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Thanx btw this is Stormblast

Thanx btw this is Stormblast :3 


I really like blue one cuz it's my fav color but I also like red one xD and no I'm not something like a big Star Wars fan I saw just one part (that lastest I think it's called force awakes xD) but I would like to see all the parts I need to find some time :3 xD I like watching movies and Star Wars was pretty cool xD hmmm fav movie? That's really hard to say bc I have a lot of movies that I like :3 pizza is so yummy!! x3 

np it was fun to write it all xD anyway I still don't know anything about you :3 xD 

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     Nice colors for your dragon! Blue is such a nice color to me too! So calming and soothing. The Force Awakens was a pretty cool movie (To me)! What did you think of it? So many movies to pick from! :D And YUMMY PIZZA!...Now I'm getting hungry. XD Btw, is the Woolly Howl your favorite dragon species?

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Pizza rules the world!!!!! XD

I Think it was really cool xD I have never seen  SW parts before so I was lil lost when they started talking about some sky walker but then I understood bc my friend explained me the story line of these movies xD yeah there are so many movies that are good it's hard to pick one :3 lol same here xD I'm gonna order something xD yeah wooly howl is my favorite dragon species, they are so cute :3 but that doesn't matter I don't like my other dragons xD I like all of them but wooly is the main one x3 

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Btw I'd like to know which is

Btw I'd like to know which is your favorite/main dragon :3 

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     It's fun to see the movies! And there are a LOT of movies! And Wooly Howls seem like nice dragons! And they are pretty cute looking, whether in Tiny Tooth, Short Wing, or Broad Wing. :) And also very fast racing dragons! When Bulls Eye Lagoon was still around, I think they were pretty good at that too! And they seem to have very friendly personalities! What other dragons do you have? Do you have a least favorite dragon species?

     Hmm...I'd say my favorite dragon species would either be between the Skrill, the Night Fury, and the Death Song. Although, I might like the Skrill 10% more then the others. XD I like the Skrill and Night Fury cause' they are in my favorite class (And I also like the Wooly Howl and the Snow Wraith), and also, Strike Class dragons (I think) are described to by the hardest when training them, but the loyalest once trained. I really like that. :) And I like the Death Song, cause' of multiple reasons: 1. The first thing that drew me to this dragon was its appearence and colors, 2. I like and don't like the part of it eating dragons, cause' it is different from what one would probably expect, but I don't like it cause, "THIS DRAGON EATS OTHER DRAGONS AND IT EATS VIKINGS! AH!" XD, 3. I feel this dragon is quite misunderstood about dragon eating. Well, it does eat them to survive (Although, maybe Death Songs could eat eels and fish instead), and it could have a really nice personality! Just my opinion on them, what do you think about the Skrill, Night Fury, and Death Song?

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Yeah they are so cute and

Yeah they are so cute and fast :3 oh really? I never used my in bulls eye lagoon xD few days ago I bought timberjack and snaptrapper so I'm waiting til they grow up xD then I have dragons for example scauldron, sand, snow, night terror, nightmare (my first buddy :3), groncicle and more xD I have 21 dragons and I can't say I have some least favoirite specie, everyone is good at something else :3 and have you got any least favoirite specie? :D I also really like strike class dragons :3 skrill, night fury and death songs are awesome!! I have all that 3 dragons, death song even 2 times xD well yeah it's bad how are they eating Viking and dragons xD but I think death song could get use to eat just eels and fishes. He just need a chance and a great dragon trainer :3 xD 

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     I think the Woolly Howl only took up 10 or 11 happiness thingy...I may be wrong. Anyways, wow! 21 dragons? You are definatly an experianced dragon trainer!!! Good point, all dragons seem to have their strong and weak points. I'd have to say my least favorite dragon species is...*Looks from side to side, and whispers it* The Thunderpede. No offense Mr. Thunderpede. It just ain't my favorite, although, maybe some vikings really like it. What do you think of it? You have all three? Cool! And two Death Songs, eh? They do see like a pretty cool dragon! Although, raising a Death Song from a Tiny Tooth, one can probably teach it not to eat dragons and vikings. And that would probably be a really important thing to teach in a school of dragons and vikings. I agree, I think the Death Song just needs a chance and a dragon trainer who is willing to give it that. :) Could you suggest a dragon between the Death Song and the Skrill?

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Death song vs skrill xD

Well I haven't thunderpede yet and idk...he looks like Halloween dragon what is nice to make a dragon for this event xD don't worry I won't tell it to Mr. Thunderpede *said in the whisper and quietly* xD ufff this is hard... Well skrill is really nice dragon, I love bolts that are covering him it looks pretty cool :3 the bad about skrills is that they have just 4 shoot limit :/ I would expect 6+ but it's okay it isn't that big problem :3 I just wanted to say skrills are useless in battles xD then there is death song. They both looks majestatic skrill and death song X3 on death songs I really like the mixture that they shoot xD and I also like their animation and the whole look....but the same I can say about skrills .-. XD xD uhh this is hard how would I decide between these 2? (Btw I always have big problems when I have to decide xD) after a years of thinking I decided...I would choose...death song xD *sorryyyy skrill I'm sorry :c xD* now I wanna know your opinion on it xD 

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     I guess it can look like a Halloween dragon, although, they do look kinda cute as babies! Although, which dragon doesn't look cute as a baby? Yeah, when it covers itself in electricity when it is happy does look pretty cool! Just hope the rider doesn't get electricoted (I don't think I spelled that correctly. :p). It is a little unfortunate that it has 4 shots, but, in the franchise, in can recharge in shots whenever it wants in a lightning storm, so, I guess it is logical. And they both have great animations apparently, especially the Death Song! You choose the Death Song? Nice choice! Just wondering, how come you choose the Death Song?

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Yeah dragon looks like

Yeah dragon looks like babies...like adorable babies :3 some of them more, some of them less xD lol I know what you meand and I also don't know how to spell it xD well maybe skrill havent enough electricity to kill me or I'm electric proof B| xD I want be electric proof xD

good question xD To be honest I don't have specific reason xD I was thinking about it and realized, I use death song more often than skrill and I kinda like the whole story about death song (quests and that stuff). And I think they are somehow different like other dragons. Btw I love their jaw it looks great xD

and to say something about skrills, I really like their look and... (how to explain) they look so mysterious for me idk why x3 and they belong to my fav strike class yay :3 xD 

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Btw how could you say you are

Btw how could you say you are shy?! XD you are so talkative xD

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     Dragon babies are very cute! :D Especially the Woolly Howl! Ooo! Being electric proof sounds fascinating! But, the Skrill also has spikes that look like it impales the rider, I dunno how one survives that. Maybe, it's an illusion? Either that, or something else.

     The Death Song is quite fascinating, and different, since it eats dragons and vikings. But, it's nice that the Death Song is trainible in SoD. Do you like the expansion pack of Call of the Death Song?

     They are quite mysterious, although, they are fascinating as well. :) And the Strike Class is a cool class!

     Oh, and I'm can be very talkative when I am online (Whether email, texting, on the SoD Forums, etc.). And I can very extremly talkative when I'm in a happy mood (Which I am in right now :D), but if you met me in person, I'd probably be really quiet and shy, and possibly almost as invisible as a Changewing. XD

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Omggg wooly howl baby is

Omggg wooly howl baby is absolutely adorable!!! :3 :3 lol what if rider is also spikes proof or idk what xD maybe illusion, maybe something else but probably just bad animation xD 

i was waiting so long till they add razorwhip to game and when they added new death song pack, first thing that I bought was razor egg xD it took a long time for me to gain enough to gems to buy expansion...when I finally earned so many gems I decided to buy packs bundle in sales xD I really looked forward to complete quests there, I love completing quests it's quite fun :3 xD I wanna know what do you think about it. I mean if you have packs, which one do you prefer, how did you enjoy completing quests, btw can you send me pic of your death song and skrill? :3 

oh why? XD game/sod/forum Is almost the same like talking in reality xD I can't believe you are as shy as you say xD you should try to talk to people in reality like you do online :3 well for me there's almost no difference xD 

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     Woolly Howl babies are just so cute! And it is kinda weird that riders can be impaled by their dragons, but, being spike proof would probably be very interesting.

     I think the Razorwhip and the Death Song were quite anicapated. Btw, what is your Razorwhip's name? And quests and fun! And the expansion packs are fun too! I'd say BFTE is my favorite, it seems quite fun! Btw, which expansion pack is your favorite? Do you have a least favorite? Oh, and, I'm deciding which dragon between the Death Song and Skrill will be my main dragon when I do make an account. Do you have a Skrill or Death Song?

     I just feel like I can be more myself when I'm online, I am less nervous, and it helps me express myself. If I talk to someone in person, whether a friend, or someone I just met, I feel really nervous, constantly scrambling in my head to know what to say, how to say it, and make sure it isn't offensive to the person in any way, shape, or form. I'm very self concious, which is probably why I usually end up being nervous. I guess for some vikings it comes naturally, but, I just have a harder time being myself (Or even, just not being quiet XD) when I talk to someone in person. A close friend, it comes easier, but, still kinda hard sometimes. Does it come naturally to you?

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baby wooly :3 they are sooo

baby wooly :3 they are sooo cute x3 Hmm if riders can be impaled, could dragons be impaled by riders too? XD idk how this question came to my mind xD 

My razor is named Steelclaw :3 BFTE has amazing and interesting story *-* I really enjoyed completing it. Best part was how you came to the hunters island and broke free armor wing. What's your armor's name? :D 

i don't know which is my fav expansion cuz every expansion is about something different. In icestorm expansion there is so many quests to complete and you solve mysteries of ice storm island. Icestorm expansion also brought cool farm stuff and groncicle :3 then, there's death song expansion. In this pack you have more places to go and you get 2 dragons what is great :3 BFTE has the highest count of new places and as I said before it has really interesting story!! Well BFTE is probably my fav too xD what about you? What do you think about other expansions? ^^

when you do make an account? I thought you already have one xD and yeah I have them both, they are amazing dragons and buddies :3

how you feel like you are more yourself when you are online, you can also be in reality :3 you don't have to be afraid being yourself in real. Just imagine, it's almost the same like online. Everytime when I start be lil shy I tell to myself 'if you are quiet, you won't make new friends easily, it will be such harder.' Then, I start talking, finding new topics to talk about and just have fun :3 and when we (I and my close friends) talk to each other we can't stop xD we talk, laught out loud, sometimes scream. And you know why? We doesn't care what does the others think about us. YOLO! You only live once. Life fly so fast and you have to enjoy it how much you can! So try to be more talkative in real, like you are online. Trust me, you have nothing to lose :3 

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     Baby Woollies are cute! :D I guess dragons can be impaled too, but, maybe they would not be able to be impaled as easily since dragons usually have strong armor (Well, except for some like the Changewing).

     Nice name for your Razorwhip! Very fitting! I think I'm gonna name my Armor Wing, MetalWings (I know, ironic right? Mainly cause' they have no metal on their wings, but in that episode, we do see that the Armorwing's wings are armored enough to deflect a MN's fire blast), either that or IronJaws/IronJaw. What did you name your Armorwing?

     I agree, BFTE is a great storyline! It is really cool! Although, HOW DARE YOU HARALD!!! XD Did you trust him from the start or not? Icestorm Island was pretty cool too! 50 quests! That'll probably keep one busy. Then COTDS is pretty cool too! Fighting off a Death Song is probably no easy task!

     I think tomorrow, I heard weekends aren't the best time to do it. I tried it last Sunday, and...it didn't go to well. I never really got to it during the week, so, tomorrow should be a nice day to do it...Hopefully I can figure out whether I want to hatch the Death Song or the Skrill...

     I just have a harder time with people when not online (Unless they know me REALLY WELL, and I know them REALLY WELL, and I know that I can trust them. Also, being in a happy mood is helpful too. :)). I just have a harder time doing it, I an be quite mysterious and quiet toward some of my close friends sometimes...unless I'm texting them. XD Anyways, I do pick topics almost constantly to talk about, except, they usually end up sinking within a few moments. My shyness can definatly keep me from being outgoing too. Anyways, I know this may sound weird, but I'm actually fine with it. I'm happy with having a few close friends, it doesn't really bother me much. Anyways, it sounds like you might have a lot of friends! :D

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Changewings haven't strong

Changewings haven't strong armor? I didn't know :D some dragons like Armorwing can't be implanted so easily xD well and maybe they can't be implanted at all. Who knows? 

Aww thanx :3 I always think about names so long xD sometimes I catch inspiration in forum x3 haha yeah lil ironic xD but I like that name :3 it pass better to Armorwing but it also pass good to razor :3 I really like all that stuff which have armorwings on itselfs. All that swords, shields, unidentifiable things... It just looks great xD what do you think about Armorwing? :3 btw I felt so scared about Armorwing when I watched that episode, why did smokes do that? Aww I thought armor will hide:c xD at least he survived x3 and my armorwing's name is Draco, how is named yours? :3

at the beginning when Astrid mentioned what's her feeling about Harald, I thought there's something wrong on it. He looked friendly (especially his lil cute terrible terror I hope I will get one at the end of BFTE...and...sadly...I didn't get one :c >.< xD). I was surprised when i found out that about Harald. I was disappointed at him. well but he helped us then. Nah I'm still angry at him xD but without this evil Harald we wouldn't have that good story like we have right? XD what about you? Did you trust him? :D i was completing ice storm expansion pack for MONTHS! (Okay this probably isn't true) fine, it was maybe only 1 month xD but there were so many quests sooooo many. I was really excited when the lastest part of ice storm began. When I opened that big door and saw the bridge there. Iol I had to shoot snow with groncicle on it but I used death song cause I hadn't groncicle back then xD 

weekends aren't? Why? o.o you don't have to hatch death song, you get one at the end of COTDS. You get little baby of death song for free and you can costume it however you want :3 

i understand you :D it's your personality and that's great :3 well I think on mood depends rest of the day. When I'm fed up of everything, I'm obviously not in good mood and I don't talk to the others. When I'm in a great mood everything is easier. The day is nicer and more interesting :3 I like to call my friends or sometimes do face calls. Isn't is almost the same like texting? You do calls when you are online but idk what do you think about it? XD it's better to have less close friends than more not that close friends :3 hmm well...yeah I have a lot of friends but it isn't like it sounds like. You know there are some friends that I met for first time and see them just sometimes and don't talk to them that much. Then, the sad part, there are friends that were amazing but they forgot...and then some 'friends' that are fake .-. I talk a lot with my classmates, I know them well. But there's just few friends who are really close to me and who I can trust. :3

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     Sorry I haven't responded in like forever (Lol!), my interests shift quite a bit, and I put Httyd on hold for a while.

     It does look pretty cool on what the Armorwing has on itself! Kinda makes it a wee bit intimadating, but, it is still cool! Unfortunatly, all that metal comes at a price, or, a weakness in other words. They better stay away from Smothering Smokebreaths! I felt bad for that poor Armorwing, thankfully, it survived. And hopefully, it rebuilt its armor. :) I wonder if we'll see it again in a future episode...Speaking of which, do you have a favorite episode from RTTE Season 1 and 2?

     Well, when he said something like, "...I know your dragons will protect me." I immediatly put on my guard. And Astrid's comments on him only made me distrust him more. Although...Leopold is still cute! Although, it is sad that Leopold went along with it. I like the storyline put into it. :) Oh, and then Harald flatters the character in a quest, and flattery usually doesn't mean anything to good...Either way, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the BFTE expansion pack? Yeah, it is strange that apparently, one might be able to do an ice bridge with more dragons then just the Groncicle. Ooo! The Death Song might have a special ice ability! Maybe...maybe not, either way it is a pretty cool glitch. :)

     Yeah, mood can definatly affect one's mood. Facetime gets me nervous (I know, weird right?), I can text, but when face to face in Facetime...it gets me nervous. I'm fine with them in person (Usually XD), but Facetime just feels different. But, it can be quite fun! :D Well, it is really nice to have a few close friends that one can share things with and trust. I guess we all should pick our friends wisely, and I guess there are different types of friends, which is nice to have as well. :)

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It's okay take your time :3

It's okay take your time :3 real life comes first xD btw welcome baaaaack I thought you closed this post xD 

I really hope so. They could try to train armorwing it would be great. Or have another story with armorwing :D ehm...well...I haven't seen all episodes yet (shame on me lol) xD I think my last episode that I have seen was episode 20th but I'm really not sure. I don't watch series and movies often so... I just started watch a new serie and is so cool!! XD anyway I still have almost no time which could I spend on series/movies. I need to compleate the whole RTTE season xD I watched that series in the first day when they released it. So as you know it was a while ago xD and I don't remember all that episodes well. One of my favourite ones would be *thinking hard*...the episode when astrid and heather cooperated and made a deal, against dragon hunters. Do ya remember this one? Or the episode when barf and belch favored hiccup xD what about yours fav one? 

On a scale of 1-10? Probably 7. However the story was interesting, I will keep higher value numbers for something new :3 what's your opinion? :D 

yeaaaaah!! Maybe Titan death song with ice ability :o or some a special breed of death song which live in polar environment and would breath ice. Ice song xD I'd like to see this dragon in store xD 

dont ya feel okay when ya FaceTime with person that you know well? I mean it is quite stressful when you talk to person that you don't know, but person who you know? I personally think FaceTime is easier because typing and texting takes some time, but face calls dont really xD lol once I missed a party, but I connected via FaceTime with my friend and intangible was there xD thb I don't use FaceTime that often. I don't remember the last time when I used it. Yea, agree :3 time shows true friend 

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     I don't wanna close this thread for a while! :D I'm having a fun conversations with you and some other vikings! Btw, I like your new avatar! Is that your Night Fury OC?

     All the episodes are great! Especially Maces and Talons Parts 1 and 2...in its own unique way. XD Aren't they great episodes? :D "A Zippleback Experiance" is quite enjoyable! Can you believe Hiccup punched Snotlout?! Although...Snotlout seemed to have that coming for a while, although, ouch, I didn't know HIccup could punch that hard. What did you think of it? Ooh, picking a favorite is hard. Of course, I favor the episodes that include my favorite dragons, so I really like "Imperfect Harmony" and "A Time to Skrill". :) I have a feeling that they'll bring back the Death Song in a later episode (They did bring back the Skrill, so, why not the Death Song? :D), and probably the other dragons they released. I don't know if I can pick a favorite episode (Yet...XD). I know this might be a ridiculous question, except which episode was your least favorite?

     I'd probably rate it maybe a 9 or 10. I really liked the story idea, the suspicion about Harald, the short clips, and the new islands! :D Oh, and also how the characters talk to you when one walks with them! It is cool to me! This expansion packs just seem to get better and better! I'm so excited for the next expansion pack! I hope it comes about soon! Btw, I heard Valka is here!!!!!! And I heard Eret is here too! Could that mean that we might be getting a Httyd 2 expansion pack?!?!?!

     Cool! That would be cool if the Titan Death Song had an ice ability! Or maybe there is an ice breathing Death Song! XD Although, that would be kinda cool. Btw, I have been wondering this since the first time I read about the Death Song in the Dragonpedia, I'd like to know your opinion on it. You know how the Death Song traps its victims in a rock hard amber substance, well, I wonder how it gets the dragon out. I know, wikia says it breaks it open, but I don't go by everything wikia says. Maybe some things, but this one, I'm a wee bit skeptical on. Do you think it has a really hot fire it can use, drop it from a high height, break it open, or something else?

     I believe I do better texting or emailing, Facetime gets me quite nervous, I probably wouldn't show it though. I prefer: texting, emailing, writing on the SoD Forums, texting, and I guess I don't mind meeting the person in person. Either way, I think everyone is different. :)


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Agree, it's so fun to talk to the others :3 thank you and yea, my recently made (but let's say tamed, it sounds better) Shady Flight the night fury ^^ 


-imagine a nice picture of shady here- 


lol now when you say all the episodes names I'm lil lost xD it was unexpected!! Well snotlout deserved it I would probably do the same at hiccup's place xD I think hiccup did good and lol snoutloud had a sores poor snotlout xD they should bring death song back, that dragon is awesome they have to!! XD but I think they will like they did with skrill :3 that episode was so good, especially at the end when hiccup let skrill go to the freedom (is it the right episode right?) xD i feel like that question is harder to answer than the question which is my fav episode xD my least fav episode is the most boring episode ofc. But which one is it I really don't know xD as I said before, I really need to watch it again xD

expansions are getting better be better ^^ I really look forward to see which one will be next. Have ya got any idea what would you like to have in the new expansion? Any island idea or story idea? :D I'd like to have a story with drago (I wrote his name wrong but we both know who I'm talking about xD). Ooooh and night terrors and bilderbeast (boom another wrong wrote word). Hope for more and more quests and a good story like story which was in RTTE expansion :3 VALKA?! Where!!! I didnt see her but i want to meet her!!!! I thought she would be on censoredán Island but i didnt see her there :/ lol and this redirected to another topic xD what do ya think about Titans, do ya have any? :3 would you rather stay with normal dragons? 

Yeap eret is there!!! He stands near his boat in grounds and just do nothing xD some ppl told he gige a quest but I got no new quest yet...wow httyd2 expansion pack!!!!!! That would be awesome!!!! Omg imagine what all could be there :3 I should start save gems xD

if I got it right and if you are asking how death song's victims get out of that trap, I think they can't get out. Because, if they could, death song wouldn't survive all his food would fly away. I think dragon has no chance to survive if death song catch them. his Amber substance is too strong as we could see in episodes. That substance is resistant towards dragon's fire. You know, if dragons would get out just by breathing fire, it would be such easy for them. Dropping from a height is more likely. But theres still a problem. If someone would drop dragon trapped in substance from a high spot, that dragon which is trapped wouldn't survived. It's too high and dragon would be injured. Probably only one chance to save a dragon is dissolve the substance with some mixture. Do something similar like in the quests in sod xD


To end my message here's 70% chance all my speach made absolutely no sense, it's bc I'm so tired its late here so don't judge me xD good night anyway -yawn- 


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     It can be fun having Night Fury OC's! And Shady looks like a nice one! Do you have a personality in mind for Shady?

     I think Snotlout found out the hard way that Hiccup can hit really hard! Of course, he was probably (I think) doing it to help Hiccup with breaking the life debt thingy, although, I think Snotlout might've taken it a wee bit to far. It would be cool to see the Death Song again! Get to know a bit more about them. :) I really liked that they freed the Skrill in the end of that episode! And we might see that Skrill again, I dunno. Either way, it was nice that the Skrill came back. :) It is fun to watch the episodes! Out of the new dragons they introduced (Catastrophic Quaken, Death Song, Night Terrors, Snow Wraith, Razorwhip, and any others I am forgetting), which is your favorite and which is your least favorite?

     Well, since Eret is here, and Valka might be here, I'm guessing an Httyd 2 expansion pack can't be far behind. :D It think it would be so cool! Do you think the SoD team should release an Httyd 2 expansion pack or another one instead? I'm guessing Valka only appears if one collects the 50 runes, I dunno. Although it would be cool to see her! The Titans look so great! The Nadder (So far) would probably have to be my favorite, the wings have a beautiful pattern, the colors look so vibrant, and it just looks so cool! Although I don't think the MN is to far behind! Which Titan is your favorite and which is your least favorite?

     What I'm mainly wondering is how the Death Song opens up the amber coccoon so it can...eat the dragon inside. Either way, I'm glad the SoD Death Songs don't eat dragons, or, at least that I know of. And it is cool how it can eat eels in game! And how eels now cost coins and not gems. What do you think of the Death Song in game?

     Btw, do you think we should take our conversation to the end of the thread since our posts are seemingly looking quite small?

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I send my reply at the end of

I send my reply at the end of thread xD

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aaaaaaa these are fun I guess

aaaaaaa these are fun I guess I'll give a shot. probs with my two main dragons since theyre equally my besties


Viking Form:


In Game Name: Sekibanki

Gender: female

Appearence (Optional): spooky aesthetics. I have that one boneknapper helmet from the halloween event of 2014, combined with a green rage skull, and i'm basically a glowing green little gal with no style and no grace

Personality: autoderision, ironic humor, either super chill or boiling with rage theres no in between

Weapon of Choice (Optional): a sword because i'm the most pathetic and basic person in the entire universe i guess 

Adventure Level: 26

Favorite Activity (TRR, Fireball Frenzy, Eel Roast, Flight Club, Just Flying Around on Your Dragon, etc.): battle events, racing, fishing, flying around and socializing. I also love quests in which you get to enter Heather's lab aaaaa

Least Favorite Activity: I don't like farming it takes so much time fffff

Likes: Stargazing, science, adventures, space. I'm basically bill nye the science guy.

Dislikes: myself my anxiety hhhhhh

Favorite Place in SoD to Be: Dragon's edge (this place is so beautiful i cry everytime), training fields

(Random) Favorite Food: grilled chicken chops !

(Random) Favorite Color: the bright green/dark combo (im so weak for glowing greens aaaa)



Dragon Form (Preferably the Main Dragon you ride, but it can be any dragon you have):

dragon number one :


Name: Homura

Species: Skrill

Gender: Female

Personality: Homura's behavior can be summed up with this picture alone

But basically, Homura isnt what you'd call a sociable dragon. She's super introverted, seems cold at first and super distant, but internally, deep down, if you could read her mind you'd only hear screams of panic and horror. she's a very insecure dragon. give homura some rest 2k16

Appearence (Optional): She's covered in pitch black scales, with a greyish purple teint on her wings. her underbelly is a darker purple, which makes a highlight on her stomach and darker spots on her wings at the same time. she never changes her facial expression, and it's very difficult to analyze her body language to tell how she feels.

Bonding Level: 21

How Close you two bonded on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 Being Not Bonded Much at all, 10 being Hiccup and Toothless): 9

Favorite Activity (TRR, Fireball Frenzy, Eel Roast, Flight Club, Just Flying Around with their Rider, etc.) Thunder run racing. She's fast and agile and she knows it. TRR is very good for her self esteem.

Least Favorite Activity: SOCIALIZING. Homura gets super stressed around a big number of unknown dragons. Poor thing needs some time alone.

Likes: Madoka, her stormcutter galpal. The only dragon she could spend hours with.

Dislikes: she can't stand to see dragons trying to befriend Madoka. She keeps an eye on them the whole time, and one mistake can make her completely lose her temper. That's the only way to upset Homu. That's not something anyone would like to go through, she's super protective and way too aggressive when it comes to Madoka's safety.

Favorite Choice of Food: Homura eats very few. She usually goes for the perch or the herring, the smallest fish. her weakness, however, is the minnow. the most pathetic fish in existence.

How did you get him/her: Purchased as an egg at johann's trading post two years ago, Homura has been a blessing to her viking buddy since that time. Every single gem spent to Johann was nothing compared to the happiness she brought.


Dragon number two :

Name: Sayaka

Species: Typhoomerang

Gender: Female

Personality: Excited all the time, litterally no chill, always making a fool of herself. Super sociable and will instantly love everyone around her at first sight. The furthest opposite of Homura.

Appearence (Optional): A white typhoomerang with a blue head and teal stripes on her wings, with super wide eyes all the time and exaggerated facial expressions.

Bonding Level: 11

How Close you two bonded on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 Being Not Bonded Much at all, 10 being Hiccup and Toothless): 5 (she's still quite new in the family !)

Favorite Activity (TRR, Fireball Frenzy, Eel Roast, Flight Club, Just Flying Around with their Rider, etc.) Battling (she absolutely loves to sink ships, she's always having a wonderful time annihilating the hopes and dreams of the outcasts and the berserkers)

Least Favorite Activity: Farming. Sayaka will ALWAYS try to make you understand that going to the farm is a pain to her. She will lay on the cultivating grounds. She will scare the chickens, she will burn the vegetables, she will act like a sassy lost child until you finally decide to leave the farm.

Likes: Water. Surprisingly enough for a stoker class dragon, Sayaka absolutely loves water as long as it doesnt end up on her face. As long as she's still able to breathe fire without any trouble, she'll step in the water, she'll spin in circles in shallow water, she'll splash everything around her with her wide wings, she just loves water so much. and not just liquid water. She also loves snow. You'll most likely see her rolling around in the snow, burying herself in the cold powder, drawing shapes in it with her sharp claws, she just loves every state of the water element.


She also loves music. The only way to make sayaka hold still for a few minutes is to play some music. she'll stop any activity and will not move until the song is over. That's how you take a break from this typhoomerang.

Dislikes : if theres an isntument she can't stand, its the violin. She will howl desperately for minutes straight as the instrument keeps playing. Do not play the violin near Sayaka that's a very bad idea. She will try to make as much noise as possible to cover the sound of the unholy instrument.

Favorite Choice of Food: Since she's the only dragon able to eat eels, she won't hold back. She's a big eater, and will like them a bit toasted. And by a bit toasted, I mean completely carbonized since Sayaka can't control the power of her own fire at all. she litterally disintegrates her own eels, it's quite something to watch.

How did you get him/her: Also purchased from Johann's trading post during a sale, Sayaka has been a source of energy and good vibes since her birth. She's not that familiar with everyone yet, but she'll catch up with Homura's bonding level very soon.


Call me "Nocti" for short. [Female, 19 yrs old, digital artist]

In-game name : Nicocchi

Joined SOD on jun 12, 2014

Clan : Shrine maidens and magical girls unit

Interests : Love live, Madoka Magica, Little witch academia, Sailor moon

Dragons :

Main dragons :


  • Homura (skrill, female, Titan, lvl30)
  • Maki (Stormcutter, female, adult,lvl 30)
  • Eli (flightmare, female, adult)
  • Nico (Smothering Smokebreath, female, adult) 

Secondary dragons (those with which I pratically don't fly):


  • Kyouko (first dragon, Monstrous nightmare, female, adult) 
  • Madoka (stormcutter, female, adult)
  • Sayaka (typhoomerang, female, adult)
  • Hanayo (Gronckle, female, adult)
  • Kotori (Deadly nadder, female, teen)
  • Charlotte (Whispering death, female, adult)
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Hi Sekibanki!

     Thanks so much for sharing! I had fun reading about you, Homura, and Sayaka! Btw, nice comic! It made me chuckle! :D And you and Homura must be close if you rate your bonding a 9/10! You two must be a great team! And Sayaka sounds like a nice dragon too! Oooo! Science can be so interesting! Again, thanks for sharing!

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Hello! I'm Whisper!

Hello, DragonTrainer! Welcome to the forums! Based on everything else I've seen on this thread, you seem like the chatty type, shy though you may be. You and are probably going to get along well then; I'm much the same way. XD


So I'm WhispertheWolf on the forum...and pretty much every other fandom area you'll ever find me in. I've been WhispertheWolf online for 8 years now. I've even given my main Viking this name! Call me Whisper, Whisp, Wolf, Wolfie, or make something up; as long as it's not offensive, I'll respond to it. Seems like every time I make a close online friend, they give me a new nickname. ^_^


Viking Form

In-Game Name: WhispertheWolf

Gender: Female

Appearence (Optional): I'm short, pale-skinned and brunnette with dark brown eyes.

Personality: I'm an ambivert. I need my alone time to recharge, but I like to meet people and talk with them. I'm a tad socially awkward and not always aware of the tone I take and I'm extremely blunt to a fault. (If I ever say something that sounds harsh, please tell me so. I probably didn't mean it like that, and I will readily apologize for my lack of tact.) Because I'm awkward, I'm shy at first in person, but I'm really talkative once I get going. I'm a big bookworm; I'll usually have my nose buried in a book if I'm indoors alone. I'm also VERY much an animal lover; any animal, all animals. I'd rather be in the cold than in the heat. I like being active, doing outdoor activities, and traveling, and being stuck inside makes me stir-crazy. But despite that, I have a really laid-back personality and I rarely ever get perturbed. I can be very opinionated, but people having different opinions makes me interested, not angry, though I may be stubborn in my own opinion. And I'm a huge dragon nerd! (I even keep my own book of dragons.) But the ice dragons will always be the best to me! I love ice, snow, cold, and winter...perhaps a little too much. I keep to the cold always.

Weapon of Choice (Optional): I kind of stole the idea of Hiccup's Zippleback gas spraycan, only mine sprays a Groncicle's liquid nitrogen. I also have thought of my Viking having a regular sword, but in realistic fashion, I'm decent with a sword at best, not great.

Adventure Level: 35

Favorite Activity: Doing quests, but I also just like flying around with my dragon...though of the mini-games, I probably like TRR the best. My main racing dragon is my Shivertooth Frostclaws.

Least Favorite Activity: Fireball Frenzy. I'm terrible at this game.

Likes: Animals, good books, outdoor activities, snow skiing, horseback riding/dragon riding, hiking, soccer, TRR, Flight Club, fantasy, mythical creatures, people, snow, winter, mountains, my family, my friends, my many pets (who kind of fall into the family category, actually), good food, music, movies, art, science, history...

Dislikes: Spring (due to allergies; it is a very pretty season otherwise), allergies (hate it), chemistry (if only I didn't need it for my major), hot weather, hackers...uh, generally it's harder for me to think of things I dislike than things I like, so that's all I can think of.

Favorite Place in SoD to Be: Icestorm Island

(Random) Favorite Food: Hmm...maybe venison...possibly watermelon...I'll go with watermelon.

(Random) Favorite Color: O_O Silver? I, uh, rarely pick a favorite color, but I think I'm partial to silver.



Dragon Form

Name: Winterwind

Species: Woolly Howl

Gender: Female

Personality: A sweet, kind-hearted individual, Winterwind, sometimes just called "Winter," is not the kind to harm even a fly. Even children may hug her neck without fear. She is also extremely social with other dragons. However, she does have trust issues with humans. While just about anyone who does not seem of ill intent can approach her, no one but those who have won her trust over time can ask her to do anything new or dangerous. New riders will find her difficult to near-impossible to ride smoothly. Once her trust is won, however, Winterwind's love is undying. Like her rider, she is a pack-like individual and will do whatever she needs to do to save those she calls her friends or family. She is brave and never backs down in the face of danger, but she will never seek a fight if she can see an alternative and has a strict "no kill" policy for dragons and humans. Curious and a lover of exploration, she is nonetheless a fairly calm dragon (at least when she's had enough exercise). She's also blunt, refusing to listen to her rider when she knows better and often saving Whisper from her own recklessness. However, Winterwind can be easily distracted, which doesn't bode well when her smarts need to be called upon, and her cool demeanor can be shattered by being separated or by being confined.

Appearence (Optional): General appearance of a Woolly Howl, with Hero Skin coloration. Winterwind's skull is slightly indented on the left side and her legs bear faint scars. Some of her teeth on the left side of her head are missing. None of this is really noticeable unless you look very closely, and all are old injuries. She bares no human contraptions; saddles make her fine scales rub.

Bonding Level: 21 (was 30, but was lowered to 20 again due to a glitch)

How Close you two bonded on a scale of 1 to 10: 10. Winterwind is based off of my real-life horse Jetta. Jetta was...the best friend I ever had. The reason I love HTTYD is because I was her in how Toothless related to Hiccup.

Favorite Activity: Exploring islands and just flying around with me. Our favorite thing is to be together.

Least Favorite Activity: Eel Roast. She'd rather stay far away from eels.

Likes: Cookies, "ear scratchies," flying with her rider and testing what we can do, exploring, learning new things and new tricks, socializing with other dragons

Dislikes: Most foods (she's a picky eater), being confined, being alone, being separated from Whisper and other dragons

Favorite Choice of Food: Ginger snap cookies

How did you get him/her: One morning, after Berk had been hit by a blizzard the night before, I went out to enjoy the snow and hiked up into the hills with my skis. There I found a half-starved Woolly Howl tangled in blackthorn. I couldn't just leave her there, so I cut her free. Noticing her condition and all the cuts she got from the thorns, I wanted to help her, and so I tried to convince her to come back to Berk with me. She wasn't having it at first; she growled every time I reached a hand out to her. But I sat in the snow and waited for her to come to me. It took hours, but she finally accepted my hand, and I lead her home with some bread I had brought to snack on. Gothi tended to her, but the Howl wasn't trusting of people touching her accept for the person who'd freed and fed her on that mountain: me. So she stayed with me until she'd healed. She's calmed down about people since, though she still doesn't trust most people to ride her. But even after she healed, she never left but stayed with me instead. I don't know what all her injuries are from, but they don't seem to hinder her at all. Our bond grew gradually, but with each day, it only gets stronger.


(The story is based, again, on Jetta. Jet was a neglect case when I met her. She was half-starved and had overgrown hooves, scars all over her legs, a bashed-in skull form a very old and healed injury, and missing teeth, the remainder of which were crooked. I was the only one who could catch her in the pasture, and she and I took an immediate shine to one another. My mother bought her partly out of pity but also because she also saw something special in her. Jet was always a very calm and intelligent horse and never wanted to hurt anyone, but at first, she was understandably very untrusting of people trying to get her to do new things or taking her new places. But she always came for me, despite the fact that I was a very green rider at the time and she knew little about being ridden. We learned together and became inseparable; I rode her without a bridle, without saddle, for miles at any speed over any terrain. She trusted me to know the right thing to do, and I trusted her to take care of me. There's no greater gift than the love and trust of an animal who used to be afraid.)


And before you ask, yes, I chose Jetta's dragon version to be a Woolly Howl because it is a type of ice dragon. I'm also very close to my Groncicle Icevein (based on my dog, Louia), my Shivertooth and main racing dragon Frostclaws, my Snow Wraith Avalanche, and my sweet Prickleboggle Thistle. Ice dragons for the win! ^_^


If you ever want to know more about my OCs, just look in my signature; I have links to their character profiles. (Beware; I have a lot of them.) You'll also see a link to my in-game dragons there, though that needs updating; missing a few dragons right now. I also make screenshot comics, which are also linked in my profile if you're interested. And if you're peering through my signature, you'll probably notice that I may or may not be slightly obsessed with ice dragons... XD


Queen of the Winter Wind (Gif) by WhispertheWolfie


I do dragon fan theories!


I come up with theories about dragons. Click the link below to check them out!

Dragon Theories Thread




School of Dragons Info


Main Viking: WhispertheWolf


Starter Dragon: Brightclaw (female Deadly Nadder)


Main Dragon: Winterwind (female Woolly Howl)


Main Racing Dragon: Frostclaws (male Shivertooth)


Main Battle Dragon: Thistle (female Prickleboggle)


Main Dragon Tactics Dragon: Shiver and Shake (male Titan Wing Zipplewraith)


All My Dragons


*Dragons of My "Main Team"


File:Strike Class.png

Strike Class

Woolly Howls

*Winterwind: female Woolly Howl

Dasher: male Woolly Howl (Snoggletog Wraith stand-in)

*Bifrost: male Titan Wing Woolly Howl

Solstice: male baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's son)

Mistletoe: female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

Ivywine: female baby Woolly Howl (Winterwind and Dasher's daughter)

Snow Wraiths

*Avalanche: female Snow Wraith

*Doomfang: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith


Toothless: male Night Fury

Light Fury: female Light Fury

Dart: female Night Light (Toothless and Light Fury's daughter)

Ruffrunner: male Night Light (Toothless and Light Fury's son)

Pouncer: male Night Light (Toothless and Light Fury's son)

Triple Strykes

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke (Stormheart's Triple Stryke's son)

Venomtwirl: female Titan Wing Triple Strike


Interceptor: male Deathgripper

Blackwidow: female Titan Wing Deathgripper


Icebones: male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill


Draughoul: male Skrillknapper (Icebones and Scourge's son)


File:Boulder Class.png

Boulder Class


*Icevein: male Groncicle

Warmheart: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Northbright: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Shivershy: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)


*Stonemaw: male Gronckle

*Jordbringer: female Titan Wing Gronckle


*Silhouette: female Sentinel

*Monolith: male Titan Wing Sentinel

Comrade: male Elder Sentinel

Crimson Goregutters

*Dayspring: female Crimson Goregutter (Daybreaker's mother)

*Elkhart (in-game name Elkheart): male Titan Wing Crimson Goregutter

Whispering Deaths

Sawfang: male Whispering Death (Groundsplitter's son)

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death (Groundsplitter's son)

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death


*Endeavor: male Hushboggle

*Duskrustle: female Titan Wing Hushboggle


Hollowfiend: male Humbanger

Minemuncher: female Titan Wing Humbanger


*Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Stonefist: male Thunderpede

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm

Other Hybrids

Macemaiden: female Ridgesnipper (Silvershard's daughter)

Daybreaker: male Gruesome Goregripper (Dayspring's son)


File:Sharp Class.png

Sharp Class


*Frostclaws: male Shivertooth

Chillbreath: female Shivertooth (Quiverpain stand-in)


Silvershard: female Razorwhip (Windshear's daughter)

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip


Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Sprucewing: female Titan Wing Timberjack


Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleye: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Speed Stingers

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Quickflash: female Titan Wing Speed Stinger


Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Grim Gnashers

Cindertooth: female Grim Gnasher

Vultureclaw: male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher


*Thistle: female Prickleboggle (tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Scensoredhimmer: male Deathly Galeslash (Brightclaw's son)

Skeletreat: female Bonestormer (Windrider's daughter)


File:Mystery Class.png

Mystery Class


*Forethought: male Dramillion

*Miracle: female Titan Wing Dramillion


Nightingale: female Sithersong

*Evermore: male Death Song (Melody Island Death Song's son)

*Valkyrie: female Titan Wing Death Song

Cavern Crasher

*Catacrawler: female Cavern Crasher

*Rubblewriggler: male Titan Wing Cavern Crasher


*Wyrmsbane: male Slitherwing

*Vipershood: female Titan Wing Slitherwing


Augury: female Hobgobbler

Demonspawn: male Titan Wing Hobgobbler

Lovestruck: male Smitten Hobgobbler


Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper


Professor: male Flightmare

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Hideous Zipplejacks

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Set & Match: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback


Fortitude: male Buffalord

Horrorcow: female Titan Wing Buffalord


*Tundra and Taiga: female Zipplewraith (Avalanche's daughter)

*Shiver and Shake: male Titan Wing Zipplewraith


*Merrigold: female Golden Dragon

*Faith: female Changewing

Bandit: male Armorwing

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath

Honey: female Sweet Death


*Mosaic: female Chimeragon

Candycrusher: female Dreadstrider (Professor's daughter)

Trophy & Laurel: female Ghastly Zapplejack (Oakthorn and Double & Trouble's daughter)


File:Stoker Class.png

Stoker Class

Monstrous Nightmares

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Terrible Terrors

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror

Odinsfang: male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Night Terrors

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Cavetorch: male Fire Terror

Ghost: male Fire Terror (Night Swarm stand-in)

Silver Phantoms

Legacy: female Silver Phantom

Stratosfire: male Silver Phantom


*Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang


*Bobbletail: male Abomibumble (Stonemaw and Firegale's son)


File:Tracker Class.png

Tracker Class

Deadly Nadders

*Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder

*Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder


Bullheart: male Rumblehorn

Leafshade: female Titan Wing Rumblehorn


Echo: female Mudraker


File:Tidal Class.png

Tidal Class


Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Sand Wraiths

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith


Sparky: male Shockjaw

Stormsurge: female Titan Wing Shockjaw


Riptide: male Scauldron

Backbiter: female Titan Wing Scauldron


Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


Brack & Brine: female Seastormer



Original Characters

Through the Winter Winds by WhispertheWolfie

Artwork by Arrowalker


Profile Links


Trainer sprites by Blackwolfen

Links are in blue, all open in a new tab


The Wolf and the Howl Characters:

Whisper Norling




Ylva Norling



Norbert Haugen







The King

Other Characters

More Characters


Son of the Sea Characters




Extra Winterwind Links

Winterwind Artwork

Winterwind Banners

Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem by Wolflight



Links to My Screenshot Comics



The Wolf and the Howl: The Song of Death

The Wolf and the Howl: The Dragon at Dreadfall

The Wolf and the Howl: Dragon Sledding

The Wolf and the Howl: A Winter's Ride

The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker

The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


Extra: Dasher's Snoggletog Countdown


gif, snow, and toothless image

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Hi WhispertheWolf!

     Thanks so much for sharing about youself and Winterwind (Btw, nice name for your dragon! I really like it!)! I definatly enjoyed reading about you two! You two seem like a great team! And that is cool how you based Winterwind on your horse, Jetta! Btw, what breed was she? What happened to her, how come she wasn't in quite a good condition when you got her? You used to ride her without a saddle or bridle? SO COOL! How do you do that? It sounds so hard! But it sounds so cool at the exact same time! :D Do you do a certain riding style (Western, English, Jumper, Dressage, etc.)? And she sounds like such a sweet horse! And Winterwind sounds like such a nice dragon too! And you've been WhispertheWolf for...8 years?!?!?!?! O.O WHOA!!!! And yeah, I may seem extremly talkative online (Especially when I'm in a happy mood :D), but if you met me in person, I'd probably be extremly quiet, shy, and maybe to the point where I'm as invisible as a Changewing. XD And you like watermelon? YUMMY! SO TASTY! And you like the cold too? COOL! The heat is just so...hot. XD When one is in like 100 degrees farenheit, it is almost unbearable (To me). The cold sounds so much cooler (Get it? Cooler? Like in cool, but in also cool in like cold? I'm weird sometimes. XD)! And silver is such a nice color! Btw, what do ginger snap cookies taste like? They sound delicious! And, they are dragon safe, right? And...I seem to be skipping from subject to subject. XD And I really like your comics! When I first saw your matchmaker comic, I had to keep my hand over my mouth it keep from bursting out in laughter! And your other ones really made me laugh too! :D Especially the Harvest Haunt comic and the comic about the Death Song! Icebones seems like quite a funny Skrill sometimes, Icevein sounds so nice, Winterwind seems quite kind and protective, Frostclaws seems somewhat mischievous, but a funny character, and to sum it up, you make great comics! :D Again, thanks so much for sharing! I enjoy reading everybodys' unique character and dragon/dragons!

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"You're my best friend, bud." ~Hiccup to Toothless, me to Jetta

Thanks! I actually got the idea for Winterwind's name from a line of Shakespeare's play As You Like It: "Blow, blow, thou winter wind"


Jetta was a Quarter horse, though only about as tall as pony. We actually didn't know her breed until we bought her and her owner handed us her papers; we thought she might be an unregistered stock pony. But apparently she had a pedigree.


Basically her last owner didn't take care of her, hence why she was so thin and had such over-grown hooves. The scars on her legs, we think, might have come from being tangled in barbed wire once, but we're not sure. The indent in her skull seems to be a very old injury, and for it to have healed as well as it did, she probably got it when she was very young. Doing some research through the Quarter Horse Association, we discovered Jetta had 9 owners in 12 years, and so there's really no telling what all she went through before she came to us. Amazingly, though, she was a natural mover with beautiful gaits, despite her homely and banged-up appearance. And she was such a sweetheart! She was wonderful with children and completely level-headed in all situations! But she wasn't just some quiet dead-head; she had a distinct personality and was very opinionated! She hardly ever misbehaved and would even calm other upset horses down, but she would make her opinion known if she didn't like a situation; she would snort, paw in frustration, prance in nervousness, or...pout. (If you've never seen a horse pout, it's the cutest thing!)


And she tended follow me around like a puppy. Coming home from school was our favorite part of the day. When she saw me coming, she would run to the gate, whinny, and wait. She liked exploring as much as I did and had just as much endurance as myself, which says a lot! But the riding wasn't the important thing. Sometimes I just groomed her or read out loud to her; I'd even do homework resting against the tree in her pasture, and she'd hang close and rub her head on me from time to time. The few times I fell off when riding, she would stand over me and nuzzle me rather than run away. She even ran off a dog that tried to nip at my ankle once. People who says horses can't be devoted or protective never had a friend like this. ^_^


Well, bareback riding is just finding your balance and using your calf muscles, same as with a saddle...only you can't use the saddle as a crutch. Cantering bareback can be pretty hard, and jumping bareback is very hard. But riding without a bridle is another story. Once you and your horse are sensative to one another, reins become unnecessary. You learn to communicate to your horse with your seat and leg muscles alone. I could turn Jetta in a tight circle just by turning my body and squeezing my calf muscle, and she would move away from the pressure of my leg and follow the direction of my gaze. There were times she seemed to read my mind, and she would respond without any visible change in my own body. Once you and your horse can communicate that easily, riding with or without a bridle really doesn't make much difference. I did a lot of practice with saddle and bridle, though, to keep up our skills so our communication never got sloppy. You do need reinforcement now and then.


I ride pretty much any style. I learned to ride English, but I've also done Western. Jetta and I switched between them easily. I have a dressage base, but I've also done reining, barrel racing, and endurance trails. Jumping was one of our favorite activities! Jetta loved to jump! (It's the main reason I normally ride English.)


But I've found I really don't like competing. Despite being trained in all of this and doing well in shows I've been in, I haven't done many shows and probably won't ever do any more. I'd rather just spend time with my horse riding all over the nearby wilderness area. I keep up my skills so we can gallop over plains and jump over random logs and do all this fun stuff out in the field safely; the best way to be safe and have fun is to be skilled. We could spend hours riding out into the wilderness trails. One of the best ways to see wildlife is on horseback; the horse's sounds and smell mask your own, so wild animals don't run. Jetta used to like to play with deer who got in her pasture, too; seeing deer made her think it was time for a game of chase! And boy could she accelerate!


Yeah, I'm the same way; I'm really talkative online, but in person, I'm pretty shy. XD


Ginger snap cookies are a bit like gingerbread cookies, only harder and with a bit more of a "ginger bite." I don't know if they're okay for dragons, but they're definitely okay for horses...at least, no less healthy for them than they are for people. XD And considering that the dragons in this franchise have been known to steal and eat bread, I think they can stomach cookies. ;)


You like my comics? Oh, thank you! I have a lot of fun making them! ^_^


Yeah, this is great to get to know people! This thread was a good idea. :)


By the way, I saw you considering what dragon you want to be your main dragon. Do you think you know which one you prefer yet, or are you still looking? I'm curious. :)

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Hey! That is one of my favorite quotes from Httyd! :D

     Jetta sounds like she has a really strong relationship with you! I heard people can have very strong relationships with horses, but I never knew to which degree. Now I have a pretty good idea how much. :) She sounds like she cares for you and you two are great friends! I actually didn't know it was possible to have that strong of a relationship with a horse!

     She had 9 owners? O.O That must've been harsh for her, it's probably hard enough for a horse to have one or two owners give it away, but 9! Well, I'm glad you got her! You two seem quite well for each other! She sounds like such a kind and gentle horse! Although, I've never seen a horse pout. And Jetta would even calm upset horses? Cool!

     Aw! She followed you around? Just hangin' out together sounds like such an enjoyable time! And she sounds protective of you too! I can see why you like her so much! :) I wonder if every horse and rider relationship is like this. Do you think so? Have you had (Or have) any other horses?

     Bareback sounds a teensy bit hard, especially during the canter, and probably at jumping too. It sounds like it requires a lot of leg muscle. Although the hard part seems like it'd be riding without a bridle. Do you just tell her where to go by using your leg muscles? Do you hold onto her mane? Does she like it better when you go bareback?

     Ooo! English and Western sound fun! She knows both? Cool! And jumping sounds so fun! Someone told me it is almost like you're flying! Is that true?

     Yeah, spending time with your horse sounds really fun! Just having some bonding time. Does Jetta enjoy it more when you ride her or just groom her and just hang out with her? Trail riding sounds so fun! Especially if you're on a horse (And definatly fun if it is your own horse :)), and you get to see wildlife? Cool! :D Aw! Jetta plays with deer who come into her pasture? Did the deer like it? Jetta pretty much sounds like the best horse ever! :D

     Ginger snap cookies are like ginger bread? :D YUM! Gingerbread is SO DELICIOUS! Sounds so YUMMY! Maybe I should try them one day. That is cool that they are okay for horses to eat! A nice little snack to munch on. It's cool how similiar Winterwind and Jetta are!

     Your comics are so FUN and FUNNY! I enjoy reading them! I read em' over and over, they are so fun! Btw, what is your Death Song's and Snaptrapper's names?

     Thanks! It is cool how different everybody is and how unique their dragons are! Since I'm probably gonna be seeing all these vikings on the Forums (And maybe the game), might as well get to know them a little. :)

     How did you know I was looking for a main dragon? Did you read my mind? :D Well, I'm looking and I almost know at the exact same time (Weird, right?). I keep deciding, but then I question my choice and then go back into deciding again. I keep changing dragons I consider (But I usually end up back on the dragon I've been choosing almost every time XD), since you seem like a very experianced dragon trainer, may I ask your opinion? After going through pretty much every dragon in SoD (And maybe future dragons too), I have narrowed it down to 3 choices:

. The Skrill

. The Death Song

. The (Hopefully Future) Night Fury

The problem with the third choice is that they may never come. Btw, do you have a Night Fury OC? And if they do, it might take a few years. So, I'm quite sketchy on that one, so, I guess you could consider it mainly between the Death Song and the Skrill. Would you suggest one over the other?

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Of Horses and Dragons

From what I've seen, not every horse and rider relationship is like this, but I have seen others that are like it...like the person who made this video for her horse. :)


Jetta is the only horse that's been mine, though I have leased other horses. My mother had gotten me riding lessons and leased horses for me to use for awhile, but actually owning a horse was considered too expensive. But we have a habit of rescuing animals in need, and so my mother bought Jetta out of pity. After seeing us together, she couldn't bear to separate us. But of the horses I've leased, I've loved them. Holiday was probably the best jumping partner I ever had. And poor little Cosmo; no one thought he could ever learn to canter properly until someone thought to believe in him! Eventually, the barn owner where I kept Jetta let me work with many of her horses, and I got to know and love all of them. But none were quite like Jetta to me.


Perhaps you can relate this to having many dragons in the game. You can truly love all of your dragons and have relationships with them that are meaningful, but there is only one dragon who is so close that they are part of you. It's possible, perhaps, that I could learn to connect with another horse a long time down the road the way I have with Jetta, just as Stoick had both Thornado and Skullcrusher, but this new horse would have to be a very special horse indeed.


Yup, with no bridle, I tell Jetta everything with seat pressure and leg muscles. My hands do...whatever they need to for me to balance. Sometimes I held her mane, sometimes I placed them on my thighs, and sometimes I just had my hands balanced in the air.


Honestly, we went without a bridle far more than we went bareback. When you're bareback, you're sitting directly on the horse's spine. It's not good for long rides. I was more likely to go without a bridle than I was to go bareback. I liked to show off on bareback, but for long rides, a saddle is better.


Oh, jumping is like flying! It makes your heart catch in your throat with the thrill! It's the closest we'll ever come to flying dragon, and it's easy to imagine that your horse has wing when you're lifted high into the air!


Jetta tended to like riding some days and less others; it depends on how active or tired she was feeling. But she always liked being groomed. "Ear scratchies" were some of her favorite things! And she seemed to like hanging out with me; she certainly didn't seem very happy whenever I left and would call to me as I walked away until I'd left her sight.


Oh, the deer liked to play with the horses in the pasture. They're usually the ones to start the game! But Jetta had this misconception that all deer played like the deer near our house, and she would want to chase other deer we encountered far into the wilderness reserve, only to be bewildered when they wouldn't chase her back. XD


Jetta was the best horse...at least for me, she was. We had our frustrating days, of course, but that just made life interesting. All relationships have a few knots now and then. But generally, it was paradise. And I love hearing about other people finding their own personal Jetta, that animal that feels like a part of themselves...that Toothless to their Hiccup.


The fun thing about feeding your horse cookies is that you got to eat some, too! I'd give Jetta a cookie, eat a cookie, give her a cookie, eat a cookie...it's a wonder we didn't get fat on those things. XD


My Death Song is named Evermore, but in the comic, he was playing Evermore's father, Doomfang, the wild Death Song that invaded Berk in the expansion pack. Evermore is actually the baby Death Song we adopted after that whole incident. My Snaptrapper is Sneak, Snip, Snap, & Trap; each head has its own name. :)


Well, I think you should pick the dragon that fits best with your personality. Now Night Furies are hard because, not only can you not have them in the game, but it's not considered "canon" to have one because Toothless is supposed to be the only one. I never had one myself, and that's the main reason why. So I'd probably recommend a Skrill or Death Song over a Night Fury. My personal choice would be the Skrill, but that's just me; you need to go with the dragon that most calls to you. :)


But I can provide you with some descriptions that may help.


Now both of these are very aggressive dragons that are notoriously difficult to train, I should warn you. Is aggressive what you're looking for? It's not my type, personally, but for some people, the danger is alluring, even relatable. :)


What we know about the Skrill is that it is mysterious, powerful, and elusive. Stealthy, fast, and agile, this is one of the most talented flyers. Its body temperature is so hot that it can survive being incased in ice. And of course, you know about the lightning! In terms of personality, it is belligrent, unpredictable, intelligent, aggressive, and highly secretive. They're extremely loyal when their trust is won...though they will still let you know when they think you're wrong. ;)


I'm not very fond of Death Songs myself because of the whole "eating other dragons" thing, but I like all HTTYD dragons to some extent, Death Song included. What we know about the Death Song is this: it is powerful and beautiful, aggressive, unruly, solitary, and not good at forming social bonds. A powerful and impressive partner but not really known for loyalty. But sometimes winning the friendship of such a solitary creature can be a reward in and of itself.

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     Aw! That video was so sweet! :) That sounds cool how a rider and horse can have that kind relationship! You sound quite experianced with horses! But, I guess there is no other horse quite like one's own. :) Btw, just wondering, how come you named her Jetta? It's a very pretty name!

     Having no bridle sounds kinda hard, but it also sounds so cool! Sometimes you just placed your hands in the air? Now that is balance! Did Jetta seem to like it more when you went bareback, or just put a bridle on her more? Or did she like having a saddle and bridle on more?

     SO COOL! Could she jump really high? Wow! Jumping on a horse does almost sound like flying on a dragon! Sounds fun for both the rider and possibly the horse.

     Aw! She just liked bonding time? That's sweet. :) It seems like she liked hanging with you! And it sounds fun to hang out with a horse like her!

     It must be fun for Jetta to play with deer! Did she play like a tag game with them? It sounds like something cool to watch!

     I like reading about Jetta, she sounds like such a fun companion! It sounds like the Httyd world, only in real life, but not quite with dragons. Btw, did you just feel something about Jetta that you liked about her? Oh and, YUMMY COOKIES! :D Were Ginger snap cookies her favorite treat you gave her?

     Nice name for your Death Song! Do you like Evermore? Sneak, Snip, Snap, and Trap sound like pretty fitting names for a Snaptrapper! Although, how did Frostclaws outsneak one of the sneakiest of dragons? O.o Btw, after your starter dragon, was Winterwind the 2nd dragon you got?

     Hmm...I must be attracted to opposites, cause' I'm fifty fifty about aggressive. I've always thought all dragons were agressive before trained, just some more then others. It would be cool if we could see one of the gang train a wild Death Song in the series, so we could see how one would actually train one.

     Skrills are quite attractive to me, sometimes I have a harder time overlooking the part where (I think) they can be very headstrong, although, personalities vary, so, one might end up with a very kind Skrill. Although, it just adds to the dragon's uniqueness. But one thing that very much attracts me to the Skrill, is that how loyal it is once trained. I mean, all dragons are loyal once trained, but, if I'm correct, then Strike Class dragons are usually the hardest dragons to train, but the loyalest once trained. So, that is one reason I really like Strike Class dragons. Btw, what is your favorite class of dragons? Do you have a least favorite?

     I find the Death Song different for eating other dragons, kinda in a unique way, but I don't like it cause', "AH! THIS DRAGON EATS OTHER DRAGONS AND EVEN VIKINGS!" XD And the Mystery Class would probably come really close second to the Strike Class in favorites cause' they are so mysterious. I feel they may also be misunderstood, which makes me more intrigued. And I feel the same way about the Death Song, I wonder what an individual Death Song would be like if one just got to know it. Would it be still as solitary and scary as their reputation says they are? Or a really nice dragon, who is just misunderstood? I feel it might just have a really nice personality. Although, hopefully we can see a trained Death Song in the series to see. :) When I first saw concept art of it on the Httyd website, I was immediatly intrigued (Although, I think a lot of other vikings were too, cause' I hear the Death Song was anticapated XD).

     Btw, may I add, that you are really good at describing dragons! :D This decision is quite hard, btw, would you suggest any other species of dragon?




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Well, I didn't name her Jetta. She came with the name when we got her.


Jetta preferred if we went without a bridle, but she seemed just as content with or without a saddle if it was a short ride. Like me, if it was a long ride, she actually preferred if we used a saddle.


Jetta and I generally jumped about 3 feet, but the highest she jumped was 4 feet. Not all horses like to jump, but Jetta thought it was good fun! ^_^


Yeah, Jetta used to play tag with the deer! It was hilarious! XD


Well, when I first met Jet, she and I looked at each other, and I didn't know she was special, but she seemed like a nice horse. There were other horses around, but she was the one I kept coming back to pet. I just felt drawn. The first time I rode her, we just fit together. And then, when she was lose in the pasture, she wouldn't let anyone catch her until I went out to see her; she walked right up to me. I guess we were drawn to each other from the start. But it was just a feeling then, nothing more. Our relationship took time to develop.


And yes, ginger snap cookies were Jetta's absolute favorite treat! She was a very picky eater, but one time a friend was feeding her pony some cookies in the stall next to Jet and shared them with her. My horse was a cookie addict ever since! XD


Oh, I love my Evermore! He's not the most loyal dragon, but he's a complex soul and tries very hard to be good. Winterwind thinks of him like a son.


Oh, Frostclaws! He's...an interesting character. He's so goofy that he seems like a fool, but he's actually far more competent, stealthy, and intelligent than he lets on. I think most dragons would have trouble out-sneaking him...even a sneaky dragon like a Snaptrapper. XD


Winterwind was my second dragon, the first dragon I bought with gems. Brightclaw the Deadly Nadder was my starter dragon. In fact, I actually started this game when it first came out, got bored with it and left, and then came running back when the Woolly Howl was added so I could get my Winterwind, my dragon Jetta! ^_^ Woolly Howls have pretty much been one of my favorite dragons since they were released.


Oh, I don't think I have a favorite dragon class. Like I said, my favorite dragons are ice dragons, and ice dragons pretty much exist in many different classes: the Woolly Howl and Snow Wraith are Strike Class, the Shivertooth and Prickleboggle are Sharp Class, the Groncicle is Boulder Class, the Bewilderbeast is Tidal Class, and the Sneezlehunch is a Snifflehunch subspecies, which is Tracker Class. So picking a favorite out of those are pretty impossible. And a least favorite? I think all the dragons in HTTYD are really cool; I could never pick a least favorite class any more than I could pick a favorite!


I'm glad my dragon descriptions seemed to give you things to think about! Picking a dragon can be super hard. It's even harder to suggest a species for someone else; it's really up to you to pick your dragon, and there's so many out there! But if you like, I can send a private message with all the personality descriptions on all the dragon species so you can look at them. (I'm such a huge nerd that I've pretty much compiled my own book of dragons. All information is canon, nothing added or subtracted.) :)

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     Jetta is still a pretty name! And Winterwind seems to be a similiar to her horse counterpart! Did you know when you first saw the Wooly Howl that it would be Jetta? Or did you have a of dragons in mind for her?

     That is cool how she likes jumping! And those sound kinda high (I just started jumping, so anything sounds high to me)! Did you ever do shows with her?

     Aw! Animal tag! Did the deer come in her pasture on purpose to play with Jetta?

     That is cool how you just kept coming back to her. :) You both sound like a great match! And she wouldn't let anyone catch her unless you were there too? :D Was she in a bad condition when you first saw her? Or did she look so-so?

     Evermore sounds nice! Does he hang around Berk or fly on his own? And Frostclaws sounds very sneaky, I wonder if anyone can sneak up on him tomorrow on April Fools' Day... And he seems very intellegent too, although, I don't know if he was very successful trying to get Norbert a date (P.S. That was so funny! XD).

     Brightclaw is a very nice name! :D And a Deadly Nadder is a very nice choice for a starter dragon! Wow! You started on the game when it first came out? Cool! You've must have seen a lot of change since then, eh? And I think a Wooly (I really don't know if it is Woolly or Wooly :p) Howl is great choice for Jetta's counterpart! Btw, what do you think of the Woolly/Wooly Howl's Titan Wing look?

     I've been on this decision for such a LONG time, and when I say long, I mean LONG. XD And you can write out the personality of every dragon (EVERY DRAGON?)? O.O WHOA! That is SO COOL! You must put a real big amount of thought into it! I'd like a PM of that, but you don't have to, since I imagine it might take a LONG TIME.

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Woolly Howl Love

I knew the moment I first found out about the Woolly Howl that I would love it! I am pretty much obsessed with ice dragons, and before the Woolly Howl, the Bewilderbeast was the only ice dragon, which was a gigantic swimming dragon that can't fly and was alpha, so it wasn't suitable for a dragon companion. The Woolly Howl was the very first horse-sized, trainable, flying ice dragon in the whole franchise, and I fell head-over-heels in love with it!


But I didn't know if it was the perfect dragon at first. Not long after the Woolly Howl came out, the Groncicle and Shivertooth also came out, too. Now there were three beautiful ice dragons to pick from! So I looked at the personalities of all of these dragons and at their abilities. Shivertooths are tricky creatures, not at all like Jetta, so that was out. The Groncicle was super sweet and loveable like Jet, but Groncicles are kind of lazy, and Jet loved to be active. Woolly Howls didn't really have a defined personality aside from being intelligent, and Jetta was very intelligent. Also, Howls are mountain dragons, and mountains are my home; I much prefer them to the arctic home of the Groncicles. So the Woolly Howl seemed like the obvious choice.


Every time an ice dragon comes out, I see if it would work better for Jetta. The Snow Wraith was untrainable, so that was out. The Prickleboggle actually has a nice personality, but it's a little too serene for Jetta. The Sneezlehunch is far too nosey. Every time I consider another dragon, it just becomes more clear to me that the Woolly Howl was the right choice. :)


Btw, it is "Woolly." I know, it's kind of confusing. :)


Honestly, I'm not particularly fond of the Titan Wings. I don't think they're canon, and they look kind of...Pokemon-ish. But the Woolly Howl is one of the few Titan Wings I kind of like. For some reason, I really love their antler-like horns! (I really love deer, so that's probably why.)


I did do one show with Jet, a three-day eventing show. The two of us scored second place. (My riding instructor scored first.) But neither of us really liked the eventing environment, and so that was the only show we ever did. My friends and I organized a few barrel racing and straight racing competitions against each other, but that was really just a bunch of kids playing around. XD


Oh, yeah, the deer were the ones who started the game of tag! And Jetta wasn't the only one who played with them; a number of horses would join in, including my beloved Holiday!


Jetta was in pretty poor shape when we got her. She was half-starved and her hooves were horribly cracked and over-grown! But it was nothing that lots of good food, proper hoof trimmings, and good grooming couldn't fix.


Evermore is a very solitary dragon and is often on his own, but he is really and truly my dragon and lives in the stable by my house with Winterwind and Icevein. He's probably the least loyal of my dragons, but he does seem to love me and care about me; he's just very much his own dragon, very independent. I admire him for it.


Oh, yes, I've seen a lot of change in this game over time! When it started, you could only have one dragon, and there were only three maps. Most changes, I think, have been for the better! I love watching this game expand!


I've sent a PM your way of all the dragon personalities that we know of! I hope it helps you!

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Woolly Howls are Cute Looking!

     I guess it is true that usually the first time you see the dragon that is best for you, one immediatly likes em'. Except for some, it might be the dragon they dislike most, but then, the dragon ends up growing on them. Same with me and Nadders, when I first saw the first Httyd movie, Nadders were like, my least favorite dragon, almost to the point where I couldn't stand them (No offense Nadders). Mainly because I thought all dragons had two wings and four legs, but to see a dragon that had two wings, and only two legs, made it extremly weird to me. Same with the MN once I found out it had two wings and two legs too (I thought at first it had four legs and two wings. Weird, right?). But, they eventually grew on me, especially once I found out their personalities. Now, they are one of my favorite dragons! Do you not like a dragon at first?

     Oh, you had a couple of ice dragons to pick from! Ice dragons are quite interesting, they seem more unique since they breath ice/snow rather then fire. Although, I think I agree with ya that the Woolly Howl is the right dragon. Btw, how old was Jetta when ya adopted her?

     Good point, the Woolly Howl seems pretty cool as a Titan Wing! I like how the entire body (Especially the wings) looks like it has either giant feathers or giant fur. It seems very pretty! What are the other Titan Wings you like?

     Was being in a competition stressful? Was it nervewracking? That sounds fun doing competitions with your friends! Did Jetta like those?

     That is cool! A bunch of horses coming in to play tag! That sounds fun! Was it usually the same deer starting it?

     Poor Jetta, whatever happened to her in the past does not sound good. Was she trusting of anybody else but you?

     Evermore seems like a nice dragon. :) May not be the most social, but I think that might be instinctal. Btw, how is your relationship with Icebones and Avalanche?

     Wow! It must've been cool to see the game expand since when it first came out! Would you say there is a part you miss about it when it first came out? Would you say you have a favorite part in everything the game has to offer now?

     Thanks so much! That is a LONG post! I REALLY LIKE IT! Thanks for putting your time into writing that! I do appreciate it! :) It has definatly helped! I enjoy reading it over and over! :D

                   Btw, Happy April Fools' Day 

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Happy April Fools to you, too! ;D

I'm not sure HTTYD has ever made a dragon that I don't like. Even my least favorite dragons have always had something cool about them. But I have had dragons grow on me the more I learn about them. For example, I thought Timberjacks were okay at first, but the more I learned about their personality, the more I just fell in love with them! I just adore them now!


Jetta was 12 years old when we adopted her. I was 13, so we were a little less than a year apart.


Like I said, I'm not a big fan of Titan Wings, so I'm not sure there's any others I'm fond of. But in general, I really like deer-like antlers on my dragons, so I guess I like the antlers on the Groncicle Titan Wing.


Oh, the competition was very nerve-wracking! And not very fun. I really didn't like the whole show environment, either. Nor did Jetta; she was antsy the whole time. In fact, when I left her tied up at the trailer to go to the concession stand to get some lunch, she was so upset about me leaving her alone in this place that she untied herself and ran up the hill to come find me. It was kind of cute, but being the person who has to catch the loose horse on the show grounds is also kind of embarrassing, so it was not one of our finer moments. I gave up on tying her up and just let her stand by the picnic table while I ate.


But Jetta and I definitely enjoyed showing off for our friends! Jet was always fond of other horses, and with a bunch of girls messing around and showing off, she got to spend time socializing with the other horses when it wasn't our turn. And she was fast in those races! Not much of a racer over long distances, but under 500 years, she could sprint past most. And due to living in a forest, our races were usually short, so...we did really well!


Yeah, usually the deer would start the game of tag in the pasture, and it was the same two does every time! XD


Jetta was an incredibly forgiving creature. I was the first person she learned to trust, but pretty much anyone who was good to her over a long period of time won her trust eventually. She learned to trust my mother and my riding instructor, as well as a young girl who came to the stable and fell in love with her. This girl's name was Emma, and she met Jet after Jet and I had been together for a few years. Emma had seen Jetta a lot, usually when I was at school, and called her "Teddy Bear" because she didn't know her name. One day I got off school earlier and found her foddling Jet. Since Jetta rarely took to anyone but clearly liked this little girl, I offered her riding lessons on Jetta. Emma was delighted! Emma knew very little about riding, but I've never seen anyone ride Jetta so well, aside from myself. The two just clicked together, the way Jet and I had when I was young. Whatever had first drawn Jetta and I together, Emma had it, too.


The thing with Jet was, she had a clear concept of "herd." People who were not part of her "herd" were to be treated with patience but not to be trusted in a stressful situation. But spend time with her, take care of her, and be good to her, and then you were a member of her "herd," in which case she was willing to trust you and try to take care of you, too. I was the closest member of her "herd," and so when I came around, she stuck to me like glue, but should we have to part for awhile, she would turn her attention to another horse or person she considered a member of her herd.


Icebones is an interesting case. He's a wild dragon that I happened to befriend. Winterwind and I first met him when we sort of disturbed his sleeping place in a glacier on Icestorm Island, and he was pretty hostile at first. Eventually we calmed him down, and he seemed to take to me. But while he's friendly with me, he was never truly tamed. Very few people aside from myself can even touch, and he's never let anyone, even myself, ride him.


Avalanche is another story. She is an enemy of Winterwind and hates her, and me by extension. The two have a rivalry, and Avalanche is pretty intent on finishing it one day. She's no friend. But I'm hoping maybe we can one day resolve the situation peacefully.


Well, I do kind of miss the old racing, where the dragons lost energy as the race went on and you had to use the rings to really compete. But I definitely miss being able to level up my dragons by shooting the fire pits. And the older game didn't have that glitch where, every time you edit your farm, it just goes back to the way it was. But I really like that we can now tame multiple dragons. I have at least one dragon of every species, and I really love all of them!


You're definitely welcome for the message! Glad it helped! :)

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     Timberjacks do seem to

     Timberjacks do seem to have very unique and nice personalitites! And they look pretty cool in SoD too! Their animations are so smooth, their draining energy during TRR looks frustrating, but hopefully the SoD team will fix that. What do you think of the Timerbjack in SoD?

     That is cool how you and Jetta were similiar in age when you first got her! Would you say being close in age helps with your relationship with her?

     Sounds a wee bit scary, but that is cool how you both came in second place! Although, how did Jetta untie herself? Although, that is sweet how she came to find you! She sounds like she really cares about you. :) And that is also sweet how she just stood with you at the table. She sounds like such a nice horse! :D

     Races must've been fun though! I just know Quarter Horses can be really fast in a short sprint. It sounds like fun competition!

     It sounds like Emma really liked Jetta! And that is cool how you teach her lessons! Is Jetta a pretty good horse for instructing? And do you still teach her?

     That is cool how Jetta considered some apart of her herd! Did she consider the other horses that you had and people she trusted part of her herd?

     Icebones sounds like an interesting character, he must like you guys a lot though! Was he in a block of ice hibernating or was he just sleeping when ya both found him? Although, he did seem kinda funny when he was facing off with that Death Song. :) Was Evermore okay with being frozen in snow?

     Why does Avalanche have a rivalry with Winterwind? Any specific reason? Hopefully it can be settled peacefully though. Do ya think you'll do a comic that includes Avalanche one day?

     I guess it was nice when racing was based mostly on skill. And leveling up dragons does seem harder without firepits. :/ Although, multiple dragons is cool! And also, the expansion packs are pretty cool! Would you say you have a favorite expansion pack? And also, the Training Grounds and Lookout, and...well...pretty much all the new places added are pretty cool too, eh?

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Timberjacks in SoD are

Timberjacks in SoD are awesome! They have some of the best animation in the game! Though they are pretty big and hard to manuever due to that, but that's accurate to the dragons in the franchise, so overall, I'd say that's a good thing.


I don't know if being close in age has had much of an affect on Jetta and me. For a horse, 12 years old is middle-aged, while I was only just a young adolescent, so in terms of being grown-up, our ages were quite different. But perhaps that's why Jetta liked to mother me sometimes. XD


Jetta was always very good at untying notes! She could also undo gate locks if she wanted to. ;)


     It sounds like Emma really liked Jetta! And that is cool how you teach her lessons! Is Jetta a pretty good horse for instructing? And do you still teach her?


Jetta was a good horse for instructing...when I was the instructor. She needed someone in the arena she trusted, and if she didn't trust the rider, she felt better to have someone she knew on the ground. If I was around, she was perfectly well-behaved for any child. But I wouldn't have loaned her to anyone else to give lessons.


Unfortunately, I don't teach Emma anymore. I've since moved across the country, so Emma and I no longer live in the same state, much less use the same barn.


Oh, yes, any person or horse Jetta trusted and cared about was a part of her herd! If the people around her were upseting her, she ran up to me or to a horse she knew for comfort.


Icebones had been hibernating for a long time when Winterwind and I found him...about a decade! I think he was trying to avoid something that happened to him. He doesn't talk about it.


Evermore wasn't the Death Song frozen in ice; that was Doomfang, his father. Doomfang thawed out eventuallym and he was fine; he then went on to invade Berk. (He's the Death Song in the Call of the Death Song Expansion pack.)


Well, one day I hope to do a comic and/or fanfiction that includes Avalanche, and one day I'll tell why she has a rivalry with Winterwind. Until then, no spoilers! ;)


I'm not sure which expansion pack is my favorite. On the one hand, I love all the stuff about Groncicles in the Icestorm Island Expansion Pack, and that remains my favorite island! For me, it's my Viking's domain. But on the other hand, the Battle for the Edge Expansion Pack is so intricate and action-packed! That one was the most fun to play! Given all that, I can't really pick a favorite. I like that they all tie together, though; they all follow a storyline, with Icestorm Island first, then Call of the Death Song, and then Battle for the Edge. And given how they ended that storyline, it seems like it will continue in another expansion pack one day, due to so many mysteries left unsolved and character stories unfinished. So exciting!


I had mixed feelings about the Training Grounds and Lookout when they were added. They felt unnecessary. But I've definitely come to enjoy the battles, and those wouldn't be possible withou the Training Grounds! And the Lookout has become a great place for nice sunset screenshots!

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     The Timberjack is definatly a well animated dragon! Such smooth flying and walking; I agree, it is a bit big, but, the Timberjack is a pretty big dragon. So, the SoD team did a pretty great job! What do you think of the other dragons that have had an animation edit? 

     Jetta liked to mother you? That sounds sweet. :) Did she treat you as a friend as well as she was somewhat motherly?

     Cool! Wonder where she learned untying and undoing gate locks. Did she watch you do it and learned from that? Or did she learn it on her own?

     Did Jetta usually hold back unless she trusted the rider or you were there? She sounds like she trusts you a lot! It seems as if you both have a really strong relationship!

     How big is Jetta's herd? Is it mostly of horses or people? I wonder if most horses do that.

     Hmm...I wonder what happened to Icebones. Although, wow! Hibernating for a decade? Wonder what he dreamed about...

     Nice name! Doomfang sounds fitting, although, that comic definatly left me with a cliffhanger (I kinda like cliffhangers, it just makes me wonder. XD). Although, I like how you incorporate horse back riding references in your comic! Does Evermore ever visit Doomfang?

     Ah man! Oh well, just makes me anticipate the next comic/or fanfiction! :D How do you do humor so well when you do your comics?

     Icestorm Island is cool! So snowy! So cold! So many adventures (50 is a lot, but it is cool!)! And Groncicles! And Speed Stingers! And...well, I think you get the point. XD Although Call of the Death Song ain't to bad either, although, I'm sorry Heather, but we know it's you... But BFTE is a pretty cool one too! These expansion packs just seem to get better and better! SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT ONE! I'm glad though that they are adding regular quests. :) Do you have a favorite thing in SoD? Out of everything it has to offer.

     I agree! The sunset in the Lookout is beautiful! A small place, but beautiful! And the Training Grounds seems like a fitting name for what is there. And besides, now there are battles! :D Do you like the battles?

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Live to Ride!

I think most of the dragons SoD has edited now have great animations! The only exception, I think, is the Raincutter; I don't really like the way it pops its head when it flies now.


Jetta treated me like a friend and equal mostly, but when she was being protective, she acted a lot like a mother horse with her foal. XD


I honestly have no idea how that horse learned to untie ropes and unlock gates and doors. She was always too smart for her own good. XD


Jetta was...a bit uncooperative if she didn't trust her rider or if I wasn't around. She would try to obey, but she would be really uptight and distracted. She only relaxed and listened if someone she trusted was around.


I think Jetta's herd was pretty big, but it mostly consisted of the horses she was turned out with in the pasture. There were very few humans in her herd. I think most horses have a "herd"; they are herd animals, after all.


Thanks! I like incorporating some horseback riding into dragon riding. It just makes sense to me that they would ride in the same way.


No, Evermore doesn't really visit Doomfang. He tries really hard not to be like his father and basically has renounced him.


I honestly don't know where my humor comes from. I'm not very good at jokes in person, but when it comes to writing, I can't seem to write a story without humor! Even with a suspenseful story, I usually write some comic relief. The other day I wrote a story about Whisper and Norbert being captured, and Norbert had about 3 jokes in it that made me crack up while writing. I guess I just write whatever is fun for me to write, and I have fun writing in jokes!


Hmm, my favorite thing SoD...probably the dragons and the quests. They're the reason I keep playing. I have every single type of dragon now. ;)


Though there are many things I like about the game! I like racing, and I think I'm pretty decent at it. (Generally I race with Frostclaws. Shivertooths are surprisingly great racers!) I also enjoy getting good scores in Flight Club and arranging my Farm and Hideout (though I've had trouble with that recently). And I like all the outfits! I tend to play dress-up with Whisper and Norbert a lot! (Which is interesting because I was never into that with dolls, even when I was very young. Maybe it's because no one ever made armor for dolls. Playing dress-up with armor is way better than dress-up with dresses!) XD


And I LOVE battles! I've gotten so much gems, gold, Viking XP, Dragon XP, dragon eggs, and free stuff from battles. It's brilliant!


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     I guess the Raincutter animation is a little strange, although, I heard the Raincutter is considered a dorky dragon, so, it may be fitting. Although, I don't really get the different flying.

     Aw! That sounds cute and cool! Jetta definatly sounds like she cares. :)

     Hmm...quite an intellegent horse...She seems really smart!

     Besides you and Emma, did she trust anyone else as much as she trusted you?

     That is cool how she considered those she trusted part of her herd! Although, yeah, since they are herd animals, it does make sense. :)

     It does make sense, especially since you based Winterwind off Jetta. :) Although, it may probably change a wee bit since I don't think there are any sort of leg movements one can do to have their dragon go up or down that in is horseback riding.

     That sounds like a special talent ya have! :D Do you just think about something funny and incorporate it? Or does it come naturally?

     Cool! You have every species of dragon availible in SoD? You sound definatly like an experianced dragon trainer! Could you say you have a dragon that you are kinda far in a relationship with?

     That is cool that you race with a Shivertooth (Btw, don't you think their name is cool?)! I don't think there are to many of those around in TRR, especially with all the Snow Wraith racers. Can you beat Snow Wraith racers with Frostclaws? Does he like TRR? Farming and decorating one's hideout seems fun! I think the hideout thing was requested for a long time. How have you been having trouble with your hideout? Yeah, playing dress up with armor is probably way more fun and cool then with dresses! Especially with the cool choices we have! Do you have a favorite armor set out of the ones availible now?

     It's cool how the SoD team incorporated battles into the game! Something to look forward to every 2 hours. Do you have a specific dragon you battle with?

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I don't think Jetta ever learned to trust anyone as much as she trusted me, just because I spent the most time with her out of anyone. She definitely learned to really love my mother and would nicker when she heard her coming, but it wasn't quite as strong as me and her.


Yeah, the up-and-down thing on dragon riding is a bit different that horses. While horseback riding has given me an idea of what sitting on a dragon would be like, I've had to be creative with inventing what signals tell the dragon to ascend or dive.


The jokes seem to come naturally when I'm writing. I'll start with a scene with two characters talking to make a point, and then it just diverges into humorous banter along the path. For example, I've been writing an origin story for my characters, and the other day I wrote about Whisper, Winterwind, Norbert and Frostclaws just barely getting out of a really dangerous situation. Norbert's response to this?


"Some fun, huh?" he asked. Frostclaws snorted and looked over his shoulder where the island disappeared, as if hoping he still had a chance for a good fight.


"You two have a funny definition of ‘fun,'" Whisper shot back.


"Oh, come on, we were fine! The whole thing was under control!"


Whisper raised an eyebrow at him.


Norbert smirked, looking pleased with himself. "Lucky we had a plan."


Whisper glared. "Lucky Winterwind figured out how to keep those men from tying her down, more like."


Norbert shrugged. "Look at it this way. Of all the scouts, we’ll have the most interesting report."


"You can say that again," Whisper muttered.


"Of all the scouts—"




(When Norbert and Frostclaws are your companions, everything is one big joke.) XD


Well, I have different relationships with all of my dragons. The ones I'm closest to are definitely Winterwind and, to some extent, Icevein and trying to really grow closer to Evermore, my young and distant Death Song. Frostclaws is a lot of fun (if sometimes a bit frustrating), and Thistle, my Prickleboggle, is a bit like my guardian angel!


Oh, I love Shivertooths! I love their name, I love their personality, and I love their look in Dragons: Rise of Berk! (I'm less of a fan of their SoD look, but oh well. They still got that really cool head and glowing eyes.) Frostclaws LOVES racing and he's really good at it! We've beaten a few Snow Wraiths, though those are very challenging races.


The trouble I've had with the Hideout is that I'll rearrange it, go out, and then go back in, only to find all the changes I've made have reverted back. It's very annoying.


I'm not sure what my favorite armor is now. There's some great ones! I think the Deadly Nadder one is very pretty, so maybe that one is my favorite. I wish the Snow Wraith and Groncicle armor were full sets and had wings and masks like the others, though, because I love those dragons! And I'm still holding out on a Woolly Howl armor, Shivertooth armor, and/or Prickleboggle armor.


I generally battle with whatever dragon I have that's at the lowest level. I use battles to level up dragons. But if all my low-level dragons are in stable quests, I generally use Thistle, my Prickleboggle, for battle.


What about you? What dragons do you have? Do you race? What dragons do you use for battle?

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     It sounds like she really bonded with you since you two knew each other. :) How much time did you exactly spend with her each day? Cause' it sounds like a lot if you two were that close!

     Dragon riding and a horse back riding hyrbid is pretty cool! And that's cool how you can give her signals from when you on on her back! Btw, where did you learn dragonese?

     That scene made me chuckle a bit! :D Do you write fanfictions a lot about your characters? Do you do it for fun? It seems as if Whisper and Norbert do know each other to a big extent. And it seems Frostclaws is quite determined to get them both together. :) Do you think he will ever succeed? Does Evermore try to grow in a relationship with you? Also, do you think you'l add Thistle into one of your comics oneday?

     Cool! You two beat Snow Wraith racers? That is skill! Do you usually use boxes, just play the race out of skill, or a little of both?

     Hmm...I think if after a while you just keep rearaning it after it returns to its original position, it will eventually stay.

     The Deadly Nadder is a very nice choice! Very pretty and quite sharp! Definatly fits a Deadly Nadder rider. Although, the Death Song armors are pretty too! I like how they are doing trousers for the armor instead of skirts for the female vikings (I prefer pants over skirts and dresses in games and real life). I do also like the Skrill's, it looks a wee bit scary to me (Mainly the mask), but it does also capture the Skrill's scaryness, but coolness as well. I don't know if I'm quite a Screaming Death fan, but its armor looks fitting. I just don't really understand why the headpiece has horns. Which ones do you like and dislike? And it'd be cool to get armor for almost (Or hopefully, all) dragons! I wonder what the Woolly Howl's would look like. And, ooo! What about the Stormcutter's! I think it'd probably have four wings on the back! Cool!

     That is a good idea, it can give quite a bit of XP. And great rewards too! :D

     I techincally haven't made my official account yet, mainly due to the fact I'm still trying to figure out my main dragon that I'll be adventuring with. I'm still deciding between the Death Song and the Skrill. I know, I'm weird, right? Do you have a liking toward Icebones or Evermore more?

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Jetta and I spent hours together each day, rain or shine. I would do homework sitting in the pasture or in her stall so I wouldn't have to go home. (She got bored with homework, but she was forgiving if I brought her cookies.) XD


I learned Dragonese gradually from Hiccup. I wasn't very good at it for a long time; maybe I'll make a comic about all the mistakes I made learning it. XD


I normally don't have a lot of time for fanfictions, but I like to write. It's a lot of fun! I wish I could do it more often, but...there's this thing called school...


Whisper and Norbert have pretty much been friends since they were 3 years old, so they have a good rapport, even though their personalities are quite different. In fact, their differences actually work out well for them; Norbert breaks Whisper out of her shell and forces her to think outside the box, and Whisper keeps Norbert from doing anything too stupid and is good at getting them out of trouble (usually with Winterwind's help on that second one). As to whether or not Frostclaws will ever get them together...I've decided to just "tease" my readers with potential romantic relationships, so I won't spoil anything for all the shippers out there. I haven't really gotten into any of that yet in my released stories, but I will say that both have other potential love interests aside from each other, just to make things more interesting (and to torture Frostclaws. Because torturing Frostclaws by ruining his ships is fun.) XD


I'm still developing Evermore's story, so I'll get back to you on that. He's still kind of a new character.


I'm kind of torn about including Thistle in a comic. The thing is, I originally conceived her as a normal tiny Prickleboggle. She's only the rare giant variety in the game because...that's the only Prickleboggle you can have in the game. But it's still weird to me sometimes that she's so big in the game when I imagine her in my fanfiction to be so small you can hold her in the palm of your hand. So if she does show up in the comics, my comics will probably start really diverging from my prose fanfiction.


Frostclaws and I normally just race with skill. I only use boxes when other people do first. And I perform really badly with boxes. I lose control, can't make my fingers work, and in general am not very good at them, not to mention am not very good at retaliating towards other people using them. I perform best in clean races.


There's really no armor that I dislike. They're all really cool! Honestly, I think they're all really fitting. And I am quite happy with the newer armor sets giving pants to the girl Vikings!


Oh, gosh Stormcutter armor would be so cool! WE NEED THIS!


I had much easier time bonding with Icebones than Evermore. Both have been rather distant, but Icebones was much more receptive from the start.


Oh, it's not weird to have trouble deciding on your dragon. That's why we're all here, right? But regardless of what dragon you want to be your main dragon, you might want to go ahead and make an account. If you want to be a member, then hold off; members can have a Skrill as a starter dragon. But if you're not a member, you can only have a Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Zippleback, or Nightmare as a starter. If that's the case, you should go ahead and get your account under way and start racking up gems and points through daily log-ins and battles while you're deciding on an adventure companion. If you choose a Skrill, you'll have to buy it with gems. If you want a Death Song, I suggest just getting the Call of the Death Song expansion pack. You get a Death Song for free from that pack. (Evermore's backstory follows the plot of that expansion pack, since that's where I got him.)


For a starter, I recommend a Gronckle. You'll need a Gronckle for one the quests, so you might as well get one at the beginning if your starter dragon is not going to be your main dragon.

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     Was bonding time your favorite time? That is funny and cool how much she likes those cookies! Didn't she like carrots, apples, horse treats, or any other food as much?

     Hiccup taught you dragonese? Cool! Must've been heard to learn! Actually, it would seem harder to speak it rather then listen to it, eh? What do you think? I think it's a great advantage to know how to speak dragonese! Would you say it's a great advantage too?

     Well, if your fanfictions are anything like that short piece you gave me, then, keep up the good work! It sounds so fun! :D Although, why is there a thing called school?!?! :/ But, summer vacation should be coming soon! Yay!

     Friends since three years old? Wow, that is a long friendship! They seem sorta opposite on some levels of their personalities, but opposites attract! :D Hmm...seems as if you have a plan in mind...Although, Frostclaws seemed very angry when they weren't kissing (Although, he was pretty funny too!). I agree with Winterwind, someone (Or somedragon) should get him his own SPAM. :) Frostclaws is a very funny character! :D When you first saw the Shivertooth, did you imagine it as a mischievious dragon?

     Well, I guess skill is a great way to go. :) Although, it can probably be frustrating when one gets a gas bomb, or a gets spun out of control, or gets bumped by another racer (Especially if one's dragon has a bad acceleration). :/

     I like pants on the newer viking armor sets! And that the SoD team has done a Death Song armor in bronze and black! Pretty cool! I prefer the bronze one, but they both look cool! Do you like one and wear one between the two? And Stormcutter armor would probably be cool! Can't wait to see it! :D

     Icebones does seem to get along with y'all pretty well...I'm not to sure (According to your comics), if Winterwind likes him so much, but he seems to be pretty nice. And he seems to care about you when he catches ya. :) Although, Evermore probably is a very nice dragon too.

     I was planning on making my account today, but I think the game is going through some issues today. Maybe cause' of one of the battles today? I dunno. How has it been working for you? One main reason I've been holding back on the Death Song is cause' I think I'd hatch it right after I would hatch my first dragon (Probably would be a Gronkle or a dragon Gobber suggests to me), but knowing me, I'd probably feel bad for my first dragon...:/ I can be extremly sensitive toward this sort of thing... What do you think?


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Peacocks scared my subject away...

Welcome! :D

Viking Form:

In Game Name: Kazxhtean
Gender: female
Appearence (Optional): long red hair in a one sided braid, fair skinned and violet eyes.
Personality: Tough, brave, strong, competetive you know... all that good stuff... OH and she is a nightowl and she always likes to party with her close friends at night somewhere in woods...
Weapon of Choice (Optional): Mostly with her double headed axe but if the situation is really dire she would bring her sharp sword.
Adventure Level: 35
Favorite Activity (TRR, Fireball Frenzy, Eel Roast, Flight Club, Just Flying Around on Your Dragon, etc.): TRR
Least Favorite Activity: Fireball Frenzy
Likes: hanging out with friends, training herself, training her dragon, blasting ships, dancing, singing, racing... what else? Oh right! She likes beating up her friends at the same time being their voice of reason...
Dislikes: Her friends in trouble (unless they are the annoying ones who always put on dramas everywhere to censored me off...)
Dramas, people hating on each other, losing, peacocks...
Favorite Place in SoD to Be: Training Grounds (duh! XD)
(Random) Favorite Food: Pizza
(Random) Favorite Color: Purple, red, blue and silver

Dragon Form (Preferably the Main Dragon you ride, but it can be any dragon you have):

Name: Peach
Species: Deadly Nadder
Gender: Female
Personality: Stubborn, competetive, vain but she is always there when you need her... unless you are an enemy of course.
Appearence (Optional): Purple body, red spines and peach underbelly.
Bonding Level: 21... or was it 22?
How Close you two bonded on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 Being Not Bonded Much at all, 10 being Hiccup and Toothless): 10
Favorite Activity (TRR, Fireball Frenzy, Eel Roast, Flight Club, Just Flying Around with their rider): TRR
Least Favorite Activity: Eel Roast
Likes: Nothing much except for the obvious...
Dislikes: obeying people -_-
Favorite Choice of Food: Chicken...
How did you get him/her: found her in the arena and I guess she took a liking to me and I was like: that settles it then! Wanna go for a fly and her answer was: just sit down tall and stare at her rider like a chiken... but I took her for a fly anyway and we had a great time :D



In-game Name: kazxhtean(Kaz)

Main Dragon: Boltstrike(Skrill)



Don't come close if you can't handle the heat...

- Dragon & Trainer

i am strongly against hacking!











Skrill Bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo

Deadly Nadder bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo.

S.O.D.A.H.T banner made by Chakuu.

Drawing of me and Peach made by Primus04

Drawing of me done by Pixel.


Special thanks to all that helped make this signature how it is now <3

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Hi Kazxhtean!

     Thanks for sharing about yourself and Peach (Btw, I like that name!)! I had a fun time reading about you two! You two seem really bonded if you rate your relationship a 10/10! THAT IS CLOSE! You two seem like a great team! And isn't pizza so yummy?! :D And I like your backstory on how you got her! Again, thanks for sharing!

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Peacocks scared my subject away...

Your welcome! :3

The Backstory is really just me and Peach secretly communicating cause I only know what Peach wants through her body language XD 

And it really is a normal thing for Peach to always sit and stand tall like that as if she is a queen... But I can't blame her :3 she really is the beautiful Nadder she thinks she is and I like it that way! :D

although that really gets me annoyed at times...

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     I reall do like it though! :D It is relaxing to read, and a little humor too (Like when you said Peach stared at you like a chicken). Nadders do seem to be a bit vain, although that just adds to their unique personality. Just don't let a dragon's vanity go overboard though. Although, Nadders are pretty! Would you say Nadders are your favorite dragon species?

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Peacocks scared my subject away...

Nadders are my number one favourite species in the HTTYD universe! XD