Glitch Caves*spoiler alert!*if you want to discover these caves on your own, dont enter

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Ahh Thank you so much for posting all those glitch caves, I has heard of it but I never knew where they all are. :3


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there are many, many more!

there are many, many more! the school (outside area) is FILLED with them!


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This thread is pretty much

This thread is pretty much dead but does anyone know the glitch cave into the fireball frenzy arena?



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You can get to it by any

You can get to it by any glitch cave, in my opionion, the waterfall-split cave is the easiest because you know where your going more or less d:


just fly along the edges then slowly go up through the floor into the arena

if you go too fast, you might miss it, then youll have to start over again >.<




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Here you go I have found another one!

As most require flying! This is a total walking procedure! By the way this one is in the Wilderness where the waterfall comes into a lake and you can cut trees on the right side..


























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I Found this glitch with the help of a friend! It actually is to enter the house by the side of Snotlout.I took a pic when I was inside.




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I know of another glitch-y thing in Berk.


It's in the great hall.


Go in there, switch to whatever dragon you want using in the Adventure Journal(?), and then fly up above where the Headmaster is sitting.

There should be a small opening above him, or around the ceiling above him.

When you go up into the hole, you should be in the sky, and the great hall should just be floating around in the air.



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Thanks for these guys! I've

Thanks for these guys! I've done a lot of exploring but have had trouble finding many glitch caves. This will make it easier for me. Keep them coming, glitch caves are fun! =D


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lol i feel so late, i clicked on the link in the person's signature off another topic, but theres the house one in berk, the grass one in berk (these two were mentioned earlier) and theres two more i know in berk (unforunently no pics, using explorer and cant post pics soon to be on google chrome): fly up to gothi's hut, slowly fly under, on the side without the platform and slowly fly up, you should be in it.         then in berk, the entrance to the great hall: fly to the top of it (like the top of the blackness in it) and slowly fly in (it might glitch out and wont let you turn one way, just turn around the long way). you get surrounded in blackness! XD fly down from that and you land on a slab of stone.

for school, theres some in the snow that werent mentioned (that i know of) and theres some that i forget how to get to, heres the three outside school: fly through the crack, then above the iceberg and fly a little farther. go above that and fly a little up, then there should be a section when theres like teh pile thing of snow and layers of rock. there should be a slight opening and fly down, then ur in the glitch world in school :).     another is fly to the side of the iceberg, the side of the crack to get to snow, and fly along that rock then right next to the iceberg and you should be able to get in that side :)      theres one more i remember in snow, which is: fly out through the crack, and fly left (i think thats the right direction XD) then you should see a crack in one of the side rocks that stick out

for wilderness, idk if you guys mentioned that, but go to glow valley (the river between the rock chunks), and walk along for a while. you should see a little bit of water missing before a rock. walk a little farther and you should be able to walk under a little bit of rock and jump up, landing on a rock in teh glitch world. you can see the rock when youre flying around in teh glitch world.       then the other one that i dont think has been explained is extremely hard to explain unless its like ur following me.        also in teh grey rock spikes above a glitch cave, theres two entrances to it, just walk along the black-brown rock until you see them.


i think thats all, and for those who were complaining that Nessie was being mean by showing these away, READ THE TITLE!!!!!!!!!! IT SAYS SPOILERS RIGHT IN THE TITLE!!!

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Great Hall Glitch





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Silly Peoples

EEarly in the replies I noticed that some people were complaining about you posting this.

If you want to find the texture gaps(as I call them) yourself, them simply don't read this.


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The Training Area has a huge

The Training Area has a huge glitch cave that is super easy to get to! Just fly over the wall! This allows you to go inside the Fireball Frenzy cage (and it's easier to do that)! 



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Yup, here is pictures of how

Yup, here is pictures of how t get there.

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Finally! I found a way to get

Finally! I found a way to get inside Berk! :D

The silly thing is, I searched long and ha-rd for months, and then I just search for two minutes last night and found it just like that. XD


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im still trying to get into

im still trying to get into the dome at training grounds.... been at it for 10 mins now lol


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I found one at the Training

I found one at the Training Grounds!

I was flying with my new Monstrous Nightmare (Pictured above), and we hugged the right wall of the entrance/exit of the Training Grounds. If you don't glitch away from the walls, you'll be able to pass beyond the portal and fly to the back of the little cave. It's quite cool.


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Underwater glitch?

I noticed people walking along the bottom of the sea at the training grounds area but I can't figure out how they do it. Can someone enlighten me? This is a glitch right?it looks so cool. 

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Alert: Do not watch if you want to find out yourself XD
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So sad :( Lemme know if any

So sad :( Lemme know if any of them still exist!

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Many of these have been blocked

The only one I could ever find at the school is now gone. There are a lot of random invisible walls now that only started showing up after the devs added a bunch of random rocks, including one that blocks off the hole around the waterfalls on the far left. I can't find any other gaps at the school anymore.

The pit fall cave in the wilderness is still there, I checked earlier. I know there is still at least one of these on the Training Grounds cuz I've seen people in the cage recently, though I've yet to find the cave myself. Unfortunately with the continue flying option now gone the areas that we can explore are still severly limited now even with these. -_-


Edit: I stand corrected. I have found one at the school. I won't post screenshots on where it is just to be safe. It's on the right side of the crack in the outer wall. It's inside but it's easier to spot if you're coming in from outside the wall. It's a tad difficult to slip through depending on what dragon you're on (I was on a Nightmare when I found it) and if you don't go slow you'll slip through it and back in bounds. If you don't see it at first it's about mid-height of the wall in between the outerwall and a cliffside.


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