Gold Chests Location

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Could anyone tell me if this is a bug, or just something other than the Event?
Golden Chests don't appear anywhere on the maps, at least I didn't find any on any maps I visited. Also, when I enter Loki's Maze to get a Golden Chest, there is no Thawfest Medal inside them.
If someone found a Golden Chest with Thawfest Medals, could you tell the locations? Thanks in advance!
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I have looked everywhere around the islands for a golden chest that contains medals. I didn't find any either.


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Gonna try and revive this thread.

I found some gold chests, mainly in the school itself. They sometimes spawn behind the headmaster and on top of cliff ledges. It's really tiring though as they seem to only sometimes appear. If somebody could map all the locations, that would be great.



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Gold Chests

Alright, let's get to work.


I haven't even been looking hard, but I swear those gold chests stalk me...*Shivers dramatically*
First location: Hobblegrunt Island, hard to find but hidden in the niche of a cliff.

Second location: Auction Island, right before leaving the elevated dock and walking onto stone, to your right is a little round area with stone walls half concealing it from the outside, go there for a likely golden surprise.

Third location: Scuttleclaw Island, near Snotlout on the 'Big, icy problem' quest.

Ill share the pics separately, too lazy to put them with the actual description(s). There might be more, but I haven't seen them then. Hope this helps! (Btw, they cost 200 gems)




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Gtg work on this soon!



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Don't have any for

Don't have any for Hobblegrunt, sorry.

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Yes, two chests, 1 Gold, on Hobblegrunt Island yesterday

Yes, I saw two chests, 1 Gold, on Hobblegrunt Island yesterday, while on the Daily Lei Quest.


I checked them out; I did not buy; however, I'm not surprised the Gold is already gone.

You have to hunt everywhere for Medal Chests. They go fast, and they don't always pop backup in the same place. Doesn't hurt to check previous spots, but keep looking: they can be anywhere!?!