)


I hope I'll find my place here ! I'm pleased to meet you all !


Call me "Nocti" for short. [Female, 19 yrs old, digital artist]

In-game name : Nicocchi

Joined SOD on jun 12, 2014

Clan : Shrine maidens and magical girls unit

Interests : Love live, Madoka Magica, Little witch academia, Sailor moon

Dragons :

Main dragons :


  • Homura (skrill, female, Titan, lvl30)
  • Maki (Stormcutter, female, adult,lvl 30)
  • Eli (flightmare, female, adult)
  • Nico (Smothering Smokebreath, female, adult) 

Secondary dragons (those with which I pratically don't fly):


  • Kyouko (first dragon, Monstrous nightmare, female, adult) 
  • Madoka (stormcutter, female, adult)
  • Sayaka (typhoomerang, female, adult)
  • Hanayo (Gronckle, female, adult)
  • Kotori (Deadly nadder, female, teen)
  • Charlotte (Whispering death, female, adult)
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Welcome to the school. I hope

Welcome to the school. I hope you enjoy hanging out with everyone here. :)


Name: Eilif Eiderdrake


Main Dragon's Name: Shadowloner


Main Dragon Type: Changewing


Clan: The Silent Spectors


Clan Position: Leader


Here are the links to some of the suggestions I have made. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think.




If you are curious to hear who/what Big John is read the story at this link http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/big-john


A list of fun game threads that I have joined or plan on joining:


















My favorite quotes are these:


"When you're starving, you become sad. And when you're sad, you become hungry." ― Wendell


"A planned life is a closed life, it can be endured, but it cannot be lived." ― Hsien Chang of Yang Cheng from the movie "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness"


Things I feel are important to remember:


"It is important to be an immovable wall against bullying, but one should be careful that they don't become the bullier."


Pictures of my main dragon Shadowloner

Made by Brownie14

Made by Nessie

Made by AllyNadderRider

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Hi Ryuku, I'm Dio The Creative. Welcome to the forums!

That's awesome that your dad can teach you animation :) There are people here who would love to see what you can do!

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it is so great to have you here i hope we can meet there some time 




dragon(s) and Names Main Dragon Whispering Death (GroundSpitter) ZippleBack (Butter and Toast) NightMare (Peril) ThunderDrum (Anemone) Nightfury (WhisperingNight) Whispering death (Glory) whispering death (Fluffy) and Gronkle (Titan Wing) Scauldron (SeaStorm)Typhomerang (SpiralingCave) Skrill (lightningStar)FlightMare NeonStar

BoneKnapper (AshBone)Boneknapper (Squidy) Nightmare (kingScream)

 Currently no clan

 Clan postition nothing

 (I plan to start my own) 



  My lovely bou

ncie nadder Hipster made by the Incredable Rae :) 

Another bouncie made by TildenWolfGirl Another yes another magical bouncie made by  TildenWolfGirl

                                   FlightMare bouncy made by the amazing 1flower


 Dragon(s) Main Dragon Thunder drum (ThunderPhantom) and Nightfury (toothless)

Clan Frozen Stars

Clan Postion Leader 

whispering deaths to me are more pretty than a nadder kinder than a gronkle more fireproof than a nightmare more mysterious than a changewing more amazing then the two headed zippleback more loyal than a stormcutter more fearsome than a skrill and together we are unstopable.

Ground Spitter and RockStarGal

 without eachother we are nothing     amazing whispering death made by Diznits!!!




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After reading all of this

After reading all of this stuff you wrote,I'm gonna say 2 things... :

1: Welcome to SoD!!!!



The power of the dragon rider

is coming from his bonding with his dragon,

 not from the dragon species.




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Hahaha thank you all guys ! I

Hahaha thank you all guys ! I think I'll really love this forum

I'll open a gallery if there's a topic for them as soon as possible ! I promise !

Thank you so much for the warm welcome ! I'll do my best here !

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Aye ya

Welcome and I see that your exciting. PLus I am Fireflash and I really like to do drawing, doing cartoon animation ( TAKES FOREVER TO FINISH ), and watching animes also. I have 3DS and I like pokemon too. 


PS: What animation are you making ( Cartoon/ 2D or 3D ) 


   Welcome to my signture! ^ ^


( Haruya and  Fiery gifs by Rae Didgeridoo and TosiLohi )

( Fiery headshot by GreenAsSin )

IMy DragonsIDeivantartI