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So i joined back in 2017 but left for a long time. Idk where to put this, but i have a question about member

If i cancel it on paypal will i still have it but no autopay, or will i waste money?

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hi :)

you should probably send an email with your question to



uNdEr CoNsTrUcTiOn



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If you are currently on PayPal Auto-Pay for membership and you decide to remove them from the Auto-Pay list, then you will still have full membership access up until your next renewal date. At that time, Paypal will deny payment to Jumpstart and your membership will expire.


Example: I used Paypal to buy a 6-month membership today but I don't want it to renew in April. So, to prevent Jumpstart from automatically billing my Paypal in 6 months, I will just delete them from the Auto-Pay list now. I can still enjoy the next 6 months of membership because it's already paid for but I don't have to worry about it renewing.


FYI: Jumpstart does not give refunds of any kind.