Helmet? Clan Tournament Winner?

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I got a message when I loged on today that I had recieved a helmeate from doing so well in eel zap game yesterday. So when I went to go put it on it was not there. I don't know if this is because I am not a member or what, but if I can have it I wold like ot be able to use it. So is it a bug or is it somehting else?  Also in my profile page in game it says Clan Tornament Winner. Is that were the helmet came from? Any help would be apreshiated :)

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So far as I know, everyone received an in-game message stating: "Congratulations Vikings! You all did an amazing job in the Eel Roast competition. Winners please check your inventory for your new helmet. Great job!"

So whether you won or not, you would see this message. A little confusing, but yeah.

Also, I believe everyone has a message on their personal board that says, "Clan Tournament Winner" - I think this was just announcing when a winner had been determined.

So neither necessarily have anything to do with winning either one. I think everyone sees them.


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Eel Roast Challenge

Just like Terraline said, every Viking received that announcement, but only the Dragon Trainers who participated in the Eel Roast Challenge this past Sunday (2/2) and ranked top 50 on our internal high score board will receive the special edition helmet.