Harvesting Golden Dragon eggs

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I've decided to try winning the Snoggletog Golden Dragon egg almost entirely through farming,and this spreadsheet I created suggests that it should be totally possible. As you'll see in the linked blog post, I only need to harvest from my eight Snoggletog Elk five times a day to manage it.


Here's a screenshot of my "Snoggletog Sweatshop"



If, unlike me, you're also doing the maze and the quests and the DT levels every day, you might not need to do nearly as much farming as I will. The spreadsheet provides a way for you to let it know where you're at and what you're doing right now, and it will then calculate how much farming you'd need to do, and of which animals, to get the rest of the way to 17000 cookies.


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I usually do the maze, races, dailies and tactics. Tactics is the last thing I do because I can grind absolute piles of Snoggletog shields from the first Snoggletog tactics level (yes I got a few maces but it is mainly the snoggletog shield that can be traded for 120 cookies). I am now at about 5000 cookies because of it.


I mainly use my farm for chicken eggs or just as a cute little 'zoo' for some of my animals. 





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For Snoggletog (and well, any

For Snoggletog (and well, any other event) i do dragon tactics, the maze, dallies, farming, racing, battles, literally everything they have to offer (yes, this is extremely time consuming, but a useful distraction if you chat banned, ahem, which i currently am at the moment). It's a long time, but worth it! My solution and determination got me my first battle won dragon: Spine and Fang, the Zipplewraith!


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