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My name is Kelly and I am his 21 year old lady who hails from The Netherlands :D (So, sorry if my spelling/grammar sucks! Please correct me if I make any mistakes <3)

I have been playing for a while now and so far I've enjoyed it alot!

My viking is a girl called: Diisa, who has a cute purple/green Gronckle named Yulé.


My other interests mainly include gaming; from which the Legend of Zelda is my favourite! I have other hobbies but I won't bother you with those, haha!


Well, that's about it! I am not really great with these kind of stuff xD But, I hope to gain lots of friends here and play alot with Yulé as well, so I hope to see you all soon in the game!


Bye for now, and a good day to you <333


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- Subject -

Welcome to School of Dragons Forums!

The name's Hattori. Nice to meet you Kelly. :)

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Hello Kelly! Im Tory. Welcome

Hello Kelly! Im Tory. Welcome to SoD and the forums! If you need any help, just send me a pm. See ya around :)



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Hi Kelly!My name is Liene and

Hi Kelly!

My name is Liene and i'm from Latvia!

(It's here>


My viking name is Aprikoze (what btw means APRICOT in latvian!)

Good luck in SoD!

I wish you all the best luck in dragon training, and see ya' later!


(Sorry for crappy spelling! XD)


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Hello and welcome Kelly! It's great to meet you! I'm Cordis. Hope to see you in-game! Please feel free to shoot me a friend request (my code's in my signature). And your spelling/grammer is great, btw.



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Hi! Good luck on the forums! ;D














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Hello and welcome, Kelly. :D

Hello and welcome, Kelly. :D


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I've deleted the game from my harddrive and severed this forum account from my email.

Returning was a mistake I don't intend to make again.

Goodbye, have fun, and I hope you find your own escape before this game becomes as toxic for you as it did for me.

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Hey there Kelly!  Welcome to

Hey there Kelly! 


Welcome to the School of Dragons forum :)





Name: megahiccupandastrid

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Hi Kelly!Welcome to the

Hi Kelly!

Welcome to the forums!

I'm Ellena from Germany (Deutschland ^^ ), to be more exact somewhere near Frankfurt (in the middle left of Lienes map).

See you around the game!


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hi kelly! welcome to the forums!


That's Celunid - a night fury OC that I made just for fun

They like hanging out here in the siggy with you, so enjoy their company

Remember when I said I would revamp this siggy? Yeah right lol

I just float by here few times a year and 'spectate' like the Watcher, but hey,


PM me 'cause it's nice to remember I still exist on this forum :)

Conversation starters?

Twenty One Pilots. Physics. Aspec.

Pick one (or more)


DeviantArt, back when I still did art for fun and wanted it as a career, but don't worry

I've still kept art up and arguably, skill level's gotten better than ever


this is 2017-19, still nice to look back at



Anyways, here are some cool pics when I was still playing the game




Adiós mis amigos

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hi Kelly

Welcome to this forums


leuk te weten dat ik niet de enige ben van nederland XD

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Hi, Welcome to the Forums! :) x


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