Glitches singetails.

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Does anyone have a problem of randomly glitches singetails in their possession? I have my personal singetail after finishing the expansion needed. After that, I was bugged with a second singtail. So, I was like, fine. A second singetail? That's fine.


Until the third one popped up just now. I only exited my farm and then, pop! "You had trained the Singetail!" I immediately closed the game and reopen it to my stables. It wanted me to enter my dragon name. And I closed it again to write this bug report.  It had been almost one year after I finished the expansion, still I am getting  a third singetail now. I don't really want to waste another stable to a faculty. I had two singetails for goodness sake. I am not getting a third one.


So, if you're reading this admins, please fix this. Please delete my faculty.


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