Hey all! I'm new here ;)

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Hey all you forum users! I just created a forum account (thank you SO much dad for letting me make an account!) so I thought I should introduce myself!


I'm FernFeatherFlight! Long username, I know ;) My twin sister (MidnightMare- forum name) plays the game and is on the forums, and I thought it looked fun so I decided to join the game, and later the forums! She's teaching me a lot of stuff, but if you guys have any tips for a new player, I'd be more than happy to hear them!


In the game, I only own one darling blue and black nadder named Sharpclaw! I call him Maxie for short, after my pet budgie :D He's the sweetest dragon alive!


Well let's see if I'm missing anything else... I love rock and roll music (just like my sista lol XD), I love action and adventure movies (again- like my sister xP), and I love roleplaying and games! I have... Okay me and my sister have... a lot of pets! :D We have two Arabian fillys, three budgies, a bunch of chickens (I forgot how many lol so many baby chickies!), two dogs, a cat, and a bunch of caimon crocs! Okay, my dad owns the crocs, but he lets me and my sister take care of a baby female croc (we called her Auborn :D) That's about all I know what to say lol...


Well, all in all, hello all forum users! :D




I was out wandering around with Maxie (my nadder) when we heard a loud yowling nearby. Maxie wanted to run out of there as fast as he could, but I decided to take a look. Coming closer, I saw a flash of black, snow white, and icy blue before seeing a hurt nightfury. Her tail was bent at an odd angle, so we took her back and healed her. Ever since she has stayed with me, so I called her Snow Tiger because of her markings. 

By MidnightMare, as well as Moonlit below!                                                        By DesertDragon22!


Meet the fearsome Moon Elemental Phantom Flyer Moonlit Mystery! I met her on the blue moon arising, when the Elementals came out for the first time in many years. She was terribly wounded, but eventually become comfortable with us as we healed her. She has been a part of the family since!


Introducing... Vranicus!

This is Vranicus, my Banded Fetherlure adopted from amberleaf75 and NightmareRebuff! Thank you!


Massive fan of Run All Night!

"Just listen to me son, just listen to me one night."

And Supernatural! :P

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Hey! Welcome to forums! :3 I'm sure you'll have much fun here!


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Thanks! :D 

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Mrrroowww :3

Hey sis! :D Glad you joined the forums! Lol you didn't tell me you got a forum account! ;) 


~When I return we will meet again~

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Yay thanks sista! :D ;) 

Yay thanks sista! :D ;) 

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Welcome to the forums :) It's

Welcome to the forums :) It's so cool that you and Midnightmare are twins! Are you identical?


I'm sure Midnightmare is showing you the ropes, but if you have any questions, you can also contact me, Brynjolf (for in-game issues; he's an admin), Reiraku (although she's been inactive lately), or just post a thread in "New Player"/"player tips".


The newest crazes in the forum are: adoptables (you get a free dragon designed by someone else) and dragon breeding (people take two of your original characters (oc's) and combine their patterns into one or more baby dragons). 


Are you in a clan yet? If not, check out the "Barracks of Valhalla" section to see what all the different clans are about :) I'm the co-leader of Invincible Guardians, and we're allies with Vikings of Krafla.


I am no longer playing SoD because art and life have pretty much taken over :) Here are a few links I hope you visit:




And here are a few samples of my art (NO STEALING):

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Hi, and thanks so much! :D Me and MidnightMare do look a lot alike lol ;P 

Thank you so so sooooo much for the info! I appreciate it! :D I'm currently not in a clan, (Maxie can't fly yet haha, so I cant race ;) But I would love to join one! Thank you so much again! (Btw, I love your clan name!)

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Meow :3

Ya lol we look close to identical XD

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Welcome! :) 

Hopefully you enjoy the forums and the game. 



Viking Name: Zemexterous

Probably racing. 


Main Dragons:



Toothless - Lvl 50; Chibiterasu - Lvl 29








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Thank you so so much!!! :D

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Welcome to the forums! I hope you have fun here! ^.^


Elijah | He/him


 Mediocre artist | Furry | Forum Funnyman | Epic gamer ecks dee| Worst taste in fictional men you could ever imagine


This forum is a huge dumpster fire tbh Idk why I'm here aside from wanting to test my patience

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Thanks so much!!! :D

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hello and welcome! :)   

hello and welcome! :) 


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Thanks so much! :D

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Oh, well! Hello there, welcome to the forums :) I hope you make many frineds and have fun here >w< If you have any questions, you can ask me :) (Well, you'll probably ask to your sister, but I like to offer help for new players XD)




Made by kimbenoso


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Welcome to the forum! ;)

Welcome to the forum! ;)














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Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy this place! And it looks like you are an owl lover too! XD


Signature under constraction


Working hard to get this signature even better! 



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Hello and welcome to the forums! :D i hope you'll like it here and if you need any help or have questions to ask,go ahead :)


♥ Kowwa_The_Stutter ♥


Age: 17

Gender: Female

Viking name: Yugenn


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wow! a twin ! ive always

wow! a twin ! ive always wanted a twin, or just a sister... im sure she will help you loads and loads! just wanted to say welcome to sod! hope ypou have a great time just like all of us and in no time, you will become a pro viking like your sis! oh and if you are looking for a clan to join, the companions of the trustbond would love to have you as a member! the recriutment page can be found in my sig :)



Glacecia =^_^=



Viking Name: Glacecia (You can call me glace)

 Age: 14 

Facebook: Glacecia Mckenzie Willows (feel free to add me!

But tell me your name in forum so I know who you are)

All above done by Pixel



Blinkies by kimbenso  Glitter Text by me

Clan Banners by Jonard

Clan Banner by me


Official Clan page: https://companionsofthetrustbond.wordpress.com/

Updated clan recruitment page: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/looking-new-clan-join-companions-trustbond


Dragon alliance facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1418722318426197/

Dragon alliance forum: www.soddragonalliance.boards.net



It was the coldest winter berk had ever had in a hundred years. People were wearing their thickest coats and still felt frozen. To make things worse, a mysterious dragon was prowling berk, snatching up the food. Soon, berk was facing low food supply. We could not even go out to fish as the sea was frozen. I thought of a way to get fish from the underground caves as it was warmer there and the pools might not have frozen. I went down with comet and when we came across the pool, I saw the mysterious dragon watching the fish. It sensed my presence and growled at me. I saw hunger in its eyes, just like the eyes of everybody else on berk. If I want to help berk, I have to train this dragon. I thought as I cautiously reached out my hand. The dragon's ice cold skin nearly gave me frostbite. Feeling the zing between us after the Trustbond was created, I withdrew my hand and caught a fish from the pool. Sharing the fish with my dragons, we went out of the cave to see a huge blizzard outside. "Ill name you blizzard then." I said as I stared out into the storm, wondering how I would get back. Blizzard guided me back home and I never felt safer.


By Shadowgirl12332


Awesome Artwork A huge thank you to everyone for all these beautiful pieces !

Charoite the Night Fury (OC) Base by Wyndbain on Deviantart, recolour by me

Mate: Galaxy

Daughter: Celestite

Charoite's story: The idea for Charoite first came when I requested a night fury bouncy by MidnightMare.  She is a healer dragon, shown by the green snake pattern on her forehead. She is very knowedgeable of different herbs and their healing properties. Once every full moon, she is able to harness the healing magic of the full moon to heal someone instantly, just like all healing dragons.



By musettes

Name: Galaxy ( after blue skin and stars)

Gender: Male

Mate: Charoite

Daughter: Celestite

Personality: Nocturnal, loves gliding around the school at night, blending perfectly at night. In the morning, he sleeps in his own stable, away from the noise and sunlight of day. At night, he is playful and free. He will constantly be bounding all around, knocking over things. However, with his daughter, he is caring and always has a story to share with her about his childhood. 




Name: Celestite

Gender: Female

Father: Galaxy

Mother: Charoite

Personality: Celestite is a healing dragon just like her mother. She is able to heal at the emotional level but cannot heal physical injuries. She is very mature for her age and like her father, she enjoys the night time more than the day. She is sensible and intelligent, and this has gotton her out of trouble many times. She is learning about the different herbs from her mother so that she will be able to help people with physical injures. She looks up to her parents greatly and hopes to be like them one day.




By SoulStereo

Name: Tiger

Gender: female

Personality: I found her with a small littler of baby night furys in the jungle. I realised that all her babies were dead and severly injured. I then noticed some dragon prints in the soft grass around her nest. She was so overcome with grief that she did not attack me when i carfully lifted her babies up and buried them under a great oak tree. I came back to her wiht food and water for a few days, slowly gaining her trust until I eventually trained her. When she got over her grief, i learned that she was a confident and motherly young dragon. She is very kind to younger dragons and treats them as she would her own children.

By Skypeoplephoenix732     By bernice7                             By Fairy





By Kyore

Name:  Tyson-number 9 ( Old French Name meaning  “high-spirited”)

Gender: Male

Personality: Sweet and Playful, loves play wrestling with siblings and Spirit. Spirit has a crush on him but he is too oblivious to notice!


Edit of tyson By mesaprncss.

Hiccup part cropped out by GeorgeKirrin    Emblem by ToothlessNight      By Fairy

Edit of Tyson by MidnightMare         Bouncie by MidnightMare               By Skypeoplephoenix732   



By StellaMontague

Name: Caramel Sun

Gender: Female

personality: She has a sweet tooth and always can be seen eating sweet things (her favorite is caramel). Because of this, she is a very frequent patient to gobber, who changed all her teeth to golden ones. Although they no longer retract, her mouth glows as bright as the sun when she smiles. She is constantly very hyperactive due to the amounts of sugar she eats. Sometimes I worry about her... When she stops bouncing around, she is very sweet and will always come to the nearest hand to be stroked or offered a few treats. She favourite place is the wilderness, as it's the closest place to her original home, the savannah. 

By Fairy

By Spy

Name: Chance

Species: Aquaborealis

Gender:  Male

Personality:  This boy growls viciously. His dark eyes are unnatural. They're actually a dark magenta. He is an orphan, with dead parents. His life has been real sad, and he has been through a lot. He snaps back at you. Can you tame this tortured, ferocious soul?

Backstory: "Comet! Stop it!" I giggled as he flicked his tail up, drenching me in water. A dark shadow flew past and I glanced up. Spy and Vinci were back! As I squinted at the disappering black dot, I noticed the saddle bags were movingDragons! They must have brought back dragons! I hopped on Comet and raced after them, eager to be the first to see the new dragons. 

          Vikings and dragons were crowding around Spy, all wanting to catch a glimpse of the mysterious new dragons. I watched from the sky as Spy opened up the bags and a few gorgeous aquaborealis' tumbled out. Ooh's and ahh's erupted from the crowd. Each one was a bright blue or purple colour, with a little something unique about them. I studied each one, searching for the perfect one to adopt. I didn't feel a connection with any of them and started to turn away, slightly disappointed. Just then, at the corner of my eye, I saw a pair of familiar magenta eyes, this time angry, unlike the gentle and sad ones I'd seen before. I turned comet around the swooped down to the ground. "Hey spy? Where did you get this one?" I gestured to the one with magenta eyes, already feeling a faint bond with him. He was scowling and grunting at anyone who dared to step 5 feet around him. "Oh him? He nearly knocked me off Vinci with his tail! Don't know why he is so angry..." She replied, not really paying attention to me. "Can I have him?" Spy nodded saying "Of course, but you sure you can handle him?" I assured her I was sure and scooped up the little dragon in my arms and flew back to the stables. 

          Finally arriving at comet's stable, I lay the dragon gently on the floor and Comet moved forward to nuzzle him. He snapped and mist started to rise from his nose. Comet backed off immediately and glared at the dragon. "Hey little guy. I'm Glacecia, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. I know why you are so angry, you were lonely and scared, so you built up a thick wall of protection around yourself. I'm sorry about your mother, I tried by best to save her, but sadly, I couldn't. I'm so so sorry..." Tears started to well up in my eyes as I thought back to that day when I first saw the magenta eyes...

          It was a few weeks ago, when spy first announced a new dragon species. I had been so excited to see this new species and went down to the ocean with all my dragons to celebrate. Upon reaching the beach, I found a pale blue dragon washed up on the beach. There was a huge gash on her side and blood was pouring out profusely. I gained her trust and called Charoite, my healing dragon, to help her. While Charoite was desperately trying to save her life, I lost myself in her eyes, so full of emotion. A voice in my head whispered "Thank you" before I saw the flickering light in her eyes hideout. Charoite helped me bury her in the sand before I walked away, my happy mood earlier gone.

          "Here," I told him, reaching into my backpack, "this is a bottle of your mother's glow, taken just a few moments before she left." I pushed the small vial of slime towards the dragon, who had stopped growling and stared at the vial. "Thank you once again." I heard the voice in my head, as I fell into the never ending void of the Chance's beautiful eyes, this time filled with joy and love.

Ash Stripe by MidnightMare                                                Name: Larentia

Name: Ash stripe                                         Gender: Female

Gender: Male                                              Mate: Ash Stripe

Mate: Larentia                                             Backstory (by KaMpKAMPkamp):

Personality: Noble and compassionate.          Abandoned. Alone. Forgotten. She had nobody Has an air of authority around him.    to teach them, nobody that wanted them.                                                                            Hatred taught her, slowly corrupting her soul.                                                                      For years, alone and scarred, she walked the                                                                        Earth, not proud of who she had become. She                                                                      thought that life was meaningless, and got                                                                          more and more depressed. Until, of course, she                                                                    found Ash. He taught her love, and the                                                                                strength it takes to heal. To let love overcome                                                                      hatred. She flourished under the guidance, and                                                                    soon blossomed and grew up in a wonderful                                                                        environment. She became strong, and never                                                                        again did hatred touch her heart. 


By FireFlash

Name: Misaki

Gender: Female

Personality: Fun and bubbly, she has the power of cherry blossoms! Don't make her angry though, her mega form is scary!

Backstory: I was walking through a beautiful cherry blossom forest in spring when i saw a gorgeous red pony with soft pink eyes between the trees. Curious, I started chasing after it. I followed the pony through the forest until we entered a clearing. Cherry blossoms were falling gently around the pony as she looked at me cheekily, her tail swishing behind her. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out an apple and offered it to her. She munched it up as i stroked her nose. "I'll call you misaki, my beautiful blossom"


Adopted Egg By DragonPieMonkey           Adopted Dragon By MidnightMare

Name: Sakura                                        Name: Dust 

Gender: Female                                      Gender: Male

Personality: Demure and Sweet, likes

swimming in the sea                               Personality: speedy and mischievous, uses                                                                                    speed to play pranks or trip                                                                                        people up, doesn’t like to be in                                                                                  the air, prefer to stay on the ground

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Dragon drawer
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hi there! welcome to the

hi there! welcome to the forum. I am Dragon drawer and i draw.. well... Dragons! (in case my name wasn't clear XD)  If you ever have any questions, would like custom art by me, would like to join my clan, or just talk feel free to pm me and i will certainly answer (as long as I'm online). Anyways, have fun and remember, if you do request art, put it in your signature with credit to the artist. :D


just cuz your new i made u this edit of your night fury :)


So, I'm back. A lot has changed in my life. I came to the conclusion I'm Asexual Panromantic, and after that, got a girl friend who i really love. Ive moved on from httyd art to horse art. I animate a bit. I'm in my Horseback riding school's drill team again. I'm stressed as ever and I'm pretty sure I've developed a small case of depression thanks to bullies at school. I have a lot of Horse Ocs and thats all i seem to draw now a days. Oh, i also got a puppy.




Goldtail, Oswind, Night Valkyrie, and Northfire

by pixel

i am 100% against hacking and cheating

Follow me on:


-Deviant art


you made it to the end 


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Yes! Welcome!! I know that

Yes! Welcome!! I know that you have already heard this a lot but if you ever need anything just ask and I will try to help you.


                                          This account is no longer in use. Please respond to my new account, XDQueenXD. Thank you!

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Welcome! Like my fellow

Welcome! Like my fellow vikings said, the forums are super fun. This is a place to make friends, collect adoptables, share your art, join clans, and play games with other players here. I hope you like it! ;)




Welcome to My Sig!


Scroll down to learn more about me and my


fantastic dragons!



I'm very interesting I promise!


Nice to meet you! I am...

-a secret santa present from lxNightxFuryxl



^Thats me!^



^My very official Dragon Training Liscense!^
Created by me, if you would like a Liscense pm me!

My Dragons!



(You should read the info underneath each one, it's interesting!)


1st dragon: Sherbert, Female, Deady Nadder

She's the big sis, the leader of the team. You've never met quite a Nadder like her! She's the oldest, and she knows it too. She keeps all my other dragons in check, while also training them with me. She speaks dragon of course, so she communucates what she knows with the others to make my job as a trainer a lot easier. She's my best friend and my dragon soul. I've never had a more dependable friend. 


2nd dragon: Black Cloud, Male, Skrill

Black Cloud is determined to the end. Ever since Yohann started selling skrills, I knew I wanted one, and after I saved for a LONG time, I knew that was the right choice. He's my most powerful and trusted of the team. He was also turning into a promised racer, until a recent search-and-rescue accident, where he lost his tail to one of Drago's forgotten traps. He's recovering, but he may never be able to fly again. 


3rd dragon: Pebble Tooth, Male, Whispering Death

Pebble Tooth is a good friend. He's a weird little dude, and he spends most of his time, that's right, in the water. For some reason, my dragon only is in the dirt when he has to be and the rest of the time he's getting the dirt off. He's the nutball of the group, and he thinks it's so funny to tunnel underground then pop up and scare my other dragons. Now I have to teach him to mind...


4th dragon: Bean, Male, Gronckle

Now, Gronckles aren't my favorite. I really only got him to complete the dumb quest. (don't tell him that). But I've actually come to love his undying loyalty and his constant need to either snuggle, eat, or take a nap. He reminds me a lot of myself. Natually, he's the glue of the crew, his love and caring for others only getting stronger as days go by. 


5th dragon: Kaya, Female, Sand Wraith 

Kaya is the newest recruit. She is quite the character! I didn't know what to expect when I bought her, Sand Wraith's are so rare. But she has grown to love my other dragons as they have grown to love her. She is known as the baby of the team, but she is quickly losing her softness, and she is determined to lose the title of baby. She's determined, and my best racer. She's still young, and has a lot to learn, but she really looks up to Sherbert. I know with Shebert as her mentor, Kaya will be a great dragon!


She will probably be my last dragon, unless an amazing species comes out. I'd personally rather have a small team of great dragons than train so many dragons I don't remember their names! 

^A pic I made of my dragons! + My OC Maja











{Clan Pride Beyond this



point!!!! :)}

Very proud member of this fine clan!!!!

Created by me, PM me if you are interested in a banner for your clan! 



This banner was created by the incredible talented and creative Ambusher Sauri

















"Ohana means family, and family means nobody 

gets left behind or forgotten."-Lilo and Stitch


Clan Dragon!

Created by our leader, 1flower, (Spyroed). 



The Forgotten Racers

Proud Member

complete with our clan colors! ;-)



:(____End of Clan Pride___:(



Toothless Love:
(I don't own any of these gifs!)

^Borrowed from Treesbane, I thought it was cool!



My adorable adopted baby Gronckle Pedro! by catiedragons

Name: Una (White Wave)

Species: Titain Wing Tide Glider X Sliquifier

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy

Bio: Out pops this cute little girl! She isn't quite sure of her position with you, and fires her

icey cold water all over you, making you laugh. She then edges closer to you making sure

that you aren't going to harm her. She jumps right into your arms and finds a comfortable

spot sleeping in your hands.

Bio and Dragon by Scoubidous. 


Meet Santa:      

And Christmas:  

Credit goes to toothless572


Read below it's very interesting! 

Santa (male) and Christmas (female) are brother and sister, and I adopted them from 

Sirenemoon. They are both super sweet, and I decided they should put their amazing personalities to good use! 

Santa is a really steady flyer and is amazing with kids, adults, teenagers, and every other

form of viking you can find. So I talked to Hiccup, and now Santa's job is to teach new

members of the school how to fly a dragon! (He loves his new job and is very good at it!) 

Christmas is so compassionate and loving! You can never catch her in a bad mood, and she

has a talent of overlooking the differences we have and finding the good in all of us. So, I

decided she would best serve our injured vikings as one of the very first therapy dragons!

She spends her time in the infirmary, whether she is playing catch, chasing lights, or

curling up and snoozing.

(She is very good at her job too!) 

This is Acid, my Arizontia. 

creds to Golden Scarlet


My terrible terror, Nicholas! Creds to SadoMazoCat


This is adopted Nighty Fury, Eden. 

creds to Slyler Smile


My Celestial Soul, a new dragon species created by kimbenoso . Thanks!




And this is Spice! He's my special little Terrible Terror. Allthough he is blind, my other

dragons treat him just the same. 

creds to skyleaf


And this is Bluestar! She is a little nervous around other vikings because her family was killed

in the dark ages. But I beleive, with a proper reintroduction to vikings, she won't be very

skiddish anymore. Once you get to know her, she is fun and playful.


^This is Cobra, my adopted wolf by MidnightMare. He is a strong-hearted, strong-willed,

and strong-souled wolf, which completely contradicts the other side of his personality which is

that he is go-lucky and care-free. He's quite the character.  





^Both made by Sleepyraccoon. Thank You!

^This is my amazing legendary Night Fury named Olleander. I won't bore you with the very

long story it took to get her, but she's amazingly fast, dangerous, and commands respect

from all who meet her. Creds to kimbenoso, for the amazing work on her. Her special

talent is this venom-like acid she can inject into her victims like a snake! But she is loyal,

and she will remain that way.


And this Nightinggale, a Night Flurence adopted from Wutend Bonfire. Some backround information, they are very happy and over-trusting creatures. They are nocturnal scavengers,

but they are very graceful and are always there when you need them to be. 





^This awesome Fluddlebeak was make by GreenCheekedGroot. His name is Bark, mostly

because these things are going fast and I had to thing of a name fast cause I really

wanted him!




Meet Maja, my Night Fury. 

If you are coloring Maja for me, reference below:


^ The Officail Maja!!!!! ^

Lineart by SongOfTheHorse, Coloring by me!!!


This is the original Maja. I owe this work to Treesbane, for creating her. Thank you!

Creds to SkyLeaf


Creds to Scoubidous
creds to mesaprncss
^creds to Autumn5467

^Creds to Duckei


 requested by NadderForever by Skypeoplephoenix732


Creds to Skypeoplephoenix732



This, no offence to the other works, has to be my favorite so far. LOOK IT HOW CUTE!!!

*cough* ok I'm done spazzing creds to the amazing and talented Skrilltheskrill






    By the talented Shedinn. Thanks!

    Gifs of my Fav Disney Character, Stitch!








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    Welcome to the forums :)

    Welcome to the forums :)


    Korana, Banded Featherlure( thanks to NightmareRebuff for the awesome revamp)

                                                                 My Ferocious Riverfang(made by Rei)


    My OC Amberleaf and her dragon Korana(Drawn by DuskDaybreak, thank you for this beautiful drawing) 

    To right: Ziyou Fen, my Oriental Serpantfang(adopted from NightmareRebuff)

    Gaara, my Sand Wraith(Thanks to SatsuAyaka for the awesome drawing of him)

    Azura, Dream Eater Fury ( adopted from NightmareRebuff)        Zindra, Nightmare Fury (by NightmareRebuff)

    Tarragon, my Greater Banded Geckus(adopted from themasterplan47)

    Nuvola, my Maned Cloudangel (adopted from Muselyn)


    Stormfire and Nightfrost(by Rei)

    Click here to view my other adopted dragons:https://amberleafseastar.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/my-dragonson-forum/

    Click here to view my non dragon adoptables:https://amberleafseastar.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/non-dragon-art-and-adoptables-from-sod-forum/

    Click here to view my favorite fandoms:https://amberleafseastar.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/favorite-fandoms-and-characters/

    Member of the Snow Leopards(banner by Nessie)



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    Heyyyyyy fern welcome

    Heyyyyyy fern welcome






    Please click on my dragon cave dragons and eggs thanks :)


    please click the egg under this because it is uncommon and is one of my first eggs thanks !!!!!!!!




       My viking drew by Pixel







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    Hi! Welcome to forum! i hope you will enjoy here! :)






    John   Emmanuel






    Viking Name:John Emmanuel


    Friend Code: CIRGUU






    "For we have been forgotten in this world and thought of as hopeless, but as we fly toward tommorrow, we shall become legends and prove them wrong"







    My Dragons!!!! :P XD

    Shape force The Deadly Nadder






    Vast and Valk The Hideous Zippleback



    Fire Knight The Mostrous Nightmare


















    XD To Be continued!!! :P





    About me: (only in SoD)


    My name is john emmanuel , i love race at TRR (thunder run racing) to earn trophies,my favorite dragon is stormcutter , My favorite place to go is wilderness and training grounds, My best friend in SoD is Lucki,Amanda lyy,Dark byte (the hacker but nvm),Dragon of the galaxy,Maley hofferson,Out of the woods, XxBad wolfxX (even i didnt talk ti him but she is helping me!) and The other members of the forgotten racer,The DawnBreakers and The Phantom Lords (The champion last tournament)


    If  you know me in the game just pm me! ;)