HELP!!!! Can't fishing, no quest and empty job board

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I had this annoying problem and i tried everything (clear cache,restart game) but still couldn't work. There's no fishing icon even i stand at fishing spot. I have no new quest as I'm still on level 17 and job board is empty. I'm not sure if this is bug problem. By the way I played using my android phone. I just update new SoD yesterday but still nothing happen
Hope you can help me fix this problem as I've been waiting replies from support team on my email for ages. Thank you so much



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For better odds of recieving help, read this post and also this post that helps guide players through some bug-reporting steps that the first link doesn't explain very well.

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Hi there..thanks for the post!

I did read the post and mentioned i play using my android phone. Well i pm admin directly n explain him everything. Thanks again for useful info! :D

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I run sod on a android tablet

I run sod on a android tablet 3 and am experiencing the same issues.  I can not fish, quest or level up my dragons.  I have tried completely Uninstaller and reinstalling the game.  I have cleared all the data out.  I even moved my game from my memory card back to the tablet.  None of these things have fixed this issue.  I have pmed the admins and have yet to get any reply in the last few weeks.  


I've run out of ideas to fix this myself and I don't currently own a computer so this is literally my only option of playing.  I would really like to fix this so I can subscribe and get the new quests and stuff.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks. 

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