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It's been a long while, but I have finally returned to School of Dragons! This time for good! If any of you guys remember me, my name was Adaleona! I want to bring back some of my old ideas, so be on the lookout for them! And I'm so happy to be back and will try my best to be as active as I used to be!


Hello | 안녕하세요| こんにちは


MustangLover | Forum Name

Coriaunna | Account #1 Name


Butttt, ya'll can call me Adaleona or Ada. :)


I am a female

(And if ya can't tell...I love Mustangs. ;) Plus am the proud owner of one!)


I don't bite, so message me if you just want to talk~

And P.M me if ya'll want to friend me. :)


Dragons: (Pictures to come)




Sakara | Sand Wraith | Adult | Tidal Class | 6/16/2018

Niya | Deadly Nadder | Adult | Tracker Class | 6/16/2018


Zyeki | Eruptodon | Adult | Boulder Class | 6/19/2018


Airyen | Whispering Death | Baby | Boulder Class | 6/24/2018


Lylane | Razorwhip | Baby | Sharp Class | 6/25/2018


Svanyi | Deathsong | Baby | Mystery Class | 6/26/2018




Shocker | Shockjaw | Adult | Tidal Class | 6/27/2018

Rockelle | Gronckle | Baby | Boulder Class | 6/27/2018











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I don't know who you are, sorry! But I hope you have a good time back :)



snow - she/her - 14


(つ . •́ _ʖ •̀ .)つ

since 2015 :')
if u play rdr2 hmu
and maybe we can do rdr2
online together? :-)
꒰ *๑•ૅʖ̫•́๑꒱
viking/other oc ref sheet
casual non-httyd outfit. not drawn to description as given below.
name: marlene “mars” thistle corbeau

gender: female

age: 19

appearance: long, dark hair. pale skin. big, pale, blue-lilac eyes. beauty marks

on her nose and scar on her chin. wears feminine clothing in dark colors. 

personality: intelligent, reserved, sophisticated, charming, quick to blame others,

self-preserving, somewhat conceded

weapon: simple longsword. engraved into cherry wood hilt with family emblem (crow). 

has a strap to attach to her wrist like a wii remote :P

accessories: a lot of silver chains with little lockets with pictures of her friends and her

parents. black leather cross-body satchel.  one thin, fingerless

glove on her dominant hand to handle her sword.


dragon name: rana

gender: female

age: young adult

species: death gripper

appearance: black and red. smaller than the average death gripper. damaged scorpion

tail - venom is weakened. large, sharp teeth, and a strong jaw.

personality: aggressive, jumpy, energetic, loyal, aloof, friendly/playful with other

humans or dragons that she knows well, acts a bit like a dog

extras: basic saddle with additions crafted by mars with holsters for daggers and more.

capsules of rana’s venom can be stored in saddlebags. has a little platinum ring around

one of her horns that matches a ring on marlene's finger.