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For all you new players there are hackers like this one



There's more where that came from


Welcome to my signature OuO


I am dragon of yugioh



And my beautiful dragons


Presenting Whispering orichalcos



That makes me a proud ownner of groundsplitter



      I met Orichalcos when I first got here it was time for me to train a dragon and bond Then out of no where I saw Groundsplitter flying twords me I was scared so I ran but I was too slow and the whispering death cornered me My heart was racing but she gave me an egg I was like "uh.... thanks" and I hatched it and Me and orichalcos were bonded



Now for lightning Dexia




Ahh my precious Skrill and my second dragon



I met her when she was a wild baby Me and orichalcos flew to a skril's nest and saw a baby skrill The irony was whispering orichalcos thought that was lunch but I stoped him and the baby skrill approached me so I put my hand on her snout and we were bonded



Now for some dissidia final fantasy


Warriors of Cosmos             











Now for my favorite warriors of chaos























Hope you like it