Got a good viking backstory? Come here!

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Why, hello.


You must be curious, Am i right?

Wel,l let me satisfy YOU wit h an explanation

in t he next post.


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Forgot what to write here :0


You probably read all that ^


Sooo im really bored


Im not sure if this was created before but if you guys dont mind,

share your vikings backstories here so people can come and read

til their satisfaction!

It can be long, just try and keep it as short as

you can. (not too short tho)


I really wanna read all of your backstories 

and even share mine too!


♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡


Let's Begin!!


(my back story is a little lower, scroll down to find.)




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Hello My Future Self, Reading This, and Most Probably Cringing

Trackin! Will type up mine when I'm not supposed to be trying to sleep


Edit: mines not very well thought out, but I'm a reader, not a writer. No mum, I don't care about writing with pens, let me live in peace with my pencils.


Our island was under attack, and my parents had no choice but to push me into the forest. I was just a little girl. I sat and hid behind a tree, when I heard rustling. There was a dragon, a small one. A mostly black Sand Wraith. I was at first scared, he was scared of me too. But slowly, we slowly learnt to trust each other, as I offered him a small fruit from a nearby bush. I decided to follow him, deeper into a forrest. we travelled until we were almost at the other end. I decided to go and look out, to check on the village. My parents come running to me, happy that the attacks were over. This obviosly scared the dragons away. From then, I would sneak out every night to play with the dragon.


A couple years later, we were under attack again, by dragons. We had to evacuate the island, and leave for a new, uninhabited island. So the dragon and I grew apart for many years. I was never a fan of k.illing dragons. I wasn't brave enough to do so either. Because of this, I was banished from the island. I sailed and sailed, untill I came to a new island, the Isle of Berk. I met Chief Hiccup, and despite me being younger, offered me a place in the school. I didn't know what to say, so he gave me a couple of days to think about it.


I was exploring the forest, and heard a low growl. It was the same Sand Wraith from all those years ago. Obviosly, he grew up too, and I didn't realise him at first. But it seemed he recognised my scent, and ran up to me, licking me all over. At last, I remembered who he was. He was still almost the same as I had remembered, but now, he had a little chunck of his left wing missing. I went out, and Chief was surprised and glad that I had already made a dragon friend. I enrolled at the school, and the rest is history.


I know it's quite pathetic, especially the last paragraph. Still thinking about how I decided to call him Tanami though.


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TANAMI. I'm surprised I didn't realize who the sand wraith was sooner. (why am I so excited about somone else's dragon).



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Forgot what to write here :0

Such a sweet backstory, i love it!!!

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

Tracking! I will cringe at this in the future and your probably too...


WANING BAD GRAMMAR (i didnt feel like proof reading...)


Many years ago, two vikings from very different clans met.

Ulfhild Gratiosus from defenders of the wing and Rune Ferox from The Berserkers. The two clans were had very different morals, and could never get along. At that time the Berserkrs mistreated and hunted dragons for their selfish desires, while the defenders took care and treated them well. 


Ulfhild and Rune met in the middle of Akkeri island. Rune (Rusty blonde hair and green eyes) was on a mission to capture some thunder drums, when he got separated from his ship that was caught in a storm. He woke up from unconsciousness in a strange island. It was filled with greenery and the air was really moist. At the banks of the island there was sand. As soon as he got up and brushed sand off his clothes he noticed a crossbow pointed at his neck. He followed where it was coming from until he saw a woman, ginger brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. 

After they confirmed none was going to kill the other, they started to notice how many differences they had. When times were desperate they noticed how much they needed each other.


Thats how two young girls were born, Yrsa and Aeora. Yrsa had rusty blonde hair while Aeora had ginger brown hair. One feature they had in common, was their beautiful aquamarine eyes. 


Just as things couldn’t get any happier, the berserker clan found out about the families little secret and banned them from ever meeting again, and ever visiting the island. They immediately started a war between the few defenders that were with Ulfhild protecting dragons on Akkeri. That war ended shortly because conditions on the island were tough. Rune and Ulfhild are forced to separate and each took one child with them.


(Read Aeoras post to see her part of the story!)


My mother Ulfhild took me to join the defenders of the wing and never told me that I had a sister or a father, but she kept my last name as Ferox(my dads last name). 

I was taught that dragons were beautiful and gentle creatures we should respect, but I was never told to ride them. 

Unless she was away doing her job, my mother was always watching me and never let me out of her sight. I always loved to go with my mom to collect pretty things we find on the island, but one day I snuck away from my friends alone to a shore of the island to find my own pretty things. (Btw I was 5) I found orange-ish yellow rocks that I liked so I took those back home, I also found a little dragon so I picked it up to take home with me. When my mom saw them she got terrified, she quickly took the dragon and the rocks and put them outside far away. She came back and told me to never touch that dragon ever again cause its dangerous, of course I couldn’t care less. 


Fast forward a little


I was trained to be a dragon protector and hunt down dragon hunters. I wore black clothes that covered everything except my eyes, I was told that would help hide me. After days of training with my friend we were finally ready to go out on our first mission. For the mission we were given a map and had to find the dragon traders on the northeast, our orders were to release the caged dragons. During the mission while opening the cages they were so squeaky that we got caught but we managed to get on the dragons and fly away. We were afraid of getting caught so instead of telling our leader what we have done we kept it a secret. 

Our plans always went like that cause we loved riding them. 


Fast forward a little more >:)


We became experts at saving and taking care of dragons. On our 100th mission we went to a berserker dragon skin trade to save 3 dragons from being skinned. 2 dragons were under the berserkers noses and one dragon was under a different clans nose. We went into the ship of the other clan and freed the dragon. Then as we were about to open the cage on the berserker ship a girl around our age busted open the door with a dragon skinning knife, we were caught, but instead of firing at us, me and her were staring at each other. While that happened my friend cleverly opened the cages and let the dragon’s out. She hopped on one of the draggons and grabbed me on the way out. The berserkers were shooting their arrows at us but I was only thinking about who that girl was cause I felt something when I saw her… a giant rock hit us and we fell into the ocean.


Few hours later 


I woke up on the sore of a strange looking island and a tickling feeling on my legs, I quickly noticed it was a death song! it was hurt. I moved away and opened my map, I didn’t know where I was, there was no where like this on the map. I remembered my mother telling me about an island called melody island which looked kinda like the one I was in, it was supposed to be filled with death songs, and it was. I ran into a yellowish orange cave and saw the same scratched up death song walking weirdly towards me, I panicked while looking for the fruit that calms dragons in my bag, it wasn’t their! (turns out it was one of the dragons we saved on the ship, it followed me)... 


Bla bla bla I tame the dragon hooray then I get back home with my new deathsong.... my friend was no where to be found... then I got sent to the school of dragons where I found her… she tells me what happened… we reunite… i meet my sister…. 


Ask Aeora for how we met (if you want) *shrugs* 






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Coincidence? I think not.

Well this certainly is convenient.

I just added a "Know my Vikings' Stories" section to my signature bonus yesterday lol


Might as well, eh? I'll have to narrate it differently than how I put it on my signature though.



Em (full name Emlaisse Delsen) or the moniker she used for a while, 'Hidden', started out simple. She was born in Nepenthe Island, being the only child of Nimrod and Saga Delsen, a couple of farmers. Compared to other kids her age, she was... well, a bit different. Instead of helping out with cultivation and irrigation, she'd rather watch the Tidal Class dragons swim across the ocean, near the sandy shores. 


Since a young age, she had a fascination with oceanic dragons and their abilities. Especially Fathomfins


A few years later, her homeland was raided by a small group claiming to be Berserkers. The island became chaotic, her childhood home was burnt down to the ground, and her parents sacrificed themselves to get her off the island. She managed to escape in a small raft, and was stranded on the ocean for a week, following several storms.


Soon enough, she landed on Sunken City, and was taken in by the local villagers. After some debating, it was decided she'd be under the care of the island's fishermen, with Feire the Dune becoming a sort of "uncle-figure". She'd live there in condition she'd support the villagers, and so she was forced to take on the profession of fishing. 


Feire would notice Em's accuracy when catching fish, and managed to convince her to practice with a bow and arrow. From there on, she'd become a natural in Archery


Despite her quickly adjusting to Sunken City's daily life, Em still felt out of place. Just like in Nepenthe, she'd take long walks on the outskirts of the island to watch the ocean. One of those times, she caught sight of a group of boats sailing by. They turned out to be Dragon Hunters, and were carrying caged dragons for their next trade. One of said dragons managed to escape, being a Sand Wraith. It only managed to get to the island's shore, before the Hunters managed to subdue it.


Em made a choice that day. She managed to help free the dragon, and thus became a key point in her upcoming. The Sand Wraith would hide from her, or snarl whenever she'd try and visit him, but small steps managed to help her tame the dragon. 


From there on, he would be called Jackpot; named after the first thing Em said when getting him to trust her. However, taming a dragon was something that was light years away from becoming an accepted thing in Sunken City, and soon found herself with the choice of either k.illing the dragon or be banished. 


She chose to leave, and settled with Jackpot on the semi-deserted landscape of Tyr Island


Although alone, news spread by one of the merchant passerbys brought upon a new opportunity: Berk's newly appointed Chief - one who was against the idea of hurting dragons - managed to unite both sides and were living in harmony. Using the merchant's directions, dragon and Rider set off to the Isle of Berk in hopes of a new start. 


At that point onward, the rest is history. 




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Forgot what to write here :0

omg- such a touching backstory! 

Whats a coincidence is that my viking is a part of the berserker clan, so i could connect this somehow with my backstory too!

I loved this so much, it was so beautiful and inspiring!

The fact that you would always gaze into the ocean is so peaceful.

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Aloha Lola

Aye, thank you! I experimented a lot with her backstory, but I think I eventually got inspired when listening to Ludovico Einaudi's 'Burning' for her early years. 


Berserker you say? I'm interested in learning your backstory!

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Forgot what to write here :0

I can't wait to finish it up and share it!!



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Life is a grain of sand floating in the custard of the universe.

Tracking! Might post mine later! :)


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Mmm I has this stories since

Mmm I has this stories since forever but never share it perhaps out of fear that I'd spoiled it? XD well it's not like I'm going to write it in more serious any way so....!


(Minor warning for dark subject)


There're twin sisters of a fisherman family; Tahno and Tuna Fishbone. They're orphaned by the dragon attacks during Dragon-viking war. Because of that Tuna greatly despire dragons. Not only they have took their parents away but now she's forced to take responsible of everything to take care of both of them. Tahno however are more kind-hearted and forgiven. She's less of a warrior compare to the two and a little sheltered so it was Tuna who did most of the work. She found an abandorn baby thunderdrum one day and decided to raise it in secret. Time has passed and Hiccup had befriended Toothless and eventually made Berkians accept and live with dragons in peace. This greatly upset Tuna. How come they get over all the loses so easily and treated like nothing has happened after all the hardship the sisters has to faced. Tahno, however are overjoyed, finally she could show her Thunderdrum to everyone and make him lives freely. This developement made Tahno felt even more betreyed and the twin fought. It ended with Tuna running away with the Thunderdrum in tears. But as mentioned prior that Tuna is rather sickly and sheltered and it doesn't take long for things to take a turn for the worst. She got seperate from her dragons. Worse, he hearing got damaged by her own thunderdrum. Over-expose and with the work of the wildlife, the berkian and Tuna found her when it's already too late and she's passed. Tuna blamed herself and lock herself in the house for days in grief.

Several days after, the Thunderdrum came back and went beserk on the village so much so they even consider to put it down. Tuna had recognized the dragon however and decided to come out to confront it in the same manner one would confront her own crime. She told the dragons how Tahno had died, that it was her fault, instead of the thunderdrum going in for the k,ill, he just cry out in grief and crease the attack.

The Thunderdrum sticked around for a few days, then one day Tuna just up and left on his back. As they're alone and reach the certained height, she jumped.

She's not dead, however, The Thunderdrum dived down to catch her just in time. She realized that they both share the same grief, the same guilt and from that point on she decided to live on to be each other anchors. Although she's made up her mind; "Tuna" doesn't deserve to outlive her sister, so in a way she has die,d from the fall and now she would live on as Tahno, the more deserving sister who love dragons and raise a whole Thunderdrum. She also regret what she has said so she no longer speak with words.

From that point on "Tahno" live a hermit live away from civilization, befriending wild dragons here and there. Both her and Manta the thunderdrum are still healing and they got a long way to go before they could truly find peace but they do find some joys day to day. Their bond are strong based on their shared guilt. Tahno is never talking again, only communicate with other viking through written words on the rocks she carried around. Hiccup found and recruited her for help in some mission once in a while


And that's about it! She's my main viking oc but actually in any stories she's never a main character of the stories, and just a side character. Fun fact. This is originally just a short story idea I have for a stand alone httyd episode and it was originally just going to be about a father fisherman who hate dragon and a daugther who secretly adopt a thunderdrum then out herself after Berkian accept dragons. The storied more of less go exactly the same way with the daughter died and the father accept dragons but live in guilt. I ended up adopted this story for my main oc origin because I like it so much. A not so fun fact is that if we account on what happened at the end of httyd 3. Tahno wouldn't survive being seperated from Manta at her current stage of healing.


I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! If you see a Clanless Viking named 'Tahno' with obscured face like Snow Fury head or Whispering death head or Skull masks and maybe riding a Black and White Thunderdrum. Come say Hi!

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This was such a sad story,

This was such a sad story, and beautiful too! I was so touched and happy to read this wonderful back story 

(✦థ ェ థ)

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"A journey through desperate times"


 "A Journey Through Desperate Times"


My Backstory


So me and my sister xIXYrsaXIx have slightly connected backstories

but this is mine!! Its not complete and i left out so many details,

its so hard to summarize this!!


Many years ago, two vikings from very different clans met.

Ulfhild from defenders of the wing and Rune from The Berserkrs.

The two clans were had very different morals, and could never get along. At that time the Berserkrs mistreated and hunted dragons for their selfish desires, while the defenders took care and treated them well. 


Ulfhild and Rune met in the middle of Akkeri island. Rune (Rusty blonde hair and green eyes) was on a mission to capture some thunder drums, when he got separated from his ship that was caught in a storm. He woke up from unconsciousness in a strange island. It was filled with greenery and the air was really moist. At the banks of the island there was sand. As soon as he got up and brushed sand off his clothes he noticed a crossbow pointed at his neck. He followed where it was coming from until he saw a woman, ginger brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. 

After they confirmed none was going to kill the other, they started to notice how many differences they had. When times were desperate they noticed how much they needed each other.


Thats how two young girls were born, Yrsa and Aeora. Yrsa had rusty blonde hair while Aeora had ginger brown hair. One feature they had in common, was their beautiful aquamarine eyes. 


Just as things couldn’t get any happier, the berserker clan found out about the families little secret and banned them from ever meeting again, and ever visiting the island. They immediately started a war between the few defenders that were with Ulfhild protecting dragons on Akkeri. That war ended shortly because conditions on the island were tough. Rune and Ulfhild are forced to separate and each took one child with them.


(Read Yrsa’s backstory for her side)


Growing up in the Berserker clan was tough. The second half of her life there was ruled by their new chief, Dagur. She was always told of some weird guy named Hiccup. 


She didn’t do it alone though, she had a best friend named Kare. They were practically inseparable.

Kare lost both his parents in a war. So he never really knew what it was like to have them. He only had an older brother named Skarde.

Aeora, however only had a dad, so she never wondered why she didn’t have a mom.


Aeora was tired of simply being a junior berserker and didn’t want to work in agriculture or fishing. She wanted to experience everything first hand. So she applied to be part of the army. It took a lot of work but she went through all the phases until she made It to the top.


One particular mission was given to Aeora, when the clan was in dire circumstances. They had ran out of resource, and a place, called Napenthe Island, was filled with farms and was located a couple days away. She was told to go on a raid, and was placed as the second in command. Kare took care of the battle strategies. 


They set off and the raid went well. Kare was able to burn down a lot of buildings, forcing vikings out. Aeora led some troops to capture the fleeing vikings before they can escape. At the corner of her eye she noticed two parents from the island running off to the shore with a girl, about her age. They barely made it before they pushed the girl out to the ocean and got caught by some soldiers. 

She would never forget the moment she watched her people end them there and then. It was so painful to watch, but she couldn’t back down now. She was in such a good position, she had to keep working hard.


(Read EmeraldHuntress65's backstory for details on the island and family)


Another Mission Aeora was sent on, this time without Kare, was to collect some thunderdrums and mosterous nightmares for their skin. Some engineers of her clan thought that they could try and put that material into use. Aeora was told to take the job, and so she did. Shed k.i.lled many dragons in her time, but she never liked the idea of skin.ning them. She kept telling herself that she had to work harder, and so she did. She wanted the title of cheif spy, and if it took a couple missions she could handle it!


On the journey they were able to catch 2 thunderdrums before they ran out of supply. On the way back to Berserkr island, Aeora heard some noises coming from the cages in the ships. Were the dragons angry again? She headed to check it out when she saw two vikings. They were wearing full black outfits, covering everything but there eyes. One of the two vikings caught her attention... She had teel eyes... just like hers!! Before she could say anything, the teel eyed vikings friend swooped her up with the dragon and started to fly away. Aeora quickly snapped out of her transe and ran towards the catapult. She shot a huge rock and watched the dragon along with the strange vikings fall into the ocean. She was able to call up some of the hunters to help her get the dragon back, they checked around but the two vikings were unseen.


Life continued like this, they were sent on missions, completed tasks, made alliances and broke them. 

One day, after a successful mission Aeora, Kare,  a long with what remained of their good soldiers, headed on a boat back to their island. They entered foggy waters, and that was dangerous because anyone could attack you without you noticing. The Berserkers had made quite the few enemies already so this type of situation was very risky. But Berserkers are Berserkers, and they take all sorts of risks. 


No surprise really, but their boat was attacked by some rogue vikings. Apparently they held some grudge and swore revenge. And they weren’t bluffing. They attacked so fast that when they got into the boat, everyone on there barely had time to react. 

The rogues had some gas that put out the soldiers, when they ran out they began attacking Aeora, Kare, and three still conscious soldiers. Unfortunately they were majority and immediately took out the soldiers. Aeora had little energy, so they finally had her surrounded. A viking came from behind with a spear and was ready to hit her on the head when Kare ran and took the blow. 


Right in front of her, she lost her best friend. Thats when she went unconscious.

She woke up in an island, where she met Crayon, a Crimson Gore-gutter. He was huge, and I mean HUGE. The time she spent there lead her to realize that dragons were amazing. 


Later on she ran into Hiccup on an island, or well, Crayon brought Hiccup to her. It was a weird series of events, and Hiccup and a few other of his friends managed to convinced her to just visit the school of dragons. It took some time because as a Berserker, Aeora never ever put her guard down and took everything as some sort of trap.

During that time the memories of her father and her fallen friend rushed back to her, and she struggled to contain her tears. When she was alone she let it all come down and she blamed herself. She remembered all the lives she had ruined, both dragons and vikings, and that happy family. What happened to that girl? Was she ok? The only one who could ever convince her to open up was Kare. But because of her, he was no longer here. 


Dagur was a part of the few vikings that met up on the island. On the night before they set off to the school, Aeora was sitting down, gazing off into the ocean. Dagur came up to her and couldnt resisit the urge to scare her a little. Once they cleared that up, he recognized her from somewhere. Immedietly his eyes widened and he asked her if she was the female viking who entered the Berserker army a couple years back. Aeora tried to deny it, but that didn't work. So she convinced him to not say a word about it.


A few days later, Hiccup, Aeora along with Astrid, Tuffnut and Dagur headed back to the school. Aeora was given a tour of the place. Hiccup offered her a free dragon lisence and entry to the school for high ranked classes in the feild of attack and defense. He said she had as much time as she needed to decide, and she was free to get a hut at New Berk.


For a few days Aeora lived in New berk, visiting the school and helping around. She even got time to join a few missions and trips here and there. She still couldnt decide wether or not to take up the offer though.

One day at the docks in the training grounds, Aeora was helping unloading a ship from a voyage. She saw a few dragons land at the shore not too far from where she was. She went tp check it out.



To be continued...


So this is most of my backstory, the rest is yet to be told.

If you guys like it and want more details and the rest of the story (the next few events are will determine how she found her sister and a couple other things) please tell me and i will post it. 

Its pretty long and boring sooo i wont add it unless you guys are interested 


Thank youuu 









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I ated my dramillion... Sorry, autocorrect, I rated

My Viking, Hiccup The Haddock IV, has a backstory of unknown origins... 

Seriously, I don't know where it came from but here it is.


Hiccup The Haddock IV didn't know his parents. All he remembers is his rough, yet gentle hands. He got cast out to sea, hoping he would be safe, as his village (Isle of Jörð) was under attack from dragons. His village collapsed under fire and ice. Fortunately, he was cast out to sea. He wouldn't see his family again, or his village. 


He moved from village to village, being found in fishing net after fishing net. However, they would always end the same, a dragon attack, being cast out to sea. He had gone to 5 different islands before he was 2. But, after, months at sea, he eventually landed on an island with no people on. Instead, this island had dragons. At first, he was a little nervous, remembering the last time he had had a run-in with dragons.


After months of being in this island, he found a dramillion baby, about his own age. Scared of the others. Hiccup The Haddock IV and this baby bonded quickly. Years passed of Hiccup being in this island. The dramillion got called Multis, but the Viking still didn't have a name. Their bond helped fight off hunters in the area. They would fly into the sunset and come back at sunrise. Hiccup still didn't know his past, but he felt a strange pull to the ocean. Like he belonged their. He would always fall into a trance-like state when staring at it, with only Multis to break it.


When more hunters arrived, more than Multis and Hiccup could fight off, they ran. This time, they arrived at the Defenders of the Wing, where the young Viking was called Hiccup The Haddock IV after the brave Viking that fought off dragon hunters and saved an egg. He grew up, until they thought the time was right for Hiccup to go to school. The School if Dragons. And the rest is history.


I made this up in a day, so I will probably cringe when I read this in the future XD, but anyway, hope you enjoyed it!!


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so, whilst you wait please enjoy a pic of:

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

I grew up in the defenders of the wing too, but came there at a much younger age with my mom. (youll find out more if i ever finish my back story.......)

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Tracking. Will post

Tracking. Will post later(maybe tomorrow).

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*Forbidden Ice soundtrack plays in the background*

Trash washes up on beaches. Beached dolphins and whales wash up on beaches. Seashells wash up on beaches. But sometimes – little girls wash up on beaches.

The little girl, no one knew where she was from, no one knew her name, nobody knew anything about her. But since she’d turned up on the island on a lightning storm- people called her Lightning. Lightning was a great addition to the island society. A little ray of sunshine- she used to run around spreading joy and happiness.

Lightning as a teenager was no different- perhaps a little too occupied with her life to jump around- but still a ray of sunshine. One day- on her fourteenth birthday, she noticed a trail of footprints going around the island. Eventually, she came across a razorwhip with sky blue scales which matched her eyes. She was intrigued and wanted to train it.

Slowly but surely- over the short period of a few weeks, she began to earn the razorwhip’s trust and she named him ‘Whiplash’. Whiplash and Lightning were inseparable. They’d spend their days exploring islands and researching dragons. (Well, Lightning researched dragons. Whiplash just sniffed interesting looking plants.)

One night, after a long day of exploring, researching and sniffing, Lightning and Whiplash flew back to their island and they found a man waiting for them. He said he was the Headmaster and he’d like them to attend his school.

Whiplash and Lightning were suspicious at first, but eventually they agreed to join.

Still WIP sorry.



Here's a longer more detailed version of my signature. If you're interested, you can look through it which you will undoubtedly cringe through. Happy Cringefest.

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I will respond to PMs. I like doing that. But I simply prefer Discord because it takes what- two seconds to send a message? And there's no CAPTCHA. CAPCHA is my mortal enemy. I wish its creator nothing but pain and misery and suffering.

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Thanks VicZarSky for creating my favourite night lights. (I never quite liked Dart).



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My history about my viking is

Ok lets start my viking is fin hofferson's daughter so my viking is astrid hofferson's cousin and she is also valka's niece so in a way my viking is also cousin of hiccup It all started when my parents suffered attacks from the flying nightmare since then i went after him and trained him now he won't kill any more of our family
I train every species of dragons i save lots of dragons every day one day my aunt valka will pass the sanctuary to me and i
Will protect all dragons


Meu nome é amyrosehoffersonTheLost sou br e profissional no sod// my name is amyrosehoffersonthelost im brazilian and i pro on sod 


bem vindos a minha assinatura//welcome to my signature 


my principals dragons: tempestade(female titan nadder), alpha nadder(male titan nadder),uvinha(female adult nadder),relampago( male teenager nadder),mestredosmagos(male adult groncicle), rajadadevento(female titan woolly howl), sonicwerehog(male adult woolly howl), shadow(male tennager screaming death), monster(male titan screaming death),skillet( male adult skrill), pikachu( male titan skrill), escrilante(male adult skrill), toothless (male nigth fury),ligth fury(female ligth fury),dart(female nigth ligth), pouncer(male nigth ligth), ruffrunner(male nigth ligth), rei gelado(male titan snow wraith), rouge(female teenager timberjack) and more...

i am a leader of TideTerrorsBr

my clan: TideTerrorsBr

what i like to do on sod: train new dragons and studs all species, go adventures with my dragons in islands, make friends ,deafeat villans


what i dont like: see any dragon in trouble ,dragon hunters

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*Tries to keep own viking out of desolated powerplant*

My other character will be sharing their own stories in the future. Anyway, here's my viking's. My own viking is a bit of a "Jhon Doe"/ incredibly lost and far away from home. In fact, I'm not sure "viking" even really applies to them... what do you guys think?

Backstory: "Thor Odinsen" ,as the vikings have ben calling them, isn't really a viking. They haven't really said much about their past, and what they have said... they've said to only a trusted few. They haven't revealed their actual name to anyone. Here's as much as I could get out of them.


They're origionally from Haida Gwaii, an archipeligo just off the Pacific Northwest Coast. They accidentally rowed their canoe too close to a storm, got caught in it, and got tossed/blown way off course. Their canoe was almost capsised, and they barely clung on. When the storm died down, they realised that they were too far away from their hometown, Skidegate, to simply row back. They had no choice but to pick a direction and row that way. During the journey, they spotted several groups of Night Furies flying overhead (this has given Hiccup new hope that he'll find more wild NFs...). They were fascinated by these dragons, so their previously semi-random course began to stray in a particular direction. They met their Night Fury somewhere along the coast of Greenland, and first coaxed them onto their boat with a halibut.  The pair washed up on Berk during another storm... their canoe was nearly thrown onto the rocks twice. Their arrival inspired Hiccup to go out in search of the Haida as well as the wild Night Furies "Thor" spotted. They say that they're a Raven, but they won't say what clan they're from, and they don't wish to join any viking clans.


For the record: The Haida have been compared to the vikings. On that topic, the Haida mostly say that the vikings are actually like them.


A Nightfury-Boneknapper Hybrid by Just_Visiting



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Backstory coming soon:

I want to do a writing practice using my characters backstory because I'm currently hyperfixated on it sorry it'll be a while.




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Basic Info

Name: Moss

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I'm neurodivergent, so I use tonetags to get across points. If you use them it'd be very appreciated!

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I had to turn on my computer

     The sea churned for what seemed to be hours. A small ship, one a merchant would use to travel between small bodies of water, tossed back and forth through the rough seas. Lightning flashed as dark shadows seemed to swim beneath the boat, occasionally jolting the boat in a cruel dance of fate. Everything seemed a blur, until suddenly all was calm and the lone survivor found themselves in a completely new world. 


     Danee Coineagan glared at the Timberjack before her. How dragons ever became friends in Berk she would never know. All she knew was that this dragon was stealing her cattle once again. Danee huffed as she grabbed a pot and wooden spoon, walked outside, and started to bang them together to scare off the intruder. The large dragon looked at her, did the closest thing to a grumble that a dragon could muster, and scampered off, leaving a nasty wound on one of the cattle. Danee lowered the sound makers and walked over to the wounded animal, exhausted of the repeated efforts to protect them.

     Sometimes she missed her home like a drop of rain missed the sky. She had grown up dealing with the fae, but she knew how to keep them happy and at bay. With dragons she was lost. All they seemed interested in was nabbing any last fish, sheep, or cow that was in the area. She considered asking Berk's dragon riders for help, but figured that they were too busy with their fancy races or protecting their dragons to be bothered by some outsider that just appeared one day. So here she was, in middle of the woods with a dragon problem.

     Danee tended to the scratch- more so a laceration- then got to work. She wandered the farm, picking berries, vegetables, herbs, and gathering supplies to sell in town. It was something, and normally she could get some pretty nice deals with merchants due to the medicinal properties of her herbs. They seemed to aid against poisonous dragons, dragonhunters, or whatever else they experienced on their routes. But she didn't mind. She just wanted to live and hidequietly in the woods with her animals. And nothing would change that.


           It changed.

     Everything. Changed. 

     Danee and the Timberjack had gotten in an actual physical altercation. The rope that was meant to trap the dragon had also decided to tie around her ankle and it had turned out that Timberjacks had really sharp wings that can cut through rope when unrestrained. Great. Now here she was, tied to a very angry dragon, and trapped on an island. It also turns out that damaged Timberjack wings means that they are grounded. And with the dragon grounded, that meant she was grounded. The Timberjack wasn't exactly stupid enough to land on a deserted rock in middle of the ocean which was nice, but wasn't coordinated enough to avoid an attack from Berserkers with a human haphazardly tied to it's wing. 

     So here was Danee, tending to a dragon's wound and making a way for them to escape. The dragon seemed calmer though, respecting that they were being helped and not killed apparently. It only took a week for them to finally get home.


     Overtime the Timberjack, which was now affectionately called Morrigan, would bring around more wounded dragons and eventually babies that had been abandoned. Soon The Dragon Ranch was established, a home for dragons in need of a place to stay and a place of (mostly) peace. 





You can see where I start trailing off because I got distracted and hungry sorry lol

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Okay, here's mine!

Vega was daugher of a chief, of where the people fought dragons, too. When she turned 10, because of the fact that she is strong enough to fight, she started in the battle too. But one night, she got blown away by a zippleback's explosion and fell into the ocean. She got washed away with all the Saculdrons going away to the scutterclaw island.


When she got washed up to the shore, she found a Stormcutter and a Skrill on the sky. She prepared her dagger - only weapon that she had at the moment- and hid behind a chunk of huge ice. She heard the dragons land, a thud. She jumped out, shattering with her dagger. But she couldn't believe what she saw. The dragons were mating. they cuddled together around a small nest, where there was a nest that Vega has never seen before. 


The adult dragons showed their teeth against Vega. She placed her dagger far away from her, and walked up to the dragons. They were still cautious of her, but better. The moonlight made the dragon scales spark, making Vega wanting to touch it. She reached out her hands toward the dragons. The two looked curious and might have felt suspicious, but accepted it. 


From the day, Vega explored the world, fought, protected what she needed to protect with the dragons. The dragon egg in the nest was a Lightening cutter egg, a legendary dragon that is 2x normal Stormcutter, ith main Stormcutter look and the Skrill power.


She wore her Lightening Cutter- Star Dancer- 's shed skin and made a staff, witch helps her be a great team with an enormous dragon. She flies around the Archepeligo and when Hiccup, Trader Johan, and Snotlout were trying to save Fishlegs from the angry dragons, she is the one who has been trying to save them. She joined the Dragon Riders, and still travels around to save dragons from the hunters forming a great family which she has lost. 


Now that 18 years has passed, Star Dancer is now a Titan wing staged dragon, forming more stronger bond with her.