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Hello I am GreylaTheOwl! I Am New To The Forum But an Old Player On the Game! Heres a Little About Me: Crazy, Funny, Silly, Friendly, Loves HTTYD And RTTE  I am Female Ive Been Playing Since 2015. 





                                                Welcome to Windows 98, Microsoft 1998.


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            Hey, What's up? I'm Grey, My SoD user is reskeira (pm for friend codc !)


         I use he/they pronouns B), uhh I really like DSMP, Lemon Demon, and a lot more stuff,

           i don't really play SoD as much, ive been playing it for about 6 years! (2015)

                      that's pretty much it, have an absolutely great day :D 

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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

Welcome to the Forums GreylaTheOwl! (just have to say it: you haven an interesting name..)
I'm Aelyras, and I absolutely LOVE dragons! I've been playing SoD since 2014, and I still have my very first dragon as my second main dragon. As you've probably already realised if you've seen my signature, my favourite dragon, and also my main dragon, is the Flightmare. I love everything about that dragon!
For real life me: I'm a nerdy 14,5 years old dragon loving girl who loves to draw, both traditional and digital. I'm not English, but Dutch, so I often make grammar and spelling mistakes, so sorry for that XD And futher, well, you can read more about me in my signature ;-)
Anyways, the SoD Forums are a nice place to talk about your game experience, roleplay, share art and stories and just chat with your friends and fellow SoD players. Here you can also report bugs so they can be fixed.
Have fun at the Forums, and if you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to send me a PM =)




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Viking name: Aelyras Brynnston

Dragon name: Ghostlight

Dragon species: Flightmare






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