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Hey guys! So, I've been playing for about a week or so now.. And I realised that I've already run out of quests :/ My main dragon is already at the max level. But the thing is that I have a baby dragon that's level 1, and I don't have any idea how to level him up cause I can't fly him in races nor can I use him in Fireball frienzy and ofcourse, I don't have any quests to do either. So.. What do I do? D:


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you can do fishing and

you can do fishing and farming ^_^ 

Johan has these quests you can do, they help too. 

and, i've heard cutting woods in the wilderness gives the most points. you can try that out :D


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Shoot Fire Pitts

When my dragons are babies i just shoot fire pitts. They tend to evolve really fast and you even win money (only 5 coins though). To fire with a baby all you need to do is click the fire pitt and than click in the fire button. Enjoy your future grown ip dragon :)

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so you need help

there are alot of ways to get dragon xp you can play eel roust or element match

or you can cut woods and let your dragon give them to you

and you can light fire pits

when your dragon is at lvl 5 you can play fireball freanzy with other players or friends you get 15 dragon xp until you get to lvl 10 to fly with your dragon


_wish you luck :)



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