Google Sheets Fishing Guide (June 2021)

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I have compiled a complete (almost) guide to information on the fish of SoD. The following link will be a view only google sheet:


SoD Fishing Guide


I do have the W. Death cave fish to catch for the guide, and I need to figure out the Deathsong, Slithersong, and Typhoomerang stats for Eels. I will do these soon. Everything else should be filled out.


This guide does not have a map, but does show XP, UDT, Energy, and Happiness. Also, at the top of individual pages, there will be a general location.


I hope that all my classmates at the School of Dragons will make use of this!

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This is great!  Thanks for making it!


(By the amazing EmeraldGemHuntress65)



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