Glitches with Icestorm Island and Call of the Death Song, etc.

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On September 25th, 2017, I sent this email to Jumpstart Support:


Hi, I have lots of glitches on SoD that I need help with, and I’ll try to give you all the details!

My account details & things you need to know:
Platform: PC/Mac downloadable
SoD account: DragonPower05
SoD character I’m having problems with: MysticMoonWhisperer
Areas of glitches: Icestorm Island (Ice Caves), all of the Call of the Death Song quests, quest issues
Sadly, screenshots won’t help.

Firstly, the reason I’m emailing you instead of putting my issues on the forum is because the site won’t let me create a forum account. I’m not sure why, but hopefully it’s not something big and it’s just lots of people are doing it at the same time.


Last week I purchased a membership, and on my main character (Aquazure) completed the Rise of Stormheart, Return to Dragon Island, etcetera, without a problem.
Two days ago, I create a new character (MysticMoonWhisperer) and then start the Icestorm Island expansion. This is when the first glitch appears; at the end of a quest the game won’t give me the coins, experience or the items I’m supposed to receive. Thus, I exit the game, rebooting it, but then I have to the last five quests again. This happened about 5 times.
I got through most of the Icestorm Island quests, but when I’m doing the last few, it won’t let me in the Ice Caves, so I can’t finish the quests. Basically, I enter the Ice Caves and it starts to load, but then it just keeps loading, doing nothing. Just loading, loading, loading.
So, I gave up on Icestorm Island, and started the Call of the Death Song expansion this morning. I played for awhile and got up to the quest where the Archaeologist gets trapped in the amber at Melody Island, then tells me to escape to Berk - after I have got the Razorwhip egg from the Ship’s Lane quest I think it’s called. 
Several hours later, I start playing again, and all the COTDS quests are just GONE. Apparently, after you ‘escape’ to Berk, you get a new dragon eye lens, but the game didn’t give it to me, so maybe that’s why it glitched? It’s like the expansion has been deleted, or I’ve completed it, but I don’t have a Death Song, so how could’ve I completed it? 
I have never heard of any of these glitches or how to fix them, which is why I need help!

I love School of Dragons, it’s an amazing game, and I really want to keep playing so I would love if you could look into this! I can’t wait for the next update! Also, lot’s of people have amazing suggestions for SoD, but I don’t think they realise how hard some of the options would be to make!
Thanks for understanding, and I hope you can fix this!


On July 5th, 2018, I received this email:



We are trying to close old tickets that have remained open. Looks like your ticket is still open. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We have done several game updates since your last email. Please reinstall the game to the latest version and see if you are still having any issues. If you are still experiencing any issues, please create a NEW ticket with your updated issue.

If it is a billing issue, please also create a NEW ticket. Do not respond to this ticket.

To create a new ticket, send an email (separate from this one) to A new ticket will automatically be created.

Samantha J.
Jumpstart Customer Support


What I can gather from this is that because it was so long ago (and I no longer have a membership) nothing can be fixed.

I figured I'd send this onto the forum because I'm stumped. Yeah...


Carpe diem,