Grand Ultimate Dragon Tactic Guide (revised and improved based on your tips :D)

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Thank you all for your recomendations and tips in the past, I have put together this guide based on your tips!



First off I want to say this: if you are trying really censored the hardest levels to get ledgendary levels, you are looking in the wrong place. You can get ledgendary gear anywhere. I recently just got a Bewilderbeast sheild from the first level of the training course! Another way to make sure you get really good weapons is to try to collect rare weapons to fuse into an epic one and so on.


If you are thinking of getting a new dragon, Skrills are always a good choice because of their range, Skrills also have a "lighning coat" or something like that that can deal some damage, just bring him into the center of the fray and LET EM HAVE IT! Monsterous nightmare does something similar, but I think the skrill might have more power.


DON'T try to get a Zippleback or Tunderdrum. Unless you don't have too much patience, you could go around finding coin and video chests because they have a pretty good chance of giving you Zippleback, Gronkle, Nadder, Whispering Death, and Thunderdrum eggs. I have a bunch from those chests.


Now, try to level up your viking, eventually he/she will have so much health that with the right moves, you may never loose a battle. Make sure to have some armour on. Even if you just have the common stuff, thats fine, but armour will up your hp and defence.


Now "it's time to put the 'tactics' in Dragon Tactics" -CrystalMoonFang


This strategy I got from reading Crystalmoonfang's guide for dragon tactics. So you want to have two "sniper" dragons (dragons with long range, a skrill is one) and one "tank" (strong dragons with good health and attack). If you can't get a skrill, I recomend using a Nadder. Stormcutters and maybe hotburples are good tanks too. Have the snipers benind your tank. Attack with the tank first, and have your snipers deal some ranged back up.


I have found this quite usefull. It's a good idea to try and scout a level upon entering for the first time. You may be able to form a plan on moves and when to block. If there are areas with a lot of enemies in one area, Zipplebacks have a great attack for that, or you can use the skrill. Always try to suprise attack as many enemies as possible, this will prevent them from dodging. With your snipers , try a "hit-and-run" technique where you hit the target, and if you don't finish it off, move away. You can't move towards the target to do this. You have to attack from your place, and fly away so that your sniper doesn't take too much damage.


If you're thinking that you should just keep ending your turn until you get a special attack or move, that is a TERRIBLE IDEA!!! The enemies will just go on alert and move toward you even when they can't see you. Save your attacks for when they are really useful. If there's a really dangerous enemy, use them on him, but if the attack is ment to target multiple, try and save it to hit more than one. Again, Zippleback's are great for this.


Now if you are having trouble picking weapons, this is good for you. I always like swords, but some people like other ones. If you use a sword, the best way to utilize the sweep is to make two enemies alert on you, then block. Once they move in front of you, finish them with the sweep. If you use an axe, then try to do a sneak attack and hit the target with an axe throw. I don't really like maces though. All the bonous attack does is have greater attack and stun. If you just need a super attack this is a good one, also if you are trying to stun a character, but I don't use it too often.


If you are trying to get past a level but one of your characters keeps getting knocked out, try to have at least one who has some sort of heal power. That or have one with strong health and a regenarate (like a whispering death or triple stryke) to act as a sheild.


Now if you want to know some good dragons, here they are:

Zipplebacks (strong attack)

Skrill (ranged attacks)

Thunderdrum (strong basic attack)

Nadders (fast and ragned attacks)

Stormcutters (strong health and attack)



If you are trying to level up your dragons, stable quests are good, and so is that eel roast game.


(P.S. this is the account I use in the forums. My game account doesnt work for some reason with this so I use this one. Scroll for more info)




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This is me


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I also have...

Zippleback: Gassy and Spark

Shockjaw: Thundershock

Gronckle: Rocker

Groncicle: Glacier

Monsterous Nightmare: Flamethrower

Whispering Death: Groundfire

Thunderdrum: Sonic Boom

Prickleboggle: Sundew

Armourwing: Sheild

Tideglider: Wavewalker

Stormcutter: Dinrall




In game:

Where you can find me: First off why do you want to know? Anyway, I am usually one single player, but I go on multi player during battle events and when I feel like it. When on multiplayer I am in the Training Grounds.

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Now for those codes:

Lavaeater: Eruptadon egg (yes my dragon is named after the code)

Cloudcover: Stormcutter armour

Takeflight: Skyrunner flightsuit (Don't know if this works anymore since the suit us supposetdly in the store now. I use it before it went into the store.)

SkrillThrill: Lightning skrill armour (no shoulder pads)













See Ya

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A wild outcast has appeared!

While most levels usually only reward Tier 1 and 2, from Biting Bruise and onward, they reward Tier 3, which is the strongest Tier available so players shouldn't stop trying to get stronger items from those levels as a Tier 3 Weapon is by far better than a Tier 2 Weapon.


The Fusing works by getting items of x type to fuse them to the y type but the Tier of said item also matters, if a Blueprint is for a Tier 2 Rare Helmet, you need to get 3 Tier 2 Common items, specifically two Tier 2 Common Helmets and one random Tier 2 Common item. There's also the blueprints that will replace your item for another one (for example, a Tier 2 Legendary Weapon) which are useful to get exclusive weapons - I've gotten a Tier 3 Infernal Morning Star, Tier 3 Razorwhip Axe and a Tier 3 Mace of Winter just from this blueprint alone, the Tier rule however still apply to this Blueprint type so you can only fuse weapons of the same Rarity and Tier. Outside of this, you are better off getting the items naturally than fusing them.


As for the actual Tactics, I think it mainly depends if someone is more of The Ranger (uses more range attacks), The Tank (uses dragons with lot of health) or the Leeroy Jenkins (who needs defense when you can just charge and attack them all), I'm more Leeroy Jenkins and I use a Flightmare (first attack is a multi-target attack that has a chance of paralysing enemies), Zippleback (mid-range first attack and multi-target second attack, the buff move Charge Up allows them to buff up their Firepower and can eliminate Timberjacks of level 50 with one hit, this coming from a level 43 Zippleback) and the necessity Prickleboggle which stays behind them to heal them every round, however, I use my Viking which has the most health than any other dragon I own as a tank that takes all the hits while using the Axe (first attack is close range and 2nd is mid range) with the Ice Element - it's worth noting that the word that comes before the actual Weapon's name (Frozen Hatchet, Intense Plain Sword, ect) connects to the element the weapon and therefore the element the Viking will be, for example, a Frozen Hatchet is an Ice Hatchet, Intense is Focus, ect.


Surprised you didn't listed the Prickleboggle as one of the best dragons, in stronger Icestorm Levels, it really becomes a necessity to own one because the Prickleboggle has two healing moves, the first one is a multi-target, mid-ranged healing and the second one is a one-target, long ranged healing that heavy-heals a character. The buff move is Defense which is useful to protect the Prickleboggle in case it's in the middle of danger - the other dragon with Healing is the Tide Glider but their healing attack is the second move with 4 of cooldown and is close ranged as opposed to Prickleboggle's long ranged heavy healing move, and the Fireworm Queen which is not available yet.


At the Wiki, one of the Admins made a personal review of each dragon and an overall list based on performance and endurance which I recommend checking it out, you can check it out here.



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I ate my own subject - Just Saying...

I love your wiki! Thanks!

I just got a prickleboggle, so it still has a low healing power, but I'm anxious to try it out.

Personally, I love the Elder Sentinel.  His defense is so incredible! I use him as a shield while all the rest of my dragons hide behind him.  Even on the harder levels he'll defend himself four out of five times - possibly more, don't remember...



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oh whoops

Yeah I remember hearing about that dragon's healing powers, but I forgot to put him on there.

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It's CrypticMoonFang, not Crystal. X'D So close. I'm glad my post was able to help though!


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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Yikes sorry, I really knew your name but either it was the spell check or because I was focusing more on the actual guide.

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It's fine, I just had a good laugh is all. 

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Thank you

Hi there, 


Thank you so much for compiling all of this information. It is very useful for new players and old players alike ( in my case I returned after a long hiatus ). I look forward to learning new tips from other players so keep it coming. 


I agree with LPS100 about the Prickleboggle, it really is a useful dragon to have for the last level. I actually won the last Icestorm Island level by using a level 13 Tide Glider, a level 36 Titan Razorwhip and a level 36 Woolly Howl. 


I used my Razorwhip as the tank, the Woolly Howl as the sniper rather than the Snow Wraith or Skrill because they take damage pretty well. As for the Tide Glider, I think a Prickleboggle might suffice however it cannot deal any damage to enemies. Since the Tide Glider has the healing function, it can give boosted attacks to the Flightmares and Dragon Hunters with the paralysis function. 


So far it has only worked once for me. It would make me very happy if others can share their strategies for defeating the last level. I guess that longevity and health are important factors for winning the last level. 


Have a nice day 

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Frostwind - Woolly Howl

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