Hey yall, kinda new player here

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Hello everyone, i am a fresh new forum user, but not really a new player, i been playing scense october of 2017, and i love this game, so i thought j sushi introduce myself, i own two vikings, grey the silent,. Annd i forgot the other ones name, i own four dragons, two on each account, for grey i own 

@bane, he is my mane dragon, he is very protective and gets very jealous of my dealdly nadder


@pokey, she is my deadly nadder, she is dark grey and white spikes,she is cuddly and sweet, although maybe a overly vain sometimes.


For my other viking, 


@ esgaroth, he is also a sand wraith, only he is a giant cuddle bug! I love adventuring with him, and he has a few qwirks that make him even more Lovable.


@kronk the gronkle...,... One word, grumpy and WARM!



I will be getting another dragon soon , so if you have any ideas for a good battle\racing dragon please tell me?


Siggy is a WIP.

Age: .. okkkaaayy I don't know why you would want to know....creepy.

gender: she.

fav color: grey,black,red,some blues.

fav dragon: stormcutter\timberjack\skrill\raincutter\windwalker\silverphantom\bone knapper. Not in that exact order.

animals in real life: not quite enough horses, 5 cats... And numerous critters in the woods about me.

hobbys: painting , digital art, horseback riding ( do you even bareback?) Imma lonley bean, reading, spray painting , sketching (one day I will create an Etsy account).

dreams: I hope to one dday train horses for a living.



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So you're new? Welcome! This forum is a pretty fun place to do random stuff if you're not playing the game or just wanna chat with people. I go on here a lot and create random topics for...stuff. xD And I like to make fanfics, even if I only made one. :/ Also if you have any problems with the game this is where you can contact the admins. And about your dragons, I don't know any specifically good dragon, but I would recommend a razorwhip. I usually use my razorwhip for racing and battles. A pretty good dragon. But I don't remember how many gems the egg costs. Have fun! :D 











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Welcome to the forum my

Welcome to the forum my friend!


I'll cut right to the chase and reccommend you some decent racing dragons!


Great, high-tier racing dragons would be Toothless (obviously), the Skrill, the Flightmare, the Slithersong, the Sand Wraith, the Woolly Howl, and the Shockjaw.


Honorable mentions are the Death Song, Razorwhip, Night Terror,  and the Triple Stryke!


Have fun out there! :)



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I have loved the HTTYD series ever since its release in 2010 (I was only 6 at the time). 






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My Dragons:


Electrifying - Skrill


Poison - Deadly Nadder


Moonglow - Flightmare


Earthripper - Whispering Death


Kamatay - Triple Stryke


Blue Spark Lizard - Singetail


Allegro - Slithersong


Viggo - Grapple Grounder 


Toothless - Night Fury


Mercy - Stormcutter


Storm - Raincutter

Valor - Woolly Howl



Dragons I Want


Smothering Smokebreath

Speed Stinger

Night Terror

Death Song & Razorwhip (My expansion pack bugged out so I can't get them.  Since said bug has been happening for months I don't think it'll be fixed any time soon. :c)

Snow Wraith (I'll have every Strike Class dragon >:)