Gems+Battle Event bug

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Let's start with ANOTHER Battle Event bug. The boat used to be unsinkable for me but only on PC. Event worked perfectly fine on phone untill today. Whenever Im trying to log in about the time for a Battle event, the game kreeps kicking me out.
As for gems, my friend was trying to purchase them from the store today and she's just not able to do that.
Anyone else having the same problems?



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The battles have a lot of problems, at this point, they arn't doing very much on them if anything. I get kicked out of the game a lot, it irks me as well. If you still have the unsinkable ship try getting of and then back on really quickly. Sometimes it works. If you go to a different server without getting of and back on it will not give you the reward even if the boat does work. Sometimes you just have to deal with the fact that you wont be getting that battle. 


As for the gem thing I have no idea, I've never bought them. They could try contacting support although it might not do anything (not sure if an admin will be able to help with this or not) Hope this helps in some way!


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I don't buy gems but I've heard that the game sometimes takes a while to process the purchase, which means you don't get your gems until a little later. So wait for a while and if your friend still isn't getting gems, send a ticket. Whatever you do, do not repurchase or you'll spend even more money by mistake.

Battle event always comes with possible glitches. Literally every single time. And the devs show no interest in fixing it.


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