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Can you send gifts to your friends? I won a novice nightmare saddle and I have a deadly nadder, so I was wondering if I could send the saddle to one of my friends who has a nightmare? I also have a wild gronkle saddle and the barf and belch look I don't know what to do with... :)




Hello all!

My name is Vess, and I have returned! I kinda disappeared from this forum and the game for quite a while due to life, but now I am here again and eager to jump back into things. Here's a little bit about me: I love Httyd and pretty much anything mythical or dragon related. I love to roleplay, read, and write. I own a dog and two parakeets, and I used to have a horse. I also like anime, stars, the mountains, and volleyball. That's pretty much it haha! 

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Here's a bunch of cute running Toothlesses. 

You're welcome.



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unfortunately we can't :cbut

unfortunately we can't :c
but some of us have made this suggestion :D
lets see if this becomes a feature! :D


(edit the topic and put it in the Suggestions section! ;) )


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I would love to see that be

I would love to see that be availible in the game :)