Heather Quest bug and Green death bug

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Hello, to all the admins who may read this post. I am having an issue with Heather. When I click on her for a quest the loading gears pop up but the quest never shows or is accepted. Even if its a quest for another NPC like Hiccup or Astrid.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks. The bug with Heather happened when I went to talk to her for the Gronckel Iron quest. I am also having trouble with the jump on the green death's back quest. Every time I go to dragon island to complete the quest the green death is not there and the time that it was there it was inside the volcano but I had no way to complete the quest because when I went further into the tunnel it would kick me out of the volcano. The computer I am using is an Acer Predator with a windows 10 operating system also I used Steam to download School of Dragons. I tried downloading without Steam but it wouldn't even let me it kept saying that I couldn't connect and to try again later and the notification kept fashing. It would be greatly appreciated if these issues could be fixed. Thank You.