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I've actually been playing School of Dragons for a couple weeks now (or has it been a month?). I love the game and play it every day. I've posted in the forum a few times about glitches and bugs and other things, and thought I should finally get around to introducing myself, so here I am. =)


I guess real life speech is banned in game... and although I found no mention of it in the forum rules, I'll assume it goes for here, too.


My username here is Mariella. I've currently at adventure level 19 (or 20 when I'm in my farm?), fishing level 19, and farming level 16. My first dragon is my beloved Jasper, a brown and mossy green gronckle. I also have an adorble pink and green whispering death named Rosemary. =) They're both bonding level 20. I'm thinking about getting another dragon... maybe a Thunderdrum or Zippleback... but I really want a Scouldron, Flightmare, Fireworm, or Changewing if they ever make them.


I enjoy farming, playing element match, exploring and racing. Sometimes I play Fireball Frenzy, but I'm not too good at it. By now I've completed all the quests so I mostly farm and race. 


I'm planning on making a clan of my own, but I'm still saving up gems and trying to come up with a good name...


My chat doesn't work, ever, but I would still love to make friends in the game. I like to play hide and seek, tag, and make game challenges. So feel free to add me as a friend. =)


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Your dragons are gorgeous. (:

Your dragons are gorgeous. (: Nice to meet you. I've only been playing for a couple weeks, but I'm really enjoying it, despite it being specifically geared for kids. 


I'm sure Voltshock would love to play with Rosemary one of these days!




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Noxting /  / Triple Stryke

(I will not be adding vikings that are unnamed in-game!)


I had climbed a rough, high cliff by the sea. It was a favorite spot, a place I could think and keep calm. But I hadn't realized that high tide was coming so swiftly. It came too quick and I was stuck. 

"Someone help me! I can't leave!!" I shouted to the gray sky. I remember that day well. The wind was very strong, the tides coming in faster and faster, and I was surrounded by water, soon to drown.


A fast blip in the sky that I could barely pinpoint roughly grabbed me and yanked me into the air. I looked at the claws holding me - except it wasn't claws at all. A thin, armored tail curled tightly around me and the other two seemed poised at my throat should I squirm too much. I glanced upwards at the beast. Even its underbelly looked like armor, though not as tough as the "outer shell" seemed to be. It was a dark gray color and the outer armor was a dark navy almost black hue. I assume it primarily hunted at night due to this. 


I tapped gently at the tail around my body to get its attention. It didn't stop flying but it glanced down at me, as if to say, 'What could you possibly want?'

Clearing my throat, I shouted, "Thanks for saving me, but this is a bit of a rough ride like this. Could you stop somewhere? Maybe I could gift you some fish jerky I have at my hut?"


The Triple Stryke sneered and ignored me for some time. It was a long flight and when it ended, it was abrupt. I was dropped into a craggy nest, well hidden with brambles and foliage and dirt. One Triple Stryke dragonling scampered toward me. It had to have been a week old at the latest, but it was already fairly large. They must grow quickly in this environment, even with their hardy armor. Its coloring was similar to the parent.


I saw its throat glow brightly. 'Great,' I thought. 'I'm about to be dragon kebab.'


My eyes shut tightly and moments passed. It seemed to have gotten distracted by a looming shadow above the nest and I took the chance to scratch directly underneath its chin. It did little. It snarled at me and I moved my hand to the area right behind its ear spike. That was the spot. It chittered to itself in contentment, never having known this bliss before.


"Boy? Girl?"


The Triple Stryke blinked at boy but ignored girl. Smart little guy. "I think I'll call you Noxting because of your strange color.. and you're probably a night hunter, aren't you?"


He nodded in agreement. 


-------- (One year later) ---------------------


"Come on, Nox," I patted his cheek. His flight was so sharp and accurate, it was insane. He was probably the fastest Strike Class dragon out there, except for possibly a Night Fury. A recently discovered species, to boot. We had been living on Berk for a little while now, and Hiccup was very curious. So we decided to go out and have a race.


Hiccup leaned back against Toothless, grinning at me. I rolled my eyes at him, my competitiveness being driven into hypermode. There are no allies when I'm ready to win. Everyone's an enemy. The other Berkians gathered around us to watch, some to participate themselves. Fishlegs raised the flag. 3, 2, 1.......... GO!


Nox launched us forward, vining his tails together to help him turn even more accurately. Toothless was a nose ahead of us, and I leaned down closer to my Triple Stryke's body. "Watch for their weaknesses." He grunted in response.


With every dive, sudden turn, Hiccup and myself were keeping toe to toe. The Night Fury was just a smidge faster. Just a smidge. The race was over. It took .32 seconds. The rest of the racers took a minute at least. He nodded, pleased with himself and his dragon, but also surprised at my own. "I can't believe there's a dragon out there that can keep up with us."


"That's not all we can do," I retorted. Sore loser? Eh. Maybe. I jutted my chin towards the cliff behind Toothless. "Show 'em how it's done!"


Nox snarled and shot a very blinding fireball directly at Toothless. Of course he managed to dodge it, and he growled in defense, but we weren't in front of them anymore. We were behind, and flew directly underneath the crumbling debris. 


"Watch out!!" Hiccup shouted. We didn't hear it. We were trying to show them up.


Nox flew horizontally so that his belly was facing the debris. His tails lashed at each debris in quick (almost too quick) succession, easily knocking everything out of harm's way within moments so that we were completely safe. Afterward, we flew towards Hiccup and Toothless, still upside down. I smirked. "Can Toothless do that?"


Hiccup ran his hand through his hair in stunned silence and shrugged. "Well... no."


I sniffed. "Thought so. Race you back to Berk!"

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Aw, thanks Yimie! Your

Aw, thanks Yimie! Your Voltshock is stunningly beautiful. =) I'm sure Rosemary would love to play too. I'll send you a friend request. ^_^

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Welcome to the School of

Welcome to the School of Dragons! :) If by real life speech you mean bad language aka swear words those are not allowed. Information about yourself in real life such as phone number, city you live in, etc. should not be given out without extreme caution. It is not against the rules to give out information about yourself like that, but as you probably know it can be very dangerous.


Name: Eilif Eiderdrake


Main Dragon's Name: Shadowloner


Main Dragon Type: Changewing


Clan: The Silent Spectors


Clan Position: Leader


Here are the links to some of the suggestions I have made. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think.




If you are curious to hear who/what Big John is read the story at this link http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/big-john


A list of fun game threads that I have joined or plan on joining:


















My favorite quotes are these:


"When you're starving, you become sad. And when you're sad, you become hungry." ― Wendell


"A planned life is a closed life, it can be endured, but it cannot be lived." ― Hsien Chang of Yang Cheng from the movie "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness"


Things I feel are important to remember:


"It is important to be an immovable wall against bullying, but one should be careful that they don't become the bullier."


Pictures of my main dragon Shadowloner

Made by Brownie14

Made by Nessie

Made by AllyNadderRider

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Oh, I never use bad language

Oh, I never use bad language in real life! It's vulgar and not my style. I was refering to the in game chat's guidelines... I would have included more about my hobbies and interests beyond school of dragons. I guess in the forum it's okay to share that kind of information.. kind of silly of me to think otherwise, in retrospect... XD;


Real Life Context

Language referring to a player’s out-of-game life is blocked to prevent sharing too much information with strangers.

Examples: in real, in real I have a lot of friends, what are you watching in real