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So, when I try to send a message in the invite for a clan, it always tells me that I cannot use that message. There is absolutely nothing inappropriate in it, no swear words, and not even any symbols. I tried rewording it multiple times, but I still receive the same message. I even tried putting Qs between every word, but it still didn't like my message. My message was not too long either. This game is really annoying when you have to try to communicate between players.


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Did you leave the game then join again? Sometimes the game has bugs like that. Leaving and joining again usually helps me. If not idk. (I’m not very helpful but I thought I would comment.)




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I did try exiting out and

I did try exiting out and relaunching the game, and that didn't do anything, but maybe I need to actually logout and log back in. I will try that and will also try doing this on a different device, and also restarting my devices. Thank you so much for your help though! :)

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Did restarting your device

Did restarting your device help?

Your Welcome :D

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Unfortunately, it did not

Unfortunately, it did not help, but I still need to try the other things, and if those don't work, I will try one last thing, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, since sometimes updates don't show up right away. If none of those work, oh well! I can either contact support, but I probably won't bother to go that far since it's not that important, I can just contact the clan leader on the forum XD

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Oh, well I hope you figure it

Oh, well I hope you figure it out soon! <3

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Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

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If you're okay with it, could you share the message? Maybe some of the in-game chat veterans know which word is the offending one when they see it.


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Sure! "Hello! This is Lainah

Sure! "Hello! This is Lainah from the forums! I would love to join your clan!"

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From what I remember, saying the word "hello" in game can be a hit or miss, as the first four letters spell a word that's not allowed to be said in SoD. One time I said "hello" in the chat and I received a warning. Since then, I've been using "hi" instead, as well as an insane amount of Qs. It could also be something else, though, that's triggering it, but my guess is the word "hello"



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Got it, I'll try that, thanks

Got it, I'll try that, thanks so much!

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Hi There again.  I just want

Hi There again. 

I just want to add real quick. 

Is it possibly your name? Or did you already try putting spaces between your name already and it’s not a problem.???

And I’ve never tried but can you say Forums on the game? I’m not much of a chatter and have never tried to say it. Just curious. 


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I'm not sure, so I will

I'm not sure, so I will probably experiment around that.

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Yes, this glitch is SOOO

Yes, this glitch is SOOO ANNOYING!! One time I said hi in Thunder Run Racing, and it turned of my chat for 24 hours!!! 


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Yeah, the whole censor thing

Yeah, the whole censor thing is redonkulous!

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Do not use the word "Hello" in-game, as the censor system takes it as "censored".

Use "Hewwo" instead, "Hullo", "Hallohooh" or "HAaaaaaaayz". 


Edit: As an example above already. The word Christians and Catholics use where condemned souls are sent to.


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Got it, will do. Shows how

Got it, will do. Shows how much I use chat features huh? XD

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From what I have noticed in posting messages on my clan's message board and in my journal when replying to people is that using a Q before censored words doesn't really work. That only works(sometimes)in the in game chat. What I do is put spaces in between each of the letters for the word that gets censored when I post on my clan board or in my journal.(Random example: P r i c k l e b o g g l e) My guess is that "Lainah" or "forums" could be what's getting censored. Some names are allowed to be said and other names aren't and it sometimes doesn't like plural words for whatever reason. I'd try putting spaces in between the letters of some of the words in your message to see if you can get the message to go through that way.


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Got it, that's a good idea,

Got it, that's a good idea, thank you so much!!! :)

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You're welcome :)

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I don’t use chat much but I

I don’t use chat much but I have heard of the new censor thing. What is that about? If anyone would care to explain to me that would be great! :)

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I'm probably not the best

I'm probably not the best person to explain, but basically the game censors seemingly random stuff that makes no sense because it is not inappropriate nor does it have swear words or symbols. But, in the chat people just put letters such as q in their chat messages between words, and then unfortunately people are still able to say bad things (not everyone does this obviously, but there are some bad apples). So basically, the game's filter is not effective and it just gets in the way. Honestly I rarely use any chat functions either, so others could explain it waaayyy better, but I hope this helped a little!

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Oh that’s annoying! i

Oh that’s annoying!

i remember one time I was sending a message to my friend and I tried to say something with the word ‘think’ in it and it didn’t let me send it. Now it’s a joke between us to say the word think and gasp because it apparently is a bad word in School of Dragons. :D

thanks for explaining!

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Oh my gosh, that's funny XD!

Oh my gosh, that's funny XD! But yeah, the game's filter is SUUUUPER annoying! No problem! :)