Happy Pride Month Dragon!

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Bit late on this it feels, but I haven't been playing SoD lately and have been focused on other things lately, however, I just now thought of this idea and went through with it! It's Pride Month, and in honor of it, I decided to grab my favorite dragon, and color it the same colors as the Bi Flag because I myself am. I named her Pride, and I want to introduce her as my own sort of celebration for Pride Month here! 



Lets hope the rest of Pride is a good one <3


Fun little challenge if you're a fellow ally: Make your own Pride Dragon, wearing colors any of the flags in the LGBT+ community, name them Pride (or anything else to go with the theme if you're able), then go ahead and post your Pride Dragon down bellow! Of course though, no one is obliged to do so.

I will admit I'm a bit scared of posting this because I do not know everyone's views, and I'm worried someone will just think I'm trying to push Pride into their faces, but I can assure this is just for Celebration of the Month, and I hope no one will be disrespectful <3


Have a Good Day Dragon Riders! Happy Pride!



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Great Idea! If I manage to get another dragon egg from chests I can make a pride dragon. Currently don't have enough gems to buy an egg sadly. Either way Happy Pride Month! 


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I'm glad you like it! And dont worry take your time, there's still bit of a month left <3 plus there is nothing stopping you from making it even after pride month, because there's always time to show some support and love <3 Makes me happy at the thought alone of making your own :D

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Swoopin' In!

She's beautiful. QwQ As someone who loves making festive dragons, I'm on board for this idea! This might be a bit of a stretch but what about a dragon for each flag? :D It'd be great way to show support and make use of duplicate eggs!


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Thank youu!! I definitely dont regret hatching her! Believe me, if I could I would definitely make a dragon with each flag, but I don't want to push further into the large amount of dragons i already have on my main, and I dont have enough eggs or room on my other two little vikings while still trying to save gems. Reason why I offered up a friendly little challenge of people making their own pride dragon if they could <3
It can always be which flag they can identify with (like i did with the Bi flag) or any flag they like. I'd love to see other people's creativity and support for pride and the community even if it's as little as making a video game dragon, I still find it meaningful c:

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Nice challenge. I will try

Nice challenge. I will try the Bi flag too but with a different dragon. I just hope that I will have finished this before the end of the month.


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Wow this is an awesome idea! 

I am not part of the ‘Pride community’ but im always 100% supportive of them and I love that you thought to do this! 

I love the challenge idea but I’m currently too broke to do it XD but happy pride month! :D <3


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Hmm....if I had another egg I would totally do this! For me it would be the l esbian flag, cause that's me! This is a great idea! 


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Okay those colours look really good on woollies jsadhads

I could do straight or ace flag dragons but 'straight pride' absolutely doesn't count and the ace flag is absolutely hideous ;_;


Happy pride to the ᑫueer SoD-players!


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject.

Out of curiosity I had to look up the ace flag now. (I have a very short term memory for what flag = what and usually have to look them up every time someone mentions one and I want to know what they're talking about.)

Yuck. You're right. Why is it so dark and dreary when there are others that are bright and cheerful? While I don't know if I dislike it enough to call it hideous I'm not sure how I feel about the ace flag looking like it's from an edgy Goth club or something. I don't have anything against Goth or people who like really dark color combos but it's 100% not my style in most cases. Guess I won't ever have any outfits based on my gender identity.


Maybe it would look ok on a dragon that doubles as Halloweeny? Purple and dark colors can be Halloweeny. The white can be in the claws, horns and teeth.



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It's not dark and dreary for just lacking colour, but it fits aces as the idea of being ace is that you don't feel attraction towards anyone at all, so the lack of colour works with that. In my opinion it's the purple that kind of ruins the thing. It's like one of those bad colour schemes people tend to scroll past.


Then again, I don't think most of the flags are designed to be pretty- all the colours have their own meanings.

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To each their own, I guess

I always though the ace flag was quite pretty. In fact, I actually have a dragon based off of it, appropriately named “Ace”. She’s a Silver Phantom. I used white for the main body, with accent colors of black and purple. The areas where the white and black came together made the grey. She’s actually a quite balanced dragon, color wise. Lots of white, to offset the black and purple.

As usual with pride flags, each color means something. Black for people who are purely ace, grey for grey or demi people (still can feel attraction, just in rare or specific circumstance), white for our non-ace partners and allies, and purple, for the ace community as a whole.

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Yeah I already mentioned that each colour has its own meaning ;)

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I know, I was just giving the meanings :)