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Is there a way to change the Forum account user name.



If you want send me a friend request. 

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Peppermint and Shimmer was created by Spy.


Dripping red venom from her claws, she has red lightning and a burst of speed.

Don't be fooled by her looks though she's very playfull and very protective.






He can witstand alot of heat and loves to hang out by volcanoes. He's also lazy *sleeps alot.*



Loves to swim and she's also likes to play alot.











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Sorry, there is not. If you

Sorry, there is not. If you don't like the user name you picked, you can make a new one.



Against hacking,

In-game name:king


Clan:The Ivoryhorn Stags

Clan things:

Thanks Puppyllover!



Do you know the "watching for danger" thing when a new place loads? Well, when I see it, I think of this, I was on a hacker hunt, in the wilderness. Now, then, I saw a timberjack. So, I got him and put him in the "report to Dragon Patrol" place. Now, later, I was looking at what dragons he hacked. The timberjack he was riding was named Danger! So every time I see the "Watching for danger" thing, I remember the timberjack.


Well, Now that you know about Danger, let me tell you about how I became a racer with 3,000 trophies. I am an old player, that has been on this game from 7/18/13 to now.I had just got my first dragon, Andy, and was trying to get him to adulthood. I played a lot back then and got him up to 10, I got the quest from Hiccup and made him an adult.Soon, racing would come out, and I did not expect it coming.


Racing had just came out, and I was terrible. I only had 10 trophies, but a year later, it would be different.

To be Continued in "Race to the Clan"



Special Things that happened a few days ago...




get another Scauldron

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOD!! 2 years playing the game
















Dragons,(in order I got them in)

Andy my Zippleback

Lightning my Skrill,

Whisper my Whispering Death

Rock my Gronkle

Hurricane my Thunderdrum

Toothless my Nightfury

Destruction my Screaming Death

Stealth my Changewing

Sandman my Sand Wraith

Hulk my Rumblehorn

Iron Man my Deadly Nadder

Boulder my Gronkle

Ice Man my Gronkicle

Skeleton my Boneknapper

Scalding my Scauldron

Flamethrower my Monstrous Nightmare

Thunder my Skrill

Thing my Rumblehorn

Winter Solder my Snow Wraith

Quicksilver my Speed Stinger

Storm my Raincutter

War Machine my Razorwip

Valikyre my Deathsong












                                                                                                                                                            Thanks Skypeoplephoenix732!                           Thanks TildenWolfGirl!



Thanks Skrill fan! 


Thanks alliedrago!

Thanks chocolate24!

Thanks Scoubidous!

Thanks Autumm5467!

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Thanks snowflake12298!

Thanks TimberJackGirl!

Thanks Wutend Bonfire!

Thanks BestTrainer!

Thanks toothless572!

Thanks for the bouncie, Hattori!




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Absolutely!  I had a different forum name last year, and wanted to change it to match my in-game viking name.  PM any admin (I PMed Brynjolf) with what you want to change your forum name to, and he can help you out!


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How long did it take for your

How long did it take for your user to change? I have been waiting for a while (PMed Brynjolf).

And how does it work, anyway?