help me with the hobglobber maze!!

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Will someone please tell me when the torture of the Hobglobber maze against the SpeedStingers is over?, how many should I bring? Where does is out?, I already want to get out of the Hidden World, it's a headache.

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I can sympathize.... the maze

I can sympathize.... the maze drove me mad.... i dropped curse of the hobgobbler expansion for now...

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It's so annoying! I'm really mad at myself for buying it! (at least it was a sale) I spent like four hours from when you start the flightsuit to when you get out (freedom!!!!!) of the hidden world. And yeah, I had to inlist the help of some of my siblings when I had to get 3 hobbs through the maze.


I think there are 4-5 Hobbs you have to pick up. it'll take a long time. After that I think you have to do more climbing (one of my least favorite things (because of the deathly dragons)) and more gliding and then you're out! :D


It really should be  re-called  Torture of the Hobglobber! but they wont do that. Hope something in this helped! (I have a little bit more advice (unless my memory fails me) of how to get through)


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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

It literally took me all day to finish that one quest.  In the maze, though, my game was glitched and the second baby Hobgobbler was nowhere to be found.  I had to log off and back on to find it.  Curse of the Hobgobbler was definately not my favorite expansion.


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I already passed the maze! I will never enter again! worst experience!

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i survived it at least

the one bit of good news, when you get to the room full of fireworms and eggs, the big one watching the whole room has a very slow alert timer so all you have to do is dash across

sleeping speed stingers have a bit of time before they alert and reset you, so you can dash through the two sleeping ones in the pinch point without waking them


thankfully they're only coded to notice you


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I feel your pain...

It's okay, Belubel, we've all been through the same thing.


Yeah, like you said, the hobgobbler maze is equal to twenty two gazillion minutes of

torture. The first part, there is a place where you have to go around the MOMENT the

speedstinger can't see you. This thing totally is testing whether you have the guts and 

speed to do it. (Note: Don't try to go through the sleeping ones, they'll just send you 

back to where you started.


The second part is pretty easy.


The third part is the real test. Don't go too close to the non-moving dragons, because

they'll put you back on checkpoint two. Always wait 'till you can guarantee to make it

past a moving speedstinger. Never stay in sight of a sleeping or watching dragon for

too long.


Do all of this until you get to the final chamber. You can tell it's the last part because

there will and I repeat there WILL be dragons watching you at ALL TIMES. But don't

be afraid. This is to test if you are a real viking. Find the SHORTEST PATH from you to 

the door on the opposite side and RUN LIKE THE WIND. You can run-jump if it gives 

you more confidence. Don't stop until the fireworm dragons can't see you. (Note: It's 

fine if they see the hobgobblers. But they will mistake you for a threat, so run, AS 



Hope this helped. :D


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And now that I think about it, and I don't want to create a new thread for this ... it's called HIDDEN WORLD now that this expansion torture is over, they shouldn't let the dragons enter that area so we can fly with them. I think there are good areas to fly but I don't want to repeat it as a lone Viking.
Ps.Data: Has anyone else noticed the change on the page? I mean that things are missing, is it that they are going to update it and finally put to delete old and unnecessary threads ?. I'm very excited about that but who knows ... maybe this time it will happen.
Let's see if anyone reads this. I could send it to the administrator but first I want to make sure that we agree.