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hi guys ^^;
my name is happyvxbes but you can call me sophia/sophie, and i just had a quick question, what are the orders of all the expansions? i've started the leviathin one, race to the edge, and hidden world.

if you wanna talk thats ok too!


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Hello and welcome ^ ^ I hope you enjoy your stay here  :3   You can call me mar  order of expansions are : 1. icestorm siland. 2. call of the deathsong, 3. Battle for the edge, 4. Return to dragon island,5 secret of the leviathan. 6. Rise of stormheart. 7. wraith of stormheart. 8 . Hidden world ^ ^ 




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      WELCOME!!!!!   Im Mack!






Im Mack! If you want my friend code let me know!



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lucrest drop it.... DROP IT NOW

WELCOME! And I am not sure about the expansions I think someone already listed them ^^ XDD ANYWAYY,


WELCOME again and happy flying :))


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