Hatchery Walkthrough: Pick Your Dragon!

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Excited to start your adventure at SoD? Begin the epic journey by hurrying to the Hatchery to choose and hatch your dragon. Watch our tutorial video to find the Hatchery and go through the steps to greet your new, lifelong companion. http://Ez.com/SoDHatcheryVideo

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Raising your dragon?

Perhaps also do a tutorial of how to raise, glide, and fly dragons......which would really just be a compilation of 10-30 second snippets of game play xD. Dunno, just throwing that out there.


Oh, and it says it shows where the hatchery is.....not really. I remember when I was a new player I didn't know where anything was (you never do) so you gotta follow the quest arrow (which I did) but just showing a scene with the location isn't really enough.....but 99% of people prob use quest tracker so this paragraph kinda became pointless xD.....


very off-topic but I noticed your new features poll. I think outcasts should be one of the first things to be implemented as a new feature. We can do quests for them and when we just defeat them, we get.....5 gold per? But anyway they should be implemented first and fore-most as the game seems a bit dull without being able to use our dragons for any fighting :/


Just thought I should let you know all this ^^


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I agree!
I agree with the outcasts but yaks and boats and carts would be really cool too! And i think maybe when u first enter the school it should land u in front of the hatchery because when my best friend got this she was completely lost and i had to show her.
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how to get a whispering death

i have a code for the whispering death but i dont know where to enter it please help me with this

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go here

use this link and it will show you what to do next https://www.schoolofdragons.com/DVD/Register.aspx