Hello fellow dragon riders!

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Hi! My name is NinjaFish! I'm new here and I just started playing SoD a few days ago and it's awesome! I have two dragons, Spike my Deadly Nadder, and Tubby my Gronkle. The avatar I am using right now is a picture of Spike. I hope I will have a awesome time here! 


Vikving Name: NinjaFish 

Dragons: Spike (Deadly Nadder),Tubby (Gronkle), and Fury (Whispering Death)

Clan: Wyrmrest Riders


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Welcome to School of

Welcome to School of Dragons!

Your experience of How to train your Dragon here will be amazing, including the memories.

I hope your Dragon knowledge expands massively!

Good luck on being the Ultimate Dragon Trainer (If that's your goal). :)

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Good luck here!!! Fave fun

Good luck here!!! Fave fun with your dragons!


may your swords stay sharp and the wind be always at your back!!



       Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth, tame the dragon and the gift is yours.



                        -Neola Evans




Viking name: numbnut

Dragon name: Thorn

Dragon species: Deadly Nadder

Friend code: 9DES6



Unnskyld meg barmaid, er jeg redd du har brakt meg feil avkom! Jeg bestilte en ekstra stor gutt med tykke armer, ekstra guts og ære på siden. dette her, er dette en snakker fiskebein!


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Hello NinjaFish!Welcome to

Hello NinjaFish!

Welcome to School of Dragons! I am very sure you'll have a great time here! If you got any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. And if you have ideas or suggestions, tell us! The community is (mostly) a great one. There are show offs and some spoiler jerks and other idiots around, but the good guys are overwhelming them!

The team is also very competent! SO if you got a problem where the community cannot help, don't be afraid to ask a staff member in the Report Section. They'll do their best to help you!

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Welcome to the School of

Welcome to the School of Dragons! :)


i hope ole you really enjoy hanging out with everyone.  :)


Name: Eilif Eiderdrake


Main Dragon's Name: Shadowloner


Main Dragon Type: Changewing


Clan: The Silent Spectors


Clan Position: Leader


Here are the links to some of the suggestions I have made. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think.




If you are curious to hear who/what Big John is read the story at this link http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/big-john


A list of fun game threads that I have joined or plan on joining:


















My favorite quotes are these:


"When you're starving, you become sad. And when you're sad, you become hungry." ― Wendell


"A planned life is a closed life, it can be endured, but it cannot be lived." ― Hsien Chang of Yang Cheng from the movie "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness"


Things I feel are important to remember:


"It is important to be an immovable wall against bullying, but one should be careful that they don't become the bullier."


Pictures of my main dragon Shadowloner

Made by Brownie14

Made by Nessie

Made by AllyNadderRider

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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!


I looked at him, and saw myself.-Hiccup

Da-da-da. We're Dead-Hiccup

Anderson, don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street.-Sherlock

"My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears! The shock of my tail is a thunder bolt, my wings a hurricane! And my breath? Death." -Smaug the Stupendous

Check out my DragonCave ScrollIf you see any hatchlings/eggs it would be epic if you would click on them to help me, help them grow!


((drawing by the talented Primus04))

Viking: ToxicElixir; In a word sarcastic, in five? Short, proud, crazy, and fun.

Nightmare bouncie made by Hattori

Dragon: Akusentou-Pyro-maniac; Fiery, loyal, loving dragon who loves to race. 

-Monsterous Nightmare 


Dragon: Anubis-Digger of Small Burrows; Does not like to be cuddled is cuddled anyway

-Whispering Death


Dragon: Amethyst-Devourer of the Sea; Passive agressive dragon of many annoyances.

-Thunder Drum

  Pompeii Skrill bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo

Dragon: Pompeii- The "Bad Wolf"; Do not approach unless you have a log to appease her.



Dragon: Hearth- The Troublemaker; He might look calm and innocent now, don't believe it. That's what he wants you to think.



Dragon: Midgard and Asgard(Midas)- They whom have the "golden touch"; Not defined by social norms.



Dragon: Sonnet- "What immortal had or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"*; Oddly enough Sonnet is often compared to a summer's day, neither Toxic or Sonnet know why.



*Line from William Blake's poem "The Tyger"