Have a problem with the membership.

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I have created an account in SoD 2 days ago. On 6th of Spet 2014. Today (on 8th of Sept 2014) I have paid 9.99$ by my card for 1 month membership. As I understood from the announcement for membership - I could recieve 500 gems. I have nor recieved them. When I tried to check my memebrship-appear a notice that I'm a member already. Then I  decided to by 525 gems for 4.99$. I paid them and recieved them. I bought a flying suite for my viking. There was written that it costs 500 gems for non-members and 400 gems for members. The site has tken from my account 500 gems, even I'm a member. Also, I have the flying suite for 1-2 minutes and it's disappeared. Where it is now and why SO MUCH BUGS there are. Please, I'm waiting an answer!  

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Toothy Pegs....

I bought a 12 month membership today(14/9) and it worked out pretty well. I got the gems, the flight suit and the free viking slot, but I haven't been able to get Toothless or access the member-only areas. I also haven't gotten any new quests(I think you get new ones) and it took me about 5 refreshes to actually get the gems. Please admin, I want my Dragon of Darkness!


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