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Hey, might as well introduce myself here


Been playing SoD for a few weeks now, but in those weeks I've had a lot of free time so I've gotten pretty far (finished Icestorm Expansion, level 35 adventuring, level 12 fishing and farming). I have 3 dragons as described in my signature. 


I've never been much of a gamer, the only video game I'm super attatched to is the Oddworld series (super obscure but an awesome satire full of aliens and farts). 


I'm a college student, so once classes start up again I'll probably only come online now and again to fly a race or complete a quest, since I generally have no free time. During the year, my time is taken up by classes (biochemistry major) research (some paid, some unpaid, currently all synthetic biology (genetically modified organisms, I mostly deal with hydras and yeast, and work a lot on using them to solve global health problems)), and attending events/leading events with my Catholic group on campus. I firmly believe science and religion don't have to conflict the way many do. I have to say as a scientist, the ways SoD works hard to make the game educational ammuse me, but they also do a good job of introducing kids to some fairly complicated topics. But it is funny to learn about genetics in game when my work is pretty much all genetics.


In game I'm not a huge racing fan, but I love battles (proudest moment being when I flew my teenage groncicle and still got silver). I also really like the eel game, and like completing quests because honestly running/flying around is really fun.


I've been a HTTYD fan since the beginning, as a kid I always loved dragons and the movies are soooo gooood they fulful all my childhood dreams. Currently am NOT prepared for the third movie, don't know if I ever will be, that's gonna break my heart. But if they do it well then I say BREAK MY HEART!


Aight, peace out, Queenie out


Viking: KylenaStormtamer

​Clan: Isle of Gazoo

​ ~2700 trophies, in game since Mid-August, 2017

Friend Code: FDAVWK


Kylena's Storm


Titan Sand Wraith: Inkira, Top Racer, Main Dragon

​Female, Dark violet body, light pink spots on wings and head

​Saved from an intense battle with Hiccup and Toothless' help, Inkira is Kylena's first dragon, and the dragon she is closest to in the group. She is her first pick to race, and arguably the most beautiful dragon in the Storm. 


Hideous Zipplebacks: Gold!e and Snapper (aka The Potatoes)

​Male, light green body, yellow stomach, aqua spots

​Kirah and Sei

Female, black body, purple spots, navy belly

Groncicle: Borealis (aka Grumpy Tadpole) 

​Male, white body, pale yellow wings and legs, pale blue stomach


​Gronckle: Wildfire

​Female, red-orange body, black spots


​Whispering Deaths: Glitch

​Male, dark blue body, teal blue belly and spikes


​Female, pink body, gold belly, lime green spikes


​Speed Stinger: Whiplash (aka Razorface)

​Female, teal body, yellow fins and belly


​Deadly Nadders: Flash

​Female, black body, turquoise belly, purple spikes


​Male, red body, yellow belly and spikes


​Monstrous Nightmares: Flare, Titan

​Female, navy body, black spots, generally in ashen skin


​Male, white body, orange stomach, generally in dreadfall skin


​Scuttleclaw: Seraph, Second Racer

​Female, dark pink body with black markings


​Fireworm Queen: Catalyst

​Female, black body, orange body and spots


​Smothering Smokebreath: Ashtail

​Male, pale blue body, black tipped spikes


​Skrills: Iridium

​Male, white/silver body, pale lilac markings, deep purple belly


​Female, royal blue body with purple markings


​Sweet Death: Jawbreaker

​Male, dark brown body with ligher stripes, bright green wings


​Rumblehorns: Amazon

​Female, light green body, yellow accents, orangey head


​Male, royal blue body, gold and white accents


​Flame Whipper: Kalalau

​Female, orange/yellow and purple body, navy stripes


​Singetail: Epiphany

​Male, yellow body, orange and black stripes


​Eruptodon: Saphira

​Female, dark blue with light blue lava cracks, generally in ice skin


​Thunderdrums: Munch

​Male, light purple/gray with brighter spots


Female, teal body, white belly, yellow spots


​Raincutter: El

​Female, red body, yellow spots and accents


​Woolly Howl: Snowdancer

​Female: Pale pink with slightly darker fur


​Used to be active with an Oddworld Ask Blog/RP Group, hence the name FuzzleQueen



​A Little About Me


​Catholic, undergrad student, biochemist, researcher, former dancer, acro dabbler





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Mel la
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Hey, welcome to the forum!!

You can make lots of friends on here, write fanfictions, swap art etc and have some...interesting discussions on certain threads (I tend to avoid those)...

Anyway I hope you enjoy being a part of this dragon - mad online community! I know I do! :)


My Siggy!



Clan banner made by the amazing StormySavage!



Hi, I'm Mel la. I've been playing since 2014 and am leader of the clan Ring of Dragon Fire. We are a friendly clan on top clans (currently rank 37th) who wish to rise up even higher!

Want to join Ring of Dragon Fire? Dm me or put in a request in game. Please state 'forum' if you do it in game.

In game you'll often find me racing with Pouncer :)



I would put 'under construction' for this siggy but that would be a lie. I'm just not working on it. XD

Bye for now!

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Hi and thanks for the

Hi and thanks for the welcome!

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I can't believe someone mentioned Oddworld. It's pretty niche so it's rare to meet someone who likes the Oddworld games. It's personally one of my all-time favourite stuff and it played a huge role in my career choices.


That's some interesting stuff you do for school/work! I'm not a biochemist but I do follow a few blogs about biochemistry and related topics. Had some long reads about GMOs as well recently and it's some incredibly interesting stuff, even though I don't understand a huge chunk of it.


Welcome to the forums! Don't let the spam scare you- it happens during some weekends when the admins aren't on. It's definitely not something that happens on a daily basis uwu


★·.·´¯`·.·★ arт ιѕ нard ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Neo // Engineer, cabbage slapper, crappy artist exteme

Extra links:


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Wow, surprised to find

Wow, surprised to find another OW fan too! Guess that was worth mentioning! I've only played MO when I was real young, and then replayed it more recently, but I've watched all the cutscenes and some walkthroughs from the other games. I really want to play NnT and Soulstorm when it comes out :) Don't think it influenced my career decisions as fuzzles are my fav character but I'm essentially a real life Intern, but it definitely helped shape how I see the world, and I've made some great friends because of that series. 


Also good to know about the spam, all those rugby links were...interesting, to say the least. Hopefully the admins can finish up clearing all that and get back to me on my bug as it's pretty much halted my quest progress, but I'm fine taking a break to farm and fish and race until it gets fixed. 

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My first game was AO! I remember having a hard time with MO due to the whole perspective shift, but it was still a fun game to play.

NnT is good! It's a super well-done remake and that says a lot as I normally don't like remakes. It was very true to the original (though less difficult because stuff like better hitboxes) so I'll definitely recommend it.

Soulstorm was the game teased in one of Abe's games, right? I remember a weird teaser cinematic in b/w that reminds me of the new Soulstorm teasers. Never thought they'd follow up on that creepy trailer tbh!


As you can see, the spam always gets fixed on mondays when the admins are back at work. I wish you good luck with your bug though, it might take a while before that gets fixed. I have a couple bugs in my game that haven't been fixed since I joined in 2015 ;; but I guess I'm lucky that those bugs are minor.

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Yeah, being of a somewhat

Yeah, being of a somewhat younger generation, AO and AE just look too pixely for my tastes while still trying to be detailed. But I've heard a lot of great things about NnT, glad you reccomend it as well.


I'm not sure what teaser you're referring to, as far as I know the new Soulstorm trailers are the only B&W ones. However OWI did just release a new creepy trailer video on their twitter that brings back the Shrink and flashes "everyone wants to eat you." It's a good throwback, that original shrink video seriously creeps me out


As for my bugs, I did get a response. It also informed me the version on my app store is different than the version downloaded from this site, and the bug doesn't seem to be a problem in the other version, so I continue onward! Seems like they tend to deal with major bugs (crashes you can't get around, losing paid objects, or being locked out of your account) as quickly as possible, but leave relatively minor bugs alone. Learning about the whole "let's not fix eel roasting" thing was interesting. But hey, I can't really blame them for prioritizing, although leaving bugs alone for two years is pretty bad.


Also lol, my captcha is "industrial controle" seems like the glukks have infiltrated the forums

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'Pixely' wasn't a thing back in those days aye, the games looked amazing for their time, and I gotta admit that they did actually age well, but I suppose it's because I was used to it at one point. I loved those 3D shifts between locations... tbf they still impress me.


I remember a trailer/teaser/weird video after beating either AO or AE (AE I think) and it was b/w and had a super weird theme going on which very much reminded me of the new Soulstorm stuff. It was very confusing (it was meant to be) and I remember there being discussions about the video and I also remember the 'project' being dropped at one point. The Shrink was in it. It was b/w and weird as heckie. I know it was on YT, so I'll try to find it. (Or I'll have to rip it myself e_e).


I once paid for gems and I had to sic paypal on 'em because they didn't reply to my disputes. Paypal declared me the dispute winner because paypal couldn't get a hold of them either.. mmm. 

Good that your stuff got fixed, though! Hopefully that'll be the last of the bigger bugs for you. The small ones are annoying but avoidable most of the time :þ


My captcha says 'gulag'.... which does not seem like a nice follow-up to 'industrial controle'.. oh dear.

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The games definitely were

The games definitely were good for their time and have lasted well, I just personally prefer a more NnT style. 


Also I think I know what video you're thinking of, the original shrink video I think unlocked at the end of AO if you saved everyone. It's called Guardian Angel, easy to find on youtube, it's not in black and white though. Very weird and creepy though. I think the newest OWI video is meant to be a sort of throwback to that. 


Good job paypal! When people don't get back to you about actual money, that's when you really have a problem. 


Yup, they're onto us. That's really hilarious though that we both got OW captchas. (Though it would be fun to ride my Sand Wraith into Molluck's office.... or just generally complete OW levels on a flying dragon)

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Heya welcome to the forums!

Heya welcome to the forums! Hope ya like it here : ) Yes i agree, SOD is only educational to a certain extent. Have you heard of biohacking? I read a bit about it in a magazine; also speaking of biochemistry, can i ask you a few questions?




Aspiring 3D Animator

Huge Procrastinator

Writes Stuff


Being Outside

Glowing Things





Here is some kewl art people drew me



By Dylieh





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Hi!   I've heard of



I've heard of biohacking, but don't 100% remember what kind of "hacking" it refers to. I feel like I've heard that term used to describe re-engineering biological systems so they're useful to humans (making bacteria make biofuels, for example) implanting robotic devices in humans (like the finger swipe to open doors or pay for stuff), and then recently some people successfully coded a malicious program in a DNA sequence so that when the sequencer read it, the computer crashed (which proved that most software for DNA sequencing/processing isn't very secure but should be cuz those machines often have sensitive information). It's amazing what we can do nowdays, and we're only on the cusp of a sort of "biological revoluion" people believe will take place much the same way as computers have taken over our lives. 


As for your questions, go ahead, although I'm only an undergrad so no guarantees I'll know/be able to easily find the answers! But I love this kind of stuff!

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Ok so i know u can geneticly

Ok so i know u can geneticly modify organisms (GMOs) "Genetically modified crops (GM crops, or biotech crops) are plants used in agriculture, the DNA of which has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. In most cases the aim is to introduce a new trait to the plant which does not occur naturally in the species." And then theres biohacking"bi·o·hack·ing
the activity of exploiting genetic material experimentally without regard to accepted ethical standards, or for criminal purposes." Whats the difference between the two?" I couldnt get a strait answer from the internet, so i thought you might know. Whats the diference between modifying and hacking? [DNA, genetic material] ?

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Ah, ok. See, this is all a

Ah, ok. See, this is all a pretty new field. I'd say based on that definition biohacking is when researchers don't follow laws in place, or do not conduct themselves ethically when conduction genetic modification research. So in that case modifying would be legal, ethical, approved, etc while hacking is not

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Ooh i get it now. Thx xD

Ooh i get it now. Thx xD

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Hey, we have similar names. ;D

Welcome to the forums!

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Ha that's funny, hi and

Ha that's funny, hi and thanks!

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Welcome to the Forums

Welcome! I only know the basics of biochem myself, from what was required for my AA, but I did enjoy what I learned. I also don't always have a lot of time for racing and the like, but I love doing the battles. What with the world chests being broken, it's the only way to advance in the game aside from the rare stable quest. 


"Never be certain of anything - it's a sign of weakness." ~ Fourth Doctor

BrickBellows the Moldruffle art by ScarfyWings

Liljatyna the albino flame whipper, my main dragon, inspired by my gecko.

Brickbellows art by ScarfyWings


 and more not yet pictured here

Gronckle the Cryaotic, main dragon of Arvid and an original species (and art) by Chameishida.
Read his story here

Lilja by Arrowalker, meme Lilja & Kas by ScarfyWings

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I wish battles happened more

I wish battles happened more often! Got my first gold today :) course I won a skin I can't use, but at least I'm getting the hang of it!


Part of me wishes the chests were fixed, but it's probably also best if I just save my coins for what I want. Though I'm debating if I should save up gems for a while to get the death song expansion, or should first just get a random egg or two so I can send more dragons on quests, which might help me get gems faster??? 


Paxy Romana
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That's pretty tricky, but random eggs are nice

Well for coins, just do the farm quests and soon you won't have to worry about them at all. For the gems, the best thing is to get some dragons up to level 20 (and at least one to level 30) and do the gem stable quests. Random eggs are good for that if you have very few dragons, because always having a bunch out doing a quests is a great way to level them up, but taking one through an expansion is a much faster and rewarding leveling experiance. Personally I would just save the quests for when I start to get board with the game, because after they're done there isn't much new left and it's nice to savor the experiance. I suppose it comes down to whether you're the type to eat a treat all at once or nibble a little of it at a time! Of course, you can always just grind for coins with the farming and then buy the UDT dragons, such as gronckle and nightmare, for the quests and that works pretty well.

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Thanks for the advice! I'll

Thanks for the advice! I'll focus on aquiring dragons for now and maybe save up for some expansions later

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Hello! im Cristal..leader of

Hello! im Cristal..leader of Unique Legacies and player of sod for bout 2 years and almost that same time of forum. (currently not playing) Im starting collage courses for credit when i graduate. Im very much into the arts..film, singing, painting,..those things, but i seem fine with biology. I might be going for my BFA in Acting, with a side of art,when in collage but who knows..thats not for a couple of years.  Theres not much i can say here..most of the stuff is in my signature below..anyway, welcome to the forum! Happy Posting!:)


 gift waiting at sig end!

my discussion: Miraculous Ladybug-season 2 

To join Unique Legacies, pm members! (info below)

(LEADER) Unique Legacies. We are all unique in our own way!

              Me and Toothless II ~ 12-21-16                                              Edited by the amazing Donnala :)  

I am 

Art website down below!



(known as XCristalWingsX in SOD)


Having difficulty seeing gifs? Scroll outside the signature and back again!



Cristal...in her sweet self.


by the talented and wonderful: Byanne




i'm a big fan of miraculous...discussion link at top.

season 2 is coming to an end. :'( Waiting for last episodes.

But don't worry! Imma start season 3 thread soon! ;)

its a big time for us fans! check out the thread, + theory vids and episodes on yt and Neflix.

you might just become a fan yourself!

....Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir



Adrienette umbrella scene (where it all started)


Marichat forever!


random MLB sentences I made/like.


-That's a pawful cat pun.

-What? That was punny!

- eyeroll

-hawkmoths new name: Butterfly Freak! lol

- Rediculous, utterly rediculous...what are you? a cow? lol

- Cat you totally blow it, mentioning the total home lockdown.

-Am I the only one who wants to smack Marinette and tell her to get a hold of herself and go talk to him like she's ladybug...because she is? HONESTLY!

- imma smack Adrien 'we're just friends' Agreste if he says it one more time!






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"Anterior Poppies with Reading Woman" by Anna Ancher

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Active Top Elder: tizzilizzie

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 Currently on No. 51 in top clans. We value uniqueness!  Make your legacy yours! We are very friendly and always wanna hang out with friends or clanmates. We help each other who is in need.

Clan Leader: Me
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Current Elders: , TizziLizzie, Holaciao, firethefighter, Vasya2000.......

Clan Rules: 

1. Must have at least 100+ trophies to join 
2. Must be friendly and helpful
3. Respect each other
4. Win trophies every so often you play so we will move up(be active often)

5. No hackers (if u see a hacker from the clan report to me w/ proof)
6. Make your Legacy yours and have fun! :)


 We are very nice to each other and are like family! Each one of us is unique in our own way! If you want to join, follow instructions above. Must have at least 100+ trophies to join! To automatically become an elder, you must have 2,000 trophies! If you are axcepted, you may introduce yourself in our chat page, Unique Legacies Talk Show! in the Barracks.  Make your legacy yours! Thanks!! And good luck!! ~CristalWings :D





I am a member of the SODPD.  I will not hesitate to take your keyboard in!



the comeback

i wanna go back

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the river

enjoy more!


Toothless II, my herd alpha, who protects my signature.

credit to: Rebell




Type: Young Lady

Nickname: Cristal

(did you know Cristal is only

my avitars n.n.? yep)  

Age: 18

B-DAY IS: Feb,12th

adventure level:35

farm level: 23

stars: 2 gold

 Clans: Unique Legacies 

The Dragon Racers

Rank: Leader


Leader: UL: Me (formally fire the fighter)

Trophies: 1950+

Country: mid-Eastern USA

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My second and up to date drawing of CristalWings, holding the flower given to her by her special someone.



My first hand drawn viking drawing of me.









My first hand drawn drawing of a friend, now Thunderbird, and her dragon, Melody.



My viking, done by my wonderful friend, ThunderBird, or xXSadieCaneXx




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Unique Legacies Crest- handmade- free to members (credit-by CristalWings)



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These dragons act as an omen of peaceful passing. Between their resting posture of a hung head, and tri-pupiled eyes, it's easy to see how this calm dragon would spawn legends and myths around it. In the wilds, they live by ocean cliffs or among rockpools, scavenging molluscs and seagrasses, plus the occasional trapped fish. They are better at swimming than running or flying, and often their wing shape and patterns can be just as entrancing as their eyes.





Real-Life favorites:











(chihuahuas alot)





miraculous ladybug





I Love:


1. Hanging out with friends!


2. Taking car of clan!


3. Winning races!


4. Getting new dragons!


5. Quests!


6. Soaring through the sky!





Current Dragons:

in received order


1. Jewel (lady nadder)


2. Zap (guy shackjaw)


3. Red Amber (lady deathsong)


4. Valor (guy armorwing)


Fav.  5. Gold (lady razorwhip)


6. Raphael (guy singetail)


7. Rocky (guy erutadon)


Fav.  8. patriot (guy typhoomerang)


Fav. 9. Toothless II (guy sand wraith)


10. Queen Elsa (lady groncicle)


11. Aquada (lady sliqifier)


Fav.12. Leena (lady sand wraith)


13. Gecko (lady flame whipper)


14. Silver Moonlight (lady whoolly howl)



Me and my Flame Whipper, Gecko, as a baby.



Cristal's origins:


Cristal is Astrids cousin and friend. Her dad was Fearless Finn Hofferson, brother to Astrids Dad. Cristal is 2 years younger then Astrid though she sometimes thinks and often shows she just as smart. She has a more caring personality and connects more with dragons on a soul and mind level. Just the same Cristal admires and loves her cousin above all. She was born with really light blue black hair but after exposure to a dragon it lightened to an aqua blue unseen by Vikings before. At first she was teased because of this but at age 12, she made her first breakthrough to a pink blue nadder in front of all of Berk. Now she is known as a sort of "dragon whisperer."  On her first flight on the pink blue Nadder she named Jewel, it was chaotic but she soon gained her trust and they flew flawlessly. After that Cristal was given the name CristalWings because of her great flight skills with dragons. Currently, Her sand wraith, Toohless II(aka Tooth) is her loyal companion and alpha of her trained dragons. Tooth has a little sister sand wraith that Cristal named Leena. Leena is a bit spoiled as she hatched with a beautiful rare pink dragon skin and she refuses to get it dirty. At first Leena was reluctant to learn to fly and she was a little wobbly for a while but now she glides through the blue skies with ease. Cristal lives in the one hut below and to the left of buckets house in berk. She isn't a part of the "gang" but she is considered a dragon rider. When the dragon training began she very much wanted to join but it wasn't meant to be. She does however join and help them occasionally. She's currently the leader of the clan Unique Legacies. She trains dragons by being on their level to gain their trust. She also uses her gift of song to soothe and be one with them. She is devoted to the well being of dragons and is a protector of berk.



Gamer's Biography:


    Hello everyone! I'm CristalWings! I'm  Leader of the rank #51 clan, Unique Legacies, and a member of top 10 clan, The Dragon Racers! I have been playing SOD for  2 years now and a forum for over 1!  I love all of  the HTTYD movies and seasons! (but i like the first best!).


  I also adore Miraculous Ladybug! Like really adore. I have a fan page for it at the top.    Pound it! ( kudos to those who know where that's from!)    Like most I adore Hiccup and Toothless! I am not a member sadly but I dont like the idea of paying real money to play a game. (that doesnt mean im not a serious player!)  But I have done a free month of membership and did quite a bit of the packs!


   I love painting, (my account pic is one that I painted!!) singing,acting and of course playing SOD! My favorite music artists are TobyMac, Britt Nicole, Mandisa, and For King and Country! I often watch game videos on youtube! LOVE super mario odyssey!!!  I love dogs and horses! My favorite color is light blue which is how i came up with my name.


  I have bought the Edge, Icestorm Island, Impossible Island, Return to dragon island, and the deathsong pack. Whenever i find an argument i try to stop it with everyone leaving happy so i guess im a Peacemaker here in the game. Im always posting something cool so check out my track! I love God and I love you all! Keep on shining!!!  


                                                                 ~ CristalWings :D





free to members(credit- by firefighter-inactive)





My Screenshots



Happy Friends Day!!


Me and my groncicle Queen Elsa on the lookout.


Me and my younger sand wraith Leena.









Majestic Toothless

Image result for toothless pic



How to Train Your Dragon movie poster

 Image result for httyd movie poster



Image result for httyd movie gifs




Image result for httyd 1 movie gifs

Duh da duh We're dead. (love it!)



How To Train Your Dragon 2

Image result for HTTYD pics and short videos 150X 150X

 Doesnt Toothless have a cheshire-like smile in this picture!!! So cute and different! 



 friend fight



Related image

3..2..1..HES DOWN!!!



                                                                            Funny POTC gifs





lol lol lol :D





WOW! You made it to the end! Congrats...thanks for viewing!....hope you have found some intresting info from it! Maybe a laugh or two!  and here's a cute chihuahua pic for your sig. Have a spetacular and sparkly day!~CW<3


Here's the link for it if you can't see it.

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Hi!   I'm not very



I'm not very artistically talent but have a lot of respect for those who are. Good luck when you get to college, it's a lot of work but it can still be a great time if you find your people and find good groups to be a part of!

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-waves at you-welcome to the club Queen! i censored

Welcome to the club Queen! I hope you enjoy your stay and have lots of fun!

I really do find your studies very interesting and I agree with what you said about the game, it helps a lot introducing new concepts of science to the kids :D not many games do that



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Hi, thanks for the welcome!

Hi, thanks for the welcome! And yea teach the chillins more science!

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Hi FuzzleQueen! Welcome to SoD and the Forums, it's nice to meet you!

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Thanks! Nice to meet you as

Thanks! Nice to meet you as well!

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Nice to meet you! 

The HTTYD movies are among my favorites and I've been worried about the third movie too. Luckily it's not going to come out until, I don't know, 2019 was it?

I was wondering: would you like to join my clan? We don't have any activity/trophy requirements. 

If you're interested, there is some info about it at the bottom of my signature and all the details are here (http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/sunwing-voyagers-journal)




Keu Ray

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Coming from a land where dragons have been

hunted to near-extinction, I set out to find one

of these magnificent creatures I have only read


After much wandering about and even witnessing 

some from a distance, I met a trader who told

stories of islands much further north where 

dragons flew free and riders rose on their backs

into the skies. I managed to convince him of my

genuine non-malicious interest and he agreed to

take me there.



  This is how I arrived on Berk and, after a trial period, the island chief Hiccup allowed me to 

  join the Dragon Training Academy. There I raised my very own deadly  nadder, Ocean. 

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  Since then I have built a base on Sunnystone Island, 

  a tiny volcanic island in the South of the Archipelago 

  and even formed my own clan - 

  "The Sunwing Voyagers".  

  Now I travel far and wide, gathering knowledge, 

  trading a bit here and there and having adventures.  





My dragons: my exploration team

 (the dragons who regularly follow me in my exploits)

  Ocean (Deadly Nadder, f) – my first dragon and travel companion.

  I share a special bond with her, as I raised her from an egg and spent many a day 

  with only her for company. She is brave, loyal, curious and very intelligent, 

  often getting bored from inaction. Ocean is very comfortable around humans, 

  but sometimes dislikes sharing my attention with unfamiliar dragons. 

  She did, however, turn out to be surprisingly good with dragonlets. 

  She is a very steady and reliable flyer but does not much enjoy anything competitive.


  Viridi (Changewing, f) – the first addition to my exploration team.

  A trader whom I was helping out temporarily had a large and precious

  gem on his ship. I tried to convince him time and time again that he had  

  been duped and the bazaar merchant sold him a dragon egg, but he

  refused to believe me… until it hatched. I offered to take the dragonlet

  off his hands for a good supply of changewing acid once it grew up, and

  the trader was all too happy to get rid of the rather destructive and

  constantly disappearing little creature. As I was the first thing it saw

  when it hatched, the small changewing was eager to stay with me.

  Viridi was my most challenging dragon because it’s very hard to train

  something you can’t see half the time. Being a social creature, she accepted

  Ocean and me as part of her family and joined us on our many adventures.

  She is a quiet, careful, patient and observant dragon, who prefers to avoid

  human habitations and is very helpful in the exploration of the wild.


  Moonshine (Razorwhip, f) - Moonshine was picked up by Ocean, probably

  from some shipwreck, as she was completely covered in seaweed. She was 

  still very tiny and Ocean brought her up, becoming a sort of mother figure to her.

  Moonshine is a very happy and energetic dragon: she is in constant movement

  and always wants to play. She lacks any concept of seriousness or caution, so it

  can be quite difficult to have her around on journies, but definitely entertaining.

  At first Ocean was the only one who could get Moonshine under control,

  but after a lot of work, she started listening to me too (most of the time).


  Panthera (Death Song, f) - I found Panthera as an adolescent dragon, wary and

  underfed, on the outskirts of Melody Island. After some investigation, I found that 

  this was because her voice was a few tones lower that usual: the other Death Songs 

  drove her away, attacking her at any chance they got, and she could not hunt as her

  song lacked the usual attractive power, forcing her to feed on any fish she was 

  able to catch in the ocean - something Deathsongs just aren't good at. This, however,

  gave me an opportunity to train this magnifiscent dragon, since she had not aquired

  the natural viciousness towards other dragons. Panthera responded very well

  to being fed chicken and boar and had learned to get along with Ocean, Viridi and

  Moonshine (though she largely just ignores them). She turned out to be very lazy,

  always prefering to lay in the sun or in front of the campfire and has been very

  helpful in building and guarding camp during my expeditions. She has a creative

  streak and appears to enjoy singing along with me and seeing her amber made

  into various tools and trinkets.


 A list of other dragons I know can be found here.



My clan: The Sunwing Voyagers


We are a clan of peaceful travellers, artists, scholars and traders. Our success is determined by skill and patience. Adventures await!


We fly to the edges of the archipelago and far beyond, expanding our horizons and exploring new lands. We are talented, creative and resourceful and we are ready to help any new friends we meet. The Sunwing Voyagers are a peaceful clan and we prefer to settle any conflicts with diplomacy rather than violence. We love dragons and we are always ready to learn new things, using our extensive knowledge of their ways to aid people and dragons to peacefully coexist and help each other.






For our official news & chat page click here: The Sunwing Voyagers Journal 2.0








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Hi! Nice to meet you as

Hi! Nice to meet you as well!


Thanks for the invite. I'm new enough I still want to get a better idea of clans and all before picking one, but I appreciate the offer and may take you up on it in the future. Seems like a good fit for us poor folk who don''t spend IRL money on the game, lol. But for now I wanna see where I end up making friends and join based on that, as I probably won't make another viking, at least not anytime in the near future. And I don't want to join and desert all over the place, that's not fair to anyone. 

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Welcome to the Forums, hope you have a good time here. 



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Thank you!

Thank you!